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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Aug, 5 2006 @ 06:46 AM

Originally posted by Enyalius
I'm not a master and gave up trying to tutor people a while ago. As for answers...I already provided enough information and hints in previous posts about what people need to do and learn and grow before being able to maintain it longer periods of time and go deeper into the matter.

Do I make people feel like less? No. I do however point out the general mishabs and if someone sees themselves in those then it is themselves who feel less about themselves. Which is one major psyche blokkage right there that needs to be gotten rid of.

Please stop this....You are dealing with many amateurs, who are waiting for your responses, with bated breath, because you have such in depth knowlege.

I must admit, after you killed me with your last response to me , I got the best AP of my life. You said that its not fleeting or volitile, that it is my weakness thwarting my efforts in ap...That it is "me", holding me back.

You must understand, that for many of us, it is a life long pursuit for a good AP. Many of us stumbled upon it, accidentally, and have persued it ever since. Yes, for many of us, it is YEARS, of attempts, and fleeting moments.

It is a mental thing obviously, becaue I have, "gotten out" many times since your direct posting to me, and the very notion of my weakness made me stronger in the process. Like I said to myself (at the time very aware of the physical),

"you should not weaken in the time of awareness of the physical". And I did not.

But what I did was, go from AP to Lucid Dream, my comfortable, reoccuring lucid dream and back in, back out, but in very good control. I enjoyed it very much.

You seem almost bored or bothered by us ...If your still listening I do have a question for you:
Is this experience real? is it in the "now" I felt, when I called upon someone that passed, while I was projecting, that they came...was that dream, it was so real that she came to me, like real as real is now... her hair was moving ...SHE was moving like she was alive but she certainly is not alive, what was that? It was so real life. Is this experience within us, our mind, or is beyond us ? Is it outside or inside? Its just so real you hear the wind

posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 12:33 PM
Well I'm glad that you had more productive OBE experiences after what was said. It is indeed connected with mentality and growth in that area as well as the psyche. This is not amaturistic behavior because everyone is actively doing such events daily. However when you wish to achieve results in various "paranormal" fields it is important to become more aware and more actively involved. Thus your growth will be done more rapidly and you will be able to do what you desire sooner.

Personal growth is the major aspect of ones life. Everything that occurs, related to energy, could be seen as a reward/by-product of those personal achievements. I'm am indeed bored by people who can not see this and just keep on dabbling as they were. Am I bothered by it? Not in the least, because everyone grows at their own pace and I feel no need to push someone if they don't want to.

As for your personal experience. As above, so below. You seem to know when you have a lucid dream and when you're projecting. In both cases you will be out of your body, however with LD you still have a link with your subconcious. This means that part of what you see is really there and other aspects are projections from your mind. When your mind is not clear and your ego is still a very active part of your projecting self then you will also see projections of your mind on the Astral Fields.

I can not say for certain that what you saw was a projection of the mind since it is possible that you saw the individual. It depends if he/she was reincarnated already or not. If this was not the case then it could very well be that person.

Figuring out the who/what/where will come in due time as your experiences will grow and you encounter more beings/souls/spirits etc.

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 03:10 AM
Okay I have some very important questions that I would like answered. If anyone could PLEASE answer them that would be great.

Is Astral Projection "witchcraft"? If not why is it commonly associated with sites that deal with such topics i.e magic, spells, ect,

Must one be "religious" or even have a religion to Astral Project to small or large degrees? If so must it be a chrisitan faith or another? Or does just the general accpetance of a higher being work?

I would like to know the answers to these questions because I am very interested in Astral Projection and remote viewing. But I'm agnostic and most CERTAINTLY dissagree with christianity. River Goddess said she was going back to church and that made my heart leap a bit because i despise church and i'm praying (hehe) that I do not need church or ANY form of religion to start my journies.

As for the whole witchcraft thing, i'm going to have to stop right here if Astral Projection is witchcraft cause that # just feeks me out! .

People have even said things about "praying" for a good OBE. Praying to who? God? which "God"? Please be specific.

Help would be appreciated.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 03:34 AM
Astral Projecting is not related to any beliefsystem or dogmatic framework. It is just something anyone can do.

People do not have to go to church or pray to any deity unless they want to. The only reason they do so is because it makes them feel good. That is an important aspect of anything that is considered "paranormal". One must be in tune with their true selves. People will have to confront themselves quite a bit and start to understand themselves entirely. Get rid of all your unconcious barrieres present.

