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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 12:22 PM
Thanks for sharing your experience, lost. That certainly makes me feel better on the whole 'shaking' front

Originally posted by lost
i have only reached vibrations once or twice - and in the state of mind that I was in - details are fuzzy, but I can attest that my memory at least likens them to very real physical shaking.

Now, understand - I am an ameature in the lowest form. Ive never had a concious oobe, never controlled a lucid dream - and only had a few vibrations. Im really no athority to speak on the subject.

I remember once, I was taking a nap downstairs at my parents house. it was quite peaceful, considering I had college roomates and I usually dont sleep until late late, and usually under the influence of some sort, thus I never really had the right surroundings to practice.

Anyways, I was laying down to this afternoon nap, and the setting was just right so I attempted oobe. After my body fell asleep it was really hard to hold onto my thoughts - Im sure yall can relate. It was tough keeping my focus and not just trailing into sleep. I kept focusing on my goal. The oobe. I got to the point that I was practically dreaming. I could hear the rushing in my ears, and the vibrations seemed to be mostly in my legs. When I conciously recognized them as vibrations - it really did seem like my legs were shaking, but of course in that state of mind it could have all been halucinated. I was pretty much asleep by then, just barely holding on. Well, as soon as I recognized the vibrations - I got all excited and thought I was about to oobe, and unfortunatley woke myself up in excitment. I sat up - dissapointed - all sleepy and such.

At that point I gave up and just dove into sleep.

posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 04:03 PM
This thread has rekindled my interest in OOBE..

I was never successful at a conscious projection, although I came close a couple times, and once had a fully blown OOBE but I'll get to that.

In most cases (the more successful ones) I can hear a buzzing, and it feels is if my entire body is rotating: there is definate feeling of motion. As it progresses, I can see the bedroom through my eyelids!! Everything is dark at first, then everything seems to illuminate from...something. The light is a lavender to deep purple.. My heart rate begins to increase, I find it difficult to breathe, and than I guess I panic and wake up, where all is normal.

The only time I knew I was out was when I passed out once, and hit my head on the concrete floor. I remember being naked in a room (the same one my physical body was in), illuminated by the same internal light, and I was holding my head and screaming!! Such pain! I remember it perfectly to this day.

Sadly, those are the closest I have been. I would like to learn more.

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 02:53 PM
hello, ive been trying to oobe for the longest time....everytime id try id first get into deep meditation..then get really relaxed..and try and pull myself know..with the old visualize the rope and pull up thing...that didnt work for i tryed doing my own ways..and everytime id get so close..i can feel myself get lighter..and i can feel my soul about to lift..but it feels like its stuck??? can anyone help me try and figure out what can give me that kick?? or any advice? that would mean the world to me..thnx~Kiliker

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 07:09 PM
I've had such an experience only once that I can recall
It was a long day and I was looking forward to going to sleep, and had the idea to try to have an OOBE since I had nothing else to do, I had lied down and relaxed my whole body, and after a while I felt as if my legs were shaking, the feeling slowly worked its way up my body untill my whole body felt like it was shaking, then I started feeling like I was spinning faster than I had ever spun in my life, after a while though, the feeling just went away....

If this had any connection to an actual OOBE, I'd like to know, and any help/advice is highly appreciated.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 09:19 PM
Well Kiliker.....................thats the BIG QUESTION I had to and I think everybody does.
I can say we ARE stuck in our bodies, and thats why we FEEL stuck, and it is SO VERY HARD to 'get out'. Learning to 'let go' is a serious quest in this life, not only of wrong thinking patterns and old hurts, but the letting go of the body by the Soul is a seriously HARD task. My 'YANKER' talked to me ALOT about the process of letting go of old hurts, past remembrances and presumed wounds of the heart. It was VERY much like taking a power class with Wayne Dyer and Depok Chopra......and this was PRIOR to getting his 'YANK' help. He says the path to OOBE is all about the letting go process and shedding of beliefs systems.

