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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

What is an ATS? Who do you ask for help if you want a conscious OBE?
Why don't you remember an OBE?

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 10:01 AM
Wow! So many amazing stories! I am continuing to persevere myself while reading this thread and other sites pertaining to the topic. This is the longest I have attempted to do anything thus far in my life. I I know that if I keep at it, I can still do it. is a year and a half how long it takes a lot of people?

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 02:06 PM
Yesterday morning, I woke up in sleep paralysis and tried to astral project. I imagined a rope hanging from the ceiling above me and put one hand over the other, trying to pull my astral body out of my physical body. I felt like I was "slipping" so I tried harder and I separated! I was only out for a few seconds then my alarm clock went off and I woke up with a jolt and a smile on my face
. I'm really hoping I wake up in sleep paralysis again, soon (never thought I would be saying that). As I have narcolepsy so it's only a matter of time.

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by psimorb333

lolerz Psi I relate TOTALLY.....

When I decided to fully read the SLEEPER threads.....I sat at my computer at night and read no other thread for 2 weeks......I would 'bookmark' the page I left off at and come back to it.........once I got it fully read I lost my place and it got away from me again by another 150 pages
and thats far longer than this thread is in total...SOOOOO since I can sit down and read threads bigger than this one.....I believe it fully possible to sit and read this one....I am actually about to start this one over from page one just to bring it all fresh to my mind, so I don't miss subtle things.....I can't tell you ALL how much this thread is a teaching tool for me personally.......and I am ready for a brush up.
A 'fresh look' so to say..........If I can do it anybody can.....

WOW EXCELLENT PhatHotGeek!!! this is great news! CONGRATS TO YOU!!!

[edit on 24-8-2008 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:59 PM
Yea its definitely worth reading it all.

I've not had many OBE's for quite a while now for some reason but I'm finding myself becoming lucid and doing my usual which is to try making my friends aware that there dreaming
and to fly up as high as I can and then get that same old staticy weird feeling and have to fly back down. I'm really fascinated by this stuff and just can't quite get my head round what it is. I wonder if its there as protection in some way or other or even a divide with something on the other side.

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 08:31 AM
Hi rivergoddess, I sent you a quick u2u if you wanna chat. aww man, i've tried so many techniques, i've read robert bruce's book (astral dynamics), it was a great introduction but i think its all about trying to remember the experience so you can repeat it within your imagination (i have to fully experience it first!)

The two things that almost ALWAYS stop me from proceeding are:

1. my material body gets an insatiable urge to fidget/stretch my legs after a decent while and the harder i try to ignore or even focus on it, the more frustrated i get.

2. I often feel like I'm about to fall out of my body as if I'm being pulled downwards rather than up when i try the rope/silver cord tugging trick.

hmmm... any tips to help me ignore my stupid legs? thanks guys, this is one of the best posts i've read, i've wasted a whole morning at work reading it!

thanks again

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 09:01 PM
Hi Goblin....
yes I got your u2u's and answered them. I hope my answers suffice.....its all out in the open on this thread though.....

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 01:05 PM
This is long, make of it what you will.

Ok i'm going to try and type this out before i forget it and my computer crashes again. I Astral Projected 5 times this morning. I never astral project but when I do, i do it up. Its usually pretty productive and I see i'm getting better at controlling it, and getting out is easy. I think my accumulated knowledge over the past year (when I started AP /OBE's.) and my amount of energy or awareness of it rather..higher frequency..whatever.. and meditation of course, I think its kind of made the process easy. As I always assumed thats the way it would be. They would start happening more regularly, or at least the memory of them as we begin to accept them is just normal, and not some wild adventure. I found myself screwing around a bit (one I won't even mention!) but I knew I should use the experience as a tool, i had planned to go to other realms, and perhaps back to one where I had observed planets, it was cut short before that though, or rather I decided 5 was more then enough. Anyways I'll get to it, i was just describing the circumstances.

ok so I was recalling some dreams as they happened and as I woke up here and there to either move and grab a blanket or whatever reason, the power went out too and I woke up to that, I think this is where the dots started to connect where my concious mind became aware that it had dreams the night before, and I would fall back to sleep in another dream and wake up again, usually this doesn't happen unless I meditate the day before, or perhaps because i never let myself sleep this much.

