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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 11:53 AM

lol, you are not a little bit a scarried person, are you?

It was a joke, but there's no harm in being careful.

And on the topic of people helping you get out, I'll say it again - if anyone out there thinks they have the ability to do this, I could use a little help, send me a u2u please!

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 03:10 AM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess

Originally posted by Nova
Just saw a file off bit torrent called:

"Monroe Institute - Intro to Hemi-Sync Sound"

Anyone know what it is or what it does? It's just an mp3 file.

OOOOOOOO AHHHHHHHH KEWL! I know what that is!

The Monroe Institute sells this 'soundwave' stuff about 500 USD! not cheap heh......anyway, it is a series of sounds you go through in a specific order, wich is said to induce the OOBE state.....folks say this REALLY works! I would love to try it myself but dialup sux for trying to load hemisync stuff its massive.......PLUS you must do the 'sounds' in a very specific order for them to use one sequence of sounds one night for half hour, then a second sound the next ect......if you get the order wrong it wont work, and some of the stuff I found online is not in order and is missing CHUNKS of the program....bummer.........
This sequence of sounds is what they utilize at The Monroe Institute, where people can go and stay for a few days while they induce you to have OOBE's in a clinical type setting.

Monroe charges way to much. He also has an institute in Belgium which makes a bit cheaper, but still.

Downloading these files and using them probably won't get you far due to the way it's been ripped. Most aren't Join Stereo ripped so you won't get the experience you're looking after. At least that's what I've been told.

Still my father downloaded all the Gateway excercises and such, which I've tried the first 3 out. Except for becoming really relaxed, and seeing stuff slightly out of focus after the first 1 (where your 2 brainhalves gets put into sync) I didn't experience anything out of the ordinary.

BWgen is a nice tool which allows you to make your own sounds that are usefull to you. A similiar, if not same cd, can be found in the back of the book mastering obe in 90 days by mercer.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 05:51 AM
I've used BWGen many times, for whole hours, and there are usually nothing wrong with it... lol well, there were a few things that usually felt quite strange.

1 was it felt like I was at the dentist because my teeth were moving.
2 was another audio preset where it focused on ESP, I then was trying to turn on my monitor button with my mind... I concentrated for 1 hour straight (concentrated as trying to divide Pi with 2 in your head) and at the end I was drained, so I went to sleep... Next day I woke up with chicken pox, lol... My mom and me concluded it was because of my brother's children.
3 was one time where I tried a drug preset for 5 minutes, and I went totally f*cked up for 2 hours... lol.

[edit on 26-3-2006 by Volatile]

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 06:11 AM
I tried BWGenerator several times yesterday and again this morning with one of the custom presets.

It was called "Astral Projection Without Fail" and sounded a bit like waves on a beach, however it was just a clever name as it didn't seem to work, despite everyone on the BGW site singing its praises. Got a slightly wobbly feeling, but that's about it. I only listened for 20 mins at a time because the guy who made it said that would be enough...

As far as I know I got it in stereo - ripped it from BWG to a wave file and then to the ipod format so I could lie in bed listening to it. It did the whole left and right thing.

Oh and there are also a bunch of presets on there by some guy called Brian Mercer. Has anyone tried them? They sound promising but have no comments next to them.

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posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 01:20 PM

Oh and there are also a bunch of presets on there by some guy called Brian Mercer. Has anyone tried them? They sound promising but have no comments next to them.
[edit on 26-3-2006 by Nova]

Enyalius mentioned his book, and the presets that come with it (the presets you are mentioning now

I actually got the same problem with Bwgen, but I guess it has something to do with what we're doing under the meditation, or just a theory, that we aren't 'open' to the idea or sounds.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 03:28 PM
calling ALL oobe posters!

If you have been experianceing OOBE, and would like to add to the AP/OOBE research project, let me know. The research project can use the wisdom of actuall experiancers.........send me a u2u if you think you have information that should be added to the project.

(excellant AV Nova

you can SEE the ATS OOBE research project here:

Here, you can read WHAT is expected should you decide to join as a researcher:

[edit on 26-3-2006 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 03:38 PM
Last night...the sounds were constant.....I kept popping out, but could not see again......tryed to make myself/let myself see and it was a no go......

It seemed like I was out and flying around all night, but BLIND so I am not sure where I was or what I was doing.........I would think this was a waste of time and go back to my body, but the insistant sound kept coming at me and I kept popping out........I spent ALOT of time just focusing on the fact I was 'safe' and 'could see'....but I stayed in this very dark brown, blind like state.......

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 07:06 PM

(excellant AV Nova )

AV? Would like to join your research thing however I have a little too much going on in real life at the moment and probably don't have enough personal knowledge to contribute anything useful. Get Enyalius
He / she seems to know what they're talking about!

