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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 09:09 AM
hi, theRiverGoddess and others.

I want to share my experience with you because happen to me what had happen to do you but involuntary, i went ,when i was a teenager, to do it voluntary but without result!

It's only few years later( aprox. 3years ago) that this experience start, first i didn't really know if it was a dream or the reality, i felt my body levitating and i was scary because i thought i was diying, it toke me few times before to get the "bravour" to try to touch my bed with my hand to see if i was really flying but it was unsucessfull, so at this moment i realized that i was flying, i was too exited that i woke up few seconds later, a bit surprize coz i thought i will fall on my bed from few inches high but strangely i was still lay in my bed and than i realize it was an oobe and i wasn't levitating as a chaman.

It happened specialy when i was very stressed, i even thougt it was a solution that my brain found to evacuate all this stress because after an experience i felt really good like if i had spend the greatest night ever with my girlfriend
, with the time i tryed to go further when i was "levitating" but i've just been able to "fly" in the room and i never could cross a wall, i tryed but it seems my body/mind didn't want, but i did a cool thing, i look at my face in a mirror , damn i just seen my head with eyes, no nose no mouth, so strange but more funny than scarry.

Now it's about 9 months that doesn't happen, certainly because a lot of personal problems are gone and then i'm less stressed!
No i'm waitnig it happen to me again to try a lot of things and maybe cross a wall or go in the c.ia. bulding

who know?

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 06:55 PM
I came awake last night, and was feeling very numb and tingly. I was hearing the sounds so of course I wanted to get 'out' I was relaxing into it and the oddest sensation came over me as if my whole body had been dipped in warm wax........and at this stage I was so VERY relaxed I was not breathing. I had to will myself to take a breath and in so doing I seemed to push this sensation away......but after a couple of breathes the sensation of of being so relaxed not a single muscle was moving came back and again I had stopped breathing.

My rational mind came into full attention and I was thinking maybe this was the sleep paralysis people have talked about, but I also know this was not true. Now one time I had sleep paralysis and it did NOT stop me from breathing at all, and I could not move even though I wanted to, so it was a genuine paralysis......

Last night I was not moving but it seemed like I could once I got a lung full of air, so I shifted position in bed. A few minutes later this deep warmth came over me again which was stopping me from breathing. All during this whole experience I could still hear the far away sounds beckoning me to go OOBE..... I was afraid to try and leave my body if It wasn't going to breath while I was away
. I had thoughts that maybe this was some force outside of myself causing this and wondered what it might be????

I shifted positions again and relaxed and it all started happening seemed as if I tried to go into this deep relaxation to the point of leaving my body I would suffocate, so I just sat up and became so very wide awake that all the sounds and sensations went away. I was kind of frightened by this experience, but at the same time I had the ability to stop the sensations by waking fully, so I was not helpless. It was scary though, because this is not something I have been told about or have red about in any of the books on the really seemed like an outside influence was 'doing something weird' and trying to interfere somehow......I have no clue what it could have been.

I need to be clear that I never felt like I was in serious danger, as once I was able to get my lungs to take a pull of air everything seemed ok. The fact that it kept occurring got to me however and I wound up being afraid of whatever it was that was going on.
All in all I was able to cross my arms and legs, clamp my jaw shut and just stop all of the sensations from bothering me and get back to actual sleep. This is the 1st time I have been frightened by 'sensations' prior to getting out.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

So can anyone do this?

I would love to try it!

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 07:13 PM

Originally posted by TheOmen
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

So can anyone do this?

I would love to try it!

A person needs to have alot of inner calm and control of their mind.
I do think anybody can do this however with focus and meditation.
Robert Bruce says in his books that anyone can learn how.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 08:58 PM
I have a question.

When im totally relaxed laying in my bed (as in going to sleep), i can imagine/create this feeling of WAVES in my body, usually in my legs.