Witchcraft is nothing freaky about it. Once you start to research it and see what it truly is about you will notice that it is quite a natural practice. It is a paganistic, nature, belief system. The same as Shamanism, Druidism, Odinism etc.

The reason why you come across Astral Projecting in magical and occult communities is because it is used frequently in various operations. It is a necesity at one point to be able to AP if you are a serious practitioner. You will manifest on the Astral Planes and deu to natural physics that what is created there will appear in this physical life in due time. Also because you can work with certain pantheons easier when you're on the astral planes yourself. One who does ritualistic work will be present both within his circle as well as on the astral.

Praying can induce OBE experiences, but not quite as people assume it does. Praying, Meditating, putting on a certain piece of cloth...all is used to get your mind in the right setting. Line your will up with that which you aim for without having mundane and daily distractions from your task at hand. For all I care you can use loud music to get in the right state of mind. I prefer listening to power/speed metal because I can easily lose myself in the guitars and drums. Shamans use repetitive sounds like drums to get into trance as well btw.

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 04:06 PM
Quick update

Last night I went to bed as normal and didnt expect to have an OBE as id not been drinking the previous day which is when 99% of my OBEs happen. After about 20 minutes I woke up, or at least I thought id woken up but then I realised I had astral vision and was aware that I was asleep. I felt my astral body slowly lifting upwards but it was incredibly slow and I was getting frustrated. I wanted to lift up and snap out but it just wasnt happening at all
my vision was really distorted and murky and instead of being able to will myself out it was like I was slowly shuffling to the end of my bed and at one point I wondered if I was sleep walking and thought id best wake up before I fall out of bed. When I woke up I was layed down faced up at the top end of my bed.

So..... im pretty sure that I was out of body but I just wasnt able to slip out fully for whatever reason. This odd experience has also added to one of my beliefs that our consciousness floats close to our body when we fall asleep whilst our subconsciousness plays out our dream. I wish I could create some sort of video of what I experienced as it would give more of an idea of what happened.

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 06:39 AM
I had my first Lucid dream EVER last monday. This was an awesome step for me. So it actually pays off in the end to "wanting a lucid dream".

In typical sense, this was so lucid (but I have had those many times) and I was in my house. At the end of the dream I am waiting for these evil military people to come and put me in some machine that would eventually suck the life-force out of me. And yes, it was another nightmare ...

Anyway, at the end I was at the other side of a wall on the second-floor, and I had no-where to run, they were having these robots that were tracing my smell. Just at some point I kinda "woke up" in the dream, as in I remember clearly myself saying: "Dude... wtf? I am in a dream? I AM SLEEPING! I AM LYING IN MY BED RIGHT NOW!!!!" And I gained complete consciousness to the dream. And I remember its feeling. The feeling I got was like it wasn't really a dream, because I gained contact with my body when I was sleeping, which I also have tried sometimes. And I could feel my eye-lids having tension, so I was thinking I was trying to wake up, so I let it go. But after gaining consciousness the dream felt like just having your eyes closed and visualising the entire situation, not like sleeping. I mean it really felt like I was lying on my bed (I could feel my body) and I had just closed my eyes like 2 minutes ago, and I was visualising all this stuf with the evil military people. Anyway, with consciousness in hand, I focused on my hands and I ended up having the same weapon as Wolverine in X-men. So I used my consciouss to move to the other side of the wall, and I focused all my power on the dream and I made it go into slow-motion, where I just flew out at the soldiers, but they managed to capture me. And I ended up in that machine facing the boss. But I used my consciousness to destroy the machine and the boss got completely scared and ran away, thats when I woke up. Damn exciting

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 01:54 PM

I hope you have many more Volatile it makes going tosleep at night much more exciting.

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 07:58 PM

Originally posted by Enyalius
Praying can induce OBE experiences, but not quite as people assume it does. Praying, Meditating, putting on a certain piece of cloth...all is used to get your mind in the right setting. Line your will up with that which you aim for without having mundane and daily distractions from your task at hand. For all I care you can use loud music to get in the right state of mind. I prefer listening to power/speed metal because I can easily lose myself in the guitars and drums. Shamans use repetitive sounds like drums to get into trance as well btw.

thanks alot.

But when you say praying what do you mean? Praying to who?

