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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 01:37 PM
I should've started reading and following this topic when it started. Would've saved me a lot of time reading through it all now hehehe. Oh well better late then never. I'm actually reading it now and typing a reply in another screen whenever I come across something which I find worth replying too. Some replies might be late and all the way back from page 1

I've personally been having uncontrolled OBE's since I was 8 years old. The first one that I can recall is not a positive one. I floated above my grandma when she came walking out her trailer and fell backwards with her head against the tiles and died. A while later the phone went and my parents came running in my room saying they had to go and that something had happened, which I said I already saw. For several years now I have controlled OBE's, however there is something odd with my vision.

At first I had regular vision as I do in daily life. Later I had a vision that allowed me to look at all angels such as up, below, left, right, back and in front. It didn't matter. After that I can't see physical things anymore, just energies and that is how my vision is to this day. I can still say who is what and what energy is what kind of entity and such. Basically I don't have any use for physical vision, because the physical reality isn't there for the most part. However I would like to know if and how it is possible to switch between the types of visions. At times a physical vision comes in handy.

In short, even though I'm only 22, I got a #load of experience and knowledge. I'm even able to access memories and knowledge from previous lives. I also "teach" people the basics in order for them to experience and see it for themselves and then become more of a guide whenever they have a question. I'm NOT a universal tourguide mwahaha

Well that was my question, time to reply to parts of the thread.

I am unsure as to if you NEED to be sleeping or not

You do not need to be asleep or even lie down. You can OBE whenever/whereever you want. All you need to be is relaxed and know how to do it and make sure you won't get distracted. For excample I went Astral even while I was working. Being at two places at once, doing two tasks at once. Just needs practice.

There are indeed people who can "yank" people out of their body. This is risky and should NEVER be attempted by just anybody. There is more to it then just pulling someone out literally. If you do it that way you'll seperate the soul and body and guess what happens...a lifeless body. Just in case there are people wandering about thinking the concept is as easy as it sounds, because it isn't hehehe.

Finding a person is quite easy. I usually ask for the region they live in and birthdate. However when you communicate with someone you automatically make this "channel" as a telepathic link with any given person. You can trace this link and find the person as well. Even if they're on the other side of the planet. Finding a dead individual on the astral realms depends if the soul is in the incarnation cycle or not and whether or not the soul is still in the "waiting" room layer or not. Else it'll take quite some time to find someone. Same for finding a person who was in coma and bringing her back to wake up. She was so long in coma that her line had faded so couldn't find her body back on her own.

As for taking over a body...have never tried this myself. However once I accidently got to close to someone. Not sure what happened but it felt as if I was sucked into that persons body. I could see where that person was and what he was doing. It felt as if his body was mine and when he drank I could taste it and feel it go down my throat. This experience was a short one, and one I don't want to experience again.

When you astral project you can go visit other planets. Even find planets with life on it. You can go to "heaven" and "hell", because it's created by man. Seeing everything is energy on the Astral realm you can create it and be there. Simple huh. In short...the Astral Realm IS the "After Life" and a lot more. I created my own little space there which resembles an old Japanese forest with Lotus flowers in bloom. My little place of "heaven" which I go to every time I want some quite time of my own. always hear people warn others. I find this to be over the top. Sure there is danger, but not something that is extreme and occurs often. You got a bigger chance of being shot while walking down the street then to be possesed by a demon or such. A good way to protect yourself is to have a strong will and mind. No one can harm you unless you allow them. Additional protection will be a psychic shield. A wall of energy around you, a wall of mirrors around you that can bounce back "attacks" and such. The more advanced you get, the stronger the shield will be that you create. Same applies to protecting yourself against things in your home or environment. Just create a method and intention, create your own shields and how they work. Self made shields won't be as effective and long lasting as the few universally "supported" shields.