Downloaded the first of those BWG presets and I'm going to try it right now. Starting this at 2am probably isn't a great idea but Ginger Snaps was just on and I wanted to watch it

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 07:20 PM
River Hi
Try flying higher next time you keep flying around when you only see darkness!
I've read their are levels! I feel you are on the lower level where many dark forces operate also, they could be the ones keeping you at the lower level. Speak in your mind or aloud if your able to go to the higher spiritual levels when your in the dark that is!
Otherwise try speaking aloud if you wish to visit your neighborhood etc if its the earthly realm you wish to stay in! Words are power! Speak with Authority and your Astral Body will obey! Or Think it if you can't speak!

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 07:52 PM
Astral Experts Wanted.

My name is John. My first OBE occurred in 1988. Since then I have had thousands of astral projections. I have seen nuclear war, gun battles, famine, death, drug use, etc,etc. I have had intimate relations with incubi and succubi. I was attacked by a shadow creature 5 nights in a row in the year 2000. I seen the death and destruction of the tsunami before it happened. Every week I have 1 to 10 astral projections. I am trying to study these events. On thing I do is to open my real eyes during the obe. This results in vertigo times vertigo. The astral projection is a mentally painfull event.

Anyway, why am I posting this?

I am posting this information because I am looking for other people who have these experiences like I do. I am looking for other astral experts.

I am not interested in newbies, or people who think they had an obe when they were 7. Please dont be offended by this. I cant offer anyone any help if you cant have an obe. I dont do anything special, they just happen.

If you suffer from or have astral projections, sleep paralysis, or experience OBE on a regular basis PLEASE CONTACT ME. I have not found anyone who has had as many as I have. In 18 years I have not found anyone to talk to about this.

I would love to hear from any astral veterans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to start a thread on this, but it was shut down.

I tried to join the research project, but dont have permission.

I tried to u2u the research moderators, but cant because I dont have 20 points even though I have 52.

At this point in time I am wondering WHY I am even bothering to waste any of my time on this bureaucratic non sense.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 03:05 AM
Don't see me involving in any investigations of these kinds. Mainly because I'm to busy with my own daily practices and research as well as tutoring a few people. On top of that I see that it is well presented and in capable hands...Cug a fellow occultist will surely share ideas similar to mine seeing he uses the same scholorary sources and research methods.

TRG how is your other "project" going? Any luck with that one?

What excactely are you after? Someone to teach something? Or simply someone to talk with about similar events?

In this topic you can find people just getting into all of this and there are fair amount of "experts" within here as well. We all share our experiences and/or give advice/suggestions here and there.

As for calling people experts or veterans...hmm I'm not a fan of subjective self-proclaimed titles.

I wouldn't have used words like "suffering from" because I'm quite pleased at being able to do what I do and don't see it as a burden. Although it often is, but just like anything else you take the good with the bad.

1-10 experiences a week for 18 years...that is about 936 weeks so about 5-10.000 obe's so far. Well I think I can match up fairly even though I don't have 18 years of experience on my name..more like 4-5 years of concious/willfull experiences and random uncontrolled experiences before that once a month or so for about 10 years. I started at the age of 8 so you can calculate how young I am now.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 04:00 AM
Nova...nice AV meant nive is not 20 points you need, it is a background of 20 posts...idividual posts written by you, in ANY topic.....including your own welcome thread, or you welcoming others in the welcome threads they make. Cruise the board and find things of interest for you to make comment on........once you have made 20 solid posts your u2u message system automaticly turns on....
Noone can post in a research project without a SCHOLAR TAG.......and you need to be able to ask for one in your u2u system to contact the correct people.....I am allready working on your behalf in this area, but you need to get your u2u box up and running......
ATS is set up in this attempt to discourage online board trolls.....making it dificult for them to just come here and ruin perfectly good discussions......none can just jump into the chatroom without earning the right to be there ect.....this keeps members safe from outrageous online trolls and pervs ect. ATS is a free site, but has many barriers set up to make it NOT SO EASY, to just do as one pleases. This is respected by the many members who are here, except for the online trolls of course, lol......

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:01 PM
I downloaded all of the Hemi syncs.. about 20 hours worth. Ive only listened to the first two mp3s though and havnt really got round to listening to the rest.


Heres what happened this morning.