It´s very relaxing, i just need to think about waves and where i wan´t to feel it. (water waves feeling)

I wonder if anyone know more exactly what this is ?

And is there anyone else who can get the same feeling ?

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 01:19 AM
Hi Everyone,

Last night was a very busy night of OBE's for me and there was one in particular that I wanted to share.

The first couple of the night were just the usual for me. For the most part anytime I get out lately, I've been working on getting better with my basic navigation skills and such. On my third trip out for the night I found myself in a house that I was unfamilure with. I was in the kitchen and I was facing what seemed to be a side door. Even though the door was closed I could see through it. I could see a woman on the outside trying to get in the house and I got a very strong feeling she wasn't supposed to be there so I floated over to the door and I stood there waiting for her to open it. When she finally got the door open I yelled "Get Out!" Well, you should have seen the look on her face. Her eyes got really big and I know she saw me. I'm not sure who was more suprised.
I was so shocked that I was instantly pulled back into my body. I had a couple other OBE's after that but nothing as dramatic.

I thought I'd share since it was something different for me. I've heard other people talk about things like this -It specifically put me in mind of CUG's story about the robbers finding him in the closet (Forgive me if it wasn't Cug, I think that's who it was.) But this is the first time I've experinced anything like that myself.

Anybody eles have any experinces like this?

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 05:57 PM
Trying to keep an open mind here but that sounds an awful lot like a WILD. A WILD is a Wake Induced Lucid Dream. It takes extreme amounts of patience and mental training and of course not everyone can do it. A regular lucid dream is acheived after you go to sleep and you can completely control your dream. A WILD is done while you are still awake. Apparently you are teetering on the brink of sleep and being awake and have tricked your brain through meditation to begin a dream that you have total control over. The rushing feeling or falling through the bed feeling is common and depends on your imagination, its your dream. When this happens do some dream checks. Grab a book, read some sentences, look away and see if the words have changed. I know this sounds crazy but try and make objects appear with your mind. I have been trying to do this for years and I have had lucid dreams before but never a WILD and a lucid dream for me is rare. The getting excited part also made me think you are WILD'ing because getting overexcited in a lucid dream kills it, you wake up. The number one thing in a lucid dream is to remain calm and keep your brain fooled. But hey I could be wrong. That is awesome whatever you are doing.

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 07:12 PM
Thanks for your input Heavener462, Yes I’m familiar with WILDs and Lucid Dreams. I’ve had WILDs before and I Lucid Dream quite often. I also have OBEs on a regular bases. It’s my contention that all these experiences (including your regular run-of-the-mill dream) are basically the same thing. To my thinking, what separates them into different categories is the level of awareness and control we possess during the experience. The experience I wrote of above wasn’t a WILD because it was not induced from a waking state but in the end it’s really all just mincing words- whether it’s a MILD, WILD, OBE etc… the important thing is awareness.

I also wouldn’t call it tricking your brain, but then again that’s another point that could be considered mincing words. Many people on this board feel that what they are experiencing is happening entirely outside of and independent from their physical body. Other’s feel that it’s completely a mental phenomenon that takes place within the brain. I get the feeling that you would fall into the latter category. The more I learn about the brain and how it works the more I feel that, in a way, both views are correct.

From what I understand, how we think and how the brain stores and retrieves information is still up for debate. One popular theory is that information is stored not on the physical brain like information written in a book but rather held, in energy form, in the empty space between neurons. If this is true then our thoughts and memories are in fact independent from the physical body, much like a bird in a cage. The question is, can that cage be opened and the bird fly free?


posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 08:08 PM
hi. its been a long time but i have kind of had too much trouble to get this to work. i have restless leg syndrome so i have a lot of trouble holding still and concentrating without getting the sensations that force me to move. that was actually the problem i had before. if i cant lay still then what should i do? i can sit in a crosslegged meditating position, will that work? but on the plus side i think i have had an experience once. i just remembered that when i was staying the night at a friends house i had stayed up very late. i was laying down and going to sleep, i was so tired that it felt like i was covered in weights. after relaxing i realized that felt like i was being lifted up and a force that was like a gentle wind was gently pushing me up. i realized that i was in the air near the celing of the room! i looked at the wall and then at myself then i literaly got pulled back to my body. it was very exiting! but please help me with the other problem.