Same about spirits. People asume to much about them being dangerous. In the thousands of spirits and entities that I've met and asked for help there were only two that were bothersome. How can you tell if some entity is evil or not? Well first of all there is no good nor evil it is objective to only you. It is important to trust your feelings and instinct. If something feels good then it is, if it feels wrong then it is something you should not associate yourself with. It is THAT easy.

If you're not sure how to protect yourself and what type of entity you're dealing with ask your guides to assist you. My father uses Tatwa cards and has an easy way to find out if a guide is a good one for him or not. Whenever he goes through the "door" the guide will come to pick him up and show him around. Before he goes with the guide he always says the name of an angel and sees how this entity reacts to it. Four times the guide ran away screaming and another one appeared before he went with the guide.

And no...ghosts and such do not infest your body. Just because you're out of your body doens't mean you can be back in an instant and such. There is still a barrier around your body and you're never FULLY gone to begin with. Like I're more at two places at once.

Quite difficult to explain, because there are so many christians which call everything either a demon or an angel. As if everything is black or white. It's a shame, because the practice is different from the theory.

Early on in this topic I noticed a lot of people said that they failed and thus are incapable of having OBE's. This is bullocks. Anyone can do anything which is energy related. Energy can be used by anyone, you just have to learn HOW to do it. In fact you don't have to learn, just remember how you used to do it. I do it all the time in between lifes. Remember young padowan heheh. Also keep in mind that some people are older souls and have more experience. Thus they can learn to OBE a lot faster then others might, who need years of practice.

What kind of a body do we have when OBE'ing. Well none actually. The first few times it's a copy of your physical body by default. You can alter the appearance and clothing and accesoiries as you wish. After all it is just energy and so are you. You're just a ball of energetic awareness.

How long can you be out of your body when being astral? Honestly I don't know, because it varies per person. You can stay out as long as you want, just make sure the line which connects your body and soul does not fade away over time. Such as with coma patients. Without the line its tough to get back.

Do you get tired afterwards? This again is a personal thing. I feel drained if I do something with energy/magic and use my life's energy to accomplish the task. If I channel external energy to fulfill the task I feel a lot less tired. It is treu that intesive tasks can feel like a full body workout at times. You'll get used to it and find out for yourself what your limits are.

A lot of people think that the astral realm is just something in your mind, but trust me it isn't. Well that's easier said then done, I'm sure you won't accept it untill you experience it yourself. Can't blame you, I'm the same. A friend of mine lives a 2 hour drive away from me and I can't visit her often. She created quite a nice meditative surrounding which she goes to every night at the same time before she goes to sleep. We agreed that I'd visit her there if needed and answer her questions then. I've visited her daily for a while and the first few times she called the next day to confirm what she experienced was the same I experienced. And it was...down to my green kimono with bright yellow sandals which I choose to wear when I'm astral. Such a weird combo is not something you can easily fake I think.

Is it possible to see someone who is currently Astral projecting? Well I'd give you just as much chance as catching a ghost on film. Depending on the vibrational level of the individual that is OBE'ing and how far the watching individual has developed their "third eye".

When it comes to using techniques and rituals and who knows what...just do what you feel most comfortable with and is as simple as can be. The more complex, the less effective it becomes. Just erase as much needless junk as possible and keep it simple. Intentions is what counts most.

There are authors who talk about Layers and such. To be honest there are NO layers. It al entwines, however layers are used to make things more easy to understand and easier to explain. Layers also refer to places some souls can go to and others can't. Simply because they lack experience and knowledge and responsibilities to enter certain places. In general you can go almost anywhere just by thinking about it. You want to go to the Akashic Records, no problem. You want to go to the Celestial Fields? Just walk out the "door" of the Akashic and you're there.

When asleep you'll experience various things. A relaxation dream, a dream that contains symbolic messages from either your subconcious or your guides or HigherSelf, a premonition vision dream thingy, Lucid Dreams and OBE's. In the beginning very difficult to keep them apart. As you have more of each you'll learn to see similarities and are able to distuingish one from another. That is when the true fun and spiritual growth can begin. Learning how to decypher dreams is a valuable tool to see what is wrong with your life and the advice you're given.

