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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by TheGreensGoblin

sometimes when the felling of falling begins, go with it as you maybe beginning to experience the 7 levels of lower conscientiousness -these levels are actually the levels of going to sleep at a certain point you should begin to feel as if you can separate your spiritual self -dreaming body- from the physical self.try it slowly this way as all of us have or use slightly different techniqes monres may not work for you this one seems to be the begining for you as this is one of the ways that i use -trial and error is the best way to find the technique that works best for you.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by seeker11

i agree with Dave you have it under control .
one thing you asked about was how to control or stop the fear .when dreaming or having an oobe you are separating the physical self from the spiritual time you catch yourself dreaming ask your self where is my fear when it shows itself within your self turn around and chase it through out your physical self using the dreaming body.when you finally corner it you will find that what you thought was real wasn`t it does not exist.
as to the male voice you heard it was one of your guides and you were not quite ready for it don`t fear them as they are always around-remember the poem "footprints in the sand " when there was only one set of tracks it was me carring you -as you were never alone

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 06:34 PM
Hi everyone,newbie here.On the subject of oobe's,im pretty sure i experienced one,around a year ago.Reading about it,some theories say that its the brains doing,creating it,however it doesnt make much sense to me,but correct me if am wrong,the oobe is seeing your physical body,not the other way round,so how can it be the brain,if that makes sense.Also would you say its the soul/mind leaving the body and that maybe it shows more to an after life?

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by milsta

I would say in regards to an afterlife, the idea would make me define what a life is, an after-life... before-life? If anything, this life of ours seems so limiting and experiences like OBE's have helped me define what I accepted as my existence.

Theres a good book that covers that question, its a very light book, easy to read, mostly on technique called "Leaving the Body".

In the book, the guy did a test, he astral projected into his bedroom, and blew out a candle in that room, then woke himself up. What he realised was that when he woke up, the candle was still lit.

During my own experiences, I noticed that even though I thought I was projecting out of my body, into my house, (it looked and felt that way at first).. I then realised there was some differeneces. I remember hearing the voices of my family talking and I was hesistant to go upstairs, thinking they might see me as a ghost and I wouldn't know how to deal with it. I went into the bathroom and noticed some differences, some things that werent' there in my physical world, like a house coat, shampoo bottles, which I then proceeded to levitate with my mind. I won't go over the full experience and the differences, but there WAS differences.

The whole experience had a different feel that was nothing like dreaming to me. It felt so weightless, stress-free, vibrant and I'll tell you this.. I thought this experience was wierd, but when I woke up, clicking back into the physical existence i thought felt even wierder. At that time, it seemed that on all aspects, the waking world is the strange one, its a heavy place, and also weighs heavy on our minds.

The soul projecting? I'm not sure, that is what do you define as a soul? I would say it is a matrix of code, a form of energy, a lens/focusing point for something that transcends logical design and a limited vantage point. I would suspect that our soul, or consciousness is a program like everything else of dual nature, that is to say it is a frequency, it is binary.

Next I would ask myself what does it mean to project if I'm also asking myself what does it mean to be "here".

By that thought, if the astral plane was another reality/dimensional layer of our consciousness, I could understand how one could teleport around seemingly, through a network of planes, if we exist on a single point.

There is no distance, only what our mind percieves. Thats my thought, and that is also why I feel there is no danger in astral projection, which is why we'll never get "stuck out of body".

I believe the "real" world is as much a dream as the astral plane could be percieved to be. It's just that this real world has such a feeling of limitation, like we're boxed in, it really makes us feel like we live in this little cube and can't concieve of an existence otherwise.

Aside from that, in this book they did a test where this guy went out of body, and looked in a box in another room and told the scientists what was in it. It can be looked at like remote viewing, that is recieving images into the pineal gland, or the brow chakra, recieving this energy.. but I believe with projection, its like remote viewing only you actually go there in a sense.

This book also talked about reports of seeing people while projecting (look like ghosts with the silver cord I guess), and this to me implies a couple of things, like one theory I had about ghosts.

We have our normal perceptional range which is limited by the individual, most of us see only wants on this plane and even then argueably, a small fraction of it. I think why ghosts are percieved as translucent or fading in and out is because they are drifiting into this transitional phase between realities. When I would go out of body, I saw a couple figures, manifestations of my own fears, but what I realised was they got more visible as I slipped out more and more, and started to dissapear as I retreated back into myself, I would compare this to the ghost case.

