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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 01:58 AM
I often sit here at my computer reading of this and that marveling at the creations of humankind and enjoying my life of mostly solitude.

Then there are times when I look out at the world and am just awestruck by the idiocy I see.

I am a self aware being, capable of deep thought, reason and judgment.

I often wonder though if other people are like myself. I see people walking around in a daze doing the same tasks over and over again, day in and day out. Usually getting upset if some wrench gets thrown in their path. I question their sanity. I question their humanity.

We are put here to experience life, enjoy it, revel in its awesomeness. Not sit in a cubical gossiping about who won American Idol, traffic and the weather...

I spend my days expanding my mind, not to get smart, but because I want too. I am utterly, almost insanely, happy to just be by myself enjoying life as I see fit.

When I venture out from my computer I am faced with the horrible truth that people are living for no other reason then to exist. When did life become so meaningless that a person cannot find joy in the simple act of experiencing life?

So I pose a question to you: Do you live life because you have too or do you think for yourself and live life because it is meant to be an experience?

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:04 AM
I live life pretty much because I have to; it's full of drudgery and the joys and wonderment "of childhood" have pretty much vanished.

Thank goodness for good books.


posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:14 AM
I sincerly believe that some people become limited due to who is around them , how much TV they watch and how much attention they give to commercials and such. I tend to believe that people have been literaly brainwashed during the last years and the majority does exactly what they are told , and they see exactly what they are being told to see , without thinking that there might be more than meets the eye.

As for me , I am trying my best to learn as much as i can mostly because that is just how i am , wanting to know more and more . I do not want to end up , reaching a certain age and realise that all the information i have gathered about my surroundings was who won american idol and what happened on i don't know what TV show.

So to answer your question , i believe i am living my life as a learning experience.

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by Tentickles

I too have often pondered this curious discrepancy between what we are, why most philosophies believe we are here, and what we actually end up doing with our time.

Over the course of my studies, I have come to an understanding of WHY we must trudge through the humiliation of drudging through our lives to the schedules of clock, and paycheck.

The main reason we subsist in this meaningless fashion is the very construction of our societies.

This "Money" "Capitalism" and "Greed"

You see, in the words of Derreck Jensen; "Access to land means Self Sufficiency"

Because everything that a human needs for survival comes from the earth.

Plants for food, fibers for clothing and building materials.

Everything we need for survival, grows from the ground.

So, the problem here, is that land title is locked up.

People "OWN" all the land, and use this "Ownership" to force access to our labor (Labor = Time + Effort) in order to access the resources that the Earth provides for free.

Thus, since land access is restricted, (By the force of arms, I might add) we are forced to act as slaves to anouther who grants us "Effort coupons" (Money) that we may exchange for the efforts of others, or resources, etc...

Another main problem, is the very structure of the Capitalistic system that our society has organized itself into over hundreds and thousands of years.

Those who have the most access to resources and "money" are those who already HAVE this money, purchase the raw resources, hire the laborers to transmute these resources into products, and they take a "Percentage" of this process, despite the fact that the labor for the creation of this wealth was not theirs.

All that they posses in this equation is a small piece of paper that our legal system (Police, Military) agrees that means that they own the entire process.

The Resources, the Land, the Labor, the Intellectual Property; All "owned" by these "Capitalists".

Thus, they continue to draw more "Labor Coupons" from the masses than they contribute, much in the same way as a parasite.

Eventually, they hold more "Money" than the entire collection of resources, and labor, technically amounts to.

At this point, our money devalues, and effectively reduces our effective purchasing power.

Thus, they extract labor at a high rate of efficiency, compared to the effort that they are required to place back into the system.

This is, In a nutshell, Cancer. (Or a Overabundance of Parasites, who have co-oped the Immune system against the Cells that produce the energy.)

This is a sick system, but take heart.

This current system (and how it is designed, and plays out) is inherantly imbalanced, and self defeating.

Their wealth is completely Dependant upon our collective Agreement that it has value.

Besides... if no-one HAS money, then no-one will ACCEPT money for services, and goods.

Their amassing of wealth is their Downfall.

But, yes.. to answer your question, I disagree with the Status-Quo, and I abhor all "Normal" systems of behavior (that are induced to prevent a clear, systematic, and sustained study of our reality.)

To keep us all ignorant of the invisible slavery, so to speak.

I like to read old books, and study obscure subjects.

I stopped watching television over 4 years ago, and I have never looked back.

I have made some interesting observations since then ABOUT television:

People who watch television seem to be transfixed as if hypnotized.

Peoples behaviors and beliefs seem to mold themselves toward the "Social Norms" that the television expresses (and impresses) upon their minds.

