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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 08:05 AM
picrat, thank you for your reply. I want changes to happen, I've seen photos of children with bullet holes in them. Bullet holes! When I first saw the photos come in from Lebanon, I felt numb at my computer, like I had no emotions because it went beyond what I could feel. I stood up from my chair to go to the bathroom and I collapsed on the floor. I was at work, but there was nobody about because it was night shift. I got myself back up, but my body was like jelly for a while.
Before that I knew that the world just wasn't working in it's current configuration, I knew what was going on... but after that, I really understood the reality of the situation. Since then I often stop and think "I wonder what's happening around the world right at this instant in time, who's having what happen to them..."
The consciousness of the western population is currently changing at the moment. I'm affected by that and it has come to my awareness that we're all connected, and everything that happens in this world affects us all directly.
If OOBE can be used to help bring awareness of that connection to all people, that's something I want to know.

TRG, thank you. I will try to keep feeling the love of our higher selves and project that as hard and as far as I can.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 07:23 AM

Originally posted by picrat
reply to post by Recouper

what is the wind that does not blow? -recouper
what is still air or nothing?

I've finally read the entire thread. I'm still not sure about this question... picrat, try me again, perhaps from a slightly different angle.

I've got a little bit to share now.

Shortly after I first started reading this tread, I was reading it at work and a child said something right beside my left ear. I turned startled, but nobody was there, just me in the office by myself.

A couple of weeks ago I was laying in bed, my body was asleep and my mind was quiet. I started trying to lift my head out of my body, none of my mussels were doing anything, but the strain was immense. My heart was pounding (although I now know that was likely my heart chakra).
I ask for help from anyone who may be in the vicinity to get me out and then somebody was there, in the room. I could feel their presence, but I have found out since then that the presence wasn't as strongly manifested as it could have been. After a while I gave up and started wondering about who was there. Well, whoever they were, they suddenly seemed female very sexual, just a feeling. I wondered if I was just imagining a presence and went to sleep. I was pretty tired from trying so hard.

About one week ago I was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep and out of nowhere somebody grabbed my ankle and gave it good pull. It actually felt like they had a grip on and were pulling my astral ankle, not my physical ankle. But it was definite and startling. It was only brief, the weird thing is, I couldn't feel any sort of presence in the room before or after.

A few nights ago I was home at night (weekend) and on my way to bed thought I'd give OOBE another try. Well, as soon as I walked into my bedroom, something was in there and it was a very strong presence (understatement). I've never felt anything like it in my life and I quickly decided I would be staying in my physical skin that night.
I got into bed and started thinking "get out, I don't want anyone here, I want everyone to leave now" and just tried mentally communicating that into the room. I tried to imagine a protective bubble of white light expanding out from my wife and I and instantly felt the presence stronger and it was like the bubble was torn away and my imagination couldn't work anymore, I couldn't visualize anything. It was so cold, I could feel it coming through the covers like the room had been turned into a bottle store chiller. I eventually went to sleep and the next morning, the room seemed clear.
I'm not skilled with this sort of thing, only recently I've started to accept there's more to nature and reality than the senses can detect. That's a log story I could write an essay on. The point is, this stuff that's been happening is external to me, hasn't been experienced by me before and is spontaneous in the moment. By spontaneous I mean the things that happen are sort of sudden in their experience, I am convinced that my imagination is not tricking me into believing these experiences are happening and that they are in fact actually happening. I couldn’t be easily convinced of that, I’m a logical sort of person… so, here I am, convinced.

Today, I was in bed and started staring at the black behind my eyelids and after a while I saw a couple of images, things I had never seen before. I went to sleep.
A few hours later a noise in the house woke me up (I sleep during the day). I could hear the roaring noise for the first time in my life and realised it's very similar to the noise I hear constantly, except it was about 800% louder. I knew it wasn't just my perception as there was the odd background noise from elsewhere in the house which was at normal volume.
I looked into the darkness behind my eyelids and saw a couple of images and succeeded in getting deeper into the 'state'. Then I heard that crackle noise, as one poster said, like a jack plugging into an amp, except that atmospheric noise kept going. It's weird, but I just knew it was time and started trying to lift my astral right hand. I could feel it, but it felt like it was glued to my physical hand. I couldn't get it to lift out and the noise faded away. I opened my eyes and felt truly amazed.
The noises you hear, they are separate and independent from you. The roaring wind type noise... well, it's like something else separate from you is controlling the volume. And that crackle type noise, you hear it and think that's not what you expected, it's a noise that is of itself.
I know now that others trying this will hear the same noises, as they are not individual perceptions, they are part of something that is real... it's like finding new code to the matrix program and anyone who finds it, will find the same code and however they run it, it will run the same for all. I'm only applying the analogy to the separation stage; I can't speak for what comes after that. Oh, but I dearly hope I soon will be able to.