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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 11:02 PM
you know i have been having this theory that when you do astral project you can actually create stuff, like implant new knowledge into your "self" and maybe even do some programming type stuff to yourself, maybe even heal yourself.

I have read that when you do astral project you are given access to the kasharik records (sp?) it has all the knowledge of mankind and anything else in the universe.

So the next time you are in astral form, play around...thoughts manifest very quickly, infact create a machine like a helmate for yourself and download information into the helmet and that helmet will download the information into your "self". So lets say you want to learn Spanish, then manifest the helmate, and say to yourself " i want to learn Spanish", or anything along those lines. I am sure that you will be able to get access to the records and downland the information.

You can ask for "white light" to heal your body from disease, or ask for the cure to a disease...just say in astral form " i want the cure for ____", or "i want the healing white light".

Also why not play around and actually create a program that will help you have access to astral form much better, for example..."i want to create this program" and just put in the details, say that when you are relaxed, all you have to do is count down from 10-1 and you will be able to leave your body.

I think that this is something that people should test out, i am currently trying to have oobe's by meditating, trying to lucid dream and trying to project, but the path is long and hard...i would love it if someone would help me, i have been wanting to visit and island from my childhood...for the good memories of life, and i feel it would be great to visit it in astral form...brings joy to my being when i think about it...maybe one day

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 10:23 PM
Hi Luminal, welcome to the thread

I have personally never felt 'waves' before.maybe others have? I have however felt some amazing sensations whilst meditating that feel very warm and numb...sort of like a 'thickness' if you can understand that. Some of the sensations just really can not be described with words.

Mitzella that sure sounds ALLOT like an experience that Mrs Durda recounts quite q few pages back.........where a person in the house seemed to really perceived her presence and she may have stopped a burglary this way scaring away the burglar I have never in my life heard of a W.I.L.D and I have read so many books on lucid dreaming on OOBE work I am surprised I have never run across the subject before....thanks for sharing.

ATSGUY ya know.............allot of the books I read on the subject say that you CAN in FACT have an effect on others from the OOBE, you can be OOBE and concentrate on healing energy and send this healing energy to yourself or others, even your pet.
It is all about focusing on seeing the unwell part of you (or them) as whole and pure, and surrounding them in the healing white light. this is the only way I know to have an effect upon the physical world.....
I wish I could 'SEE MYSELF SKINNY' via OOBE and have it come true

If I could somehow create a OOBE diet I might make myself a decent career of it......

I have not found my way to the Akashic records yet, and am looking forward to when I do.
The folks at the Monroe Institute have created some soundwave programs called HEMI SYNC that are supposed to facilitate an OOBE. The sounds are supposed to syncronise the left and right brain hemispheres together to make it easier to go OOBE.
Anyway ATSGUY welcome to the thread you have some great energy and fun input for sure!

In another thread a person was claiming they were "rustling the bedspread of some young girl and this frightened her causing her to shout out" and I do not for a second think that is true or possible. I think for this to happen you have to be a Master of OOBE of the likes of my original 'yanker' and people THAT profound at astral traveling are far and few between and I doubt they would be wasting their time trying to scare young girls......

In the Robert Monroe Books they talk extensively about clinical experiments they were doing trying to have SOME KIND of effect on the physical world and they could not even move a sheet of paper even a tiny bit...(they tryed for YEARS) the experiments they found it VERY difficult if not a pure impossibility to read letters or even see the numbers correctly on a clock as they seem fuzzy and smoky looking. So OOBE folks can not go somewhere and READ winning lottery numbers and such.
Even folks who have been doing the OOBE thing for years find it difficult to control where they go and what they do......somehow in that other relm, you either go along with the flow or you do not get to go at all.
You are not 'in charge' until you are the Master of your own emotions and mind.

