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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:24 PM

Originally posted by recycled
I ask this question due to an experience I had many years ago.
Is it possible to have an OOBE without trying, or even knowing they exist?


YES........happens alla time really.
People think they are dreaming, when in fact they have shifted into another reality and are now experiencing the life of that aspect of themselves, as our 'self' has so many aspects manifesting all at once. You 'merge' or replace them and they go elsewhere.... People are out & about without knowing it a huge portion of the time.

So I am back online now. I missed you guys ! I wonder sometimes when I am deep into some adventure that if some of the folks I have dealings with are folks from here.......

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 08:21 AM
Thanks for that info, Caveman. Have been trying over and over again, also in the morning.. But mostly what happened is that I fell asleep again

The stupid thing is that to people who have done it before, it seems really easy, as in "you just do this and that and tadaa, you're there" but it's a whole lot harder..

Not going to give up, I'll get there eventually. I do remember one time, a few weeks ago, where it somehow felt as if someone was trying to pull me out of my body.. Offcourse I was quite happy about that, and tried to let go of my body (forgot how, but do know I tried) but at the point where I was almost there, it all went away, and I was just in bed, feeling sorta empty, as well as dissapointed..

I really, really, really want this..

Oh, and welcome back Goddess

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 05:26 PM
Opening the door is the true challenge. Yet once open will never close again.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 05:40 PM
ooopsie daisey

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by TommyD

Hey I know what you mean. I wish I had a guy here to tell him about my approach to everything, especially in the past where I felt i was doing the lazy way or that I would never achieve such things, I just wish I had the confident encouragement!

Now its not even a question because this reality just got too damn wierd on me too fast, and i'm actually quite comfortable living in 3rd eye land.

You'll get it, i know you will. Intention manifests.

Your desire for it to happen manifests as your efforts to make it happen, manifests as putting yourself int he place to learn, refine and develop your tools to make it happen like encouraging tips or advice. Try meditating and telling yourself something like "i have endless willpower... I won't be on the fence on my decisions... there is only do or do not....otherwise what we DO... just happens SLOW... because we dont' realize we eventually WILL do it... and in realizing that.... waste no time, yes... its ego.. but use that damn thing and say "I'm going to do this !!!!!KDJEG" ... you can get yourself pretty pumped to do anything... you see how a word someone says can alter your moon, alter your mind, your chakras...but only because you allowed it.. i got the point where I could actually feel the vibratory decrease from my reactions to people, all my doing.. Point is: you must be able to empower yourself as easily as you dis-empower yourself, you know?

Just be patient. I know it will happen for you. You know why? Because I used to think I make a pretty slow, lazy and crappy student.. so unless you're worse for some reason.. haha...

It will happen... but timing is everything, things will be learned from your intentions to learn them... your choice to learn them and when you learn them is all timely... it will unfold.

Like i said, it seems to come back to that level to me where you can either DO or NOT DO... unless you've reached full will probably DO a lot of things in life... the speed at which they come seems relative to your readyness... which seems entirely relative to how long it takes to realize its in your potential to do AND understand.

Think back to your past, think back a year or even a month and remember how different you were, and how you've developed. It will happen, just be consistent with your efforts... you don't have to push it. Just sincerely want to happen, eventually it will.

I know what you mean about people speaking of how easy it is to do something. Those can be frustrating thoughts... But things would seem easy to someone who is of a higher mastery of it right? How often do we succeed at what it is very difficult for us?... but every time we fail, we learn, and we get closer to succeeding... so that being said... by the time you astral project, it will be easier then then is now, right? And it gets easier.

I think of how i used to struggle to play a few chords on the guitar and like 8 years later I feel I can play anything I try to... and I didn't practice very much. When put into that perspective these meditation efforts seem like they may have some major pay-offs down the line.

I imagine that if somebody could create something in and out of reality in an instant, they would find it very easy, and not know why we can't do it. It just seems to go that way. Everything becomes obvious. It seems like learning what you already know but you forgot. I look back at the way I used to think and react to situations and I see little comparisson to what i'm like now.