I think at one point waking up I said, I'm going to give myself sleep paralysis... so as i was getting more restfull (i was only partially awake, i was aware of where I was but knew I could easily drift back).. and sure enough I was in sleep paralysis and i remember kind of laughing to myself about how easy it was and what it meant I was going to try and do. Like a surge of energy, as soon as you make the will to leave, your head begins to ring and vibrate and getting out.. i try to kick up, i even asked my higher self to reach and pull me out. I think i just let the energy build a bit first and then I started to get a feel for it.. i moved my head straight (the physical one was to the side).. and moved my legs up and out, and then I decided to pretty much walk out.. I hear the head is the hardest part to get out, so i decided to get used to moving that first.

Anyways, I was out and didn't want it to fail.. i just kept concentrating on where I was and did not think once about my physical world, where I was resting in bed,.. as I did that one of these 5 times.. if not all.. then thats where I went back and just started over. You gotta discipline yourself and focus on the world in front of you. Each time except one, I was in my room, and decided to run around instead of teleporting.. when I do that, i black out, and usually results in my focus being back on my sleeping, not so good. So i decided to run and play the game as if it were the physical world.. i peeked in on my room-mate (its like a tradition because of my first OBE, where my fear got a hold of me and turned him into some vicious creature).. so I just kind of looked in on him for the novelty, then kept going, went right up the stairs and out the front door and I remember his bike was in the way and I didn't care.. i was like "I don't care about his ASTRAL bike, get out of the way".. kind of disrespectful but I pushed it over with the door, lol. I kept going down the street, there were some cats kind of lingering that started to follow me, i took a moment to give them the attention, perhaps I was trying to channel something from them, as I am aware of their connection they have, in at least my own experience, cat's have a very active crown chakra if you move your hand over their heads.

I was walking down the street, and basically I think i lost focus and went back to my body, got out again, same deal.. this time i decided to go down the alley, (this part I'll leave out! lol) But back I was in my body, then out again, this time as I got out the door I thought to myself.. i must be burning crazy amounts of energy.. I wonder would it feel like if I charged my chakras here? I began to draw in the energy around me into my solar plexus, but it had sent me back to bed again... so that wasn't very effective.

I got out AGAIN.. (at this point theres not struggle, you just will yourself to get out and it happens quite easily). Oh I didn't mention when I was running through the alley there were some objects I began to telekinetically push over, I was a bit upset at the lack of power actually as I had been practising in the physical realm, but I had noticed.. i willed the objects to move, and moved them.. but I still didn't FEEL them. And I know this is how you succeed, i've seen it in my future before.. you become aware of objects as they are connected to you through light, you feel it like its one of your fingers, and then its as easy as moving a finger. Othewise, so much information and energy is getting lost and scattered I believe. Well think about this.. the human body doesn't seem to electric to me, but its able to move a big machine around, you could argue the muscles do the work but they run off such little power it seems from the nervous system.. I think there's alot more to it, but I won't get into that, I've posted that stuff elsewhere and this is about OBE's, but I believe this kind of stuff can help make your "adventures" better, as you guys seem to go OBE frequently.

So i was moving objects ok. That was when i was in the alley behind my house, but this time, this last OBE (i think when I willed myself to go to other planes).. I was in like a dark bar, or club, people were standing around, not really talking, it was quiet. I recognized one the guys, he was dressed differently though. I saw there was a bathroom and I walked in. I look at my face and observed my eyes were sky blue to the point of almost being white and clear, just like some OBE I had a while ago. I then decided to use my telekinetic/manifestation of my head, i looked at my mouth and saw how it was the same or differed, and then I decided.. i'm going to make my canine teeth longer, like a vampire, just to see what it looks like i guess? well a few seconds later they did grow quite long, and one kind grew to the side, lol it was ugly.