He sent me 2 books on personal growth he thpught would be helpfull to my path. One called THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle, and the other THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by Don Miguel Ruiz. That was over a year back and I have read both these tomes twice now, and DO think they have helped me.

Last night I go out has been a long while since I was last out. You can tell by the dates of my postings in here for I always say when I was out and about. The noise came to me but ever so quietly, and I was not able to go out with it like usuall. It kept sounding in my ears however, and I ended up DEMANDING that I be able to get out. I got forcefull with the noise and any Spiritual helpers I moght have and just told them to MAKE THIS HAPPEN NOW.....and wah la I got out. I was amazed it actually worked! I then DEMANDED that I go fast to a town in NewMexico I have a friend I want to see, but instead.......I rocketed off the planet doing the speed of light into space thing. I was rushing past stars into the blackness thinking, New Mexico is just NOT this far away hmmmmmmm. SO I tried to gain control on my direction and BLAM I wound up back in my body, wide awake and breathless. Thoses space trips do a number on my stomech somehow its like I really experiance the G-forces somehow
Wich makes no sense because I am doing this its not something I can explain. I got up and got me a bottle of water and thought about it some, and made a few notes in my dream diary so I could give a good recount on this thread.

It seems like I am STILL very directionally challanged, but at least I am getting out. This is not easy.....but NOBODY ever said it would be. I continue to learn as I go along.

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 01:00 AM

The river-goddess,
I recently bought Robert Monroes "Far Journeys" at your suggestion. It is a pretty good read, not quite through it yet. Hopefully it will help get me out. Im going to look into the other books too. Thanks for the thread. I will keep you posted.

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 10:56 AM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
I have NO wish to wind up in lower planes. I dont WANT to have to fight SOMETHING for who gets my body.I do NOT want to fear for the saftey of my body while I am OUT.........

Does anyone have any precausionary tecniques of protection? I am aware how to surround myself in love and light...and to speel aloud that my aura is CLOSED TO ALL BUT THE CHRIST AND I AM SELF..........

is this enough?
is this protection tecnique enough????
Please advise....ANYONE?


[Edited on 13-5-2004 by theRiverGoddess]


I enjoyed reading your post, that was wonderful
I still have to read the whole thread, but it seems many people are interested in this, so it is great that you shared your experience. I have not had an out of body experience yet. I recently started reading a nice book by William Buhlman.

What I read in almost all the proposed techniques is to try to stay aware as long as possible before falling asleep, and to mentally confirm that you can float out of the physical body now. I also read the advice not to think of the physical body, but to focus on the astral body.

I did regression therapy and had some wonderful experiences, could that have been an out of body experience?

I find it difficult to remain aware just before falling asleep. I think these days I have to much on my mind, and I keep on going through these 'problems' when I am falling asleep. I need to relax and clear my mind of the continuous 'chatter'.

Oh, I replied to this post of yours to let you know that your methods of protection are very good. What makes it work is that you are convinced that they will work. Just as with the OOBE, if you have doubt or fear, that will interfere in the process.

Some years ago I had some very powerful energetic experiences, with rushes of energy flowing through my body, my whole body was vibrating and I was surprised that when I looked at my physical body it was not vibrating, it was the astral/energetic body that was vibrating! Once I did hear sounds, but the moment it happened I got a bit scared and it stopped immediately. That's an important thing to remember with OOBE's I suppose, we will only experience what we are ready to experience.

Thanks again for your post. I will continue my practice for astral projection, and to reach for the stars
If there is any one out there who could lend a hand in my journey feel free to stop by

Wishing you all a beautiful day

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 05:24 PM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess


I cant say when it started but I KNOW when it ended......I was back fully awake at 2:40am.........