About rushing noises. I've never had these myself, nor do I know anyone who has. This is something totally new to me. No idea what it could be either.

Page 8...I was wondering when the first person would show up asking about Psiballs. No you don't have to learn these before hand in order to OBE. However if you're genuinly interested in ALL of energy work, other then OBE'ing, then yes it is a good start. With a Psiball you can teach yourself many things. You can learn to feel energies, you can learn to put different intentions in them and see how they feel. same as how you'd feel the intentions of another soul/spirit/entity on the Astral plain. In general they're quite useless on the Astral.

A good way to get more in touch with the energies is to live a more natural life. Don't do soda's and other junk. Eat Healthy, Excercise short stay in good shape. Yes meat's good for you. Also balance your chakra's and clean them once in a while. As in getting rid of the energy inside the chakra's and refilling them with the Light. Once you're balanced, you'll become a whole lot more perceptive to things. So it's not really a pre-requisite, but sure helpfull. I got Reiki 3 grade, so you get balanced during the 3 week cleansing period that follows after an innitiation. I can also suggest to go into nature. Have nightly walks in a park or forrest. It's relaxing, motivates your 3rd eye chakra more en you can see the energies around the trees and plants a lot better.

When people can't get out there are multiple reasons. Main reasons usually revolve around distractions and emotional imbalances such as fear. There are some cases in which a person is "held down" in their body and they can't get out. This doesn't happen often and is only done for your own protection, usually by your guides. Just imagine you might get addicted to staying there and your body here will slowly die :S There is most likely something you're not ready for and thus you won't be allowed to do it for a while untill you are ready. Same for gaining certain knowledge from the Akashic Records or going to specific locations.

Age does not matter when AP'ing. In fact the younger you are the more in tune you are with the universe. It's at the later ages that you pick up certain ways of thinking from your environment. Thus you create your own limitations. Limitation which are not needed and you can actually drop them like a big bag of bricks. Adults actually have to get rid of a certain amount of these limitations, before they can do anything related with energies.

My favorite question...Can you travel through time? Yes you can, eventually if you gathered the "rights" to do so. Every possibility to deal with a situation creates a thought. Each thought sends out energy creating different futures/timelines. There are so many different pasts to go's insane. Same with the futures. When someone reads tarot or has a premonition they only see a glimpse into a possible future, NOT the future that will happen. They give you insight of the path that you're currently following. Doesn't mean you can make another decision and chance the direction you're headed and follow the path that you want and create. However certain events in life are set in stone, basically because those are the things that are ment to learn from in this life time.

Page 13...more and more things get repeated so I'll skip the rest and post. After the next broadcast addition hehe.

I've been interested in the paranormal for a very long time. Especially since I've been able to see ghosts and entities and experience them very well. I'm not a religious person by nature, however I rolled from the paranormal into the Astral Projecting. In the sense I became more active with it in order to be able to do it conciously.

After experiencing a lot of things while being astral I've learned that everything is connected with one another yet everyone sees it in their own way. The way they interpet the energies. So Everyone is wrong and correct at the same time. Still I started to become a more spiritual man. My personal "religion" contains of a combined Pagan/Budhist style and my lifes philosphy and way of life is that of a Mage. Not too strange seeing my real life name translates to Enyalius Nebula in a certain "alien" tongue, which in its own way means Magician of the Universe.

Well that's about it. I'll see if there is something I can reply to in the future within this topic

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 03:11 PM
Wow Enyalius! Some great information there. Thanks so much!