It will happen, just keep at it.That attitude will make it happen, I know it.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 10:29 AM
I have been meaning to make some time alone for myself to begin these fantastic journeys as I am sure I have the power inside to do this since I was a child, but have been too afraid to "go with the flow".

This morning some stones arrived in the post for me to begin chakra meditation, I have some youtube videos lined up to help me along (any links for some really good ones are welcome).

In the past I have experienced very strange dreams. For a long time I have experienced flying, well like an uncontrollable floating sensation in my dreams. Whenever I do this I always seem so surprised in my dreams (like it is real) that I am floating (like bouncing along as high as tall buildings and beyond trees), it's a happy but also scary sensation.

Also when I was in my early teens I remember watching a docu about lucid dreaming and how it is possible to control your dreams. That night I had a dream and knew for the first time (and only time since), that I was dreaming. I walked into room after room predicting what colour it would be inside.

If anyone would like to offer any advice or tips I would be very grateful.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 10:33 AM
Hi Viber8, this is a great video for chakra meditation, I've no idea if it's one you have lined up already. It's called "kundalini awakening" It's a visual meditaion aswell, so you can watch it like a video, or lay back and chillax.

As for lucid dreaming, reality checks have been good for me so far. Using a remote on the TV, my cell phone or a computer. They don't work like they should in dreams, and I have to keep redoing stuff. I've realised that this is my trigger. So when ever I'm using a PC/phone or remote, i ask myself if I'm awake.

Another good one for lucid dreaming, is to keep a dream diary. Infact some would say that it's the most important thing to do.

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 08:27 AM
Hey I'm just jumping in here, just looked over the last couple of pages and discovered this must be where caveman dwells. I miss seeing your threads around the forums. Regardless of all the spectics, some people still know...

But I have a question for ya. At night I've been laying down for bed(which i know is a bad idea) and letting my body relax, more and more, never seems to stop relaxing and I try to calm the mind, keep it quiet and focused on my breathe but it always seems like the next thing that happens is I'm waking up sometimes with a vague memory of a dream...

I wonder if diet, and other things contribute to the ease of doing such things as AP, or oobe and if so what would they be?

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by SeeingBlue

reply to post by SeeingBlue

I know what you speak of. I think the sleep process is very misunderstood. I see it as a deep trance.

You see people think of it as blacking out and waking up refreshed after they hallucinate (dream) all night. These people are unaware of the deeper states achievable through meditation.

I've had nights where I did as you did and it felt like I lingered between sleep and being awake for the whole 8 duration.. I felt kind of worn out in the morning.. I'd say it was a zen state, deep absorbtion where you know your not sleeping but you're not awake and perceiving anything either.. its like being aware of your non-perception. Its just a pulse of consciousness. Seems like it would be the state you would reach if you thought once you died you entered total blackness..

other times i will relax like that as you say and wake up 45 minutes later.. and I'll wonder if I fell asleep at all. This one week that happened every night and I got no sleep that week except for a few hours put together over various nights, yet I was not tired. It was like something wanted to keep me here.

Its just my guess from experience but what I think you are doing is being too aware..its like you know when you leave a deep trance and then you can no longer enter the deep trance for the rest of the day? I get that anyway. It seems to me like those deep trance meditations happen as a result of them being rushed. You are so restful and the slightest focus on your 3rd eye just takes you into a deep mode... yet.. I won't be able to do that if i spend half an hour feeling my body and such..if i hold off on the 3rd eye/crown awareness I won't get pulled in.

So i think you're not actually sleeping at all, just meditating. Whereas the sleep is like the meditation you are unaware of. Sleep is like meditation.. a very deep one, so it should offer clues that astral projection can be achieved through meditation. You gain awareness of the process of falling asleep and you begin to see no difference between that and meditation.

It just seems to be a lack of awareness and total restfulness that makes sleep what it is.. its like jumping right into a deep deep trance.