I turned off the light and was falling asleep, but I was not quite out yet............
Suddenly the sound of wind rushing filled my the sound you hear if you stick your head out of a fast moving car...........and I just KNEW this person was IN THE ROOM with me and what was about to happen.....I got SO EXITED I thought it might hinder the prosess, so I was like "calm down, calm down dont be affraid!"
I could tell I was being pulled, and was halfway out, but was feeling like I was stuck in the lower part of my body........and I FELT an arm reach around my weist and gentelly YANK my out...........AND OUT I CAME!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There I was, floating in my room, IN AWE, and then I got all exited and started to bounce around, and I intentionally BOUNCED THROUGH THE WALL from my room into the living room....................out of the livingroom wall to outside.....AND THE STARS WERE SO BEAUTIFULL, I was spinning round and round AND I WAS FLYING TO THE STARS!!!!!OMG! THIS REALLY WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!!

I learned that you have no voice out of body....and needed to THINK my intentions to my friend....and I was thinking..."DONT LEAVE ME! LETS GO TO THE STARS!!!!".........and I got the 'impression' from my friend that I was rather like a naughty child, and they seamed rather amused...........but at this juncture they led me back into the house....and PUT me back into my body BOOM!
I knew it was all done for the 'wind' sound was gone.....and at this point I came fully awake, eyes wide open AND aware retaining all memories of this most momentus event.... I looked at the clock.

I then got out of bed and awoke my roomate and told then what had taken place!..............then I jumped up and down and hugged myself!....and did a couple of little cheers!!!! Then came to the computor to come to this site and write these things down to document the event.................A FULLY CONSCIOUS OUT OF BODY TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE REAL DEAL NO SHAM!!!!!!! I AM NOT TELLING TALES!!!!!! THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!!!

The subconscious mind is very powerful at making us believe what we wish. We also have NO IDEA of what the subconscious mind is all about (or indeed capable of).

I'll tell you this , I was watching James Bond late at night a few months back wondering how cool it would be to be a spy, I fell asleep and LO AND BEHOLD! I was a spy!

Dreams are cool

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 08:02 PM
Kewl Lost! Good deal keep us all updated!

All I can say to RemusUK is........"WHATEVA, obviously you read ONE page and think you know whats going on.....try reading a tad deeper and remeber we are here to DENY IGNORANCE not to spead it so please know a TAD of what you speak prior to spouting..."Maybe reading a bit on the subject that is not written by ME per say but by those who ARE in the know? You see I am learning as I go along as others see by reading the thread..... Lots of very good links in this very thread....but alas NOT on the first page......or in the very FIRST post

I usually do not respond to rude people on this thread, but this LAST guy was rudeness coated in I felt the need to speak up.

Remember......... that just beacause YOU have no personal knowledge of something, does NOT mean it is not REAL.........I am glad you have fun dreams, I do to when dreaming! I am very glad I have the ability to discern between dreaming and wakfullness.

posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 05:44 PM
The last experiance...AND last nights were a 'little' differant, because they did not take place while falling asleep in the PM. They came to me after waking up, but wanting to sleep some more in the I was very relaxed the sound came.

This AM it came, and I rode the sound 'out'.....and dagnabbit if I did'nt find myself in that Astrally BLIND condition again. I asked for did not happen
I DEMANDED clarity and still nothing
I felt myself moving, whooshing at a high rate of speed and then I could vaugely see stars rushing by. I knew I was space flying again..........and demanded pure clarity, it did not happen, so I willed myself back.I see NOTHING of my room or anything, its all very dark, but for some reason once I am way above the planet I can see small points of light and know they are stars. BLAM, I am back in my body......wondering WHY sometimes I am blind over there? All I saw was a thick dark brown all around.