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 04:08 PM
I really want to do this, it seems wicked awesome. I have had some weird dreams before. 2 Dreams stick out especially. One dream I had, about 3 years back, I was in this white room with a man dressed in white. He asked me if I wanted to go see something, I looked at him and said I couldn't, because I was going to wake up soon, and at the exact time I said that, I woke up, and it was time for me to go to school. The other dream was I was walking to main street in my town, I all of a sudden was like, why am I walking when I could be flying? So I jumped in the air, and took off. Pretty sweet, but I want to be able to do this at will and not when I am sleeping, I'll practice until I get it down.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 04:29 PM
Enyalius..very well put to gether.. you got down to the Tee...though what i read from your post has made me realize alot, i think i still need to learn alot,such as how to practice it...i would be more than grateful if you could share with me alittle more on this or even help me out..thnx~Kiliker

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 08:34 PM
Welcome to the thread Enyalius!

Your insight is a wonderfull addition for all of us, and I want to thank you for taking the time to share with us all, on our path to higher enlightenment!
I know I am not the only person who will benefit from your words!

posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 10:51 AM
Seems I got rewarded for making that post...twice!! sweet
Well some of the regular posters might find it odd seeing most of my posts are short and come across as arrogant.

Last night, after the post, I got asked to "yank" someone out of their body. For future reference...I won't do that. This is for 2 reasons. Mainly because I'm not 100% good at it and therefore I wish to be physically present with the person that I'm aiding. This way I can adjust or stop if something goes wrong.

And to the two people that came to visit me last night. Yes I did see you and was aware that you were there. The reason I didn't answer and "socialize" was because I live in another time zone and I needed sleep and had no time to play
I've gotten part of the answer, but not all. I'd like you to visit me again some day next week when I'm off from work and am a lot less tired. Not during this weekend please, I'm having a birthday party then

When you dream you can unconciously accept that what you are and what you're capable of, but how to manifest that? I remember that early on I was always concious of when I dreamt and thus I could fly. For some reason it rarely went flawless. It was a slow floating and barely being able to maintain balance. Or flapping my arms to stay afloat and slightly panicking that I couldn't stay in the air. Which of course has the opposite effect causing you to do that what you don't want. This can be applied to many situations in life as well. That is why I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction by "Abraham". Try a Google search for Abraham-Hicks to get some results and do a bit of searching into the matter. It's basically "you attract that what you send out". If you fear something then that fear will become true, same vice versa.

How to practice it? Well first off don't push yourself, else you'll just push it away from you. The most important part is to be true to yourself and trust yourself 100%. Know yourself, not the way most people think they know themselves, but TRULY know yourself. This way you can interpet things better and generally you feel better and more relaxed. Being relaxed is a very important key. Regular and long visits into nature are a great way to get more relaxed and in tune with energies. It also has a healing addition, being in nature that is. It also does wonders to your third eye chakra, allowing you eventually see energies and entities etc.

The first major step is to learn how to have Lucid Dreams. Be aware and concious during times you normally aren't, like when you're asleep. When you can do this it is time to learn to visualize things in your mind. Take an apple or something similar into your mind. In your mind change the color of the apple, take an imaginative bite of it and turn it around and look at it from all angels. Visualize the apple in your mind with odd colors and bite marks.

At night when you're in bed, a good 30minutes before you're going to sleep. Just relax and lay there, feel the sheets or piyama on your skin. Feel everything that can be felt and enjoy. A lot of techniques state that you should strain your muscles one by one and then release them. This is nice, but useless in my opinion. Just make sure you lay there as relaxed and comfortable as can be and you're already there. Try focussing on the beating of your heart or something similar with a constant sound that has your attention. A certain beat in a song or anything that you feel most comfortable with. You'll slowly start to fade away into some sort of trance then. Try to stay aware of everything that is going on even though your eyes are shut.

Now it is time to apply a technique that you find most easy to apply to yourself. This technique can be visualising a rope above you on which you can pull yourself up with. Or sitting up, while you physically still lay down. Or try rolling over out of your body and falling down to the ground, while your physical body doesn't move. There are many more techniques that you can use and find on the internet and in books. Try and see which feels most usefull to yourself.

