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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by jonnyc55

lose the word plane from both -physical is the everyday of living our lives in the physical world or the world around us .this is everything that we do day in and day out.

oobe`s and dreaming are the spiritual half of our selves -there are 2 aspects to these times the first one is that oobe`s and dreaming can both be done when we are wide awake this is why we remember them as we have split off the physical world around us by shutting off the inner voice within ourselves-THE MIND- as it is always chattering at us or thinking , this is why we use meditation to shut the mind up and conscientiously move it to the back and then we bring forward the other half of ourselves -the biggest problem with us all is that the chattering mind does not like to surrender control as it thinks that it knows it all [WRONG] this is where most of you people get stumped, as there is a whole other side to us all that most people never begin to look for as -QUOTE -IT IS NOT REAL . we were all told this from day 1 and we all believed it .
Castaneda`s books describe it as a battle within -1 is called tonal or all that is physical and mental as to our world and what we know even our ego`s and every aspect of ourselves.the other is the naugual or all that which is unknown to us or that which you are all trying to do here -our experiences are all related back to us in a way that we can all understand -meaning that all that we are shown or taught is given to us as if the event took place here in our everyday life standards.
Castaneda said silence the inner voice or he called it the silence from within.
the second part to this is that oobes can be done when sound asleep we call it dreaming or nightmares until we learn how to control it and what you are seeing and hearing ; due to human nature we all have a problem we all have to get our noses in there as close as possible just to see what is there or happening-think of an accident and all the rubber rubberneckers slowing down just to see and holding up traffic,were all guilty of it.learn instead to stand back and watch it unfold in front of you, think of your self as a spectater at the big game half way up in the bleachers this is how you should look within the experience as an impartial observer to the game.

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 11:47 PM
As if there isn't enough information about astral projection in this thread (there is a plethora already), if anyone would like two really helpful documents about it, one would look up "do_obe" and "240 questions answered", both of which are pdf files. By the way, neither of these files are mine. Full credit goes to the respected authors. I did not post the links in case it was against the site rules. I just found them on the internet and was amazed by the amount of information each document had.


posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 05:46 PM
I want to thank all who have contributed to this wonderful thread. This thread alone has intrigued me to register with ATS.

Here is my only OOBE experience.

I was attending boarding school when my sports psychology had twenty of us lay down on yoga mats in a gym. I was very tired that day, so I figured I would just take a quick nap. He proceeded in guided imagery. First we had to tense all our muscles for 15 seconds, and then to let go. At this time, I felt that my body was completely paralyzed. He then told us to feel ourselves falling deeper and deeper into the earth and away from the room. As soon as I allowed this to happen, I could see my body above me. This is where my experience begins.

The greatest sensation overcame me and I continued to proceed. I have no way of explaining what I felt. Within time I was above my physical form and saw myself lying there. I just decided to let go and I found myself leaving the room through the ceiling and soaring across campus. I saw the outline of my campus, but couldn't see anyone. I then found myself above the town, then above the lake, then so far in the sky that all I could was see patterns (like one sees in airplanes). Eventually I was so lost that I found myself above the earth looking back. At this point, I got scared and like that I was back in the room. I would like to note that I had no control of where I was going, I just let whatever was happening take me. At that point, our teacher had everyone sitting up, but since I was in the corner, I guess they never realized that I was no longer paying attention to class.

Excited, I sat up and asked my friend who was ten feet away if he had the same experience. He looked as if I was crazy, he went on to explain that the teacher told us to imagine our favorite beach and feel the ocean breeze. The weirdest thing occured to me, that I didn't hear the teacher since he told us to fall deeper into the ground. I let it go, because class was over and I had to get to practice. After that day, I have tried many times to do the same thing, and never succeeded.

To this day, I felt like this was the greatest experiences of my life so far. It has been four years now, and until I read this thread did I realize that this could have been my first OOBE.

Does anyone have any insight if this was just my imagination or if I did infact split from my physical form? I only ask, becuase I cannot recall seperating besides realizing that I was away from my physical body.