I think to some degree we are actually projecting an energy of some sorts because of how drained a lot of people feel after doing this... I remember in one plane, I had no voice, and the more I tried to yell, the more tired I felt.. When I woke up, i was dragging my body around all day until maybe 3 in the afternoon, the same thing happened in the next experience but I was less tired. Now adays i don't feel the drain. I still don't quite understand, but I believe energy is involved here, and it exerts itself if we let it. I think our understanding plays a strong role.

This.. silver cord, I have never seen it, neither has a freind of mine who lucid dreams/projects all the time. We both agree that it seems like a limited concept, a fearful/protective influence. I still think that it could very well be another method of projection. It is believed that we have many subtle layers of consciousness, energy bodies. I have heard someone call this cord biological before, and I thought that was interesting since people in the "real world" report seeing this cord off ghostly looking projectors in their home, even though argueably..they aren't really there.. this comes back to what I was saying about ghosts, and why I think ghosts are often unaware of our presence, let alone their own state of existence. I think being a ghost could be compared to a dream that just doesn't easily become lucid for some. That lucidity or realisation is what makes us move on and realise we have the freedom to do what we want, but more then that, we have our own purposes to fullfill.

Back onto the concept of fading in and out and this silver cord, I was thinking about ectoplasm.. a sort of manifestation of spirit energy that fades in and out just like the ghosts and this is what I think of...

It is speculated that life on this planet began as a pile of goo, amino acids and proteins. I think of a puddle of goo as the building blocks, and i think of ectoplasm... if this plane of existence is a dream plane in a sense like all the rest... I picture it like this... this spirit/creation energy vibrates outwards and as it vibrates to this frequency, this reality, it enters this reality and manifests, this creative spirit energy turns into "matter".. matter of course just being a label to a state of energy.

There has been reports of physical interactions with ghosts and this is what I think of... there energy transitions over into our "reality plane".. and their energy assumes a state of matter.

So yeah that was a bit of a lengthy post but what I wanted to illustrate was, what does it really mean to live? Is there an after-life or just a difference state of consciousness? Do we just exist on a single point?

I look at the phyiscal body as an expression of energy, a concept of the mind, something that goes beyond the brain... the brain just being a control center and interface, a representational/expression of the mind energy. People's body's reflect certain astrological characteristics, I believe all that we are is an expression of something beyond form. Its interesting how chakra energy centers are linked to the endocrine system of the body. Its interesting how I can use various sounds to and beliefs to affect my body, and the world around me. When I think of the idea of everything being vibrating energy at the core level, then I don't see any true seperation.. I look to astrology, and nature, and see everything as a dance, there is no truly individual action that is exempt from the flow of nature, our thoughts are one, but its our individual energy that filters how we think. With this all in mind, I don't find psychic powers, telepathy and telekinesis in our "physical world" to be a stretch.

I just see everything as intelligence, flowing energy, truthful nature, and duality. I no longer define what goes on in or outside of something, I just see it all as one in the same.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD


I hope everyone still subscribes this thread.

I´ve tried myself yesterday and got really RESULTS for a first 'after-reading-a-lot' warm up.

if you still reading (and finding everything difficult as me), this guy really kicks some with good tips:

Im really going as 'training' method.

Anyone knows about non-verbal communication? This really corroborates as the main diff to express what happened, and when you try to 'word' it out, somehow the experience dilutes...

I hear the whinning, lost sense in the body, got a eletric thing over my forehead, but somehow i´ve lost focus...and remember to disconnect your phone, this also helps

Lets keep training and posting!

Im making a promisse to 'yank' anyone out when my training is done!

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

I too agree with you on the falling sensation being linked with returning from the astral body, and i also think that there is a feeling of dizzyness that starts before entering this state.some great post's and great insight into something i had given up on trying to achieve years ago but now i venture!!

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 08:33 AM
I had a lucid dream last night, it was pretty interesting and I learned a lot from it.
As soon as I woke up from it, it's as if most of the details just flooded away in seconds, which is unusual for dreams or astral projection for me. I think this may be because I was in a place of higher energy so it was harder to translate it to low frequency to store in my conscious mind.