Do not force it. If you don't succeed after 10minutes then just stop and go to sleep. Try again when waking up or going to bed the next day. Most likely you'll start to experience OBE's at times, during the night, while you're not even aware that you're doing it. That's ok, but try to experiment while being out of your body and remember how it feels. Then you can get closer and closer to concious OBE's at will.

When you do succeed I'm pretty sure you'll be dropping back into your body fast. It's quite common that people are feeling a bit scared about this new sensation and thus breakoff the experience themselves, causing them to be dropped back into their body. It's like seeing ghosts for the first time. It's new, you don't know much about it and thus you're scared of the ghost. BUT are you truly scared of the ghost or because of the fact it's something new that you encountered? In short it might take a while to get used to the sensation before being able to actually go somewhere other then your room/house.

Also when dropping back into your body FAST you'll probably feel dizzy for a while. Nothing alarming there. Just sit down for a few seconds, have some water, chill and then go on with your daily stuff.

Hope this was helpfull enough for the time being.

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posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 06:08 AM
I've been away from this post for about 15 pages worth and I don't have time to read it right now, but it all seems very interesting.

Anyway the reason I'm posting is because I had a strange experience this morning. I woke up just before 10 but decided to snooze for an hour or so mainly because I've got work to do (which I'm also putting off now by posting here!).

After a while I started to doze and then I had that sensation in my ears that I've heard several people mention where it sounds like wind is blowing past - oh and it wasn't just a sound, I sort of felt it too. I don't mean I could feel a draft, I just mean it was a funny sensation.

I wasn't totally aware. You know when someone is shouting you to get out of bed and you're semi concious? I was kind of like that. The first thing I thought of was to use the rope technique but I was lying on my side and I didn't think I could do it from this position. Then I thought I'd try and roll over on to my back but that didn't seem to work either and I didn't want to try too hard incase I woke up.

All throughout this I was getting images in my head, maybe I was on the verge of dreaming I don't know... I was aware of my body but it was kind of numb. I have no idea how much time passed, only 10 minutes or so I think but then I just woke up.

I've been meaning to try this for a while but I just haven't had time, but this has got my interest again! I guess I thought I'd just write it down somewhere so I'd remember it but hopefully someone will find it vaguely interesting too heh.

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by Enyalius
After experiencing a lot of things while being astral I've learned that everything is connected with one another yet everyone sees it in their own way. The way they interpet the energies. So Everyone is wrong and correct at the same time.

Yes...if everyone could understand this truth (ah, but simply your interpretation of truth) to the same level as you, myself, and others...people, you all KNOW/have known/will know everything you need to...just open the part of you that has been shut off for so many years, and rise above the illusions.

I am wondering, did you feel any sort of energy "shift" yesterday? (11/3/05)

Peace all

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 11:44 AM
3 nights ago I got out and actually went and visited others! What a NICE change! YEY having my intentions actually come to fruition!

I contacted the person I visited, and they said "Hey I dreamed of you last night!"
So double YEY they had some awaremess of me!

Last night the pulsing sound came, but only pulsed like 4 times and at VERY wide intervals and that was not enough for me to GET OUT............the sound did not return, so last night was a bust

(And yes the 'sound' also has buzzy/prickely sensations with it, I hear it AND feel it)

When I read the Robert Monroe stuff I am so jealous for this guy could get out at will and do as he pleased anytime. This did NOT start happening for the guy untill he was way into his 50's, so I have hope. Plus I learn so VERY much from this little thread on ATS! I am very gratefull to all who add thoughts and ideas here! This thread is a wealth of information I refer to often........I read this ALOT more than I add to it
The snippetts of wisdom found within these very pages are awe inspiring to say the least!

I am just feeling gratefull to ~ALL OF YOU~ who add to this with your experiances and ideas!
Im giving this thread a big hug


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posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 04:07 PM
I agree this thread is great!

Its awesome that you got to go out on your own! i wish i could achieve this. Just gotta keep practicing at it and hopefully someday I will.