Thank you for reading.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 06:28 PM
OOBE [Out of Body Eperience] are not very common because the soul is hard wired to the physical body with such a strong magnetism that your not going to break free from it so easilly. However I know the method. It is guaranteed to work. Just use my method long enough and I guarantee results will come your way. My number one method involves using a mirror. This is a method that is prehistoric in its antiquity. See the video inserted below. My second but prefered method involves looking into absolute darkness. Of the two it is probably even older than the mirror method. If you give it thought is it not true that every dream is an OOBE ? So using my method your dreaming will become stronger. Especially I advise that you sleep in the daytime then the dreams will become more like reality and more easy to remember too. OOBE and dreaming are identical since during your OOBE your physical body will be in a state of trance or sleeping. OOBE scientifically involves what is called Quantum Entanglement. QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT [QE] is not, as some believe it to be, the transfer of "information" at greater than the speed of light, at absolute velocity, or any velocity. QE is what some call "worm hole in space" what Albert Einstien called "The folding of the fabric of time and space". It is the "Oneness of All Things". What Egyptian Mystics called "Star Gate". Take a sheet of paper. It is a two dimensional surface. Draw a point A and a point B. The distance between point A and point B is about three inches. Point A and point B are separated by space and it takes time to travel the three inches between them. But that is only because they exist in two dimensional space. If we introduce a third dimension we are then able to fold the paper in that third dimension. In folding the paper we join point A to point B. Then the separation between point A and point B is zero. No separation. Interestingly we all experience this QE in our subconsciousness which is, relative to our mundain daytime consciousness, a higher dimensional domain. Our mundain daytime consciousness is like as the two dimensional surface of a body of water. The air above and the water below [subconsciousness] occupy a three dimensional domain that our mundain consciousness cannot see or hear. Through Transcendental Meditation [Yoga] we are communicating with that higher dimensional domain. OOBE and dreams take place in that higher dimensional domain. Thus as viewed by our mundain daytime consciousness OOBE and dreams are viewed as arising from our subconsciousness. Obviously the subconsciousness is our "imagination". Artists and musicians and writers depend apon it. Inspiration too is born out of our subconsciousness. QE is very important. Activation of the ability to OOBE and dream is simply a matter of supplication. Supplication is immediately what you are doing as you look into the mirror or into the darkness. The supreme consciousness of the cosmos [GOD] will respond to your request. Put your self into the Hand of God and await developments. Patience is required. Few possess the patience. Watch the video MianYang which I created especially to assist persons like as yourself.

Google Video Link

Google Video Link

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posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 02:52 AM
Decided to post this as it's the reason I came back to this site. I wrote it about 10 minutes after i woke up with a deeply pulsing pineal gland and no i don't care to edit it. =). It's just from my dream journal so I just write as much as I can as fast as I can, but in it I include some details that may help make your projections pretty interesting. They've gone from short trips of walking around a dimensional neighborhood then waking up, to full body pulses and flying the speed of light, and a bunch of other cool stuff. =). I've been training with some Qi Gong / Taoist stuff from this teacher and I've noticed its effects on astral projection as I also deepen the experience further, so, here it is, my dream journal today:

"well i just forced my way out of probably a one hour astral projection and i feel like at any moment i can slip into another reality, literally, its becomming too easy.

I need to get out the things i learned.

THe energy body would project and get stuck when it ran out of "fuel" at that point I dissolved into the reality i was in, returning the light i borrowed, the body, as it is not me, i am the spirit, so i let the light body that get stuck dissolve.

I probably had over 100 projections

A few of them were repeats and I was wondering why they were so dull when i was trying to go to some exciting places. I took note of a magazine i looked at so when i woke up i could check with what i saw but obviously this place is completely different!