I remember some details I'll point out. I was being "attacked"... that is there were these black human figures, but they were pretty horrifying, I think they were just trying to make me scared. These were different then my fear manifestations I had before because these ones had motion. Some sort of astral demon perhaps. I noticed, I only see these fear entities while I'm my awareness is still in my sleeping body. Again this is the interesting thing about the astral because in my perspective, I was in my bed, even though it was a different place, and I was trying to go to sleep, which I clearly was already. I will explain that signifigance later.

Anyways, don't underestimate the power of a good shield of protection!. These fear guys weren't scaring me, just irritating me. Every time though I get a bit startled just to see them, but after that, you know what they are and so you're just like piss off. I tried to send waves of love and then imagined a white protective bubble around me, and it felt like I was in a shell, and whatever was outside that shell had no effect. So I peacefully went off to sleep then (even though I already was?.. I think I was in the between stage, yet on another plane)

Ok well the lucid dream itself... I don't remember any transition to it, I was just lucid, but that may have been a detail I forgot. I was trying to carefully examine everything, how I feel etc. I was trying to use the situation to contact a dear freind who I've been out of contact with in this "reality". I was at someone's house, perhaps a freinds, there was a workshop with some guys in there, my freind was one of them. I asked him for the phone number of the person I was looking for, and where they are ( I was well aware that this was another plane so I was looking for where they would be in this plane.) I did actually try explaining to them that they were living in a dream, they did not understand.. every time I gotta give my speech that I'm aware of my existence in another reality, and so they are talking to a different me then they are accustomed to. This confirmed a thought after my freinds mom offered to give me a drive to where this other freidn I was looking for lived, although I never made it unfortunaterly. I asked his mom if I seemed different, and she did agree that I was different then usual.

I believe, that when we dream, we are simply shifting that awareness that is not necessarily centered on our waking reality, and we're just moving it to another self... you can call it a dream, i just call it a parallel existence. So i in a sense, took the "body" or place of another version of my self that exists in an alternate reality. I did feel quite physical this time, not like the floating weightlessness I feel from astral projection. I noticed I feel pretty confident during these times. I think because I feel like I'm on a mission, particularly this time. Bridging these realities gives me a lot of courage.

Anyways, it was a pleasant place, the house, the neighborhood I was initially in, i commented to my freinds mom who was driving me about this. I basically implied this was comming from the perspective of someone from another reality. It was really quite peacefull and normal aside from an odd sight. A couple birds flew by, they looked like small pheonix's or something, like leaving a firey trail, as well there was like a pegasus that flew by and it looked kind of pixelated in a sense. That was odd. I honestly think it ended because I felt I screwed up, its hard to sum it all up without mentioning every detail, but I got to another city but I think that when i thought I screwed up, it triggered to wake me up.. the whole dream I was waiting for that trigger to see what caused it, and I think it could be feelings like this... like when faced with danger also, we just feel a need to restart. I couldn't hold on to it, and knew I was fading and eventually was wide awake.

I had some other dreams too which I can't recall. This whole experience could be due to a night of relatively un-interrupted sleep ( a full rest), as well.. I did a powerful 3rd eye meditation last night as well with some energizing yoga breathing.

Ah well, just thought I'd mention it. I really feel dreams, astral projections, etc are clicking into our parallel existences. I think there comes a certain point in evolution where we are aware of all of them simultaneously.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 08:16 PM
I just came off a 4 day water fast and on my 3rd night I experienced my first lucid dream ever! I remembered everything in great detail. I guess my mind was more clear than usual?

My lucid dream was crazy and wacky. It started quite unpleasantly and not lucid. I was in a random house, a certain ex boyfriend was there with his family, they were being atrociously rude. There were other randoms there as well. Some guy ended up trying to rape me. Not fun. Fortunately for me he was really bad at that particular profession and I eventually managed to call for help and this random neighbor lady next door helped me. I told the guy that he would regret what he had done, and sure enough his family when they found out punished him quite harshly. It was around this time I wanted to take control of my dream.