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 05:36 PM
oops bad post..delete this

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posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by EnyaliusAt first I had regular vision as I do in daily life. Later I had a vision that allowed me to look at all angels such as up, below, left, right, back and in front. It didn't matter. After that I can't see physical things anymore, just energies and that is how my vision is to this day. I can still say who is what and what energy is what kind of entity and such. Basically I don't have any use for physical vision, because the physical reality isn't there for the most part. However I would like to know if and how it is possible to switch between the types of visions. At times a physical vision comes in handy.
once i read that when you get better and better at being aware your vibrations go up...and that when they do you become higher in energy..until you get to the point where your pure energy...idk maybe your just really aware and have no more need for the physical while doing this...cause you can sence things even when they arnt before you..i also read that it is possible to appear in any demension in any place in the blink of an eye because certain people believe that we are all connected in many dementions and universes,all as one at once.but you can only do that when you become pure opinion?i guess youve gotten so good at it that your vibrations increased that now you can see pure pretty sure you can change your view if you believe you could but im not to sure on that because ive never experienced this..if you could see it before then you definatly still can..try and feel the vibration around your body (non-physical one)does it pulse? fast?good luck ~Kiliker

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 11:50 AM

Originally posted by Shoktek

Originally posted by Enyalius
After experiencing a lot of things while being astral I've learned that everything is connected with one another yet everyone sees it in their own way. The way they interpet the energies. So Everyone is wrong and correct at the same time.

Yes...if everyone could understand this truth (ah, but simply your interpretation of truth) to the same level as you, myself, and others...people, you all KNOW/have known/will know everything you need to...just open the part of you that has been shut off for so many years, and rise above the illusions.

I am wondering, did you feel any sort of energy "shift" yesterday? (11/3/05)

Peace all

Uhm...well. You say that everyone knows everything? If that is the case I'll have to elaborate that this is not treu.

People know a lot. Older souls contain even more wisdom. However no one on this planet knows ALL. Not even those who claim to do so. People gain more knowledge as they "live" are "aware". They experience and grow. They also have acces to places with knowledge such as the well known Akashic Records, Tree of Life, The Holy Grail or however you wish to call it. At this place you will only get acces to knowledge that is usefull to you. Knowledge and wisdom that is applicable to you. If you ask information which you actually don't need, or are unable to understand at that time, then that information will not be made available to you.

Sucks, I know, But think about it for a second. What would most likely happen if you gain a lot of information randomly. Information you don't need or can't understand. You'll mostly likely end up with a brainoverload and frustrations. Too much information is a curse, so don't rush your growth. You'll get what you need at the times when you're ready for it. Whether it be this life time or another one.

As for the energy shift...yes I felt it. Caused me pain in my Heart Chakra, because I got a blocade there. I got a problem when it comes to treu Unconditional Love. Not the kind of unconditional as is written in the dictionary or the general understanding of human nature on what it is.

50+ years before Monroe could OBE at will as he pleased?
[ego boost]I must be a friggin genious at this then heheh[/ego boost]
Seriously though. Everyone does it at their own pace so I'm sure you'll get there eventually TRG.

My body does pulsate and I can feel it faintly during the day. When I lay in bed all relaxed it feels odd. It vibrates so fast that I feel as if going back and forth/up and down constantly, while in fact i'm standing/laying still. It's quite annoying at times.

When I conciously get out of my body I see things in their energetic form. However when someone asked me what their house looked like I got this faint image in my mind of a few lines. I drew em and showed it to the person and she said..."hey that looks like my second floor with my bedroom".

One experience was rather strange as well. I was laying in bed asleep, as I do regularly I get out of my body while asleep to go somewhere. This time my vision was "blocked". I saw this "curtain of green leaves" and behind it were small faint lights. The curtain opened the part in front of one light so it could shine brighter and come forward. As it got closer the light became some sort of screen that showed the image of my room. I pushed the light back and pulled another light towards me which showed me my parents room. Each light showed another place which I've been to in the past. Quite odd.