I remember going outside, it was a wonderful energetic variance, i could feel the energy, the visuals were coming in and out, i was trying to hold on. I was climbing a tree covered in flowers, and jumping to another one, small trees like they were in my backyard, i remember it made me so happy, the tree was so vivid and aline energetically, it was really the feel of another dimension different then this earth i thought, i had another projection and came out and did again and the sky was stormy this time and i tried to make lightning strike, it did but it didnt really.. like it was a projection of intention to manifest.. the whole experience is like. On numerous occasions I tried to put myself in specfic places to do specific things and it too many projections to finaly do it.

umm.. what else.. around the end i thought i was levitating my body off the bed, but it may have beem my astral body, basically i am noticing a trend where once projecting my association of the "home base" changes. Its like going to another universe, and taking on a new role, new world even though it seems like home, it seems familiar, which has me wondering about these things my teacher tought me. as I type this my vision is a blur and my forehead is feeling a lot of pressure and i know if I lay down I'd be off in another world again. I am tempted to go back but i don't want to push myself too hard. For example:

I was laying on my side and felt the vibrations, very intense. I felt them when i was fading in consciousness, like i was having 2d visions and i instantly knew, hey # that, i'm dreaming now, so queue the vibrations but they were too much, and its just easier on my back, dammit. So i woke up.. its hard to explain but i'm trying to teach myself how to willfully enter this state and these worlds.. something about.. i know i have to take the visuals of the 3rd and PULL THEM.. I need to make them turn 3D.. Its like stepping into the TV screen.. a 2D vision displaying a 3D world. So when I feel the visuals coming I know I can enter them. Writing the "how-to" of this is difficult but I will try.

So but i woke up and layed on my back to try it that way, i didnt think i would fall back to sleep but its not even like that, i bypass the sleep process these days as it seems, literally going from one place to another without the perception of losing consciousness. No doubt the body sleeps but it is a gradual transition of the spirit/ the mind. You can literally be staring at the physical wall and feel the vibrations, still looking at the wall, and be astral.

So I was laying on my back, and i tried that advice of that Lucidology101 youtube guy about 90% of the body's tension being in the jaw. So i relaxed my jaw. I might add that also all the nerve development qi gong type training the teacher has me doing has really helped. I was feeling my entire body at once and I think this helped the experience, helped me induce vibrations.. ok so like i was just relaxing my jaw, laying on my back, feeling my entire body, trying to make it vibrate, and i wasnt trying to create a 2D visual... its hard to explain.. but recognizing the ego, its layers, and what binds you to this world... like brain light sensory impulse from this world keeps us here... like if you are meditating you are in a deep trance and you feel like you can trace back the process of how you got there, you associate that current state with who you are,and as soon as you open your eyes a little, you are snapped out of it and into ego mode, fully absorbed back into this reality but feeling pretty chill as well, but still feeling like getting back to where you were was unreachable.

Perhaps because as the light entires the eyes it starts breaking down the '___' or something, it shuts down the 3rd, your portal, and connection here: physical reality light, using physical eyes, its enough to bring you back. Its interesting though, some reading I did where this guru said the eyes are "symbolic", since they are just as illusionary as the reality, so pointing them somewhere is like an intention of focus, talking about rolling your eyes to look at your 3rd eye type of stuff. But yeah.. I am rambling but all of these things, these concepts, realizations and training have gotten me to this astral projection.. skill?

So anyways.. laying on my back, feeling my body as i've been training, remembering the vibration feel, allowing it to come.. the only real trick here is that you keep RELAXING.. RELAX RELAX RELAX... tell your body to sleep, even if you aren't tired... relax..feel the body, allow vibrations.. if its the morning then you should still have some visuals firing in your head with ease.. if not.. close your eyes... just RELAX.. wait for them to come.. dont engage them.. just relax more and more... you'll see a visual and try and GRAB IT..thinking.. pull this into 3D, and you may do that and lose it, like wake up a little, but more visuals will come and you may notice the vibrations in your body starting to come.

When the vibrations are very strong, its still not over. It has gotten more difficult in some regards for me, the experience of the vibrations have become more intense.. the ringing has become a very high pitch. (i made the stupid mistake a few days ago where i...well i try and select a destination when in vibration mode.. and i said.. "take me to the place of highest spiritual understanding".) And the vibrations intensified x10, ha.. i had to abort, will try again later maybe.

so like..when they come you know, it used to be easy for me to roll out or something but nowadays I really have to put a lot of emphasis on relaxing more and more, telling the body to sleep.. if the mind is experiencing the vibrations its already alert, dont worry, you will just feel yourself become lighter sort of and get out easier.