I then started wandering random streets and a hippy girl on a bike came by to help me or direct me somewhere. She was really nice. I then ended up driving in a car with an old girlfriend of mine. This is when I started realizing I was getting lucid. I could hear my self talking. I know I talk in my dreams but I have never been consciously aware of it till now. I could actually hear my own voice and in the back of my head I was worrying that I would wake up my b/f sleeping next to me.. It was like I wasn't totally sure if the talking I was doing in my dream was also me talking in real life. I was talking to this old girlfriend from highschool but for some odd reason she knew me as George and to her I was a guy. I was fascinated by this and wanted to ask more questions but my dream continued on.

So I was in this car and I decided to start driving it with my mind because I was too tired to concentrate on driving. All of a sudden I was out of the car and was sitting on the front bumper of the car behind me. The guy driving the car was a middle age cranky guy. We were stuck in traffic. Anyhow, he tried to scare me by saying that he would make spiders appear all over the car if I didn't move. I was not happy about this so I imagined angel wings covering the car instead. Neither of these appeared though but the spiders weren't there so I was happy.

Next thing i know I'm cruising along in a box like one of those buckets on a ferris wheel ride. I realized that I could control this too and started floating upwards. It took a lot of effort with my mind though. So I just start floating up and I happen upon this big valley and there was this huge catholic type festival going on. People dressed in robes and hats like the pope. There was a guy below me and when he saw what I was doing pulled me down (there was a rope attached to the bucket thing) I was annoyed. He was some cook for this festival and there was a bunch of meat cooking on big grills and stuff. He and a few other guys tied my hands and my bucket thing to some structure on the ground. I think they saw me as a prize or something that they wanted to show off, they didn't understand my powers and weren't sure whether to be afraid of me or not. So i just stayed there for a bit waiting for an opportunity to escape. This one guy even tried to take my picture.

I eventually caught the eye of two guys around my age who were milling about and somehow got them to cut me free. So I escaped holding these two guys hands, and they led me to this big tower/ladder leading up into the sky. We grab onto this rope that pulled us up quite a ways but then we had to stop holding the rope as now it was time to climb for ourselves. So we climbed. This ladder thing was really bizarre. It had blocks of wood and stuff sticking out in weird random places. Very tricky to climb. There were tons of other people on this structure trying to go up. We couldn't move up until the people ahead of us found their way up either. I remember being a little frightened but finding some weird sort of inner strength to climb and find a foothold. It was while waiting for the people on top of me to move up that I woke up.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 10:01 AM
I must say congratulations! I am not a person who has ever delt with an oobe nor did I even know such a thing could happen besides death. I am more a person who has an ability but, still Congrats! Oh, I hope you get to experience another. Reality-check

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 11:57 AM
Seeker11, great post.

Hope is everything ok, because when I have a series of nightmares something is about to happen. Seriously.

As of my own research, i found this interesting read:

Seems the crown chakra is an OB, an one must open all 6 before, riding the serpent

So far, im using neuro programmer 2 for schumann resonance (7.83hz) that helps me concentrate.

Last meditation, i kinda introduce myself declaring my intents and the way i see the world, and stating that im a student and will dedicate.

Im building a journal also, for me to see my evolution.

So heres what i´ve gather:

Step1) "LAM" -> the earth element, the base and root. Open this to the serpent path start.

Step2) "VAM" -> Water element, this is the creative spot.

Step3) "RAM" -> Fire element (triangule). This is supposed to be a symbolic web for psyche, life force.

Step4) "OM" -> The heart. Knowledge, clairvoyance, wish fullfilling.

Step5) "HAM" -> Communication to others. This is hard to get sometimes.

Step6) "AJNA" -> 3rd eye. Telepathic.

Step7) Out of body. The Self.

Like i said, im a student.
Lets share all.

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posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by milsta

Nice to see people experimenting with this. It’ s a fascinating subject.

Scientists would probably say oobe’s are just the brains doing, because they can measure the brain activity during sleep. This is true and interesting in itself, though they have no real way of quantifying the reality of someone’s experience especially when it comes to things that are not physical, which is understandable. It’s our psyche, the parts of us that are not physical such as our feelings, intellect, consciousness etc. that leave the physical behind and go to the astral. There is always a connection with the physical though. This is why if something disturbs us physically we are reeled straight back and wake up, and why people can toss and turn physically and have a very restless sleep during certain dreams for instance. Everyone goes to the astral when they sleep at night, though most are in a very heavy type of daze or seeing only images from the mind as dreams. To see someone in this state in the astral they look like they are sleepwalking or out of it on drugs. It isn’t possible to get any sense out of them. This is what we are all like in the astral, to greater or lesser degree, when not experiencing it consciously. But it is possible to be in the astral just as consciously as we are when normally awake, many people have done, and still do this. Then we can see that it is a real place very similar to the physical world, though obviously not the same. There are things that can be learnt there that we couldn’t learn here. There are also other dimensions, besides the astral.