Just editing to say that there have actually been quite a bit more things happening since I started reading this thread, but the above is the main stuff and I think it's enough reading on its own.

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 01:14 AM
can you remember what the child said to you .using the eyelids as a black screen is the opposite of what i used in the beginning i use the movie screen within the mind i look within for the black screen it is a much larger target.the heavy feeling or leadedness [heavy feeling] of the spiritual self is normal to experience in the beginning.
when we are all born into this world we come with the ability to dream obe and so many more abilities that most of us could never accept let alone understand them . but from day one we are taught that all that we know is not real by the standards of the human race -first nightmare we are all taught that it was only a dream go back to sleep so we do ,and we start to put all of these incredible abilities to sleep within ourselves.
why ? mommy and daddy know best or so we are told .
our churches further this by instilling the fear of god into us as these things are evil.
science cant cut it or see it so it is all hogwash to them .
friends tell us they don't believe in the gifted ones as they are all fake - so what was our Christ gifted or what .
so who is right who is wrong what is right what is wrong.
think of the human experience not as a man thinks- think- outside the norm.we are all complex in ways that we cannot fathom .we are not what we were taught was us as a being.we are unique ,searching for spirituality and yet we all hold our selves back because as we were told- we know not what we seek! freedom of spirit is what we are all looking for as we as a species have no freedoms as we are so controlled by the world that we created here for ourselves , and by our so called teachers and leaders that we are lost like Marys little flock of sheep.that nothing else matters- and all that we were taught, the vast majority of it is wrong.
think of your self as and onion in 15 layers you are the center layer # 8 there are 7 layers above you [spirituality] and 7 layers below you [humanities way or world ]
the 7 lower levels are where we as a species live now in the physical state of being each level of it is a falling out or falling away from the higher realms that exit for us it is the [pit or hell] that we make here for our selves. it is the full degradation of our selves.the lowest level is where we are headed now ,human life and all life for that matter is not important to us and yet all of the other things that are here we need as a species to survive and yet we are destroying it all for what ? MONEY!!! take drugs for instance most people use them to get high and yet they all tell us that they experienced something incredible so what are they looking for release of self or spiritual freedom that was denied to us all .we don't need to use them to achieve freedom ,as you are learning here .or are they being used to tear down the barriers that were created for and within us all .hhmmmm.
are we that lost that we need to go into another form of reality so as to hide from what we don't like or need to do - or is it that we can no longer face ourselves for what we have done ,we are all now beginning to wake up to the simple fact -CHANGE OR PERISH as a species.MONEY is useless or inconsequential -THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL .humanity's controlling folly .
you and the river goddess both touched on something here which is very true,the higher spiritual self with the ability to communicate with others even though you don`t interact with them. those of us who have died and either been send back here or brought back have experienced it first hand .it is kind of like mind to mind communication ,remember [all things are connected and all things are equal].
example -someone whom you once called friend steals off of you and you find out ,do we confront them or do we walk away from them .confronting leads to fights denial and more lies so why do it .
instead walk away and never return or have anything to do with them ,the reason being that there is no negativity out here for them to feed off all they have is nothing left and they wonder what and why never answer them they will receive the message from their own higher selves that what they did was not acceptable to you as a person and they lost someone special to them - this our world is a very lonely place when there is no one left that will call you friend because you the thief cared not to honor your friendship let alone your self -this is where we as a species now are ,we care for nothing except our own selves.
the hardest lesson for humanity is not being taught it is the knowing that you the thief stole and that you lost someone who cared ,it is knowing that all of your lost friends- FRIENDS NOW know what you did it is being ostracized by all because you cared only for material things or MONEY. nothing else was important to you ,humility is the hardest teacher of all not humanity .
this example is how the higher realms of spirituality work ,but to reach into the higher realms of spirit we have to be able to step outside of the box that was created for us all .
there are no enemies here only people we have never met who are much like myself as i have no enemies only unknown friends .
i have no fear as i know no terror -as these were created by us -man-through our treatment of one another and the lies we were all taught were truths -only more lies.correct WAR IS HELL our own HELL we made.
man is the top predator -no he is not he is the destroyer of this our world and all things in it .we made war on all things here in this our world ,plants animals ,fish water air and so on .
churches faiths are all false as they all have done nothing to stop this our insanity they all hide behind the lies that it is gods will or way ,more lies .and yet they all own massive amounts of shares in all the worlds corporations .and they are going to save us from what -themselves and their lies .NOT LIKELY -they could not save their own selves let alone anyone else.MONEY IS THEIR GOD!