My head is still dizzy, I can feel alot of pressue on my hard palette.

So whatever, I'm in another reality now, jumping around doing this and that. I know its like swapping places with another identity of yours because you seem to think what you are seeing is HOME.. its YOUR reality... so I had to do a few reality checks.. i mean i was running through the house, but i would do stuff like go through a window, and I knew I was still an astral dude... but thats what bothers me, the associations.. its all just LIGHT.. its all just STUFF.. energy... only seperation in vibration.. its not some ghostly body to me, its just vibrational seperation, it is infinite dimensions, fractal universes to explore of which we are attached to intamately. So I dont like propagating "my astral body" type of stuff.. your spirit swaps places with another version of you is what it feels like. But that being said, its like you are swapping places with another PHYSICAL version of yourself and yet still projecting some energy ghost, lol.. its pretty trippy.

And yes, as I felt the visuals fading i would be back in the OTHER body.. like the other body in another universe.. like i said, visuals fade and also you come to a dead stop, and at that point i just let the vessel i am using dissolve into light, returning it. You'll be back in "a body".. feeling vibrations, here is your chance to charge. It is my theory based an experience some weeks ago that what we project highly depends on energy levels, let me explain:

Astral projection is NOT lucid dreaming, i can't believe that, i am sorry. Dreaming there is more control and i dont wake up with physical symptoms.

I have woken up from astral projections feeling really tired for most of the day, like just DRAINED.. and I felt better before I projected. I have had vibrating..BONES...feeling my entire skull and feeling the symptoms i still am, 30 minutes later, heavy forehead/brain pressure and pressure on the roof of the mouth.

Ok so what does that have to do with anything? I mentioned I had a teacher who has been teaching me some Qi Gong and Taoist really hardcore energy awareness training. I basically just feel the nerves in my body internally.. like feel my whole body and make circuits of movment internally, feeling every edge of my skin and internally, like holding out your hand and feeling that tingling but doing it for your whole body. This really helps develop your nervous system.


posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 02:54 AM
*continued from above*

And then when do that, you do something called Bone breathing or body breathing. I really can't explain all of this in the fine detail i wish I could without writing pages long, and i am just a student afterall. But yes.. when feeling your body like this in meditation, as you inhale and exhale, feel like you are pulling energy from your environment into your body, condensing it in your bones.

Theres some real cool side affects of that but thats another topic all together: side effects of having lots of Chi. !

But yes.. I did this for a long time one night and the next morning I had an astral projection... and guess what.. thinking about the theory and what the teacher dude said about astral projections using your ENERGY.. When i was "astral".. i felt myself PULSING at like 1000 beats per minute, it felt like giant bubbles in my blood. Well while astral I had always tried to fly into space but I would always end up back in my body, i never made it. lol.. but THIS TIME... I didnt just go into space, i flew right into the sun and went through it, saw a bunch of fractals everywhere and flew out the other end in about 2 seconds. I was pumped full of energy, it was great.

Ok so at that point I really established to myself that astral projections can get more powerful with the energy you have, and more disciplined of course too.

So there were some other things too like.. I would be back in "the body".. vibrating, ready to shoot out again and I would bone breathe.. I would pull energy from the environment so the new "energy projection" to explore with had more power.

I would also while out in that little energy shell.. put my awareness behind my "eyes".. in that energy shell, because i was remembering the teacher dude saying behind the eyes was where spirit gathered, where you can tap into spirit to create more Qi.. like raw manifesting source...STUFF.. lol.. i avoid the term "energy".. since people get all pissy about it, particularly the scientific definition... so its "raw spirit stuff" to me.