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posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 11:49 PM
Praying to any deity you believe in, chanting mantra's etc etc

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 02:26 AM
Last night the sounds came to me and I had the weirdest response to it.
I do NOT know why I reacted this way

I reacted as if I had NEVER heard this sound before.......and I got scared. I hate to admit this here but it is what happened, and I am logging my experiance here as truthfully as I possibly can......(even when it might make me look stupid)

The sound came, and it made me aware that I was in this place not asleep but VERY AWARE.....and I was wondering WHAT is this weird sound??? and woke fully. Once fully awake I then thought "OH ya that was the SOUND dangit and now I am wide awake and its gone...what a dork I am"
I layed back down hoping it would come to me again but it did not.

I am telling you all about this BEACUSE as you can see I am just a seeker like the rest of you...I am NO GURU of OOBE or anything...(I have gotten u2u's calling me Master
what a joke
) ....I even can get affraid of how powerfull this experiance truly is......... DUH DUH ME! I even know very well if I allow fear to manifest the whole experiance then does not take place, for fearing it just pushes it away.....I know better than to fear it for I have NEVER been harmed and ALWAYS return anytime I want, nothing stops me. Mastering my own fears would more than likely help me to find the experiance more prevelent instead of the 'once in a while' experiance I am having with would think that me of all people would not suddenly have fear of this sound.....weird that for this time around for some reason I FORGOT what that sound represents......DUH
DUH....I am at a loss as to how I suddenly FORGOT what the sound was and what it means to me I do not know what I was thinking or dreaming that I would react in this way.............
Anyway my fears pushed the OOBE away from me and ended up not getting out.

I am hoping I get another chance soon.
All this dreamwork I have been doing aught to count for something I think........and I should do some traveling work soon. it would have been AWSOME to go out last night with the moon so full.
Oh well.

Untill next time I guess................


posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 02:44 AM
I havent been keeping up with this thread but...

TRG are you wiccan/pagan/whatever? I may of read the answer before but I don't recall.

Anyway I'll bet if you banish somehow before you attempt to AP you will get much better results. Also it seems that it's still a random event right now. If you keep letting it happen at random you will never have any real control over it IMHO.

Start setting some practice time aside, banish, meditate a bit, and this to start with just Imagine your doing it, but make it as real as possible. When your done banish again and then immediately write down your experience in as much detail that you can. Make note of the time, day, weather, your mood, what part of your monthly cycle you are in, anything you can think of that could effect you.. To start with don't worry about how well you did, but make note of it anyway.

From time to time look back on your notes.. you will find one day you will go.. HEY I think it really worked the other day. As you progress that will happen more and more often.

posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 05:25 AM
I do sometimes wonder if theres any possibility that im dreaming of having an OBE but then almost all of them are the day after ive been drinking and to be honest.. a lot of the time I dont even think about having an OBE but in the back of my mind I know something will happen.. and it always does. Its quite odd how I always have OBEs the day after drinking it really baffles me as to why? the only thing I can think of is that theres alcohol still in my system causing me to project because my body feels much more relaxed or something.

posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 01:29 PM
In response to Cug. Mate I do agree that banishing works. However there needs to be a distuingish between what and how.

There is the banishing before and after which allows you to clean the area of "negative" and excessive energies. This will allow you to have OBE's more easily since there is a lack of resistance created by any other beings.

The second aspect is the banishin of psychological barieres. One that I talk about often. However I see banishing in the same daylight as using Paddo's or other natural drugs. They are temporal fixes in my eyes, an easy yet temporal way to gain your target. I personally profess and teach people how to get rid of the barrieres permanently and grow as human beings. This will also reduce resistance of the human personal barrieres and be in a constant state of being able to do strong "magical" and energetical workings. A method which is more rewarding on the long run.

This also makes me want to bring up an aspect which someone mentioned on another board. Something worthwhile considering and can be found on the previous page or at this link


posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 04:33 AM

Originally posted by Enyalius

There is the banishing before and after which allows you to clean the area of "negative" and excessive energies.

I'd say all energies. Anything good or bad can distract you from the goal. Oh I forgot to mention the after didn't I?

This will allow you to have OBE's more easily since there is a lack of resistance created by any other beings.

The second aspect is the banishin of psychological barieres.

Same thing

posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 02:56 AM
Personally I disagree with that. I'm aware that within the community there is a camp of people who see beings as outer manifestations of their own mind and the other camps sees them as complete individual beings.

