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Air France Cover Up!? Bomb Theat Was Made on Air France Flight!

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:26 PM
I am trying to comprehend there a coverup going on?

Look at the article, and the date... Posted on 27 May 2009 at 16:27

Five days later and this finally shows up in the media? You would think... seriouslly that this would have been investigated under a microscope by now?

The airport safety delayed an Air France flight this evening before departring for Paris immediately after the company received a bomb threat over the phone at the airport of Ezeiza.

The Federal Police, along the Firemen’s direction and the Airport’s Safety proceeded to inspect the plane, that arrived this morning from the French city and, after a brief stop, it was preparing to return.

The routine procedure lasted approximately one hour and a half and, as sources of the airport reported all the passengers are ok and they were not evacuated.
Cache Source


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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:35 PM
Your link just takes me to Google search page for Cache. Do you have the source link?

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:36 PM
Very interesting and very savvy if this is the case. Make a threat and carry it out on a later flight.

If this is so it was a failure and a warning to other airlines to continue intensified surveillance.

But for what reason? Who has a grudge against Brazil or France or since so many international traveler, was it the world?

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:39 PM
Bomb threats happen all the time but this one is definitely suspicious!!!

I'm still thinking it was a microburst, ultimately, that knocked the plane with a fatal blow. Maybe simultaneously with lightning.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf

I just had to link it to drudge it is a cache! It is from a cache of google from June 01, 2009!

Also check this is a google search on "air france momento"

google search
Fixed the link in the original post...Click on the cache...

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:49 PM

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 11:07 PM
Here's another link:

Air France Bomb Threat Called In Days Before Crash

The original source link has been removed. It's in Google's cache: here.

edit to add:
The original source link works again. Weird...

edit 2: and now the link is once again dead...

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by Hellmutt

Thanks! Fantastic second link...makes it seem believable! Wierd that Momento link works...then does not. Did the same thing to me!

From your link...

A rather eerie coincidence: five days before Air France Flight 447 tragically crashed into the Atlantic Ocean after leaving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an Air France flight from Argentina to Paris was delayed due to a bomb threat.

On May 27, Argentina's Momento 24 reported that the airline had received a bomb threat over the phone. Police and firemen inspected the plane but found nothing.

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 06:52 AM

Fox News now has it at it's website. But still nothing on the TV ...

Very strange ...

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

for posting that link...

Reported from Reuters Alert Net:

* Investigators warn full truth may never emerge

* New debris zones spotted in the ocean

* Air France say plane in Argentina had bomb threat

Authorities are baffled by how a modern plane could have plunged out of the sky without giving its team of three experienced pilots time to send a mayday call.

Air France and government ministers have said bad weather and turbulence were probably behind the disaster, but have refused to rule out other causes, including terrorism.

Air France confirmed on Wednesday that it had received an anonymous phone call warning that a bomb was on a flight leaving Buenos Aires on May 27, four days before the Rio crash.

A spokesman said the plane was checked, no bomb was found and the aircraft left an hour and a half late. He added that such alerts were relatively common.

Brazilian Air Force spokesman Colonel Jorge Amaral said on Wednesday that the newly spotted debris included "various objects" spread across a 5-km area, one metallic object 7-metres in diameter and a 20-km oil slick.

An aviation expert said the large distance between the wreckage zones might be an indication the plane broke up in the sky well before it hit the water.

..this morning June 03, there is a write up on

So...May 27th...there was an bomb theat phone call made threatening Air France Flight 415 a Boeing 777.

Then on June 01, flight 447 Air France a 330 left Rio Sunday night with 216 passengers and 12 crew members on board. The plane was cruising normally at 35,000 feet and 522 mph just before it disappeared nearly four hours into the flight. No trouble was reported as the plane left radar contact, beyond Brazil's Fernando de Noronha archipelago, at 10:48 local time.

But no one...not Sarkozy, not Air France, no one mentions that there could be a possiblility of a bomb being responsible, as there had been another Air France flight that had a bomb theat just 5 days before?

And now....the investigators say the cause may remain a mystery?

French officials said on Wednesday they may never discover why an Air France aircraft crashed into the Atlantic killing 228 people and cautioned they might not even find the plane's black boxes on the ocean floor

Not even one mention of the possibility of a bomb, bomb threat! Even though

Other experts doubted a bolt of lightning would be enough to bring the jet down. Some pointed to turbulence as a more dangerous factor.


Arslanian revealed few new elements, confirming only that the crew had sent a radio message reporting turbulence as it headed toward the equator and that the plane had later sent a rapid series of automated messages reporting malfunctions.