ANYWAY..please please OOBE folks who are informed PLEASE chime in on any of the questions and issues.........
(and tell me HOW I can OOBE myself skinny)

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posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 09:08 AM

I had another OBE the other night, I found it a bit of a struggle and felt a really heavy pressure in my chest, I rolled off the corner of my bed and snapped out and when I looked across where my window is, there was a guy stood there, he came over to me, grabbed my hand, and took me outside onto our street, I kept asking him if he was asleep, if he knew what astral projection was, if he was dead and a few other questions.. I got replies too which where yes and no's but I cant remember what he said yes and no too. I remember his appearence and would instantly recognise him if I saw him again. He was a tallish chap with short brown hair. Once we where on our street, I for some reason decided to return and then when I got out again to find him there was someone else in my bedroom and he started punching me in my chest and didn't look happy at all which made me return and I was really freaked out by it. I think I need to start asking open ended questions next time.

Also... what is the difference between dreaming of projecting, and projecting from a lucid dream? I have many of these and have only just realised.. I've always ignores these obe's and have just assumed that I've dreamt of projecting when in actual fact, I could be projecting from a lucid dream. The main difference is that once I project, I'll be somewhere unknown where as my usual obe's are based round my bedroom and local area..

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 10:26 AM
Another update...
(Excuse the grammar)

Well last night/morning was very fascinating.

I fell to sleep around 2am and found myself slipping in and out of normal dreams up until around 6am. I got up and went to the toilet and then from here up until around 10am I found myself in 2 main locations. The first time, I wasn't aware of actually projecting but suddenly found myself in total darkness and in that OBE state and I had all senses and I instantly smelt and tasted soil/earth. Straight away I thought 'I need to get out of here' but without waking up so I mentally thought 'forward' and off I went and still had this soil taste/smell and suddenly I popped out from the ground, looked around me and realised where I was. I was underground a few streets away from where I live. I thought I'd pop back in and see how far down I can go which is something I'd actually been meaning to try though I was a bit anxious about doing this in case I got stuck or something. I floated up to the road and gently pushed myself into the road and in I went and I kept thinking 'down' for around 5 seconds, I could feel the different textures that were whizzing past me and as I went further and further they became more and more dense at which point I came to a halt and found myself looking down on a big open space. It was pitch black and there where arrows lit up really brightly flashing in sequence every few seconds running down some sort of massive runway. I wasn't sure what to think and just observed these arrows. A few seconds later I decided to return and woke up.

This is similar to my other post but I managed to get more questions across this time and this guy was even more happier to respond.
I was walking along the side of a big beach again and there where people stood in the water just chatting away. I looked up at the sky and there was a huge planet that kind of resembled earth and it covered most of the sky but only the upper half was in view and it was kind of misty/cloudy. I saw this old guy walking towards me and I said to him 'excuse me I don't suppose you mind me asking a couple of questions?' he said sure... 'I know this might seem really strange or maybe not but I'm actually asleep at the moment and I'm not sure if this is a dream, different dimension, planet or what..' he looked over at the sky and then I said 'is this another planet?' he said yes and came out with the planet name which wasn't anything I'm familiar with but was interesting planet Xeros or something of the like though I made that name up... I asked him if he had a name for his town/area and he also told me the name of this too which I forgot. He asked where I was from, I said Earth to which he replied 'is that old Earth or new Earth?' I was a bit confused and said I'm not sure. 'ah ok' he said.. I looked over at the sky and said 'do you know if there's much life out there?' 'there's plenty of life out there buddy, there always has been' I smiled at him and said 'I don't suppose you'd know how I could find my spirit guide do you?' he said 'sorry, I cant really help you on that one'. I then felt myself gradually wanting to 'wake' up and I said to him 'damn I can feel myself waking up, I'm gonna have to go and I woke up.