I had another load of OBEs this morning. Most where just a case of getting the pins and needles kind of feeling in my head and then feeling myself slowly seperating and then i'd pop back in but there was one main OBE that I remember vividly. I seperated by simply rolling out my body but my vision was terrible like complete darkness. My balance was ok though and I was walking instead of floating which is a first. We keep our landing light on usualy when everyones sleeping at night. I was trying to focus my vision but wasnt having any luck at all but then I saw the crack on my door and noticed light so I walked over to my door and walked through it, it seemed to take a while for some reason to get to the other side and the light suddenly hit me and my astral eyes opened up more. Then I thought to myself 'here we go again lee, now what?' I calmed myself down a bit as to not wake up and decided I was going to try and look at myself asleep so I walked backwards and went straight through my door again and this time I could see everything in my bedroom. It wasnt crystal clear but was clear enough to move about and I could make out everything. Then I looked over at my bed anxiously and I actualy saw myself layed there with my hands on my chest asleep snoring away. I stood there and moved myself right upto my face but then I freaked out and woke up. Now when I woke up, my arms were in the same position as when I saw myself asleep and were crossed on my chest.

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 11:00 PM
hmm this is odd.

For the first time I've been grounded in my lucide dreams. I couldn't fly or jump high in the air nor could I create anything else I wanted in this particular dream. Well I could jump high, as high as 2 individuals on top of another, but that is it.

When I tried to fly nothing happened, then I tried to jump but it felt as if I was being pulled back down again making for some ackward acrobatics.

I couldn't alter the surroundings or myself either. Seeing it took place on some market with people being dressed up I thought I'd try to put on the same outfit as Auron from final fantasy 10, including the sword, but no luck. Kept trying and the others in my dream like "what are you trying to do?" in a mocking voice.

Very annoying, especially since it's the first time happening to me that I can't do what I like in a simple lucid dream :S

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 12:30 AM
I was listening to Coast to Coast the other night. It was the topic of OOBE

People were calling in from all over as usuall. There was a common theme that stuck me though... :0 ....people are saying for the first time in OOBE ever they have been encountering beings that pull them back to theyre bodies, and are encountering beings that take them places they do not want to go.

A couple of ladies called from Salt Lake (not me however) and I was amazed at how common this ability really is. I wonder if it is like one in a hundred people that can do this or what......

Very weird though how many folks are saying that recently they are having this odd trouble with strange beings. Makes me wonder about the negative forces are so hard at work in these times trying to stop people from astral traveling, and why? I am curious as to the adgenda they have, and if this coming from guards of the shadow government or spiritual in nature.........

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 12:51 AM
the best I could do

was to give you a vote

hope it helps

hang in there

hope you post some experiences

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 10:54 AM

Originally posted by Enyalius
Very annoying, especially since it's the first time happening to me that I can't do what I like in a simple lucid dream :S

Happend to me too once. Can be very frightening when it is a 'nightmare' dream where you are threatened.
You certainly wondered once too if you still can have nightmares, once you discovered the nature of dreams in ludicd state.
You get another view and what a normal dreamer would experience as a nightmare becomes an interesting in some well most cirumstance even enjoyable and instructive experience.
That's one of the best advantages I discoverd that lucid dreaming can give to you. No more nightmares!
Never again!
Never! ..almost.. If there werent that rare dreams that you can not controll because they are not your dreams.

But that's ok. I think that's the salt and pepper you would miss when it would not be that way. Too much is bad but a little bit tastes wunderful!

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 11:06 AM
It wasn't a nightmare type of lucid dream. However there were several people in it that I haven't seen for a decade or so...yet they looked same age they would've been about now. One of them in particular stood out and conversed with me.

Perhaps I merged my dream with that individual. Just a theory nothing more.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 02:23 PM
Not to hijack the topic, but I just gotta say:

I love dreams
... Just last night when I was trying to meditate, my mind wandered off to think of a guy standing with a swirl-blade (I think its called). So, I am standing there looking at the guy, and he just throws that blade towards me, and it chops my head off, and just as it hits me, my whole body cramps up and all the muscles pulls themselves together... It was kinda funny how lucid I must have thought that visualization was.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 07:43 PM
Hi River Goddess
You mentioned a few post back, about listening to Coast to Coast, great broadcast isn't it, you noted about how people all over were also experiencing seeing beings in astral, and they were putting them back in their bodies, or bringing them to places they didn't want to go!
The Other night on Coast I also heard, the beings are doing this, so we can be hindered at obtaining our full spiritual potential or awakening this Guest said that was on there! Now that makes sense, and I feel strong that is the reason they are intercepting our obe's Astral flights! Also to stop us from seeing what their evil intentions are up to on this planet!

I went Astral this morning, only to find myself in a ufo, as I could see the ground outside, and noticing we were going higher & higher, I then felt I was very much so in a very unsafe environment, and called upon the Lord and the Blood of Jesus, and immediatly I was awakened and safe & sound!
I am determined to get to the Bottom of it, that we can obtain Astral & be completly safe from their intrusions! I know prayer is most important, so I'll inform you if certain powerful words of prayer are more apt to keep the pesky evil beings at bay everytime! This morning I fell alseep not willing to, and forgot about my prayer protection, that I usually do!

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