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SEA and SURFING: Movies and Docos and Photos

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 06:51 PM
"That was the river, and this is the sea" The Waterboys.

I love the sea, its my home both physically (live on beach) and my heart.
It tempers my hot headedness, and keeps me calm. Being in the sea whether a swim or surf (Learner plates for me) is the closest I come to being totally at peace and ONENESS.

Share love of the sea with me through music, photos, film or poems.
I'll start with the classic surfing movie BIG Wednesday.

A great movie about youth and buddies and great surf scenes. Gary Busey is mad in this is aswell shot in 1970's. And I think thats why he got cast in Point Break (I'll only note this movie, because as a chick, the eye candy in that movie is most excellent

My favourite surfer of all time is 6 times world champion Layne Beachley. What a complete legend.

Some Aussie surfing terms

A-Frame Perfect barreling surf. A cross-section of the wave reveales an 'a' shape where it is breaking soooo nicely.
Aggro Aggressive attitude in the water. Having a bad attitude.
Amped Getting excited while surfing or really looking forward to a surf.
Ankle Busters / Snappers
180/360 The spin of a surfers board during a manouever in degrees. eg 360 degree turn.
Bells Beach
Bells Beach is one of the great right point breaks. Find it on the south Victorian coastline of Australia. Check out the Bells Beach Pro held in March every year. Setting for that tearful end bit in point break when Patrick (twinkletoes) Swayze AKA Bodie ate it at the end of Point Break.
What Australians call a watering hole, but to everyone else it is one of the largest surfing equipment and clothing manufacturers out there.

Old school for really good, enjoyable.

Blown Out
Where the onshore wind turns the surf in to unrideable mush.

Boardshorts / Boardies
Board shorts - check the men's boardshorts here and the women's boardshorts here. Quick drying, lightweight and worn by those lucky enough to be surfing in warm water.

Bottom Turn
The turn made at the base of the wave when coming down off the face. Often the first move made after dropping in. Get it right for great positioning for your next manovever.


Carve / Carving
The classic surfing manoeuvre. Basically what turning on a wave is called. Carve is also a surfing magazine found in Europe.

These things you keep You'd better throw them away You wanna turn your back On your soulless days Once you were tethered And now you are free Once you were tethered Well now you are free That was the river This is the sea!

Now if you're feelin' weary If you've been alone too long Maybe you've been suffering from A few too many Plans that have gone wrong And you're trying to remember How fine your life used to be Running around banging your drum Like it's 1973 Well that was the river This is the sea! Wooo!

Now you say you've got trouble You say you've got pain You say've got nothing left to believe in Nothing to hold on to Nothing to trust Nothing but chains You're scouring your conscience Raking through your memories Scouring your conscience Raking through your memories But that was the river This is the sea yeah!

Now i can see you wavering As you try to decide You've got a war in your head And it's tearing you up inside You're trying to make sense Of something that you just can't see Trying to make sense now And you know you once held the key But that was the river And this is the sea! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Now i hear there's a train It's coming on down the line It's yours if you hurry You've got still enough time And you don't need no ticket And you don't pay no fee No you don't need no ticket You don't pay no fee Because that was the river And this is the sea! Behold the sea!

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 07:38 PM
WoW. I can't believe no1 responded to this thread.

Me like.

I'm really digging The Waterboys song Zazz! Thank You.

< Riding Giants was a masterpiece of a documentary I should add.

Surfing expresses ... a pure yearning for visceral, physical contact with the natural world. (Matt Warshaw in "Mavericks: The Story of Big Wave Surfing.")

I have never surfed. I want to sooooooo bad!
I waterskied, kneeboarded, jet skied etc.....but never on a surf board.
I grew up in North Atlantic. Water's too cold. And no waves.

One of my best friends is big time into surfing. He lived and surfed (every day) in Australia for 2 years after graduating college, and he said it was the greatest experience of his life. Lived to surf.

One thing I can say is I love how surfers (in general) are so down to earth, and have this karma that truly is remarkable.
The affininty they share for the ocean, is immeasurable. That's so cool.

I think it was it Layne Beachly (she's a sicky,btw zazz) in the documentary Step Into Liquid, when asked: "Who's the best surfer in the world?

She responds: "The one having the most fun. The one with the biggest smile."

Step Into Liquid trailer:

My favorite surfer: I have to say Laird Hamilton.

Big Wave surfing fascinates me the most. Laird's a freaking maniac, and it's scary that he makes it look so easy.

As for creativity: I really like Taj Burrow.
He's so innovative.

I like Maverick's crew too. Crazy buncha lunatics!
I really can't stand Andy Irons.

He should have more fun while surfing. ;-)


Cool thread.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 10:28 PM
How about this?

Point Break

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 11:31 PM

The humpback whales visiting Australian waters generally spend summer (and late spring and early autumn) feeding in the Antarctic. But as the cold weather approaches, not only does food become scarce in the Antarctic but the waters become too cold for these warm-blooded animals. In fact, the cold could kill their young calves were it not for the layers of blubber insulation. Also, it is the warmer northern waters that are their breeding ground.

Every year, humpback whales and southern right whales migrate along the NSW coastline. They head north throughout June and in the first week of July, and return southwards from around September to November.

Other whales you may see include:

* minke whale
* blue whale
* sei whale
* fin whale
* false killer whale
* orca ("killer whale")
* sperm whale
* pygmy right whale
* pygmy sperm whale
* brydes whale

One of the best parts othe sea this time of year in Sydney is the Whale Migration. They are majestic. Are we taught to love whales in the west, or would we see them as food if raised certain cultures?

I hope I could never eat a whale even if raised in Japan

The Japanese Whaling for 'science research' makes me sad.

Here are some images of the whales going past my front yard (harbour)
sometimes we get them right in the harbour for everyone to watch

We have a yearly reuglar (who we havent seen in a year) Migaloo the albino whale
I hope Migaloo is still safe after a Hunt in the southern waters by the Japanese.

and some of Migaloos friends breaching

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 11:55 PM

There is only one media from the sea that ever needs to be referenced ever again...

This isn't Seaworld...this is as real as it gets!

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 02:50 AM
lol @ mem.
Yes once your on this boat, there in no other needed.
But that wont stop me from posting more dolphins "doin flips n stuff"

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 09:26 PM
This one if for you zazzy hun!!

Every single time that I have been to the beach, I have never missed getting a cheeseburger while there.

Now if they would just write a song called "Pizza In Paradise...."

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 12:09 AM

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 07:46 PM
ok sharks...We need to protect them, but this year sydney is gonna get alot of attacks they suspect as there is more pancton and feeding in the cleaner harbour.
yikes my fav beach even has bad netting.
I love sharks though they fascinate me, so cool.

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