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Brilliant coloured Ufo seen over Eaugalle Wisconsin 3rd June 2009.

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 03:57 PM

submitted by one of our readers again. If you live in Wisconsin by the way and seen similar sightings recently please respond to this post. Posters comments: Have seen a UFO again in Eaugalle Wisconsin 6/3/09 I went outside at 4 am to let the cat in and I noticed this red light in the sky well I went and got the camera and these are the pictures I got,there was three of them but only one would flash,these pictures are of the one to the east of our house,we watched it for and hour.

There are 5 more photos in this set.

It is either something to do with the camera and the light or this object made some interesting movements.

I feel it would take someone with good tech skills to examine this photo and make heads or tails of it..

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