Also last weekend, this weekend, whatever...I was laying in bed with my girlfriend. She was asleep and so was I. Once again I went out my body for some business. Before I left my house I could see her laying there, but she was actually awake, I could also see everything in my room in their physical shape.

So I do believe it is possible to "downgrade' your vision, so the speak. As for the how...I partially recieved that answer a few days ago. But I was busy and in a rush so it's blurry to say the least hehe.

Most souls can "teleport" to almost any place in the Astral Realm. There are a few souls that can't and actually need to "travel", which will take a few seconds to a few minutes longer. Once you have been somewhere before, or can remember the place from past memories, then it is easy sailing to get there.

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 12:51 PM
Enyaluis: you have REALLY long posts. Here's a question: did you ever have to practice, or did it come natural, since you were 8? Sorry if you already wrote this info in, but I cuoldn't find it in your long posts.

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 12:58 PM
As natural as can be. However at first I wasn't actively involved with it and later on I had to learn how to see. It was all dark, inside of my eyelids, and such. Only way to navigate was by feeling. I tried a few techniques and none worked. Yet slowly I started to develop sight on my own for some reason.

The first thing I saw were 2 gigantic female eyes. The eyes of Gaia when I went to visit her for the very first time on Mother's Day.

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posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 01:00 PM
two gigantic eyes? Can you explain a bit what the astral plane is? I mean like, explain as if we know nothing about it.

Because, its sort of strange, I don't really know what to think when I think about the astral plane.

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posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 01:24 PM

Originally posted by Enyalius
Uhm...well. You say that everyone knows everything? If that is the case I'll have to elaborate that this is not treu.

People know a lot. Older souls contain even more wisdom. However no one on this planet knows ALL. Not even those who claim to do so.

Yea, sorry I meant it in a different way...nobody in this physical world "knows" everything...but it is possible to know anything you wish, if you can open your spiritual self to the infinite consciousness...those who can tap into god/mind at large, are capable of knowing anything they wish in the physical world, and much about the spirit world as well...but you cannot know everything (until possibly after physical death, if you become truly enlightened, it could be possible..but it is too hard for myself or anyone else to grasp these ideas while still existing in the physical world) , this is true, and one can always reach a higher level of understanding...

There is no such thing as a coincidence, and every little thing that happens here is part of a grand plan coming together. Still...there needs to be a balance of powers in the universe, and right now is an important time. Some kind of major shift will take place within the next 10 years...possibly the 2012 date? It is still too hard to understand what will happen at this point.


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posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 02:26 PM

Originally posted by Kushi
two gigantic eyes? Can you explain a bit what the astral plane is? I mean like, explain as if we know nothing about it.

Because, its sort of strange, I don't really know what to think when I think about the astral plane.

Imagine doing a "thank you mother" ritual on Mother's Day with a few people. Together you go Astral and visit Gaia. At that time I was still developing my vision, so I followed the others by pure feeling their energies and following it. So in my mind and eyes it was black/dark as if you have your eyelids closed. That kind of darkness. Then we all arrived at Gaia and I went upto her to give her a nice hug. At that time I saw two female eyes in the blackness of my mind. They were very comforting and peacefull eyes.

What is the Astral Plane...that is one hell of a question. It's so...all encompassing that it makes it difficult to explain. I personally call it the Multiverse, because it holds this universe as well as all the alternative ones. All consist of energy.

When you leave your body you are able to go almost everywhere. You can stay on this planet and see the physical world as well as the "ethereal" one. So you can see the ghosts and entities that live here all around us. You can even communicate with them easier then. You can leave this planet and visit others, explore the universe. You can also go to the non-physical areas such as your dream-area, meditation-area etc etc. The places where you can bent the energy to your will and create surroundings as you please. You are the creator of your own hell or heaven so the speak. You can meet alien lifeforms and souls of other planets and learn from them. You can go to the Akashic and gain new wisdom and knowledge.

