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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 08:41 AM
I did a bunch of personal experiments with OOBE projection a couple of decades ago. Got to the point of vibration and starting to disconnect and scared myself so much that I stopped. Lately, I've been coming back to the exercises but it's really, really slow. Of course I have a constant ringing in my ears from tinnitis, so that is a bit distracting in that it's hard to determine if it's from starting the process, or organic.

Using Monroe's first book and a couple of others I'd picked up over the years for methodology.

What's really odd is that every christian religion I've looked at, especially the catholic church, seems dead set against these explorations in the powers of the human mind, and spirituality; except in those instances where the church has them channelled and controlled - such as in extreme prayer.

I have a deep faith in the existence of God, even though I'm as clueless as most people as to the nature of God. To those who would say that explorations of this type are forbidden by God, my reply would be, "How do you know?" and "By who's authority on this?" Reason dictates that God gave us minds to learn with; ergo, this exploration is in accordance with God's Will.

I KNOW there is more out there than most (western) organized religions are letting on. Careful consideration of them and their reasons leads to a conclusion that 10% of their justification is to keep people safe from the dangers, 20% to keep from annoying the higher powers, and 70% to keep control over their followers. After all, if you have a direct connection to the Divine, what do you need a church beaurocracy for?

I'm sure there are malevolent entities in other levels of reality. I'm also sure that there are a lot of benevolent entities out there too. But I refuse to let fear keep me caged up in my own little (safe?) world until I'm forced to pass on into the greater universe.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

Hi theRiverGoddes, to remove your fear of going to that site, let me give you a short introduction:

The book (yes, it's a book) is about the very very moving story of a spirit and how we came to be like we are now today. I could not stop reading for days. There are a lot of events of moving out of the body (OBE) etc.. so that's why i thought it might be interesting to all of you OBE-ers.

Have fun...

Silvercord surfer

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 12:34 AM

Originally posted by DrZinj

What's really odd is that every christian religion I've looked at, especially the catholic church, seems dead set against these explorations in the powers of the human mind, and spirituality; except in those instances where the church has them channelled and controlled - such as in extreme prayer.

Well the reason behind this 'fear mongering' they do is quite obvious to me. If we can actually go to places beyond this physical realm personally and SEE for ourselves what is going on, meet our guides in person and more, they no longer ~have CONTROL over us~...They can't demand a tithe, or obedience when we don't 'need' them telling us all what to do and when to do it.

Just keep in mind the Bible itself says, The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you.... does NOT say 'Only a Chosen Few can see Clearly' so follow your Priest/Pastor/Bishop very closely or be lost to me.......

Thanks Silverchord for telling about that site, I am sure there are folks who will want to read it....

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posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 08:56 PM
Walking through walls/objects.. slower ya go the denser it is!.. massive long jumps doing somersaults in the air.. breathing underwater.. breast stroking in the 'air' to fly.. avoiding those fuzzy powerlines underneath or above clouds.. (just me?) eating and drinking and it dissolving when it goes into your mouth. Going to the toilet and then suddenly waking up as your about to pee..(why? what's going on there?) buying a big bag of sweets and then just as you get to the till, you wake up and your gutted.... Trying to punch someone and you arm is in sudden slow motion.. and while your doing it, there face looks more and more aggressive forcing you to awake.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 08:28 AM
Opps.. was drinking last night when that was posted.. slightly off subject and more to do with dreaming I guess.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 03:29 PM
lolerz Clarky

(laughing with you not @ you)

Last night I woke up after about 3 or 4 hours of sleeping. As I was working on getting back to sleep I was finding myself slipping out! Now I did not hear the sounds I usually do....I was just being 'loose' in my body and going out....
(It has been a darn long time so I was pretty excited about just getting out of my body)..
...and once I was fully out I slipped right back in...
.then I was using swimming motions with my Astral body and got out again and started moving, but I could not see. Soooo I was calling up clear vision and just had to wait till it dialed up. Seems like getting my eyes to work takes forever, but it probably is only a short while, but they sloooooowly come into is like waiting for some old old television to slowly warm up......
I am not sure where I was, or where I was going but I was cruising along above the ground just floating along at a decent clip.....I started thinking of things I wanted to do and places I was hoping to go so OF COURSE just the thought of that alone sent me back to my body

I slipped out again and then back in myself again, and this repeated several times........just going in and out but not GOING anywhere.