Good post.


posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:23 AM
I live my life because I CHOSE to be born. I like existence. I think my existence makes the world a better place. Especially when I am enjoying my own existence because when I am I am most able to help others enjoy theres.

Ever read Celestine Prophecy?

Paying attention cost you so little and you get so much in return.. just becarful of those that ask for all of your attention because if you do then you run out of attention to pay to yourself... and thats important too.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:41 AM
What I find odd, which I think is applicable to your OP Tentickles, is how so many never seem to question....anything.

By just a quick glance at some of the idiotic choices random people make whether it be in their driving habits or leaving their cart in front of the dairy door I need into while they stroll all the way over to the other side of aisle, it's easy to assume the numbers are great however that could lead to an elitest frame of mind. I usually just grumble to myself, bite my lip and give these peeps the benefit of the doubt that they are normally critically thinking individuals. Heh, on a good day.

It's almost like that strange phenomon of some people who get 'stuck' in high school with thier friends, music, and frame of mind. For me, that was many years ago and I've undergone many transformations but I know people who, for them, that was the golden age. I can't relate at all.

With people I do know, including extended family members and some friends, you just know they never contemplate the nature of self or the universe. For me, I can't imagine a life without questions, contemplation, continual education (books books books,) and critical thought.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by Tentickles

I think you should get out to remote areas and interact with their local communities.

City living is hell! If you really think so, quit your job, try living off the grid somewhere remote and go help people.

It's a great way to heal the mind, heart and soul. The city is a very harsh environment, this is where people give up their individuality in order to have money and lots of very shallow relationships.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:58 AM

Originally posted by Whisper67

With people I do know, including extended family members and some friends, you just know they never contemplate the nature of self or the universe. For me, I can't imagine a life without questions, contemplation, continual education (books books books,) and critical thought.

Kinda wish I could be superbly daft and simple sometimes lol
Think my moods would be a lot better a lot more of the time or something maybe....or something. But hey...careful what I wish for, right?

That, and sometimes I get tired of folks who run around loudly "questioning" everything and then bragging about how open minded they are just because they want to seem superior and open-minded, not because they go off and think about stuff too terribly hard very much at all...they're usually the most rigid thinking people in the end, I find....interestingly enough...

But watch out for the quiet ones bwahaha...

Err yeah. Anyway, whether I am horribly wrong or confused or lost in what I ponder, or completely brilliant for it, there is still something to be said for how dull life would probably be without the capacity to sit and wonder in the first place.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 03:21 AM
Some people are perfectly fine going about their routine, while others seem to enjoy changes. Part of living in any society is having a specialization. It's what makes any organized society possible. You can see the same type of hierarchy in animals that also live in groups. Even insect societies, such as ants and bees, have a structure. We all live for the pleasures in life, it's just how you choose to define them.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 03:24 AM
I had been living in London for 8 years, traveling by tube and Buss everyday, thinking it was Cool to be working in one of the biggest Cities, working in a hip young office, with music playing and punch bags in the office. Then I got seriously ill and had to move back to my parents in the countryside.

It's the best thing to have happened. I no longer chase an illusionary dream, thinking london was the be all and end all. It was all just an illusion.

Now i get to look out over fields with trees and hear bird sing rather than constant drone of traffic, ambulance and police sirens. i no konger have to squeeze into a packed tube, with my nose pressed under someones armpitt. I'm no longer chasing a dream.

I understand my prognosis and am happy just to live out my days in the beauty of the british countryside.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by Tentickles

I work my life away because I have to in order to have a chance to experience later on in life the way life was meant to be lived.

Very few people are born financially able to experience life the way it was meant to be lived. Those few people are the ones who have stacked the deck in their favor through politics and economics and have forced us all into eternal servitude so that they can reap the fruits of our labor and enjoy what we cannot. They give us enough of a glimpse of that life through Hollywood gossip to inspire us to work our entire lives for a luxury that will never come.

I see the stupidity and the ignorance seeping down the faces of the masses that I very unfortunately must associate with in daily life, but I'm sadly no different than them. Smart or stupid, pretty or ugly, male or female, white or black, Republican or Democrat - it doesn't matter. All that matters is are you rich or are you poor?

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by NovusOrdoMundi

If you had the chance to live your life for just the thrill of living it, would you?
Even if it meant you lost your worldly possessions, friends or job?

Those are two separate questions.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by Tentickles

Depending on your personal goals, this could indeed take a lot of inner courage to break free of the social chains that 'appear' to bind us. Expectations of family and friends on what you should be doing.

Throw a child and family in the mix and the water gets murky. Are you selfish for fulfilling yourself at the expense of your children? Or does this make you a better parent for showing personal integrity of following your dreams and *living* your life?