So yeah, i had like 100 projections over an hour and i was enjoying myself, the world was so beautiful and vivid in appearance and feel. Whenever I project I am also aware of my breathing and I know some talk about there projection breathing but for me its like awareness of 2 bodies.. i feel my "body" in WHATEVER bed.. breathing. And I remember this was a pretty cool and wierd experience when at one point I was swimming in some water, while breathing, lol, some slight paranoia thought I would choke or drown but i brushed that away.

Well, its beginning to fade from my head already and i'm glad I got it out on writing.

The only thing that woke me up was that I heard people talking about my sleeping body.. the one in a different..universe... and they were commenting on how deep sleeping i was, they thought i was dead or something, i felt my mother check my pulse and so I woke myself up.. which was VERY was difficult, i was soo absorbed at that point, i tried to force my eyes open as i mentioned as it has that quality of snapping you back to that ego reality, struggling with my body. I never thought waking up would take some training too. At that point its like I thought I had overdone it but who's to say that's even possible. During the whole time I just pulled in more energy, and I am awake and feeling fine, but my head is still ~~~. Oh yeah, and my mother wasn't there checking my pulse when I woke up, and I was in a different room which i associated as being my own, that's how crazy it is with the associations, where I was...WAS home.. in every sense at least, but here is the.. "origin".. of this little psychedelic travel.

Alright so thats my wacky astral adventure. I never post on here anymore, but since i started projecting in... 2008 i guess, it has gotten pretty intense and easy to do. Just like pulling those 2D visuals into 3D, relaxing the body as if sleep itself was like the spirit detaching from the ego, letting go of that reality and entering another, damn, its just getting easier.

I apologize if this was confusing, feel free to ask me questions. Keep exploring inside and out, within and withOUT. An open mind and an eagerness to learn are the best tools we got.


posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 03:25 AM
I actually tried the bone-breathing technique you just mentioned earlier. I'm on the 7th floor of a building, so I pictured energy from the earth running up the columns into the floor then into my bed then finally entering every part of my body.

Today was the farthest I have ever gotten since my only experience because I felt that my arms were seperated. As I tried to seperate more, my alarm clock went off... Haha it was a shame.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by higns07

hey man its all good! i started with baby steps too, but then I sprang off like a baby gazelle, 30 seconds after birth already running from a hungry cheetah!

The whole..spiritual "process" used to blow my mind and i couldn't ever see myself being more aware or skilled at any of these particular things but the evidence lies in the memories of the past. My first AP experiences were terrifying, confusing but EXCITING in many ways. They got better and more frequent soon after, but then I went half a year without having any, which i did some subconscious balancing technique to see WHY.. and then now I have them at least once a week if not more and when I do, i make a pretty hardcore event out of it.

All that Qi Gong, bone breathing and developing your nervous system really helps a lot!!!

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 04:10 AM
i know what you mean about imagining the energy coming up from the apartment, hah. I asked my teacher what he thought of me wearing shoes that were specifically designed to insulate against electricity and he laughed. He said idealy, bare foot is best, with the earth's touch. He says he does all his training in the spring and in winter he just does internal work.
Bone breathing though I just feel my whole body, do circuits of awareness to get a sense of everything or spend time on a certain section and feel it really sucking in power as i breathe. I'll put the intention to pull it in every direction from the room, the universe, whatever. I just feel it, and i get the cool side effects of electrical jolts and people staring at me like the energy is visually pulsing off me or something.

Everything we do is a persuit of some form of energy, no ego implied dude, people will flock to you if you do some hardcore energy cultivation. haha.

Just..really cool things and funny things come out of the process.

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posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 04:10 AM

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posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 08:30 AM
Damn, 121 pages already.. Have to admit I haven't read them all, but i've come a long way.

This topic is one of the main reasons I registered with ATS, I'm very interested in this subject, but I just can't seem to do it. In the past I had someone who could channel spirits, and let them talk to me, but she left and therefore I had to find my own ways to do this. OOBE's aren't all about that, I know.. But it's a start. So far, all that I've been able to do is ehm, well.. Nothing really. Sometimes I sense people's feelings, and at one time I actually heard my spirit guide make a sound, but no further contact has been made. Last night I tried to focus myself on getting out of my body, again, but I just couldn't do it.. I was tired, tried to focus on "seeing" with my eyes closed, and felt every inch of my body.. But no go.
I did at one time get a strange feeling.. All warm and fuzzy, like someone who loves you is holding you, transferring that love into me. I know, not very well explained, but that's all I can make of it..

