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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on May, 18 2006 @ 04:49 PM
Ok so i had an intresting expierience last night. i watched tv untill about midnight and then went straight to bed turned off the tv etc. After about 2 minutes with my eyes closed, thinking about trying to project but with no real intentions. let me explain the ongoings of the past few nights first.

All week i have had very, very, short and cloudy dreams. for example One invloved me finding 100$, another where i burned a hole in my floor with a cigerette. maby at most 3 of these short dreams in a night. And they seem to always take place in the room in which i am sleeping.

well i have been trying to take votaile's (sp) advice and just let things come to me without fear. well every night after turning off thel ights and watching tv i had had some fear of ?. Well on tuesday i was sitting in bed, and i was thinking before that i was phycologoly ready for the astral and that my fear was preety worthless. and all of a sudden about 5 minutes later i feel this very scary presence, and at thesame time my cat gets up and immidetiley starts looking all around my room. I tryed to shield his eyes and force him to stop looking around but he wouldent, he hopped off my bed and started looking around from the floor. i Immideatley threw the blanket over my head, and tried to use my fear and send it a message to stop. I then felt like something was making me very heavy, and i let it continue and tryed to send out some kind of message that i would cooperate. i went to bed with the tv on, and when i woke up it was off. that night i i dident dream of anything. the next morning all i could think about was how dumb the fear i had was. Almost ashamefull.

But i am happy that happened, last night all of my fear was gone.

so now ill continue, so about 2 minutes after closing my eyes, and somewhat meditating. I got a feeling of calm and just contentness. it felt as if i was sliding out of my body from the feet. and at times it felt like my head had slid into my chest, and that i was almost out. But whenever i would get that far i would open my eyes, to make it stop. i told myself to just wait, im not really shore why.

thats my story im quite happy about how things are going, baby steps. But i think thats the only way to master something completley.

Also whats a good way to findout if someone is an astral traveler, or even believer etc. A person i know whomb is a bit older is very into the martial arts. and always drinks homemade herbal teas, he talks of meditation alot. But the other day he was asking a friend of mine who works at quiznos, if they made a good vegetable sub, etc what hours they could stop by to get one. This struck my intrest a bit, so i asked why he wasent eating meats, he said he is a type of vegan and doesnt eat meat because it sits in your stomach two long. He tried to change the subject a bit, but another friend of mine asked why he dident want meat sitting in his stomach. he quickly said "Spiritual reasons, nah just a combination of a few things" and he sucessfully changes the subject.

So i started thinking, maby he dosent like the meat in his stomach because, ( just a guess) he likes to astral travel, and this could probabley effect how your body uses energy, and tie him down to his material body. Does anyone know anything about this.

But anyway i want to ask him if he is doing this to help with OOBE's because as of now i mention it very little, and i think it would be cool to have someone who is sucessfull at these kinds fo things to talk to in person, i just dont want to come off as a lunatic if i am totaley wrong and he has no idea what im talking about. lol im shore you all know what i mean.


posted on May, 18 2006 @ 05:35 PM
In my opinion, meats are required for a well body. My best bet to why your friend doesn't eat meats is two-folded:

1. He is either afraid of meat because it makes him think about the little cow that was slaughtered in order to produce it, and using "spiritual reasons" in order to cover it.

2. He doesn't eat meat because it takes the stomach a long time to digest, therefor making it harder for him to meditate.

I love vegatables very much because it is coming from mother Earth. The first thing I ususally finish on my plate is the vegatables, and it is of no matter if I like the taste of it or not. But meats are required in my opinion as we are made of meat, thus we must eat meat to keep it sustained. Eating "all natural" makes you imbalanced I feel.

Also, do not be afraid to talk about OOBEs to anyone. If people believe you to be a lunatic for that reason, then people are way-way off. In 99% of the cases they make fun of you for like a few minutes then dismisses what you just said and begins to discuss other stuff. Same thing happened to me at school when I started explaining my teacher about 9/11 related conspiracy theories. I was claimed 'anarchist' in my class after that, but that title lasted for two days.

Well... That were my 2 cents, and i'm off to do some Yoga

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 01:54 PM
short note (again not obe related, sorry) for them interessted:
Had a second dream today with an astereoid fragment hitting the earth.
pure dream, non lucid. But strange because I never had 'astereoid fragements hitting earth' dreams before and now 2.
this time:
location: probabily america. (very uncertain though)
date: completly unknown
aftermath: flood wave
Dunno what really to make of this. But I guess my subconciousness after 'experience one vivid in dream' became now more interested in astereoid fragements hitting earth (that power is awesome
... and deadly
) and this was nothing more than a dream working this up. ->The quality and awarness was that of a normal dream.

posted on May, 23 2006 @ 01:46 PM
Actually the foods have a different reason why they are needed in order to have a healthy well functioning body.