There is definitely wrong doing on the part of Air France here, and Sarkozy for keeping this hush hush.

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 03:14 PM
I am also leaning towards a bomb being involved in this case. The automated response transmitted from the plane for three minutes stated there was an electrical failure and a loss of cabin pressure. The debris was spaced out over at least two sites, indicating part that fell off in the initial explosion in the air and then those that came off the plane when it hit the water. The pilots had no opportunity to send out an SOS via radio - not one word but the plane itself had three minutes to send out an automated one. At the height they were flying, weather issues would have allowed them plenty of time to radio their status and location as they went down, before hitting the water. Planes are struck by lightning all the time - they are designed to take it. There were planes that flew this route just before and just after this one, neither having any issues with the weather at all.

What I can't understand is why these planes are not equipped with GPS beacons. Apparently, they have a lousy beacon that can only be heard from one km away. Why not put a satellite-based tracking system on these planes? I read they intend the black boxes to sink so they know where the plane crashed - why not have them float but track their location. Or, put in a floating one and sinking one. Do these black boxes cost $20 million each or something? Have the plane automatically drop an emergency beacon on a parachute if it sustains serious damage. There are a million different technological solutions or possibilities here, in the 21st century, so that we aren't left with a "vanishing plane." There is no excuse for this nonsense.

Also, please review all the news articles that were published within hours of the plane vanishing. Every airline representative came forward, immediately stating that they were pessimistic that the plane, the passengers, and black boxes would ever be recovered - after only a few hours. We just had a plane land on the Hudson River - permitting all the passengers to exit and get rescued. Something about their words and their certainty indicates that Air France knows more then they say.

Also, the story about the recent bomb threat on the same route, the one that was serious enough for them to search the plane for 90 minutes, funny how they did not have the passengers get off. They get a bomb threat that they take seriously enough to spend 90 minutes searching and yet the first thing they do is not evacuate the passengers? With this level of regard for passengers, I would not be surprised if they had gotten another bomb threat and simply laughed it off.

Something is not right here and we can only hope those black boxes get recovered. I have know doubt they will show that airplane broke up in midair as a result of a sudden catastrophe - most likely a bomb. They will fight this conclusion either way - because they don't want negative publicity affecting their stock or criminal negligence investigations. It's unfortunate that there are no many reasons to hide the truth, much more than actually figuring out what really happened out there.

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:56 PM
here is another article about a possible bomb

Terrorism 'unlikely' aboard Air France AF 447

BRAZILIAN Defence Minister Nelson Jobim said that it appeared unlikely that an explosion tore apart an Air France plane that came down in the Atlantic with 228 people on board.

Air France flight AF 447 came down early on Monday as it was on its way across the Atlantic Ocean from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

A long fuel slick found in an zone where debris was spotted "means that it is improbable that there was a fire or explosion," Mr Jobim said.

He was inferring that the high-octane jet fuel would have ignited if a blast or fire had occurred.

For all that though, "there is still no possibility" of determining what caused the crash, Mr Jobim said.

Searches were going on in a 200km radius north of a tiny Atlantic atoll belonging to Brazil called the Sao Pedro and Sao Paulo archipelago where the Air France plane came down, he said.

The search zone was around 1000km from the northeast coast of mainland Brazil, and its proximity to the atoll meant it was in Brazilian waters.

Hopes for finding its black boxes in order to clear up the mystery are low, as the seabed is mountainous and lies some 3000m underwater.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by andrewh7

Very astute observations! Agreed, too many discrepencies...
The pilot not making a mayday call,
No evacuation on the bomb threat Air France plane, and
the near certain immediate response of Air France employees, and Sarkozy, of whom certainly all knew about the bomb threat!

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by dallas18

For all that, as you said, still no expalanation!
Good Post!


Another article...CNN

Some investigators have noted that the plane flew through a severe lightning storm. Foul play has not been ruled out.

Air France had received a bomb threat May 27 for a flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Paris, sources in the Argentine military and police told CNN on Wednesday.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 10:57 AM
This morning, another write up hit the news...
Suddenly they saw an intense flash of while light?

A Spanish newspaper said a transatlantic airline pilot reported seeing a bright flash of white light at the same time the Air France flight disappeared.

"Suddenly we saw in the distance a strong, intense flash of white light that took a downward, vertical trajectory and disappeared in six seconds," the pilot of an Air Comet flight from Lima to Madrid told his company, the El Mundo newspaper reported. "We did not hear any communication on any emergency or air to air frequency either before or after this event."

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