The realness at the time was amazing. The problem I've found with asking questions is remembering the answers like I say. I can remember one or two and will myself back and remember the answers but the problem is, I don't want to really will myself back as I want to really make the most out of the experience. Seems doing both is going to require a fair bit of practice.

posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 04:23 PM
wow, that sounds amazing clarky!!

I have tried OBE myself, but when i tried it first time got scared of the weird feeling in my body. i got extreme vibrations and the heart felt like it was going to explode (fast beating). I havent really tried do it again, but i will when i feel ready again.

Keep posting your stories Clarky!

posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 05:33 PM
You people still don't get it, do you?

As I said before.....don't get at all interested in this OOBE stuff.

It is highly dangerous.

Of course, you won't listen.

You know it all. You are your own boss. And nobody is going to tell YOU what to do.

Just like the herion addict. Just like the 'boy racers' who skutch around residential zones at 70 mph. Just like the wannabe gangstas who think it's cool to carry and exhibit guns. Just like those who dabble in ouija boards and think they can control it. have been warned.

posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 06:07 PM
Oldman@ what can happen that is highly dangerous ?

I´ve been on OBE/astral forums quite alot and i have never seen anybody saying anything about that as far as i can remember. What exactly do you mean by that ?

I know it´s possible to get in contacts with very bad "spirits", but im not sure if that´s what you mean.

posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 06:32 PM

Originally posted by Luminal
Oldman@ what can happen that is highly dangerous ?

I´ve been on OBE/astral forums quite alot and i have never seen anybody saying anything about that as far as i can remember. What exactly do you mean by that ?

I know it´s possible to get in contacts with very bad "spirits", but im not sure if that´s what you mean.

Well, for one thing, you might like to review the earlier posts in this thread.

I was involved with the occult (in many of it's forms) from a very early age. I've seen most things, and done most things. Thank God I've lived to tell the tale.

Never again!!

You say you think it's possible to get in contact with 'bad spirits'?

I say, there are no such thing as 'good spirits'. Certainly none that are accessible in any occult realm.

You'd think people would have learned their lessons by now, wouldn't you?

You'd think, for example, that people would have learned the consequences of violence and killing each other, after all these thousands of years...?

You'd think that people would have realized the consequences of all their selfishness after all these thousands of years, wouldn't you?

Not so.

People still continue to inflict violence on other people, and persue their own selfish agendas.

People still think they can contact the 'other side' and control it.

Man has not learned. In fact, the situation is getting worse. Each generation seems hell-bent on delving deeper and deeper into the occult in all it's forms, with a view that this is somehow an 'enlightened age'.

Well, let me tell you. These spirit beings are indeed very real, and very powerful, and very deceptive. They have not been taken aback by the 'recent' rise of interest in occult phenomena. In fact, they have been awaiting it for thousands of years, and depending on it, even.

But people are so 'cool' these days. They know what's what.

Nothing can harm siree!! They've got it all in hand.

You think so??

posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 08:07 PM
Oldman@ i get your point and i agree about what you say (some of it), i also got reminded that the bible says that it´s forbidden to get in contact with the "other side", maybe that means something ? ..i don´t know.

But when we die, i suppose we will get there anyway, right ?
so why not prepare for it, our world ain´t much better with all stress and violence i guess. I mean most OBE journeys are often talked about being fun/learning and not especially violent at all even tho you might face a bad entity, then you just challenge it...well that depends

It´s also possible we had this as a natual human ability long time ago, but slowly faded away because we had no use for it. Because getting better and better living circumstances. But since we got all we need now, people look for something else....OBE/TK/AP and ect...

I personally have no idea if all of this is true, but i don´t think a whole internet community lies either.