I was still relaxed and the sound kept coming at me very loud and insistant but I pushed it away, being frusterated by being blind on that side. I ended up dreaming about NM instead of really going there

I wonder WHY I fly way off the planet so much? I can NOT seam to get to NM but out of the galaxy is no biggy.....thats weird to feels ALMOST like something way out there wants me to go and be with them (it?).........So far it has never felt like I actually GOT to whereever I am flying to out in space.....maybe its nowhere in paticular really and I am just GOING, I dunno.....I wonder if a certain galaxy or planet is where I am going? I wonder if I am just being tugged far away from THIS planet for some reason I can't fathom?
I still have not been able to go to Stone Henge, or other cool Earth places.....still directionally challenged, sometimes blind, and rapidly flying away from Earth. How weird that is to me, and I so wonder what the lesson is for me in this?

(could this issue POSSIBLY be caused by other humans acting as gaurds to the Astral? I hope not....I want it to be an internal problem that I can work on and fix somehow)

Any other Astral travelers experiance these issues of blindness, inability to go where you wish, and being inexpicitly PULLED out into the cosmos?

[edit on 26-9-2005 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
Any other Astral travelers experiance these issues of blindness, inability to go where you wish, and being inexpicitly PULLED out into the cosmos?

Right here, I rarely am able to stay out anymore, usually I just get sucked back in a matter of seconds of separation. I can't understand why. I just hang suspended above myself, trying to move but nothing happens. Also on occasions everything I see is a blur while APing. I haven't successful APed in about a month and a half.

Can anyone help me get back on track?

posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 09:17 PM
WE do not suggest intoxication at this site. Edited for such reasons.

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posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by IXRAZORXI321
quote edited out due to content of quote.

No, don't do this unless you really know what you are doing. Astral projection can be achieved fine without intoxicating yourself...although if you seriously know how to use the plant, and the effects, then go ahead. But this shouldn't be recommended to people who might just go out and try it.

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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 01:51 PM
I sometimes forget that kids may read here.

edited for personal reasons

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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 02:16 PM
Datura is much different from most other plants used in this is typically regarded as a poison, rather than a hallucinogen, and it can easily kill someone who doesn't know what they are doing, or send you off on a 3 day long journey through your mind that can be uncontrollable. Although it is not an illegal drug like many other substances used for a spiritual experience, it is far more dangerous than any illegal drug I could think of...the old natives who would take it used to say "If she wins, you die. If you win, you learn great things" or something to that effect.

No, I haven't seen the show, but it looks interesting. Anyway, if you want to discuss the topic of entheogens, just send me a u2u, as it shouldn't really be discussed here...

Back to the topic, I have been trying to astral project again lately, and haven't gotten close...I used to have sleep paralysis more often, which was a good state of consciousness for astral projecting and I could do it easily...hmm, not sure why I seem to have lost that ability.

posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 01:35 PM
I had one a few days ago again. For some reason I can't just pass through doors when I'm OOBE-ing I have to open them and pass through them. And I didn't reach to the front door, because I had that annoying itch in my back again I floated back to my bedroom. I lost consciousness not long after that.

posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 03:37 PM
I was out again last night

Once more I was wanting to go to NM and went flyin way out in space

Very frusterating my lack of directional control

THANK YOU TC for that was needed. I have no wish to add inducement by drugs on the thread. We are trying to learn do this the natural way.

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posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 09:32 PM
if you ever find the control panel

let us know...

I can't remember having any control at all. I just explored.

no pix either...

posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 09:44 PM
Hi - I am of full mind and anxious heart. I am of the correct age of concent (33) but don't tell anyone! "

I have only ever admitted to one person about my OOBE tries. Every night I go through the rituals of getting to the point of having an OOBE>

I have tried different places in my house. Nothing is working here.

If I could humbly ask for that "yank" which allows others to have their OOBE and perhaps some tricks of the trade if you will, that would be great.

Thanks for your help , if you can help me.

posted on Oct, 9 2005 @ 03:39 PM

Try the timer (aka rhytm napping) method from Salt Cube. Maybe that will work for you.

At night before you go to sleep is not really a good time to try to get an OOBE, because you usually go into deep sleep right away after bedtime.

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