Robert, I wouldn’t worry about getting too intellectual with reading so much about chakras etc. It might only cause you confusion. It really is much simpler and more natural in essence than many books make it out to be. Not always easy in practice though. Young children sometimes do this naturally without even knowing or caring what it really is, probably because their minds don't need to complicate things like ours do. Why not look around and find a simple method to try and give it a good shot for a couple of months or so.

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posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 02:46 PM

Thanks for your words... im reading this non-stop
and i suggest everyone to read this site too.

My experience last night was, in one word, amazing... at some point
i asked for protection so freaked out i was....

As im trying to be a writer, i kinda have this 'passive' state peterson
writes about most often, soo my text gets fluid (2-5 pages on two hours...
its amazing) when i dont step in and 'think' too much.

The inner mind voice sometimes happen, and i almost everytime listen -
give help to someone, go visit your grandma, dont do this...

read the online book. its awesome.

I will post when my journal gets more, well, complete.


posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

Thanks for the link Robert! Will check it out.

I love this much great information...keep it coming!

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 04:21 PM
Man, those last 4 days its been like a steroids on my spiritual life.

I read the peterson online book and got really inspired.
But.. im afraid hes not a good teacher, hes a good storyteller, but his
method is somewhat too personal and the brief descriptions shows that he
really are not sharing (and universaly understanding) completely the OBE.

This guy, DONALD J. DEGRACIA, Ph.D. is... a master.

He knows what his talking about, he shares everything, he says what is
really going on, the opinion of everyone (occultis, psychologist,scientis)
and ... im blown away of his works.

This parts are the intro: (read plz, with no theory you be scared)

This is the dreamscape way: (only when you sleep)

And the trance way: (you can do whenever you want to)

Im so glad I found this.
Please keep this conversation, i dont have anyone to talk to about this.


Im afraid you have to 'Select all text..." and copy to word or notepad to see not on one line... sorry about that.

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posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 09:21 PM
WOW Robert THANKS for the links!!

Your another awesome addition to this thread......

Most of the books I have read are in the category of 'great story' and not so much a teaching type of book....maybe it is just me, but the BEST teaching comes from this thread right here...
from all the people willing to share what they know....

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posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 04:58 AM
Wait, what about this. What if two people are out of each others bodies. Can they go into the other person's body? Wouldn't that be considered mind swapping?Reality-check.

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 05:33 AM
I was just reading a freaky story on ATS about reptillians who kill people in the astral, might that be the case of some people not returning?

Have had OBE's myself but not intentionally. Mine were frightening experiences. Everythign was dark and i tried to fly out my windows but a bunch of beings i could not see put me back in my body. At other times was fighting off creatures and another time i willed myself back into my body.

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 08:33 AM
holy cow what a night last night was!... so I'd slept well for a few hours and then slipped in/out of this scary dream. That night I'd watched a doc on abductions, really good documentary by the way

Google Video Link

During the documentary a lady discusses her abduction experiences and so i had sufficient creepy imagery to keep my mind busy as i slept.

In this dream, the woman is crawling around on the floor like a shaman while moaning like an injured cat, this was the weird bit, as she miaows/moans the frequency of her voice increases thus the pitch gets higher and higher, it gets to a point that is too much to bear, the whine of her moan is so high pitch that my whole body is vibrating loads and I then twig that i'm in a dream and should get out of it (i was pretty darn scared).

It was strange but I didn't really think about it till today, it seems like the image was so terrifying that it literally woke me into a lighter state of sleep while the whine must have been a subconscious need to attach the heavy vibrations that are experienced when going into an astral projection with some kind of frame of reference...really strange, any thoughts anyone?

Anyone with a similar experience of the subconscious attaching imagery/situations to the vibrations?

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one day i'll figure out how to upload google vid's!

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posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by meadowfairy

Please read the docs i supplied earlier...

