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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 02:33 PM
"Wow" can someone send me a hit of that!!! Trippy, way way Trippy. Anyhows, How does stardom feel? Do you get all tingly and stuff, I need to know.

Just a thought

posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 12:21 AM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess


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Rivergoddess! What an amazing experience! Wow! I have to say I had a very similar experience.
Essentially while I was in bed I thought, "Go out of body". I remembered Yarcoffin's technique by imagining a rope and gently climbing up that rope to bring yourself out of your body.
Instead I tried visualzing a tunnel, then after about fifteen mintues, it happened. And I too must say it is the most riveting thing ever isn' t it!?

What happened was this, I didn't see any tunnel, but all of a sudden I just felt like I rolled out of my body. I was still in my room, completely aware. I am seeing everything as it is. Now here is the bizzare thing, I can still feel things. I walk up to my table and I touch it. It's solid. Amazing. Then I walk to the entrance of the kitchen, and I saw these floating blue lights. it was nightime and I didn't give it much thought. You're right, you can't talk, but you can think.
I thought, "Spirits?"
So I walked into the kitchen and this is what happened. Near the table I looked up to see three greys in a Bhudda pose sitting in the air. They were wierd looking aliens, they didn't really look like regular grey aliens. I know it sounds wierd, but it really did happen.
And when I saw them, I don't remember what happened, but then I felt myself get pulled back into my body, and I heard the whooshing sound too! It was in my left ear, and you feel light headed at the same time, but it's.. it sounds like.. a whaffling sort of sound, but very very wierd. And cool at the same time.

OBE is real, I have no doubt! Rivergoddess, I'd be happy to travel with you sometime. I hope as a person you will forgive me for my stupid ignorance from a long time ago. And I thank ATS for that third chance. You can see that I have outgrown my immaturity,and I promise to keep it that way.

posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 12:20 PM
Hi everyone,

I have also tried Astral Projecting, and when it happens it's only when I'm asleep. I have yet to experience it again, but I was only able to consiously do it once. And that was what I just explained before, about rolling out of my body and going into the kitchen. I know some of you will think the alien thing is a bit far fetched, but that's what really happened.

Yes you can travel through time as there are many so called demensions. It's very cool. I remember in school I met a teacher Mrs. Beck who told me that she has read Robert Monroes books and that she has experienced a consious astral projection. She told me two accounts. One where she instantly landed in a time of World War 1, and she was on the hill watching the fight taking place.
The second one, she astral projected to a victorian age or something like that and she touched a womans face. The woman felt it but probably thought it was a spider web.

It's extrordinary, in one case I actually astral projected into the future. I believe you can do that. I know this was on dream, you can instantly tell the difference between a dream and an OOBE. What happened was, I felt my body lift up, I was flying across the ocean and I saw my cruise ship that we were going to go on. Then I landed on an island next to it completely aware of what was going on and I thought to myself, "Incredible! This is so real, it just has to be."
I touched the sand and felt the small particles on my hands. It was warm too. I thought again, "This is amazing, the sand is real."
I put my foot in the water and I then I realized, "This is real. I am"
It's incredible, nothing can compare to the joy of AP.

Also, yes you can travel to the other side. Heaven or Nirvana whatever you call it exists right above us on a different frequency. I've been there once, and it's gorgeous beyond all reason. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful everything was. I found myself standing on stone steps, and these dogs and cats were running around on the ground. Also up and down the steps. I saw collies, labs, golden retrievers. Everything was as if Earth was not real, but that this was. I know that sounds odd but that's exactly what it felt like.
I didn't think about anger, or worrying, or anything bad. All I felt was the presence of God, love, and joy, pure bliss.

In the case of demonic possession. I don't think that happens...Maybe it does on a rare occassion. I've seen videos where people claim they are possessed and go into a church to be exorcised, but some of them are do you say? A little crazy.