Only you'll notice the difference because you'll wonder if you fell asleep but when you wake up you have so much clarity, so much focus. Whereas sleep seems to be a bit more disorienting. Its like meditating for 8 hours and letting your consciousness become more detached from this state and effectively really firing up the 3rd eye and so when you wake up i think we feel that disorientation because its re-integrating your consciousness into a whole new dream, a whole new reality. We just spent the night doing other things in dreams and we have to adjust to this life and energy again.

Its just my thinking behind it. I think if I can master astral projection then I can use it as a form of remote viewing. We put all these labels on everything and I think it really clouds it. Basically.. when we close our eyes... things fade, and we enter a new what can we do with that?

The astral projection seems to come naturally in the morning because of the brain chemicals (connectors) and your complete restfulness (detachment).. I think when you are actually putting your attention on your body and relaxing it what you're actually doing is grounding it, and its something I only just thought of... because you are becoming aware of your body, you are essentially putting more energy there, when really you want to move the energy away, right? It's like when we have thoughts "i need/want to sleep".. and we fail...whereas when we dont want to sleep but we can't help it because we have a strong urge to just LET GO.. that's when we sleep.

I have astral projected at NIGHT from meditation ONCE. But it could have something to do with the fact that I was already meditating for like 6 hours. It was overall an 8 hour day, pretty intense and just what I needed at the time.

Check out those lucidology101 videos on youtube, I think that guy gives some good reasons for everything, including the day/night thing.

It seems to be that you waking up with this vague dream memory is because your consciousness isn't where it needs to be to put it simply. Its much more conducive after a night of sleep because the dream recall is so good, we are more present in them. Its like you are meditating just fine and holding on but the focus isn't where it needs to be to hold on. I bet you'll be able to meditate yourself into one in the future but it will probably just take some discipline. After the last few astral projections it just seems to be a matter of letting go.. the root chakra is the key yet its interesting because it is your doorway to relaxation.. it is what ROOTS your consciousness to your body because it keeps you "awake".. yet focusing on it puts energy there, puts your consciousness there. I can't say I really understand it just yet so i'm not going to pretend to. Its like it has lots to do with the root energy and yet nothing. Understand the nature of relaxation and I think you'll get clues to what it takes to move your consciousness around. The consciousness was always free... relaxation doesn't need to be trained, just the factors that keep us from being relaxed... so its sort of an UNtraining. If we could just LET GO.. we could put our consciousness anywhere I think. My teacher could explain it well, about the root chakra and yin energy and stuff. Too bad he's not here. But there seems to be some huge importance to developing your ability to relax.

Something like that saying.. you need firm footing to climb the ladder to "heaven" or something like that. That was like a quote on kundalini. I think basically implying the importance of the root and the more you relax.. the more your resisting against your own awareness... its like Qi gong.. stop moving your arms and you begin to easily feel the energy. Learn to relax more and more and there will be more energy to be aware of, to direct as you will. And astral projection I think its literally a Chi projection. You create a vessel, and they are fragile to resistance. I think my teacher was implying this also a similar nature to teleportation itself... because your body is of this density.. you may as well leave it here if it were even capable of leaving.. and yet it is also of the mind... so if you were to only put your consciousness somewhere else, it seems you would have a vessel to house it. That is to say teleportation like this is a localized event of which you are the only witness but none the less real and useful. Its just moving to another dream, where i'd see the outside observers as thinking you never left.. but just swapped places with another version of yourself that is suitable.

I think diet would play a role in terms of strengthening your belief that it would. I decided i would try and consume energy based on colour. I thought I could astral project that night if I had something purple to drink, and I did, and I did project but I think its just because I had the necessary mental belief.

My friend talked to me about this show with this african shaman who could manifest things easily.. and he did this by carrying random stones in his pocket.. he said "because I believe they will help me, they do"... they are just stones, but their symbol helps him believe.

But also food plays factors in your energy's resistance. I think if you just have lots of energy than its not really much of an issue.