For me, I lived a very full life in my twenties and thirties. I worked hard and played hard. I put off settling down and having a child so I could fully experience life on my terms while I was young. And I'm so greatful I did. Now I am more conformed into socities expectations, to a point and by my choice not the demand of my parents (too bad they are both dead, at least my mom did get to see her granddaughter for a few years) or anyone else.

While I state I'm 'settled down,' I will also say this is just another evolution of myself. Now, with a family, finding curious moments of joy and opportunities for growth. I'm grateful. If I were to keel over tomorrow at 41.5 I'd say I'd had a full life.

This thread reminds me of a few movies: Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford where he quits society and takes his family to the jungles of South America. Also, a movie I watched just last night dealt with a married couple trying to recapture the dreams of their selves, prefamily, with depressing results in Revolutionary Road.

Also OP, can I have eleven tickles instead of just ten? ::tickles::

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 01:51 PM
I just wanted to live my life as me. I have worked in offices and on teh buildings in london, and 100% i would rather work on the buildings than have any office work. Working in an office you have to pretend this and that and do what others want, while on the buildings you just get your work done and people are more real i have found.

So i would rather give up my chance to get a good job in an office, and work as a labourer. I found this work so much more real than sitting in some office talking bull because you have too.

But others want people to do this and that with your life, and what has it to do with anyone else how i live if i choose to live my live doing what i want, and i have no responsibilities to others.

Just a shame i could not go through my life just doing what i want and having no scumbag telling me how i should want to live.

The bt that gets me is this and that person telling me how to live, and then they are pretending for free speech and all that. So many people are just conjob phonies.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by Tentickles

I live my life the way I want. I too love to read and learn new things. I dont follow American Idol or any other show really. When I am not at work I am online reading or at Barnes and Noble getting a new book to read. I even bring my laptop to work and read when its slow. My friends are always trying to get me to go out and I am just fine being at home reading. People tease me and say I am dork and I just ask what is so wrong about wanting to learn new things? I know people who havent read a book or anything significant since HS. I love to learn new things, to me that's what life is about. I want to experience as much as I can and learn as much as I can. I makes ME happy!

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by Tentickles

I have thought about this so often! It's because I have certain responsibilities in my life, ones that I chose for, that life for me is what it is. I'd rather be a hermit, living alone and walk through my thougths all day long, maybe create some art work every now and then, do the things that inspire me... not go to work to serve some society, etc.
But, the way my life is, I can't.
And because of that I often say that life sucks and most people are grey mice walking around like zombies. I don't feel that I can experience life to the fullest, or the way I am supposed to experience it... and I blame society for that.
I don't like it one bit, so I guess right now I live because I have to and I often thought that if I didn't have people around me that I cared about I would go exploring the next 'round' by choice.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by Fuggle

I hear ya there

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by Tentickles

That depends on what you consider the 'thrill' of living it. Do you mean if I could just wander around aimlessly without having to work to survive, would I? Yes I would. But my idea of living life would be to travel the world. If I could do that for the rest of my life without paying for it, that'd be the perfect life for me. My worldly possessions aren't that great anyway, neither is my job. Or my friends for that matter. So to answer your question, yes.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by Tentickles

I for one think that we should live our lives to the fullest extent that we can get by with. We are put on this planet for a reason, a reason as to which we cannot explain at times. Under most circumstances, we do live in harmony with our other inhabitors of this world. Most of the time, we do have a little quarreling amongst ourselves. When that happens, we do find ways to make amends with each other. Most of us chose to live because we wanted to experience what it was like. Most just live life because they have to do so and they won't be able to get by afterwards. Some people either can't or they just don't have the time to enjoy life as to what some of us can. The way that people are now is that they are to wrapped up in themselves to be able to enjoy life. As time goes on, we just get more wrapped up into things that we can't get out of.

Do you as a person ever wonder what most people are thinking about doing from day to day? Most of us are going day by day just to stay one step ahead of the rest of us. I for one think that the way we get a long with others has an affect on what we do as an individual. For some, it would be difficult just to get by without others being there to help one another. As for me, I am one of those who has no problem asking for a little help every once in a while. However, there are people in this world that do not want help even when they need it. Then there are people who will assist anyone at the first sign of trouble. It just goes to show that if you live your life the way that you want to, the possiblities of what you can do are endless.Besides, most of us have a life that some others are not fortunate enough to experince or have. We should feel fortunate that we have the ability to live the way we want to. We shouldn't have live the way that others want us to live by.

We also need to realize that we as a people need each other so that we can have comfort in what life has to offer us. After all, life is always like a game. You never know what to expect and when something will happen.

That is just my point of view on this topic.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by Whisper67

Tickles are always free my friend. Always.

Awesome responses guys, sorry I cant reply to them all right now, a little under the weather.

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