Will try again tonight (as I do almost every night..)

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 06:06 AM
Hmm sounds like a real experience I would definetly calm down a lot more though for next time. Maybe that's why you had to go back early.....

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by TommyD

try working on your ability to relax, sounds silly but it is like an ability to be trained. Meditation is good for that, but it would really help if you could just let your body just sink, passively focus on visuals until they are getting stronger, hopefully something by then would make you realize your slipping deeper into your inner visuals, or as far as dreaming, catch this as it happens and you should snap to your body, vibrating. At that point just RELAX more and more, more relaxation, sink. Then gently allow yourself to be somewhere, outside your body or whatever. If you feel the vibrations, you think you are feeling your body, if you see your bedroom or something... now here's the interesting part.. you may look around and associate it with your bedroom but when you wake up you'll know it wasn't.. its like trading places with yourself an alternate universe, where you associate things, people as familiar somehow... so one of the tricky parts is realizing you're already in projection mode.

If you can get there, to vibrations and stuff, i mean REAL, may blow your mind powerful vibrations, then i'm sure you'll figure out the rest.

I'd recommend doing in the morning, while you are still tired hopefully.

Laying there on your bed in the morning, still tired with maybe even flashes of visuals in your mind, that is perfect... lay still on your BACK..(even though I find laying on the stomach helps me more but once in paralysis its like i CAN'T project, its impossible, wierd.).. lay on your back if you can, and just RELAXXXXX relax the body.. as if you were sinking.

Understand what it means to sleep, and be restful:
If you think: I want to sleep, your going to have a hard time.

If say you come home from work and you don't want to sleep but you can't help but just let everything sink.. your mind body..just melt, thats how you sleep.. Root chakra = relaxation. It's what sticks our consciousness, the physical vessel so you relax until you can release from it (sleep).

So laying on your back just relaxxxxx...try relaxing your jaw too, i found that helped as some guy said 90% of the body's tension is there. Relax everything.. and just close your eyes, really try to imagine stuff, day-dream about scenarios, whatever, keep that engaged, and you may find they start to get deeper and your mind starts to stumble, getting so caught in the scene that it doesn't realize its half-sleeping. If you keep it going these sceneries become more clear until they become full on dreams, and hopefully you will be lucid of it and then tell yourself to project...OR.. before the dream is about to fully kick in, while you are still grasping some sense of being awake, try and mentally pull yourself into those visuals, what I find is you will sort of wake up and lose it, you'll be laying there in bed... wait for the next visual, try the same thing again.

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by TommyD

you can also try when you wake up in the morning, tired enough to sleep still.. as you relax tell yourself you want and HAVE sleep paralysis... what you think you create.. so try and pretend you have sleep paralysis if you can remember what it was like, and as you fall asleep you may wake into paralysis.

The subconscious doesn't want to actively jump into an astral projection because it is energetically strenuous I think, but you can trick it by putting yourself into sleep paralysis, which is like putting your spirit between 2 worlds.. its vibrating too high to tune in to your physical body and attach, but not high enough to seperate.. so that point try and make the vibrations you feel go faster. Think of it like tuning a radio, because thats what these other realities you go to must be, like radio stations. People who don't experience this are seriously missing out, its mind expanding but also really fun.

But yes, reasons why the subconscious doesn't want to actively engage in astral projections in my opinion:
It takes a lot of energy. When you wake up you may feel drained all day, depending on what you did and how much you struggled. Think of what you are "projecting" as possibly a creation of your own body energy.
You may wake up feeling all your bones, particularly your skull, still with residual vibrations, and actually if you have those, you can easily slip into another projection.