1. Carbs. People act as if these are bad to have. But you need at least 30-40calories of carbs a day unless you' like having headaches, bad memory or constipate...pain in the arse heheh. So never EVER have a carb free diet.
2. Proteins. After carbs are used as fuel your body will start utilizing proteins and these will burn faster then carbs do.
3. Fats. Now don't think about eating a jar of mayo like fatso Atkins, because there are bad fats and good fats. Good fats are the ones you get from fish for instance.
4. Have 6 meals a day (every 2 or so hours) which are no bigger then your fist. That way your stomach will shrink in size so that it can't contain a lot of food at once and motivate your metabolism. It is a lot easier then having to go under the knife for a stomach restriction in place.

So you need a well balanced meal consisting of vegetables/meats for the proteines, a fair amount of potatoes/rice for the carbs. A lot of vegetarians/vegans claim to have a lot of alternative foods which contain the same things that other food sources have. But they are wrong, because you'll still end up taking a fair amount of supplements.

Using spiritual reasons to motivate to eat unhealthy is plain stupidity. Vegetables are from nature, but so are animals. But animals have souls and can feel pain, guess what so do plants. Both can experience stimulations which are registered by a central nervous system. The only reason why people are bothered by slaying an animal is because of the similarities with ourselves, a head with 2 eyes a nose and mouth and it can scream.

I still slay an animal by my own hands on certain holidays, but unlike the fastfood society I pay tribute to the sacrifice of the animal. I will make use of the animal as much as possible. In ancient times the skin was used for clothes or shelter, bones to make weapons or tools from and the meat to eat. Nothing was killed unless it was needed, unlike todays fastfood way in which we got a lot of wasted animals.

posted on May, 24 2006 @ 07:49 PM
Hi guys. Nice thread. There are many reasons why someone would be a vegan for spiritual reasons. One is yes people believe it does help some with Atravel but the other could be that he does not believe in killing of any kind as some buddhists believe.
It does not in fact help with astral travel. As long as you give yourself a good couple of hours between eating and sleep/projection you should be fine.
Consumption of a meal before sleep will bring on nightmares. In some cases it burns energy you need for travel as well.
I believe that to miss out on meat actually has negative affects on projection and i know it has neg affects on your body.
Wolf it sounds like you are indeed very close to projection my friend. Remember Fear is not a bad thing it protects us and for warns of danger so dont look at it negativly. Use fear, use the extra energy it gives you to build with and you will find that you control it not the other way around. If you are getting instances of fear while you practice projection that is more than likely your spirit guides just letting you know that you are not quite ready. Dont worry everyone can project but they know when you are ready trust in them and feal them while you meditate and they will help. If you feel a massive flow of darkness like you said when your cat was acting strange. You need to use some of your energy to put up an aura or circle of protection around yourself while you practice that will help if not control the problem completely. NEVER try to use your fear to send a message negative entities(negs) feed off of things like fear and you will only make matters worse.
Ok to put up the barrier around yourself just picture a beam of brilliant white or gold light coming down on yourself than take in the energy of that light and in turn picture it expanding around you as a circle complete and strong you can make it as big as you like but the bigger the more energy it will burn. Hope i could help you out man and remember what ever you do DO NOT QUIT until you project at least once or it wil be starting over again every time. After that i would never quit personally but if you do it will return to you easier.
Last but not least never limit yourself by what you have read or by what people say. The mind is limitless and so are you. There are guidlines to help but in the end forge your own path.

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posted on May, 25 2006 @ 11:26 AM
Hey Goddess, I just had to come tell you real quick that I never knew WTH you were talking about when you (or others) spoke of the whooshing sound in your ears and stuff. All my OOBE were pretty normal or silent as I bobbed around my physical world OOB as a kid...

BUT, the other night I was relaxing on the sofa, all reclined out in one of the reclining parts and I began to drift off...and WHOOSH! This loud whoosh and buzz sound woke me, and I had that weird feeling-you know something jerking you back to reality but my body didn't jerk-but I was clearly drifting...not just off to sleep but OOB- and came back into my body but it was the WHOOSH that really made a HUGE impression on me.

It was weird and EXCITING because I KNEW what it was and what had happened.
and I immediately thought of you and the Whooshing/buzzing sounds you others have spoken about-I just keep forgetting to come tell you about it!

Odd thing is, like the next night I think it was, I had a really weird (bad) sleep paralysis experience-the first in my life and it was like what people describe as demonic oppression or alien abduction experiences etc...and can't help wondering if there was a connection...if I called attention to myself somehow when I went OOB shortly...hmmm...dunno on that, but I have to wonder...

anyway, it's cool when stuff like that happens -the woosh and the paralysis-
keeps me on my toes I guess teaches me I always have something to learn, ponder, try to experience again (maybe not the paralysis! that was scarey truth be known!)

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by g210
short note (again not obe related, sorry) for them interessted:
Had a second dream today with an astereoid fragment hitting the earth.
pure dream, non lucid. But strange because I never had 'astereoid fragements hitting earth' dreams before and now 2.
this time:
location: probabily america. (very uncertain though)
date: completly unknown
aftermath: flood wave

did you know there is a dream/prediction thread on BTS?

Just FYI

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by think2much
did you know there is a dream/prediction thread on BTS?
Just FYI

no, do you have a link to that thread?
I am not really a preidictional dreamer more an experimental dreamer. Enjoy dreaming a lot. Very interesting an enjoybale experiences. But I like to read about predictional dreams. It is just (or was) my focus for this days.

congrat to hearing the noise!