Oh I forgot to add. Sometimes when you astral project and then return to your body your mind wakes up but your body is completely asleep. This is known as "Sleep Paralysis". People describe dark figures floating above them, or an evil presence. Well not to worry my friends, it's only "you" lol. It's your spirit returning to your body and when it returns you hear the "whooshing" sound in your ears, also when you leave you hear it.
When you go out of body make sure you don't look at yourself it will scare you and you will return back to your body immediately.

Nobody is replying? I guess this thread is sort of dead eh?

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 04:22 PM
Its not dead

I'm mainly just posting when I experience something now. At the moment im not having too much look with the OBE side of things but seem to be having much more deeper lucid dreams. Ive had a few lucid dreams lately where ive touched things and they are exactly like in the physical and also feel the same as when ive projected and touched things in my bedroom but whether I can class this as an OBE I dont know.

Ive also been having dreams where i'll project and experience an OBE and then i'll slam back to my body and then suddenly slam back again which leads me to waking up. Theres a lot of people asking for tips and techniques and help on here but apart from reading as much as you can online and then reading the whole of this thread, theres not much else I can add.. plus nearly all my OBEs are spontanious where i'll wake up in mind throughout the night semi paralised and then just will myself to sit up astrally and that develops into an OBE.

posted on Jan, 6 2007 @ 08:56 PM
Hello this is definately NOT a 'dead thread' has leggs, but it seems to only keep the attention of OOBE experiancers and we are few and far between.
Clarky I to am only posting when I have an experiance to share for the most part........

The advise is to
Pages 2 through 30 are JAM PACKED with differant 'how to's'....many wise people have shared HOW they get out, and people have actually learned how by reading this very thread.....all through the many pages some amazing OOBE expert type people give advise and hints and if you don not read the whole dang thread you miss key things that are not repeted. It could be ther VERY THING you are seeking.......but to find it you must seek it...


The night before last, the sound came to me as a pulsing throb......shhhhhhhhht, shhhhhhht, shhhhhht, ect......I was happy to hear it let me tell you

I embrace every oportunity I get to learn more about the other planes of existance........
Anyway it was really snowing here in Salt Lake City..........I rolled out of my body and for a little bit my feet seemed stuck, but they came free. I was in the dark and blind as usual. I held still and claimed perfectly clear vision...(this is a thought I focus hard on for you cant speak so you speak by sending thoughts) vision came just like dialing up volume on a sterio........

I saw a huge field of unmowed green grass that seemed to stretch off into the horizon, and there was a fresh smelling breeze. I though this was odd due to the fact that in the realm where my body exsists it is snowing like crazy.. I figure I must be in a differant location astrally speaking.

There was this huge huge tree off in the distance I was drawn to so I headed for it. Once there, I joined a group of others in a game of exploring this massive tree.The others were people like me it seemed. Not a huge group but they were moving and doing things so I never got a sense of how many were there, but it was no big group.
Up in the branches the bows were twining together in such a braided like way, as to make odd shaped rooms of a sort. The walls and floors were full of gaps and you could see through the branches but it was solid enough to hold people who wanted to 'hang out' in these places up in the tree. There was really no talking amoungst the people, but there was alot of eye contact and laughter. It seemed like a game we all new well, this strange exploring the tree and it various chambers of connected branches.

At this point......I loose memory of what was going on.......I think at this point I just fell into sleep mode. When I became lucid to know I was dreaming now and not paying attention to the OOBE I became frusterated at myself and WHOOOOSH I got the fast roller coaster ride back into my body. While I was 'falling' I tried to stop it, but it was hopeless...I was falling back to myself and it all happens so fast, as if in a blink.... BOOM! I landed, and opened my eyes......the clock said 4:44. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I have SO MANY instances of seeing repeting or sequential numbers......I see 12:34 ALL the time! alot of 11:11..........2:22..........3:33 ect. I have read the threads talking about so many people seeing this. I wonder if it really has a special meaning or if it is just the biproduct of haveing so many digital clocks all over the place.
Someone sent me and Email that was claiming when we see these numbers that is an opportunity for spiritual growth right then and there, and that we either pass into this window, or we loose THAT specific opportunity and it will never come again. We will of course seethis numeric sequence again but the opportunity has changed and is differant somehow.