I wound up in a lucid dream where my son was in charge of some kind of Peter Pan like camp and I was just visiting.......I was lucid enough to wonder if I should just wake up and come here to ATS to post the news that I actually got out for a change.......but decided I wanted to see where this weird Peter Pan Camp dream was going .......good dreams are a very cheap form of entertainment in my I waited until daytime and I actually got up.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 04:45 AM
ive been having sleep paralysis for a while now. about a year. it started a month after i turned 18.
still now, i cant control.
il never forget the first time i got it.
i had it five times in a row within a 10 minutes period im guessing.
the thing is tho. i was awake, an di just pass out conscious of everything around me. i started to panicking, wondering what was going on. i wake out of it like a nitemare . u know how when u somes times force urself out. aprox. 10 secs later it happens again, i keep falling down in different sleep positions. happen bout five times. and i couldnt move. couldnt talk. i was floating, and sinking in to the ground. this happened 5 times. ive never heeard of it when someone who goes through sleep paralysis when there awake sitting up right postion and suddenly passouts into the sleep paralsis. i member falling to a lay position. completely helpless. in process of falling thinking what in gods name is happening. i was scared out of my mind.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 04:53 AM
the other experience just like any other one. i was accompanyied by this nude female, i was not able to see her face. but i felt the pleasure she was giving me. i wasnt to scared, i felt like i wanted to make love to it. but i could not see her face. it wouldnt let me it felt like. that was the first time. the second time is was in the same room. an di saw the same lady, very beautiful body. again couldnt see her face. she was naked. and on top of me.

this only happen twice.

i had my first OBE. and it wasnt anything amazing, cept everything didnt feel real, i jumped out of my bed, it felt as if i was floating, but i was walking, i walked aprox 5 feet to my window. and i felt this eveil horrible presence. my heart sank. and the next thing i knew i was pulled into the corner of my bed. i was completely unable to get out. as i was pulled into the corner of my wrong i looked on to my chest and stomach it felt as if some1 was stroking my body, caressing it. i saw 4 female hands with aobut 1 inch finger nails. .just caressing my body. something was kidding my side of my ribcage. then i pushed myself out as if a nitemare. and i woke up on my back in the middle of my bed.

some please PLEASE tell me something like tha happened to them. b/c i know it was a dream, it was real, i was dragged by female hands into the cornoer of my bed, and they were literally sexually harassing me.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 04:56 AM

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 01:23 PM
I really have problems believing this #. But here it is what happened to me(as far as i remember) a few months ago:

I was having a dream about people walking in my house. 4 people to be more precisely. To put story short, at some point one of them falls to the floor, the other 3 keep dancing or walking or whatever. Sometime later 3 of them start flying away and i just felt a need of flying away with them. I feel like if my body was lifting up, but i was totally conscious, so as soon as i start to have this weird feeling, i panic, wake up, i try to open my eyes but i can't, and it seems like i'm stuck half through my own body, with the lower part of my body being in my body, but with the upper part being somewhat outside. I try to speak but i can't. I was having sleep paralysis. This wasn't the first time. But what came before the sleep paralysis really freaked my out.

I prefer to believe i was having a dream.

Anyway, i never felt so free in my life. I remember telling to myself something like "you're free, go with them". And the moment i start to feel like i was lifting up was really... relaxing.

The coming down was very tense tho. Like i said, it was like if i blocked half way, and when i did it, my muscles got all tense and i was unable to move or do anything.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 08:08 PM
that sounds like an oobe to me. if you can get that without even trying, then i think that you should actually attempt to do it again. i havent intentionally done it yet. but even it it takes the rest of my life, i will keep trying!

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posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 10:30 PM
This serious paralysis thing over and over again as related above sounds terrifying to me I am so glad I have not had such an experience......

I am hoping that Enyalius will come back and shed some light on the above stories. I am at a loss as I only once had sleep paralysis and it was for a short time only and did not scare me in any way, because I had heard so much about it on this thread before it ever happened to me.

psimorb333 your nick kinda freaks me out hahahaha
I have SO MANY repeated 3's in my life its almost like I am being stalked by the number 3.

