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Rearranging the Furniture Compulsion

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 08:57 AM
My mom just did it for fun.

My own room however, was always a giant mess, stuff on the floor everywhere, and when she did the monthly rearrangements, I did the half-yearly cleanup lol. (Though I keep things a lot more tidy now.) All furniture would stay in the same spot, all items however, would fly around the room.
Now I keep things tidy, and whenever I do clean up / sort things out I usually do it on alphabetical order (just for convenience, I do it on my pc as well to a certain degree.)

It was fun though, especially when my mom would check up on my room. "How can you live in this mess?! And everything's one chaotic mess, how can you find anything you need?!"

And I'd be like.
"Oh I know where everything is, this game is on the floor here and my books are there."

Order in Chaos, is what my room was for me.
Chaos in Order, is what I saw my mom's room as (why else rearrange it so often? And she always lost stuff, heh)

As for the color discussion a few pages back, I am a person with a gigantic imagination and amount of creativity but colors don't really bother me, the walls in my home at the moment aren't really white, but they are a shade of gray (which is just a slightly darker white / whiter black). I've got unpainted wood in my ''bedroom'' though. As for furniture, I just got the furniture my mom no longer used, so everything is mostly black / white, which is what she liked.

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 11:04 AM
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Order in Chaos, is what my room was for me.

Chaos in Order, is what I saw my mom's room as (why else rearrange it so often? And she always lost stuff, heh)

that's pretty good

chaos can feel pretty comfortable - because it's not really chaos to you

my sister has a wild garden - it looks untamed and out of control

it's how she likes it - and it is a work of art

she has a neighbor that complains about it (though neither the garden or my sister is harming anybody or anything)

she complains because it looks like a mess to her - her garden is lovely (it really and truly is) but it's different in that it's all in nice rows and organized sections - everything is color coordinated - very formal

she actually sees my sister's garden as a sign of something being terribly wrong - with my sister

the whole thing is funny enough to be a TV show - no kidding

the thing is - my sister sees order in all of it - and it feels balanced - it really is a lovely magical place to be

most people are compelled to stop and talk to her about it - and tell her just how much they like it

so - here's why this is interesting to me - why is order so important for some people?

important enough that they can't just have it for themselves - but they insist on it - for everyone else around them as well?

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