I notice that ~THIS~ is post number 1122 and that is a pure unintentual accident....(so I edited to make note of this fact)...................................things that make ya go hmmmmmmmm

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 03:47 PM
Reminded me of a dream I had a few week back with the tree, I had a dream of these really tall trees about a mile high and there was me and a few others flying from tree to tree having fun doing stunts.. untill it turned nasty and people started falling to the ground and dying.

I dont really have any experiences with the numbers.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 10:10 PM
Hi all, been reading this thread for past couple of stuff. Thanks Goddess for starting it so long ago now...sweet.

Anyhow just thought I would let you guys know a little about my experiences.
Quite a few years ago I was spending the nite at a friends and sleeping in the living room, when, I must've just fallen asleep, I remember looking around me and I saw this like golden sparkling lights all around me, like light reflecting off the carbonation in a soda. I heard the roaring and I saw my self floating up out of my sleeping body and I was so tripped out I thought WHOA and bam was awake and trippin...couldnt believe what had just happened. Wasnt even interested really in obe's and I wrote it off.

Years later I got interested and I tried and tried but no matter how I tried, couldnt get past the vibes. So I gave up...Now, another few years later, I found the binaural websites, mainly centerpointe and Hemi-sync, ordered me some cds. I got some hemisync for my boy and ordered some alternate states cds for myself, my boy got his yesterday but I havent received mine yet but am looking foward to using the brainwave tech to help me achieve my first obe. Thats not all tho, so last nite I was tired from work (I have a physically demanding job plus I start at 6am) got up from computer to go take shower. I had listened earlier in the day to some Hemisync for my boys add, he's smart but cant stay focused. any ways I got up and felt a little light headed, but it wasnt the BAD kind like woozy, just a little light headed. I took a shower and was still felling it. While in the shower I stretch and then I like to close my eyes and pull some Energy into my self by thinking of white light energy coming down and flowing into my energy...feels great under the hot shower. I then went to bed and I felt this warm light tingling all over me, but my mind was still energized while my body was tired...I went into that super relaxed state very easily and I felt the vibrations pretty quickly...I was excited but calmed my self and instead of telling myself to obe I gotta OBE, I just said whatever happens, happens... I didnt OBE...but I felt better about my ability to, so we will see.

I am telling myself that I will OBE, to engrain my subconcious with it, also I am thinking positively about it and asking my spiritual guardian to help me out when I am ready... Positive thinking is a must and you cant force it, I learned that from this great thread. Thanks River Goddess for the great learning oportunity this thread has become.

A couple things I did teach myself is a great relaxation technique that is easy and quick, two things I like! I laydown and I take about 6 deep breaths counting to 8 both in and out, slowly. Then I start with my feet and I say "I'm relaxing my feet" as I flex my feet muscles then let go, I do that all the way up my body and viola I am relaxed in no time. Also I like to sometimes use the visualization of standing at dusk in the desert at a small pool with a waterfall, I envision all the sounds and sights and smells and touch, then I slowly walk into the waterfall into a tunnel behind it, imagine a cool sand beneath my feet then the tunnel slowly winds downhill and then I notice soft light from the tunnel walls lighting my path as it winds back up to the exit in a beautiful place of your own design, mine is a sunny grassy clearing in a beautiful woods with a river and an ancient carved chair that fits me perfectly. That's it. Hopefully my words might encourage or help someone...I
know I didnt OBE but I will! Keep at it and think POSITIVE I KNOW its gonna happen. And when It does I will let you guys know all about it. Good Luck out there!

Again a big thank you to Goddess for the great info! I know what to expect and what to watch out for and do once I OBE now! Thanks for your time!

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 03:18 PM
This is my first post here at ATS but I’ve been a lurker for sometime now. I came to ATS specifically looking for more info about OBE and I guess I hit the jackpot with this thread. I took some time to read through the entire thing before posting and I just want to say thanks to RiverGoddess and everyone who’s posted for all the fascinating info.