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posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 06:08 PM
quite honestly, i joined ats just to post on your forum. i didnt post there right away because it seemed that i would intrude not have much experience. but then you posted in a topic i made inviting me, that made me more secure in posting here. so i have came here for help ever since.
still, its creepy that i chose that name... maybe your right though. i could be thinking that my oobes are dreems. but still, they dont make much sense and i dont remember ever leaving my body. and even if they are oobes, then i would at least like to make them a bit more volentary like you and several other people on this forum do.

EDIT:Also, you spoke of your friend who is an adept and spoke to him. did he ever say about how many other adepts that there were in the world? if he didnt then could you give me your personal opinion on that number?

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 10:47 PM
wow psi I am so very honored that you think so much of my lil thread here
No adept has ever spoken to me of how many other adepts there may be in the world, that was not something I ever thought of to ask........and I personally have no idea how many there may be.Could very well be that all other people on the planet are adepts except for me

(and George Bush but he is way obviously not an adept at anything)

This thread starts out pretty weird I know, but it gets really good really fast........and it is as good as it is because of all the amazing contributions from the ATS membership as I am sure your well aware. All the excellent info here comes from others and not me............
I am just here for the learning possibilities this thread has to offer. This thread is one of my lifes great blessings and I do NOT take it for granted. I am very grateful it exists........that I can come here and ask many un-askable questions, and find answers............its a truly awesome experience.
I hope I thank all the participants of the making of this thread enough, but I probably don't. Let me take this time here to thank each and every person who comes here and adds energy to this thread by either reading it or participating in the discussion. YOU people are making this the amazing thread that it is and I thank you so much.

I have found that when I am reading about comes to me easier when I am seeping myself in the knowledge and learning............
SOOOOOO I am busting out my Robert Monroe 'Ultimate Journey' tonight and plan to re-read it. I am hoping this will bring on some experiences along with the very entertaining reading Mr Monroe provides.

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posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 10:39 AM
Whoa I was SOOOO trying to come out last was odd I am no longer hearing the it is a state I get in that I feel more than hear.
My arms and legs were coming free and floating around hahahaha but I was experiencing that 'stuck' thing so many of you have talked about so finally NOW I KNOW what you saying there......

I understand clearly that it is a chakra issue and I was torso and butt stuck

I was shouting out in my astral voice for my guides to come and help me, but nobody did. I have never come across any guides but I think they are out there 'somewhere'. I got a sense (or I was imagining) my guides standing off to the side and shaking their heads at me and my stuck self hollering for help.

I am going to do some meditation later today and see if I can clear them up and get them spinning the correct direction and all...........MAYBE I will get lucky and get another chance tonight to get out.

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 04:45 PM
This morning I woke up 2 hours before I was due to get up for work so decided to attempt having an OBE rather than go into a deep sleep. Once again I managed to lay there gradually feeling myself go more and more numb and heavier until that certain point where I feel able to slowly sit up mentally inch by inch till I feel comfortable sitting right up looking around me and then reach off the edge of my bed and snap out. I went straight for the left wall and floated through it and was outside. I decided to reach to the back of my head and see if I could feel any cord and there it was again. It feels just like that static energy or electric kind of stuff I keep seeing up and around the clouds. It went right up to my bedroom wall and looked like it was goin through it. I played around with it for a little while swinging it slightly like a skipping rope and I noticed how much it looked like Christmas tinsel but thinner and was a luminous white/blue colour and how it only came into view as I moved it about. I actually got a bit nervous at one point thinking it might snap. I then looked off in the distance and noticed big cracks of thunder going through the sky and the stars were so crystal clear and much brighter than normal. This is something I've noticed whilst out of body or even in a lucid dream.. when I look up at the sky its like I'm able to see straight through clouds and earth's atmosphere and everything seems much more vivid and beautiful. After a while I willed myself to 'wake up' but I began having multiple small OBE's which just involved astrally sitting up and back down again but not snapping out.

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 04:48 PM
I used some crystals in a spinning clockwise motion above all my chakras.
This seemed to work perfectly as I got out last night........

