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Peruvian Nazca Lines similar to UK Crop Circles?

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 10:34 AM
Are the Peruvian Nasca Lines similar to the UK Crop Circles?

I have a theory that the ancient Nasca Indians in Peru might have had Crop Circles occuring during the night by unkown people. My theory believes that after so many of these strange occurences occurred back then in ancient times that these people had no way of keeping records on such strange occurances occuring, so they went out and laid rocks on the ground or dug trenches in order to preserve what was occurring in their period of time.

Nowadays we have all kinds of ways of photographing and recording the UK crop circles so people don't need to preserve them by putting stones out in the fields or digging trenches.

My theory goes like this... whatever is happening now in the UK (basically in one specific area of the planet) happened in ancient times (basically in one specific area of the planet) in Peru. WHY????????

Go ahead and flame my theory or help back it up.....

Thanks my friends.

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