Personally I experienced the difference through my ceremonial work. If I perform a ritual a certain way I indeed manifest my inner self outwards in the shape of the Goetia that corresponds with the aspect that I'm trying to manifest of myself. This way I can work with myself and grow in a psychological way.

However if I make adjustments to the ritual I get something in front of me in which I can't re-trace my own energy pattern...even in the slightest. If I can't trace myself within it, then it can't be me. Since I do recognize my own pattern of energy within the outward manifestations of myself.

posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 02:54 PM
I dont know if I should post my small experiences but I dont want to forget them and im sure some will find them interesting so...

Last night I woke up and was fully paralized from head to toe. I could feel a blowing on my face as if someone was really close upto my face with there mouth almost closed blowing and the blowing got harder and harder lasting about 10 seconds. At the time I didnt dare open my eyes as I was imagining there being something awfull there looking straight back at me so I just went with it. After about 10 seconds I suddenly gained astral vision in one eye and willed myself up but it was difficuilt. I seemed to sit up but not all the way and then BANG! and I was jolted back and woke up out of breath slightly. Nothing spectacular but whats suprised me is that I had a drink saturday night and so if I was to have any OBE experience whatsoever then it should of been just on the sunday like usual but I experienced something sunday and monday though not a full projection

Im wondering if i'll experience anything tonight.. I must say that since saturday night ive been feeling so tired and drained at work and on monday I was almost falling tosleep on my lunch break so whether this has had anything to do with it im not sure.. lets see if anything happens tonight

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 07:53 AM
I believe I was OOBE...perhaps someone can clarify. I wasn't sure where I was, but believe I was with someone else (or perhaps someone was guiding me?)...I remember walking down a staircase and was inside some room, but I was unsure as to where I was, but the lights were out in the room, (which I found odd because, as I didn't realize I was OOBE at the time (I think) but it would then make sense later that no lights were on since it was night time)...anyway, my memory of the rest of what happened escapes me, but what I DO remember clearly is being woken up by the LOUDEST noise in both of my ears- almost like if someone took about 10 sheets of bubble wrap and snapped all of them together at once.... can anyone clarify if what I (finally) experienced was an OOBE? I woke up and couldn't explain the noise- I was quite startled by it actually.

I made another attempt to OOBE a few days ago, and almost did it, but wasn't relaxed enough and ruined my attempt. I want to keep trying, and to learn how to take control of my experience and to go places of my choosing. any more tips would be great

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 08:50 AM
I dunno, I've only done this once before and it was so liberating. It was actually what set my mind free. I was waaaay sceptical of this before I did it, and I was only open to it in sarcasm, but when I did it, there was no doubt. It changed my religious beliefs (indirectly, because it showed me that things needed to be reconsidered, not because it didn't go with Christianity) and opened up a whole new level of growth. Now it seems though that I can't do it and call me paranoid or whatever, but I honestly believe that it has something to do with the potential for my learning in a single session that makes some outer force attempt to stop this everytime it comes close. I still can get close every night, almost anytime I want really. I can feel the vibrations, feel myself seperate, and then BAM! It's almsot as if my astral body is stopped by an astral shield or something hits me back into my body. Not the pull of myself, but an outer push...I've also been getting more heavily inolved in uncovering things and sorting out truth from lies in the bigger spiritual picture. I feel like I'm progressing very quickly and someone doesn't want me to. I know that if I can project again I'l learn so much more from my spirit guide, higher self, universal conciousness, and all...but I am being blocked or something. Is anyone else having anything similar happening to them? Does it feel like you've been caged?

posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 01:07 PM
I have spend some time on learning psi or wichcraft as some of you call it.
i would call it natural energy.

i believe that everybody has the capabilities of doing things.

for example: obe's , Psi ball (invisible sometimes visible balls), telekenetics and alot more of this stuff.
i honestly must say that i never had an obe or did Telikinetics,
i made a psi ball.
how do i know?
just a feeling i think.

although i talked to alot of people and everybody said that i should try it this or that, but nothing helped.

now i would really appreciate help with having an obe.
im convinced its possible and im even more convinced that i can do it only on the right way.

so if people here can explain how to do it please contact me.

all i can say to the people wich dont believe in it, just try it once or twice and you'll start to believe init.
the same happend to me to ^^.

posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 07:23 AM
The body cannot live without the mind.

OOb would only be possible if you didnt have a physical body to begin with.

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