I’ve been actively practicing my OBE skills for about a year now. I used to do it a lot as a child but seemed to forget about it as I got older. A little over a year ago I decided I wanted to make some changes in my life which led me to start trying to be more aware and less ego-driven. In doing so I started remembering my childhood experiences with OBE and I began practicing again.

I can tell you it’s true what Enyalius says about OBE becoming easier to bring on and control as a person removes his/her emotional and psychological obstructions. Removing those obstructions and becoming more aware has been my main goal and over the last year I’ve gone from having almost no OBEs and LDs to about one a week. I’m not a master by any stretch of the imagination but I’m slowly improving with time.

It’s nice to find a place where I’ll be able to share my experiences and ask questions. Thanks again RiverGoddess and everyone else who’s help to make this thread such a wealth of information.


posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 05:45 AM
Glad to see that at least 1 individual understands the fundamentals. You'll notice that you can do more then just having OBE's when having reached that fundament.

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 10:37 PM
Thanks for the vote of confidence Enyalius. I think I have a long way to go before I get to the point where I can experience the “other things” you’re talking about - whatever they may be. Actually, I feel kind of foolish that it’s taken me so long to realize some very basic things about the way things work, but I guess we all come to that knowledge at our own pace…

I’d be interested to hear more of your thoughts on this matter especially concerning removing blocks once you’ve become aware of them, but I think it may be a little off topic here since this thread seems to be more about the OBE experience itself. (Out of Body Experience experience? Okay… how redundant is that?)

Right now, I haven’t had an OBE or Lucid Dream in the last two weeks. I think it may be a side effect of too much activity over the Holiday Season. Hopefully I’ll get back into my regular routine and have some new experiences of my own to post here soon.

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 10:44 PM
WELCOME Sprigheell Jack & Mitzella!!

I am sure all readers are glad to have you here to share with us all in learning more about OOBE.

I am rather blushing at all the thanks you guys have given to me, when I feel like its Enayalius, Cug and Clarky and EVERYBODY else who contributes they're knowledge who are the TRUE wellsprings of information here.........I feel like I am just going along for this adventurous ride.

Always GLAD to welcome new seekers and practitioners!!

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 02:08 AM

Originally posted by Mitzella
I’d be interested to hear more of your thoughts on this matter especially concerning removing blocks once you’ve become aware of them, but I think it may be a little off topic here since this thread seems to be more about the OBE experience itself. (Out of Body Experience experience? Okay… how redundant is that?)


Since it is an important factor in everything, including what this topic is about, I'm sure it would be usefull information.

Noticing and removing barrieres is something everyone does throughout their life. Still most people do it intuitively and won't grow fast while others who benefit from this kind of growth are more conciously active with it. Thus they grow faster. It really depends where your personal interests and priorities are.

Well I'm a bit sleepy since I just got up, but will try to explain it as coherent as possible.

First of all there is no universal Right or Wrong (made it a link to a more comprehensive discussion with me as Sabazel there). People create their own dogma's, dualities and thus their own prisons. Things just are untill the individual that views an event or feeling will judge it by their own personal belief/moral system. When people interact with someone they will, from time to time, get annoyed by the behaviour of the other person. Most people will blame the other individual for being annoying. Actually you should look within yourself to understand WHY you experience the other individual as being annoying. You can also take this into another direction where people will react fiercely towards someone when the other individual didn't do anything. That individual placed their finger on your own sore spot that you hidden from your conciousness.

In both, and all cases, you need to look within yourself. Why do you react fiercely as if the other person is wrong? What is it that you are hiding from yourself and can't accept that it is there? You can't solve your behaviour, that you're not comfortable with, if you don't even acknowledge something you feel uncomfortable with...and thus is wrong for you.

It is pure psychology and is very confrontational. That is why most people rather not look within themselves but rather blame others for their own incompetencies or look for others to give hope or re-affirmation. People in general only look for quick fixes that deal with symptoms and ignore the problems.