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posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 08:33 PM

Originally posted by Luminal

I personally have no idea if all of this is true, but i don´t think a whole internet community lies either.

[edit on 3/10/07 by Luminal]

[edit on 3/10/07 by Luminal]

I'm not saying that a whole internet community is lying. I'm saying that a whole internet community is deceived.

Just because something makes it's way into popular culture, doesn't make it right.........or beneficial.

Just look at the mind-set of popular culture today.......

Live for yourself (look after number one)......drugs, violence, persuit of financial gain at the expense of others.......

Anything long as it's not God.....(who has a rightful claim to our souls).

As we will all find out on that last day of our lives. When we die...... alone.

Nobody comes with us on that final journey. No matter how many 'friends' we have made in this life......parents, siblings, friends.....we die ALONE.

We don't own our own souls. We don't own our own lives. We have NO CONTROL over how many days we have on this earth, or how/when we will die.

But I guess we will all make our own decisions on this matter

By then, it is too late.

Better to make the right choice in the here and now, with the information we have been

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 04:53 AM
Page back...

TRG: They claimed that once they were able to 'connect' with my via our conversation, even though it was just online they could find me.....some kind of phychic connection is involved.
YES I just went to bed and was not even asleep and this happened to me.

This is not odd. Remember how I did the same to you about a year ago through chat? How I was able to pin-point your location without ever having been to the USA and only vaguely know the states due to geographic studies at school?

When you chat with people you automatically set up a link with them. Usually this is telepathic and when you follow this link in Astral form you can get to the other individual. With me at that time I wasn't focusing on it so TRG was probably the one unconsciously

As for what you wanted me to comment on. It sounds like a paralysis caused by placing to much stress and wanting on yourself. Not sure excactely what it is myself. But it sounds dangerous for your health there. Take a break for a few weeks and see what happens after that.

The Astral is what you make of it. Just because you're out of body doesn't make all the basal desires go away instantly. They are your own and depending on how you deal with it you can create sexual situations on the Astral. Some got such a huge Libido that they create they own succubus in the same way that emotionally distressed people can create their own poltergeist activities.

It isn't odd that I always teach people how to deal with their "inner world" first before looking externally.

Nirvana, Heaven, Hell, Valhalla etc are states of mind. You create what you want to make. But for easier understanding people like Monroe explain it as if their are different layers and such. But that is to make it easier for the mind to comprehend and isn't the way it is.

This reminds me of a pagan joke. A Pagan arrives at the golden gate where Peterus resides. He tels the Pagan that he can't enter heaven and directs him downstairs. Once the Pagan arrives he says a sterile hallway and gets welcomed by a man. They both walk a distance through the passages until the pagan enters a room. It is a room full of grass, waterfalls, deers...the perfect picture of how nature is. He thinks to himself: "This isn't is quite lovely here". Then the pagan gets a tour through the area and the pagan falls in love with the serene beauty of nature. Suddenly in the sky a door opens and another trapdoor opens below it. He sees a lot of people falling down and getting burned. The pagan turns to the man and asks what that horrible scenery is about. The man replies: "Those are Christians and that is the afterlife they envisioned".

So you were a young dabbler with the occult. Through your own idiocy and lack of proper study you burned yourself like so many ignorant people do. Well boo-hoo bitter one. No need to share your experiences based upon personal flawed development and teachings. You're almost as closed minded and annoying as Saint4god with his ramblings that hold no ground.

Funny how you keep "warning" again and again like a broken old records. If I were you I'd find something more useful, fun and productive to do with that much free time.

3 days ago I was planning to take up some old stuff. It had been nearly 8 months since I last did anything due to moving, work, relationships, other hobbies etc.

It was quite invigorating to do my Ceremonial Magic again and summon the Goetia Malphas. Normally these operations are performed both in the physical as well as a personal astral "temple". But for this I decided to do it fully Astral. Damn I was drained afterwards. Lasted about 4 hours in total which felt really long after so many months.

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