(We all go astral when dreaming, so if the reptilians wanna kill us, they can do it anytime.. so this is argument is just silly)

Here is a sample for this argumentation:

Now, above, I said astral projection is only dangerous if you are ignorant
about what is going on. Now it is time to explain what this means. You
have to realize straight up that astral projection takes you into realms
where the subjective becomes ABSOLUTELY REAL.

All your ideas, fears, fantasies, become real things outside of you when
you project. See, when you project, you will be somewhere, and in this
somewhere (whether we call it a "plane" or whatever) all the things you
think are subjective will become objective!

What this means in practical terms is that, when you astral project, you
will confront yourself, your own personality, in ways that are totally
different than how you relate to yourself when awake here in the physical
plane. For example, if you have phobias in your personality, these may
become monsters that try to attack you in your astral projection.

Such an experience will more likely than not scare the **** out of you,
and, if you don't understand what's going on, such an experience may
completely scare you away from astral projecting ever again. So, its
EXTREMELY important that you understand that, in a sense, during a
projection, your personality is "outside" of you, and not "inside" of you as
it appears to be here in the physical world. In a very strong sense, astral
projecting is a form of therapy, of self-therapy.

When you initially begin to project, the first things you will encounter will
be things of your own creation. Some authors refer to this as meeting
the "dweller on the threshold". Again, this "Dweller" is all the petty, all the
bad, all the fear that you have in you. I'm not lying about this either - it
has happened to me. It's a stage you very likely will encounter. In a
sense, all these negative elements of your personality are like a wall or
room in the astral plane, that you will go to when you first begin to
project. It is imperative that you realize that this is YOU.

There is nothing to be afraid of because it IS you.

You have complete control over these elements. YOU CAN BANISH THEM
consciousness of your self is like a healing fire that can burn away these
negative elements by understanding them. Once you confront these
negative aspects of your self, they will disappear and you will have grown
with new self-insight. This growing is called "maturing", and occurs
because of buddhic plane energies. It takes will-power to confront these
things in yourself, and it takes wisdom and compassion to see them for
what they are and to accept them.

So, one way or another, anyone aspiring to astral project will very likely
be confronted with this "dweller on the threshold". By dealing with it, you
get past it, and you grow. And then, after this first stage is passed, your
experiences on the planes will not be as contaminated by personal factors.
As the personal factors become less a part of your astral projection
experiences, then your experiences there will reflect more clearly these
planes as they objectively exist, uncontaminated by your subconscious

This process is like cleaning off a window. The cleaner the window is, the
better you can see through it. Likewise, when you project, the cleaner
your personality is, the better you will be able to see through it into the

So, you see.... read the entire thing to get the full picture.



posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 03:28 PM
Well I projected again this morning and you know what I did? I walked to the end of the street, then walked back... some pretty girl gave me a nice smile and i kept walking back to my "house", and that was about it.

When I went to bed thinking I was try and project, I thought to myself, there is nothing that I want to do. It seems they are getting duller and duller. I'm starting to get in my mind that these realities are just like my "physical reality".. I didn't want to be childish about it and look for wacky things to do. I wanted to find some sort of meaning. I realised again, i had limited abilities in this plane.. i felt dense and physical.

lol.. i dont know man.. I need to figure this one out. What could I do there, read a book? Its another reality, just like this, I try to use the time constructively. I tried to teleport to my friend, but i'm still unsuccessful with that one. This is just like how my lucid dream I posted, I was running around trying to find a different friend because I couldn't teleport. I took a car! lol...

what happened to the planes I was in before where I could fly?

I need to figure this one out for sure though.

That part from that book that I posted seems like its on to something.. it seems like a simple technique or rather cause of seperation.. once I woke up to sleep paralysis.. a simple thought to raise my soul's frequency got it going, and I just kept it going for only seconds before I seperated automatically.. there was no struggle like in my early projections.

This was another projection I was able to do the same way as usual... I woke up 2.5 hours before I usually do, because I had to piss.. and I counted myself to sleep (to relax the mind or else sleep is difficult, you have to be calm and not worry what happens, imply that you are going to project, and just relax, count and relax, you will fall asleep, and you might succeed).

There is also a connection I believe to my success and memory of dreams and such by meditations on the 3rd eye or balancing it the night before.. i think it would deffinately help anyway. Although I'm sure I've had projections during times of no meditation.

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