This is also why meditation doesn't work for most. People degraded it to a mere relaxational tool that gives people a temporal peace of mind. If you truly meditate you will spend more then mere 30-60 minutes a day in this state. You will stay as long as possible and analyse the thoughts that come by. Find out where they come from, on what beliefs they are based, why you feel uneasy with certain situations and personality traits/reactions. Then you will be confronted with yourself and can deal with the problems. You can understand why your parents neglected you which caused your emotional imbalance since you can now look at that old situation through more mature eyes then when you were a child. You will simply re-judge all events and understand them, find peace with them and then let it go. With each aspect of yourself you deal with and are able to let go, the lesser barrieres that remain. The lesser thoughts that will distract you from your meditation and future excercises to get an OBE for excample. And eventually you will get that constant state of relaxation and peace of mind.

Personally I've used the Vipassana meditation to learn the basics. Then I moved on to the qabalistic Tree of Life where I studied the Sephira en Qlipoth which are both the light and dark side of each sphere in the Tree. In this context it would mean that the Light side are the aspect that you feel comfortable and at ease with. The dark/shadow side is that which you push away and don't accept and those aspects of yourself will cause you to live life full of distractions, always having the be on the look out in case that aspect will rear its ugly head around the corner catching you of guard causing for that emotional/aggressive outburst again. Each sphere on the Tree symbolised specific aspects to work on. By studying, understanding, meditating and pathworking on that specific for 3-5 months caused me to understand and learnd and grow on a more personal level as well. There are 10 spheres so you can calculate how long it would take
I personally am only at the 5th-6th sphere and already am capable to do a lot of things at this stage.

The first step one should take is at least acknowlidging and accepting the fact that the aspects you don't feel comfortable with are troublesome to you. Doing so will move it from the dark into a shady area where you can at least see it. By understanding that you do what you do will give you a bit more peace within yourself and lesser outbursts towards others. You need to take that step first because you can't "fix" something when you don't even acknowledged it as trouble.

Then you can take the second step which is contemplating and analysing the emotions and thoughts concerning that aspect to the very core. You will see that it runs deeper then you thought it originally was. Don't try to judge those emotions and thoughts and only focus on understanding them.

The third step is that when you understand the why and what you can re-judge it. You simply look differently at things now as you did 1 month ago, let alone 20 years ago or whenever the incidents occured which caused you to create those personal barrieres. You can re-judge the barieres and shackles that society and the media placed on your. Their beliefs are not automatically yours after all, you simply copied them as you grew older. Thus you are not who you truly are. It is important to understand and also understand why other people do what they do even though you don't agree with it and should do it differently. Still that does not make the other individual or society wrong/good and you can respect and accept that the others do it differently without feeling the need to change/judge them as if you're so self-righteous, actions based upon ego and self gratification to fill a gap within yourself. (Like the USA does with so many countries). People who are introvert and incompetent often talk loudly and overcompensate trying to cover their own short comings and putting a blaming finger towards others.

When you got rid of all those barieres of emotions and the mind you will be able to not judge events by personal moral and beliefs. You will see things more clearly as they simply are. Since there are no barriers, lets use chakras since most people use that system, those energy centres are open and allow the energies to flow freely without obstacles. You're at a more constant pace of peace of mind and eventually that constant state of "meditation" as some texts put it.

OBE will become easier, Telepathy becomes easier, Telekineses becomes easier, live itself becomes easier....anything you can think of becomes easier and better for yourself. You can simply enjoy live.

Next to that it is important to make sure all things in your physical life are in order and dealt with properly. The more worries, stress and distractions will cause you to fail in other areas. Spend to much time with OBE's and your physical life will turn into ruins. Find that delicate balans in everything.

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 10:31 PM
Thanks for taking the time to share your views Enyalius, that was very enlightening. Since I started practicing awareness I 've noticed a lot of the things that you mentioned.

I used to be very defensive, so much so that I spent a lot of time and energy being very offended and annoyed at even the slightest things. Practicing awareness freed me from wasting all that energy on such useless emotions. I now have so much more physical and mental energy. I don't drag through the day anymore, I'm more alert and positive. In just the one year I've been practicing, the changes have been profound. As I mentioned in an earlier post, that awareness has also managed to carry over into my sleep as well, creating more LDs and OBEs for me.