At this point the guy I knew walked in with some woman I didn't know, it could have been his freind or astral plane girlfreind.. I don't know but they began to talk to me. The guy asked "so what happened to you man, you look different, are you a vampire now".. something like that.. i think he was curious about my appearance. I told him "no". and that I was simply in a realisation of where I was. They looked confused as I suspected, I had always wondered about what events would transpire if you made other people go lucid through your own lucid experience. I basically asked them, "do you believe there are other dimensions", they nodded that they could accept the concept. I told them, I am the steve who is.. HERE.. but I am aware of my existence in another dimension, which is giving me the control here. They looked a little confused and as I was about to go into more details I was back in my body, my mouth open and dry and I thought to myself "was I not supposed to tell anyone?" I decided that was enough because I wanted to write this stuff down.

And thats it folks.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 01:05 PM
If you're curious about the dreams, I'd like to mention something interesting.. well the first one was basic, me some freinds (some I didn't reallly even know, i can't remember who they were now), were going to go camping, but more like drinking in a forest because we weren't spending the night there, we all had to work the next day. (even in the damn dream world eh? Its all the same, just a different place). So thats just basic stuff, i woke up, realised i had dreams that night and so i acknowledged that. I fell back to sleep again, this time i was in this nice town, in a hall with some people, some freinds were getting married but I don't recall who. It might have been some people who were actually already married in the physical world. Anyways, it was over, i was walking out, i got almost around the block and realised I was using like a phone or something that wasn't mine, it belonged to the hall and so I decided to take it back, only when I got there, another wedding was starting, my freind was there and he asked me to stay and talk to him and give him some advice, and paid my cover charge. I remember I was sitting next to an old freind who me and him had some bad circumstances through, I just happened to be around when he would manifest some bad stuff to happen to us, but it was him taking the effect of it every time, he was the instagater, and I think he always felt something should happen to me (i'm talking physical world here). So i hadn't talked to him in years, he hadn't changed one bit, but I had. Interesting enough, even though I vaguely recall it, I told him something I tried to do to my sister, i can't even grasp what it was, but something to do with offsetting time and space. Understood there, i sure as hell don't here. He looked at me pretty wierdly and hostile like I was insane for even thinking I could do something like that. His mind was all stuck in the finite physical existence despite the fact that he was on a dream plane. Anyways, the interesting thing I just wanted to mention here was the part with my sister, but this next part is interesting too. The guy who was getting married came out, and walked through the crowd like a rockstar just being happy to be there, i remember he had long hair and like some dark read leather suit! ha. It was interesting... but was real interesting is someone mentioned his name, and i'm not sure if I had met him before in the physical world, but I knew some people I knew, were freinds with him, and he was there, but thats not what's interesting. What's interesting is that in the physical world.. I think he's dead? I think I recalled hearing about it. I had the impression it was him. This just tells me that the barrier between life and death is so small and relationships/freindships aren't bound to one condition of existence. I had a dream a while ago where I had met my freind's girlfreind, I had never seen her before but there she was, she just got off work in this bar, where the 3 of us sat. My freind had told me about her before but said she was in a coma!. So it was interesting. I've always looked at a coma like that.. a planned vacation or temporary abandonement of physical existence. They were still in a relationship in the dream, its too bad we weren't all aware of this, it would save us a lot of heart-break. I've had my own similar experiences and it felt like a tease to my waking mind, but I took it for what it was, a memorable and pleasant experience at the very least.

Anyways, I hope all this might have given you a different perspective, it is only my own. I enjoyed typing it, I hope you enjoy reading.

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 06:55 PM

the last 3 days in a row I have wakened in the mornings to just lay there with eyes closed and visualize myself exactly as I am, then a few inches higher, and a few inches higher ect...till I can visualize myself outside the house.....not once did it work to take me 'out' of myself.
This HAS WORKED in the past for me.......
(I have noted it on this thread when it worked)
......and with such lovely fall weather I have loved not getting up yet listening to the wind chimes and try this excersize HOPING I could make it work for me. My mind was very relaxed and quiet so I thought it WOULD work, so I kept at it......I could CLEARLY visualize myself all the way to outside, but I never did physically click over to BE IN astral was just a relaxing mind game.
I wanted it to actually work and NOT be just a mind game but it did not....not once in the past 3 days.

I am writing this so that you all can see that I DO TRY all kinds of things........
(most things that don't work I do not even bother writing about)
.....but I do NOT have any real handle on this to be able to reliably get out when I so chose.
I still get quite a few u2u's from folks asking me to be their guide and I honestly am in no position to do that......I am sorry to those who ask, but it remains a random uncontrollable event...