Gads it was funny!!
It was as if I had NEVER gotten OOBE in my life......I was staggering around like a drunk falling from side to side and moving as if I was in a thick molasses
.........I staggered and swayed into my bathroom, and out the wall into the carport. Once I was near the subaru I was wavering back and forth and then just popped right back into myself.
I stretched and opened my eyes and settled into my body as comfy as I could be and just went to sleep.
I was way to tired to actually EXPLORE........I was just pleased to not be stuck.

I bet the whole event lasted maybe 3 minutes.......

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 01:03 AM
instead of getting up to the alarm this morning, I turned it off and used Mrs Durda's technique and I got out pretty easy

I thought to try and fly to the little town where I am expected for Thanksgiving dinner and see how things are progressing.
Well THAT didn't happen......

I was out, and floating S L O W LY about 10 feet off the ground and it was hard to 'go'.............I wound up in some backyard somewhere with a dog chained up barking at me....and I just floated very close to this dog and it whimpered a bit like it was afraid. I was not gunna hurt it or anything and in fact I did NOT even choose to get close to it I just it was a magnet for me or something.
Next thing I know is I am floating outside a glass sliding door and looking at 2 guys watching TV......
I try and re direct my goal........and get up above the houses a bit and see a couple big smoke stacks way way off in the distance and I try and see just how fast I can get to them. BUT here I am S L O W L Y floating along.......I have not seen these smokestacks before anyway and have no clue where I am....So I give up and go back to my body.
I decide to start over..........
...I hold my step sisters face and house CLEARLY in my mind....but I was just re experiencing the S L O W and go nowhere really least I am not falling from side to side as I do seem somewhat upright, but I can not get myself to GO anywhere I wish it to.....
Makes me wonder at the people who demand proof by having me (or other people) go OOBE to where they live, and tell them what they are wearing .
....AS IF.....

It would be AWESOME to know when I was going to succeed in getting out and be able to meet up with another ATS traveler and SOMETHING together , send healing energy to a sick animal or person....or just go watch the volcano smoldering in Hawaii.
I wish I could find some kind of a training ground for OOBE.
While out today I was trying to call out for a guide to help me learn something, but I was not answered...I was left alone to slowly float around getting nowhere.....

Don't get me wrong I am SO PLEASED to be getting out!

This alone is HUGE!
This is great progress to overcome my own 'stuckness' and to be actually trying to get out and have it WORK......

This is kewl

posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 09:01 PM
I am seriously on a roll here

This am I was able to get out and about again. I found myself in what seemed like very industrialized city of some sorts.....the tallest bldg was only 5 stories I think.....much of the city was very junkyard like. I felt like I was in the astral planes for sure, it did not feel at all like the timeline I am used to......
I saw other people around but when I was able to get close enough to them to try and say anything they acted like they couldn't see me. I think I was wandering around and floating about this place for a couple of hours...this was one of my longest experiences out EVER

I think the combination of clearing my chakras with the crystal, AND reading ~ULTIMATE JOURNEY~ is what is fueling this flurry of OOBE's......
.....hey whatever I'll take it.
If the reading & study helps to focus my mind enough to bring me to the place where I can get out easily I will do it every day.

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 03:24 PM
Couple of hours?? Nice one

I can't imagine being out for that amount of time. Usually if I'm out in my room or street it seems like maybe 2 or 3 minutes. If in a lucid dream then its hard to put a time on it as I'm so busy controlling everything.

Whilst on the subject.. Last night I had an amazing lucid dream and I was in competition with this magician just down the road from where I live. It basically involved me challenging him to see who can control the environment the most. Come to think of it, I'm assuming he was a magician because when I challenged him, everyone around was in utter amazement at what I was able to do compared to his basic tricks. It basically involved saying stuff like 'right everyone watch that tree there yea? and watch what I can do' then id point at it and sort of focus as much as possible on the bottom of the tree and breath out and say up at the same time and then it would suddenly shoot right up into the sky and then id say 'and now watch this and id wave my arm quickly in an arch and fling this tree straight up into the sky and then it would go quiet and you'd hear this massive crash as it landed.

Seems though most of my OBE's are based around my house, apart from those where you just know that its much more than your average lucid dream. I would much prefer to have these longer lasting lucid dreams where your in control of everything and watching everyone's reactions when you do something.

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