It truly is pure psychology, as you said. When I first began analyzing my thoughts and feelings I was shocked to see how subtle and deep rooted many of them were. I've finally managed to release some of those barriers to the point where my mind isn't constantly chattering away about this or that bit of useless nonsense but there have been a few areas where it's been difficult for me to let go for some reason. I thought perhaps there was a step I was missing, but reading your last post has made me think it's more likely that I just haven't analyzed these areas as deeply as I should. So I guess I know where my attention needs to be for awhile.

Thanks again for your insight.

posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 04:54 AM
It is a long term investment which not many want since they want results NOW. This is why I don't belief in learning how to OBE in 90 days. If you want to do it properly it takes time and depending on the talent and barriers of an individual this could take a short time or a very long time.

But if people are content with dealing with symptoms only, learning an esoterical trick like a circus monkey, and going around in circles and basically getting addicted to that quick fix...well it is their call

But they will never be able to grow as an individual let alone get the fullest out of their experiences.

To me it is a way of life. You decide to follow this path and like people from the east you will be dedicated and are able/willing to spend a lot of time and effort on it. Westerners are often to lazy or degrade working systems to mere tools that deal with symptoms.

I actually roll my eyes each time someone speaks about meditation and chakra's and reiki according to the western way.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 04:18 PM
This may or may not be OBE related but I think I'll post it anyway as I'm starting to believe it is related in some way or other.. its something I posted on a lucid dreaming forum that I visit..


Ill try and explain this the best I can..

Every now and then I experience this when dreaming and its always been when flying.. basically what happens is when I fly above the clouds and keep on going upwards, I sometimes see this strange eery energy, like an electrical blanket covering the whole of the sky and when I try to pierce it, I get this really strange shock that runs right through my body (dream body) and there's just no way I can keep on going any higher... This then forces me to start flying back down and I usually end up waking up. I'm starting to wonder what this is and I'm almost certain that its not just some random dream event and more likely to be there constantly having some sort of purpose.. what that purpose is I dont know..

Can anyone relate to this? and whilst im on this subject.. has anyone ever experienced the electric power lines that are near the clouds when your flying.. the amount of times I've tried flying in-between them and got myself tangled up....


Any thoughts?

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 11:39 PM
RiverGoddess, I am so emotionally pleased to have found this thread and to know of all the success that is prevalent within it. I found ATS earlier today while researching fraternity secrets (I am a prominent student/figure at the University of South Florida and am highly involved in Greek life) and after further exploration on this site, I ran across this thread. I have been a practicing Thelemite for more than a few years now (given my relatively young age compared to most of the posters here). I have been fascinated with the Magik arts and all things spiritual or otherwise, and it was not until a few months ago that I began achieving an almost "higher sense" through my meditation sessions. I have read numerous books and had several conversations with several professors and other learned figures in my communities, and have just purchased a few of the books that have been mentioned in this thread. This thread is quite possibly the greatest find of my life and I have not even personalized my account because I was so intrigued that I just HAD to read EVERY word in this thread. It fills me with joy to know that there are SO many others out there practicing and achieving the same goals as I. I know by now it must appear that I am rambling, but that's just how excited I am!

I have already experienced the noise sensations described before experiencing these OOBEs and on very few occasions felt slightly "unattached", but I've never been able to sustain this state for more than a few seconds. This thread has been more valuable than anyone can imagine, and I fully intend to check it often and record my progress as so many others have done before me.