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

I couldn't help but read and I think I can comment on this. Yes visualisation is a good technique for anything. As far as OBE / Lucid dreaming, if you're just laying in bed there all relaxed, try to focus on something, usually for me I do some power of attraction related things as its a good time to do it while the mind isn't so focused on the physical world. Anyways, if you're tired enough, or relaxed enough, you'll find your focus will weaken and random imagery or nonsense will pop in your head. This is good if you let it happen but acknowledge it.

Tell yourself.. I know i'm drifting off because I can't focus and these images I can't easily imagine are comming to mind so this must be the beggining phases of a dream. If you just go with it and pay attention to it, you'll go right into a dream with seemingly no transition from being awake in your bed, and if you're lucky, you'll just know whats going on. When you start to drift like this, tell yourself you want to Astral Project, or have sleep paralysis, that seems easier. I think the most important part of astral projecting is probably paying attention to this drifting transition. It helps to get alot of sleep and meditate as your dream recall is higher, and you dream even during small 15 -30 minute rests just laying in bed in the morning. Its at this point where you can tell yourself, yeah I see where this is going... i'm going to drift in an out all morning, lets see if i can take advantage of it.

I find its all very effective to project right from a dream but this is the interesting part, if you're not lucid, and rather dreaming your trying to project, you still have all the sensations, the intense vibration and feeling of seperation but it will feel like an intense magnitism is keeping you together, like its 10 times harder to move your astral body... i think simply.. because you're conciousness is already in your astral body.
This confused me a couple of times, i dealt with this this morning. I remember ttrying to get out then I just gave up and walked out of bed instead of projecting.. like I thought I was getting out physically.. I went outside to go to work, i even looked like I did when i went to bed, messy hair, no shirt on, and I realised I was dreaming when I looked in a glass window and saw my 'astral eyes".. thats when I woke up though unfortunately, because I really did have to go to work.

Keep up the visualisation, let me know how it goes. Let me know if my technique works for you, that is, being aware that you are drifting into a dream while lieing there all drowsy in the morning. If your thoughts start to get random as hell, chances are your falling asleep.

Good luck

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 01:40 PM
Wow where to start! last night9/9/08 i had the first experience of being in full control of my body whilst being asleep, a true out of body experience!! it was amazing, i had 1 many years ago but did not really understand it but this time it was like i was aware that i was in the middle of a very lucid dream,

what i did was in this dream i sort of new i was in control and it just clicked in my mind that i could take full control of where and what i wanted to do, so i did! the first thing i noticed was i was looking at myself but Thur my other body's eyes if that makes sense

it was an amazing feeling of happiness and amazement i must add i have tried to project before but only done once and that was not becouse i was trying to do it, if you have not had an OBE its hard to really say how it feels but i recommend trying to gain an insight into being able to do this at will as it really is mind blowing!!

i must of been roaming around for a couple of hours at my own desire and i was not alone, i met other people and was able to do things that felt as real as when you are awake, when i returned to my sleeping body i went thru a stage of falling back in kind of a dizzy feeling and that was me back. when i awoke i was gob smacked at what had gone on.

i really am looking forward to doing this again and will try different teqnices to get there, it really is a whole new world that i had only read about before but if you are unsure about having an OBE dont be, there so cool, i feel enlightend now i know it sounds cheesy but it's true, i had to share my story as it is one of the best things i have ever done whilst sleeping!

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 06:47 AM
At the moment I'm not having much luck with OBE's but having lucid dreams on a nightly basis.
This weird eery static energy stuff in the sky and dream characters are what I'm finding the most interesting and my interactions with them.

I happened to stumble across this forum which has a nice thread on dream characters and there interactions and what they've learnt from them.

The site is and HERE is the link to the thread.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by Clarky

hi clarky, i myself had been trying on and off for about 20 years with no luck so it goes to show it can take a long time to astral project at will,
i tried last night but to no avail and was gutted cos it really is so cool it's a whole new world to explore and you can do ANYTHING! thanks for the link and good luck with your OBE if you manage one and i hope you do.rob.
remember it took me years so dont give up, i think you can try to hard and nothing happens.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 05:23 PM
Here we are thinking that we are projecting out-of-our bodies, however the reality is, we are projecting into our bodies, not out of them.