I don't eat that healthy really. I used to but decided I wasn't done lifting weights, and it was something I wanted to do. So I eat me.. right now i'm drinking a disgusting coke of all things but I don't seem to mind. My teacher who is a Qi Gong master, admits he eats McDonalds like once a week, says it doesn't really matter.. its just that you believe it does, and you don't have enough energy to resist it in the case that you don't believe, like so many of us do.

Ok i'm done, and thanks for the kind words. But I stopped posting threads for my own reasons, figured it didn't matter.. I guess I realized it was too complex and I could understand why some would not understand unless they took the baby steps first. I posted threads for those who were totally unknown to this, not to those who I already had confidence in but I understand. And I'm not here to teach any skills but give some recite some personal experience, I realized all that seems to matter to me is that one find a sense of reason, find their self. I feel there is too much stuff being flung about and I try to avoid it... speaking of light and frequencies.. I speak of them on a conceptual level but I don't want to feel like i'm propagating a science to which I have no real research. All I have are my concepts and observations. I don't want to be looked to as the how-to guy but rather the guy who encourages and helps to point out the dangers someone may be trying to avoid, like getting your mind stuck in a loop believing something because it came from a respected and wise source. Well I've decided to put all my threads into this one thread now:

you'll see what i'm talking about if you read the opening 2 part post, its alot of reading and probably boring. Its more for the accusers of our collective "religious cult" insanity.


posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 05:24 PM
Just wanted to share a quick story.

My sleeping was all screwy last night because I decided it was a great idea to mess up my schedule and take a nap after school. I ended up sleeping poorly until about 11 PM or so, at which point I got up to do stuff to kill some time.

I decided to go back to bed around 3 AM, but couldn't sleep and just laid there quietly. I'm guessing it was around 4 when I found myself dreaming, and it felt like there was something nudging itself under my arm (in the dream). I decided to reach down and feel whatever it was because I didn't think it was evil, but it was nothing but a shadow. I knew when I touched it that it was my amazing beagle we had to put down last year.

I suddenly jerked awake because I was hearing whispers, but I couldn't quite make out what was being said, so I thought to myself, "What?" and in a proverbial flash, heard the all-too-familiar whooshing sound that kills all other noises.

No fear, no regret, and, sadly, no projection.

It's all good though! Makes me think that my little buddy is still with me, whether I know it or not. It was intense.


posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 12:56 PM
Hello Everybody.!!

I have been following this thread for many months now but never really posted, but now i feel it as a "nagging sensation" to post my experience n share it with all of u. Any knowledge/opinion on the subject is appreciated.

But, instead of posting it, I have made a thread to save space..

So, here it iss.

Transcendental... or ...Mind Games

Thank u for ur posts n great job with keeping this thread alive, in all the pages of this thread, i believe every single one holds many truths n good advice.. So I must say, WELL DONE Rivergoddess.!! n to everyone who has contributed.(=


posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 02:22 AM
Besides experimenting with mind altering substances, I'm sure there are some ways to achieve this. Just to share, there have been times when I was dreaming and I thought I was looking down at myself doing whatever I was doing (I forget as it's tough for me to recall things of that nature unless I record it with my handy dandy notebook.. yes I do have one...). On many accounts I've actually been playing video games or in the midst of intense exercise I have literally felt or "seen?" myself in the third person doing what I was doing. I know it may not be what you had in mind but I just maybe wanted to help. I was either doing something I rather enjoyed or felt I wanted to get out of the situation. If that helps

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by ZeroMuse

I know 2 friends this happened to. One friend is a singer and she saw herself singing. The other friend was getting tattood and saw himself from above.

I can't recall if its ever happened to me but meditation has reached the point where I will see a full vision, in such detail as to like read a note in this vision. I'll think i'm there and feel confused and blind and then I open my eyes and I'm still at home clearly. Kind of crazy how that happens without being asleep really.

Thanks for sharing that, I almost forgot about that.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 03:44 AM
Sorry, i haven't read this whole thread, although I do intend to.

I'm interested in two things in this area.

Firstly, OP have you arranged to meet someone in the astral plane? I have heard this is possible but even experienced people seem to have trouble with it. I've heard that people can be different to what their appearance is as well so i guess it's hard to verify if you really meet the person you intend on.