I will u2u you RG, but I am new to ATS and can't promise I will figure it out. Again, any and all further advice and communication (from anyone) will be greatly appreciated.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 12:33 PM
hey guys some of you might know me some might not. but i am becoming disapointed because i cant get my subconcious body asleep while my concious is still awake. im thinking of giving up. i do practice TK and am moving along. i want to astrally project. i did have one AP but it was on accident. i was awake the whole night and had no sleep and finally when i slept in the morning i had one but i freaked out and returned to my body.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 06:07 PM
Hi Dxfoiltop and Pwner,
Nice to meet ya. Dx this thread is great I hope you find what your looking for, lots and lots of good info here. Pwner dont give up, I am the most impatient person I know, next to my kids lol, so please believe me when I tell you that you just have to learn a relaxation technique that works for you. I posted one up a few replys from this one, its really simple, but just check around this thread or ask someone, or check out the Astral Society website, they have alot, I mean alot of info dedicated to AP. I have been reading some neat E-books in their library forum. I would suggest the same to you Dx, tons of info there, here is the link

Another thing Pwner, positive attitude, I wrote on stickys that "I WILL ASTRAL PROJECT" "I BELIEVE THIS 110%" "I DESIRE THIS 110%" and I read them often especially before bed. Also check into lucid dreaming because you can AP out of a dream, just have to learn to recognize your dreaming. Think about APing as much as possible, pretty soon your subconcious will catch on. And read,read, read. Its really neat to read everyone's adventures, both the good and bad and you learn what to expect. Just keep trying. Good luck.

Also wanted to say THANK YOU to ALL the great posters on this thread. The info is so very much appreciated, as well as everyone's supportive attitude to each other.

Just had one question for Goddess, has anyone asked about if you are close to being out if its possible to ask with your thoughts that anyone on the Astral Plane to help you out of your body? I know you talked to someone here that helped you out but I wondered if you could just ask in your mind for someone passing by to give you a "lift" so to speak? Thanks.

Another question I had was, can someone in the Astral Plane, meditate or AP from the Astral Plane? Is that possible? Sounds kinda cool.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 11:55 PM
Good question.

I am sure it is possible. I read not long ago about someone asking Jesus Christ for help and they say they were helped out by a light being who looked as they believed Jesus Christ would look.
I believe this is true what happened for skin was all a tingle when I was reading the account......and that for me is affirmation of its being true.

I have asked for help, but I was doing this fully awake, in a prayer type manner. When saying prayers I ask for guidance and help in all manners of my life not just to OOBE.
Maybe I should just get really specific about asking for OOBE help and see what happens...

....Ive not done this before, because I am trying to not be greedy. I feel so blessed in the help I have allready recieved I have thought I would just be behaving greedy in asking for more....
I need to change my thoughts on the subject. I feel that clearly now, because I am so 'stuck' in so many ways.....I need to change the idea that asking for help is greedy.

Last night I was having a tornado dream and I was lucid...I realised the roaring sound of the tornado was the SAME as the rushing noise of the door to AP for me....I got excited in thinking YEY I can get away from this big whirlwind and go elsewhere....and the elation of my emotion woke me up straight away. I KNOW BETTER than to get excited but I just can not help it sometimes!! I think all you who wish so hard for the experiance can understand........just the fact that I get a chance to get out thrills me, and sadly this stops it straightaway.
I was discussing all of this with a friend who happens to be a phychologist. They were saying "well if you KNOW you must remain as passivly calm as possible then just do so".................for me thats not an easy task at all!
It is about the same as saying your not allowed to be excited about the possibility of having sex, or being thrilled with seeing your most favorite food placed before you.... just ~NOT CARE~
This seems to be my task right now,
and I believe I am ready to ask for help.

posted on Jan, 22 2007 @ 12:42 PM
Take up a discplinary system, ceremonial magick for instance is transforming my mind as we speak. To achieve an OBE you MUST practice certain rituals DAILY. YOu must be dedicated. YOU CANT SKIP MEALS!! And make them up later. DAILY CONDITIONING. Also for spontaneous results make sure you always sleep on your back. This occured to me spontaneousl when I was 16. You will feel sleep paralysis and a very intense "Rush" or buzzing throughout the body it can be really is know jokeWhats interesting about this thread is the fact that you can be "pulled out" the spontaneous occurences happened to me all the time when I slep in a certain room, Then my girlfriend at the time moved in...and it happened to her too!! She has never experienced this before this event!! We ALWAYS felt wierd about that room even before she experienced it it

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