I've enjoyed skimming through this thread, and it's great to see so many people having success with this experience. I have had ample out-of-body experiences in my life. The first one I had was quite an eye-opener as I remember waking up and felt weird. I sat on the edge of my bed and watched the moonlight illuminate my room through the window.

The weird feeling was hard to describe, I was awake and a little bit tired. I decided to get up and turn on the light, so I walked over the the light switch.

The first attempt to turn on the light failed, and I thought I may have missed the switch, so I tried again, this time paying closer attention. On the second attempt, my fingers passed through the light switch. In disbelief, I swatted the switch a few more time, still no light and my hand was defiantly passing through the switch.

I started to rationalize and panic and fear over came me. I looked at my bed and saw my body lying there. Not knowing much about out-of-body experiences, I thought to myself, "Oh my god! I'm dead!".

Well, that fear triggered me to wake up and I shot back in and sat up for real in my bed going WTF!

Thankfully instead of totally freaking out, I thought that it was too amazing no to try to have again. So the next night, I would have another. And many more soon followed.

It is a real experience, and through many journeys, I did notice the irony that we are actually projecting into this body, not out from it. We are actually just going back to where we really come from, and came from to become human.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

That's an interesting spin on things, i like yourself had my first OOBE and did not understand what was going on and became confused, then years later i heard about astral projection and realised that was what had happened to me then.

The time recently when i managed to be fully in control was different to a dream as I'm sure if i dream and view myself i see myself like I'm watching what I'm doing but have no control, but OOBE time and it's just like looking Thru my own eyes. it is so cool !, i am looking at ways so i can do it anytime i like, maybe thru meditation or the like.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 06:07 AM
Last night I had an OBE which was kind of expected as I'd been on and off napping through the day. I found myself in sleep paralysis and as I moved my astral arm, I felt this arm and wasn't sure if it was my physical arm or somebody else's. I projected out slowly and then as I turned around I saw this man was stood behind me and hed had both his arms pressed against mine kind of pinning me down. I said to him 'why are you doing that, I want to have an OBE' and then I started talking to him about how I've had them before and I asked him whether hed died or was also having an OBE but cant remember the answers I got back. (again) Then I floated through my wall and was in my mum and dads bedroom and could see my mum and dad asleep. My dads alarm went off for work and at that moment I came back and woke up. I heard my dad go downstairs and managed to let myself go and project again and I thought Id try and go to the back of the house and appear in the kitchen where hed be. I went to the back window and passed through it and as I floated down, I came to an abrupt stop, the first thing I thought was my chord.. I felt the back of my head and could feel it and it felt really tight as though I was hanging there. I then decided to just will myself back.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 02:40 AM

Originally posted by Clarky
At the moment I'm not having much luck with OBE's but having lucid dreams on a nightly basis.

I can relate. Most of my dreams are lucid. It depends mostly on the time of the year. Certain times of the year I'm more lucid then others. But most of the time my dreams are lucid. My main problem is there will be weeks on end when I will have non stop lucid dreams each night. Then a month later my dreams aren't lucid at all.

Lucid dreaming is very easy for me. Astral projection is not so easy. I've only projected 3 times in the past I would say year.

I think the reason its hard to make the transition from lucid dreaming to astral projection is the imagery is hard to get rid of. As dream imagery is the only difference between dreaming and astrally projecting.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 08:26 PM
I have been trying OOBE for a while now but I seem to always get stopped at the "vibrating" stage. But mine isn’t vibrating it feels like I’m spinning in every direction at once and it doesn’t stop suddenly it slows down until I’m just normal again. I have been looking around trying to work out if what’s been happening is even apart of OOBE but so far I haven’t found anything. If anyone has any thoughts or anything that may help me please reply or just u2u. I can go more in depth with the whole thing if anyone wants.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by NewThor

Hey New Thor, yes I get the same feelings. I suggest reading the Robert Munroe books, at least the first one, they get a bit weird after the first book, but he describes some incredible techniques that have really helped me get away from the spinning feeling.

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