As I haven't had a full OoBE yet I remain slightly sceptical as to what they are exactly (ie, whether they are really dreams or hallucinations etc - not that i really believe this), meeting someone seems like a way of verifying the experience, and i'm very interested in hearing about this.

Secondly, I'd love to hear about some of the beings/creatures that are encountered, i've heard there are all sorts of weird things to see.

I actually dream of flying quite a lot...i'd love to be able to do this in astral terms...practice, practice

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

Hi River Goddess, firstly, congratulations on such a massive ATS Thread!!

anyway, I just wanted to say that about 14 yrs ago when I was around 16yrs old, I found that I could almost achieve OOBE (or what i thought was oobe) without too much effort.

I would lie in bed at night and switch off my whole body and breathe only through my mouth. I would think, "i am going to leave my body now", then within 15 minutes i would actually feel my legs lifting up in the air as well as having an electric feeling buzzing right through my body, also bright light too.

after getting to this stage I would always freak out and snap out of what was happening to me.

Since that time in my life, I have only ever achieved this once, about 1 year ago.

I really struggle to get this back again and now I just tend to fall asleep when trying.

Any suggestions??

thanks, G.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by grantbeed

hey man, good to hear. Just work on the subconscious blocks, like what makes you freaked out about it. Everything, you want not even a doubt or a care. I can achieve many OBE's because they are so mundane to me but the first couple times were really difficult and almost impossible just from the fear and confusion. I didn't adjust really until I had like 4 more OBE's after that. Now its just like my fun land.. and i'm not worried about anything harming me, actually I have more concern of my harm I may be doing. I'm like my user name says when i'm there.

I made this podcast a long time ago, it really needs to be updated because I dont get those sounds anymore and go about a slightly different procedure, both self-taught.

I'd say because you've already experienced the transition stage, then you're already there. Wake up earlier then usual so you're tired enough to sleep still, hopefully your mind will still be kind of foggy and full of randomness and imagery, this is the best stage you can ask for to do it... as you fall back to sleep, tell yourself you HAVE sleep paralysis... remember the experience, the sounds, the feelings and imagine you are feeling that as you fall asleep... be very strong and sincere about it. You'll wake into the paralysis.. I also recommend laying on your back.. and as well, the sleep paralysis seems to be more common when you fall asleep without much body motion.. so laying stiff like a board on your back and drifting off really helps.. you can even get to the point where you can observe the process and sort of bypass even falling asleep... its more like fading into the experience... but yeah.. when you wake into the paralysis, make the vibrations higher pitched, faster... relax more and more... you think you need to wrestle yourself out of your body, this just wastes energy... and you think you are still feeling your body and you think when you try and get up that you'll wake up, but really, it is your "astral" body.. its very confusing at first.... just relax more and more.. you won't lose the experience... just become pure relaxed and free and imagine yourself somewhere in the room or imagine yourself getting out of the bed... you essentially want to mentally freely detach from your physical body (but not really).. and this mental process lets you separate.

I really don't think there is any danger, its like dreaming but I think you are projecting a forcefield...nothing can hurt you or invade you, i don't believe that. I don't think you are like fully separating from your body... thats what makes the experience terrifying at first, in combination with that thought, the struggle makes you feel like you are dieing, as you separate too.. actually pretty cool!

But yeah, i "shoot out" multiple astral bodies in one sitting, don't worry about them getting harmed, actually I dont recall even feeling pain, pleasure for sure, no pain.

If you've had sleep paralysis before, you're already half way there, just mentally want to recreate that experience.

good luck, let us know when you get it.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 02:40 PM
as on now i have had about 4 OBEs, 2 thru lucid dreaming, and 2 thru sleep paralasis, and many times afterward have tryed to replicate the experiance with no success. i have tryed binarial beats, meditation, spells, petitioning spirits, crystals, charms, etc, etc, with little progress (came close to conscious OBEs and had some extreme dreams thru meditation and spells. i also exercise to keep my body physically well and ready.

how i wish a adept could come and travel with me, maybe im asking them in the wrong way, but here i am asking again, hehe.

anyways does anyone know a way to induce sleep paralysis, i know once im there i can leave my body, i just need to get there.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by primoaurelius
anyways does anyone know a way to induce sleep paralysis, i know once im there i can leave my body, i just need to get there.