I also hear a lot of people talk about alternative dimension and how the Earth is going to shift to a new "Dimension". Sounds cool, but I wonder what those people understand under dimension. Some portal that opens up and swallows us up to transport us to another location and other laws of physics comes to my mind at the word "Dimension". But in fact everything lives next to one another, just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

As you know, everything vibrates. A rock, albeit it a low vibrational level. A human at a higher vibrational level, better to understand at a electron/molecule level. In short...EVERYTHING vibrates at different rates. The amount of vibration is also an indicator of how far that thing/person is in their personal "spiritual" growth and awareness, wisdom, knowledge. An easy way to see who is "further", due to lack of a better word.

Planets with life are best to be seen as grades of a school. The amount of grades is 13. This is what I picked up on the Astral Plane, but I got nothing else to back it up with and I find it such an odd number that I too have my doubts about it. The idea behind it is that on the 13th grade you're enlightend to the max and obtained all wisdom there is. The earth as a whole is at the 3rd grade of awareness. Some people are at 4th grade. People who are at 5th or 6th grade will soon leave this planet and move on to another planet to continue their growth from there. The planet as a whole will shift to the 4th awareness/vibrational lvl soon.

The world will not end, the world won't shift to another dimension. We'll just gain new aspects of thought and awareness. Similar to what happened in the major religions centuries ago. Jesus came to the christians to introduce the message of Love. Buddha came to the mid-east/east to introduce the message that he was carrying with him. That was an awareness shift as well. Did the world end? In some way it did. The world as it was known then ended. And you could also see that the after effects of the messages carried the biggest impact on our planet and society as we know it today.

As for the year it will happen in. My personal guess is 2009-2014.

Anyway what I was trying to make clear is that...everyone lives at a different vibrational level. This means they are more aware and wise, in most cases. The vibration at a higher rate also means that object/individiual becomes a lot harder to see. Take ghosts for excample, they vibrate faster then a living person. Then think about going Astral and then finding out that there are 1 or 2 cities which aren't on the map. But these cities are Astral cities and people who live there have ascended so much that they can live there...almost eternally. Think about "alien spaceships" around our planet that NASA etc can't pick up yet. No cloaking device or anything, just a higher vibrational level. And sometimes aliens do get seen and noticed, just as how others can see ghosts with their third eye.

So what is the Astral Plane...way to complex to explain. Especially since we can only see a small part of it all.

Hopefully I didn't rant/go off topic too much here :S

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 06:10 PM
I dont think your OFF TOPIC Enyalius at all, I happen to love you on this thread. Your sharing with us the ideas I am seeking and attempting to correlate into my life. I doubt I am alone with this thought..........
I also happen to enjoy the fact your postings are elongated
SOME folks write tons of words but never actually say anything, whereas I am finding your information enlightening......I have alot of AH HA! moments while reading what your choosing to share.

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posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 11:42 AM
the other day i was in my brothers room reading a book while he slept,my dad was in my room watching i figured the fish tank light and water sound was relaxing so i began to read..i became real relaxed so would be a great time to i began i tried the old fall off the bed and your out my whole body vibrated (it felt very unusual but i knew it was happening) i knew that this was it i was gonna get out..i saw this pulsing blue light it kinda swirled..then my heart began to pace i felt my head and shoulder pop out to the began to race really fast..i tried to calm it down but nothing was helping..i woke up and i felt it pounding so hard i could see my chest moving up and down..i woke my brother up in a panic (while still feeling dizzy and the vibrations still around me) i thought it was cardiac arrest or wasnts i guess i was worked up..and i dont know if this is normal that your heart gets faster or was i just scraring myself..i mean when i did it it felt great and i was even thinking that..i knew i wanted to..i dont recall any feelings of fear...until about the time i couldnt stop my heart from racing..please someone help me with this..i aint gonna try again untill i get guidence...thanks ~Kiliker

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