It's very safe in my opinion, and the more energy you gather through meditation such as Bone breathing, Tan Tien breathing, the more you'll be able to do while projecting, but also wake up feeling pretty good.

But it is hard on the energy body, so for that reason I think you have to trick your subconscious instead of just allowing yourself to project all the time.

Hell, anything cool you gotta work for, everything you do you are ready for spiritualy in that sense.. so as much as you could consider yourself being allowed to do something, you equally have the right understanding of how to use it. Like if you could project all day you'd probably live in escapism, but if you trained yourself to get to that point, you may have the understanding that its not in your best interest anyway.

Funny how it works like that, like people being expected to be awarded things. Think about it, every intense spiritual experience is a result of your expanding self-awareness /understanding.

So its something to consider if you think you are trying too hard. You may be subconsciously afraid, or think you will fail, huge deterents. For me, i can project easily but i only so often feel like it. There was half a year where I did none until i changed my mind about some aspect and got myself motivated again.

It's never a simple jump right in type thing unless your mind is already at a level of simplicity. We complicate things with worries, confusion, distraction. etc.

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 09:36 AM
I'd been reading about "reality checks" and decided that since I was having the same sort of dream every night (I'd spot something bright in the sky moving too quickly/strangely to be aircraft, turn to someone and point it out to them) I figured I'd check reality by looking up in the sky, and if anything unusual happens, I'd know I was dreaming (a flawed plan, I know..)

Anyway, so last night I had a dream that a friend was driving my girlfriend and I home. I turn and see a bright star in the sky, far brighter than the others, but since it isn't moving or anything, and seems fixed to a point in the sky, I decide it's not unusual, and I'm not dreaming, and I don't need to point it out to my friends in the car. A time later, I see something bright and unusual to the right of the car, ahead of us. I still don't tell anyone, instead I watch as it moves left, until it's right in-front-above us, and then off to the left, where my mind rationalizes it as part of a bus shelter and thus not strange. next, we pull onto the highway and there's a man standing ahead of us! we shout, the driver shouts, and he pulls around the man skillfully, or so he thinks, where I'm convinced we hit him and he rolled over the windshield.

here we see how my reality check failed to wake me up twice, and I only realized something was wrong when we hit a guy with the car. :/

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 10:15 AM
I ask this question due to an experience I had many years ago.
Is it possible to have an OOBE without trying, or even knowing they exist?


posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 08:23 PM
if anyone is missing me, please note that my computers crashed and they are both at my puter doctors getting fixededed......once I am officially BACK online and not just at the library I shall be catching up on this, my most favorite thread.....

in the meantime, good luck everyone with getting out, and keep posting your progress !!


posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 08:25 PM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
if anyone is missing me, please note that my computers crashed and they are both at my puter doctors getting fixededed......once I am officially BACK online and not just at the library I shall be catching up on this, my most favorite thread.....

in the meantime, good luck everyone with getting out, and keep posting your progress !!


Wow Congrats on keeping this thread going!!! I remember when this first started, it is actually what got me to join this site!


posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:57 PM
OMG! i had a Oobe, even if it was for a few seconds AND it was amazing

Alright just to say, my friend had 'toked up' before this, BUT i didnt.

Ok, me and my friend were walking, and then i had the weirdest sensation, like i should close me eyes. my friend was talking lots, i ignored her. i was still walking but, i got the feeling wasnt anymore, i opened my eyes i saw myself walking a head of me. i was REEAALLLY surprised like reallllly surprised. than i sortaa catapaulted back in to my body, nearly fell over too. it was like someone had rather roughly shoved me back into my own body! btw this took place in the matter of seconds.

Yeah, i just wanted to post my experience, and no, i did not ask for help from anyone here on ATS, but i had i asked well sorta broadcast with my mind that 'i wanted to have a Oobe' lol literally. yes, my friend told me after that maybe i was psyschic or something i laughed at that i then said maybee.. but oh yeah sorrry goin off topic.


posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Point the tip of your tongue to the pressure point on the roof of your mouth.

I am seeing things from a whole new aspect now CM........sheesh how freeing.

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