Wake up earlier then you normally would as to be tired enough to fall asleep again. As you fall back to sleep remind yourself what sleep paralysis is like and tell yourself you have, want it with such determination and imagine you are experiencing it. This one way to WAKE into it that I find used to work really well for me.

Another way is to go limp in your bed, just relax and sink and sink, feel your body, be attentive to your wandering mind, at some point you may catch yourself and know you are falling asleep... like deep drowsiness bordering sleep paralysis, from there the simple acknowledgement usually works well for me and my body instantly starts to buzz.

It generally gets easier to do by gradually increasing your awareness of your body / and attention to details and your mind as it shifts gears in sleep and meditation. Sleep just is like a deep kind of meditation to me, when you start to notice the transitions it kind of seems that way.. and I mean thats what your asking for... the transition the sleep paralysis... So being more attentive of the transition from "waking" to sleeping helps.

I used to use the first method but now I project consciously sort of... i just lay in bed, relax, if i am super tired my body will feel very relaxed and I just sense its entirety and if I am sleepy enough it will give me the body buzz while still being awake of sorts.

Works for me, I know everyone seems to acheive projection differently. I find these methods very effective for me, it pretty much just depends on determination and ability to sleep again when I wake up. The determination is key.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 03:53 PM
After reading this, I'm intrested, I've been trying for a while now to have an OOBE.

If the adept that helped you could pull me out OOBE, it would be amazing, thank you.

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 01:35 PM
Falling asleep and being mindful that you are allows you in your foggy daze to become aware of your body, thats when it starts to buzz.

From there you can wake up in another part of the universe of sorts and get right out of bed. Everything will look familiar, as you scan it expecting it to be different, trying to actively study what's going on. Essentially, you take over the life of another version of yourself with all its familiarities. You realize when you wake up how different it really was.

From this new place where you are essentially laying in a different bed, you can also project your energy (astral projection).. and this trip can become more psychedelic, open-ended and powerful. Whether the part I mentioned before is also an astral projection I do not know.

Dreams are stable, projections are very unstable
Dreams can last a long time, projections last a few minutes, depending on your energy and what you do.
Dreams you wake up normally, projections often you wake up with physical / energetic symptoms of the experience.

But it seems to me whenever I "shoot out" more projections, I am actually doing so from my body in another world... when you look around the room it is different.

Perhaps we simply have to go somewhere that the projection is easily attainable. My theory is that projection is like a form of remote viewing, an energy bubble you create to explore but also interact, people can see it and communicate with it, and it is very sensitive, getting hit can destroy/disperse it.

If you can catch yourself falling asleep, become aware of your body, it will vibrate, do whatever you want with the vibrations, your mind, pull in energy if you want... but if you're already here, i think you are already somewhere else.

My QiGong teacher spoke of teleportation as being similar to astral projection and I think I understand... the body may be anchored here unless you have the energy to move it, but the consciousness is not. Relaxation is the key to everything, always more relaxation... its through the relaxation you connect with the YIN, you become aware of your environment... and you think... when you sleep.. you RELAX... you relax your body and free your consciousness.

Relax, free your consciousness, and put it somewhere else.. go work on something while you're there, and when you "wake up" you'll be back in your body.

You can go somewhere where time is faster or slower to accomplish more he would imply. Its interesting since when coming out of a deep trance I feel it has been hours when really it's only been 45 minutes.

I'm getting very broad with this post but the point is to seriously look at what's actually going on. If you want to strive to create an experience that to you is someone else's definition of an astral projection, go for it. Create the silver cord all you want, I for one have never seen it or realized the point of it. I think it's fear, wanting to believe it's more anchored to the precious point of origin.

Anyways, have an interesting time.

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