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 01:42 PM
*Wonders why in sleep paralysis, it is always about aliens abductions and demonic possessions*


posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 05:40 PM
To much
If you eat to soon before you go to bed/practice you will almost always have nightmares. Try giving a minimum of two hours between food and sleep.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 11:38 AM
I sometimes look forward to nightmares and purposly eat cheese before going to bed. If you can become lucid then nightmares are nothing and quite interesting. Ive had lots of nightmares though where ive seriously felt pain and ive woken up with a headache.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 04:48 PM
Nightmares are typically fun, as they don't exactly scare you as you get used to them.

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 05:53 PM
Hey guys

I can't believe no one has posted this link yet.

They have four free courses. One is in Astral projection and Dreams. Anyone interested in esoteric, gnostic studies and astral projection should definitely stop by and sign up for the free courses as well as browse through the forums they have.

Sister sites are and

To any skeptics out there. Why not try it. You can verify it to be real by many different means. One is by throwing an object on to your roof. Astrally projecting and coming out on to the roof. Then when awake verify the position of the object.

Gnostic means "knowledge" as oppose to "faith" and comes from within.

It's possible to learn all the mysteries of life from the astral planes and to awake from the subconscious mind which harbours our egos. We can reach true spiritual development through these methods. This is seen as more of a priority than messing around and having fun in the astral. I've always been advised to spend my time wisely and for a good reason.

People often meet in the astral planes. Particularly the pyramids in Egypt. You can read more about it on the site.

No one can prove this to you but yourself so give it a shot. What have you got to lose. Even if you don't "split" you'll most likely feel some very intense unexplainable sensations which will in turn motivate you to stick it out.

Happy travelling

posted on Jun, 7 2006 @ 03:50 PM
I am new to the boards and this is an extremely long thread that I haven't completely finished reading yet but if the "yanker" is still reading, please contact me if you are available and willing. Through multiple attempts I think I may have gotten close but have never quite gotten there.


posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 07:13 AM
Is it just me that can only manage to project to my bedroom or street? Ive tried a couple of times to 'think' right I want to go there but ive ended up being somewhere totally different. The first time I thought I want to go to that star and kept staring at it and I ended up a couple of streets away from where I live above this bakery. The second time I thought to myself 'I want to be on the moon' and I ended up in this building that I didnt recognize. I slowly floated through these corridors and looked round the corners but it was all empty. I keep hearing storys where people say 'just will yourself to be somewhere and you'll appear there' but its not happened for me yet.

[edit on 8/6/06 by Clarky]

posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 07:39 PM
The building could easily be the moon. In the past future or present for you conspiracy buffs...
. Anyway you can go however far you like but it takes practice. If you are very close to "yourself" than it like a magnet. But time and experiance will give you longer more controlled obe's. Concentration is also Key.

The mystic web course is interesting i have taken them. If you cannot project and you take those and are serious about it like your trying to get and A in the course you will get there. That is my major area of study GNOSIS/gnostic = knowledge.

posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 11:00 PM
I have had only three Concious OOBE. The first happened when I was seven years old, I was watching tv and then I was suddenly floating in the air, I watched myself walk into the kitchen and get a glass of water. The second time I was just sitting outside on my porch, and my attic extends above my porch, and I felt myself float up and then I realised what was happening, I had Astral Projected and floated up into my attic. The third time, I had started to fall asleep and the next thing I know, I am floating above myself, and watching myself shift positions. Please help me to do this on purpose. Please visit me.

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 07:22 PM
Its all about becoming concious in your dream state. Or the other way (2 of the times you did it). Is to be in a waking trance state and relaxed completly. If you have done it a few times just take the course posted above its free and nine weeks you should have no problems.

posted on Jun, 16 2006 @ 06:41 AM
Becoming conscious in your dream state is classed as a lucid dream.. OBE's are different although some might disagree.

posted on Jun, 16 2006 @ 05:39 PM
lolerz THINKTOMUCH.............

the sound is huge is'nt it? AMAZING like...O M G....familiar in a way like...hey I KNOW this sound, how odd is that...hmmmmm.........why does it ring familiar yet seems so HARD to forget???

I am so GLAD you hear it now to are progressing.....

Of late...I am finding myself coming aware in dreams that this is no dream...this is an excersise in how I would handel such and such situation.......weird thought I know but this is what I am experianceing.......

I have not gotten OUT with the sound in quitet a while......

I have given my travels over to my higher self. Knowing my higher self really knows BEST what I need in this I keep finding myself becoming AWARE of dreamlike test situations.......I seem to be in the 'getting ready for the next phase' kind of class somehow.....I am sure my higher self knows.

If anybody cares...I am a mondo carnivior......

and yes the mysticweb astralweb links were posted way way WAY back but nice to see them again.
Please try and remember THIS THREAD is about concious out of body experiances and not the dreamstate....VERY differant issues IMHO.........this is a small attempt at wrangeling the topic back in line.

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