maybe off topic but i was sent back to help so please listen and learn .
we are our own worst enemy not another nation-spread the word -

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by picrat

I just lost a massive post.... I clicked on the reply button and I was logged out of ATS..?

picrat, I don't remember what the child said as it was not an English word. I don't know what language it was, but it was foreign to me. If it was a word I know I would definitely remember what was said, it was spoken right beside my ear and there was no chance of me miss-hearing it.

I have children and nightmares haven't become an issue at this stage. I think that is because my wife and I don't trust media. The TV is only occasionally used for DVDs (Shimajiro and other Japanese children’s shows) but we watch those ourselves to ensure there's no messages being uploaded to our children’s minds that we don't want there. When they do have nightmares in the future though, I don't want them traumatised by those nightmares. Would I be telling them the truth if I tell them that while they are in the Astral realms, things can try to scare them, but nothing can actually hurt them?

I did listen and learn from all of your post. You really help to clarify that interconnection we as a species have with everyone and the way we allowed greed for money and power to tear us apart. These things have only recently moved from cliché opinion easily agreed to and then forgotten to taking on a truly clear recognition in my mind, so to have you give lessons in this area is so appreciated.

Today I tried a few times to have an OOBE, but I couldn’t get into a deep enough trance. I could actually hear that sound, but it wasn’t loud. One time, before I started trying to separate, my arms floated out. I only weakly perceived them, but I could definitely wave them around. I tried to Astrally sit up, but I just couldn’t.
That was a weird feeling, I was relaxed and then my Astral arms just floated up. It felt like they were buoyant, sort of like seaweed floating under the water, not really heading for the surface, just sort of weightless and lightly lifted up from the sea floor. A strange feeling.

Thank you for taking the time to converse with me picrat. I feel very lucky for such an opportunity.
Thank you RiverGoddess for so much, I'm stepping through a door that you opened for so many souls. I'm so very grateful to you.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 07:20 AM
I think I experience OOBE against my will, is that possible??

I can feel myself leaving my body and it is difficult to get back to it. It can happen any time of the day, even when my eyes are open and there are people around... and no its not daydreaming. It starts in my arms and the more I let go the more my body numbing untill it feels like I am leaving my body.

Somtimes I am outside and struggle to get back. I am not willingly doing it but it does somehow feel amazing and energetic.

Cool thread by the way... thanks for sharing

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:47 AM
reply to post by Recouper

i would not worry about the children usually they have a nightmare after seeing a horror show or an experience in life such as first hand slap or worst ,being yelled at can also start it -remember all the time we are growing up our parents teach us all kinds of things they even give us lessons about live that we may never experience in our life time yet the teachings are still given to all of us ,in the first 2 years it is all fun and games for us as we are never reprimanded for anything then we hit the terrible 2`s and up wards.
at this point our teachings change to where hand slaps begin instead of the cootchy coo of the first 2 years .no more coddling time to start to grow up,most parents tell their children that the punishment that they are giving to us hurts them more than it does us ,-but it was my butt not theirs getting the hard took me a while until i understood that they tried the easy way i just did things my way and they were wrong -lesson learned.
all children have an instinct of self protection hard wired into them from day 1 nothing in the dream time should hurt them . they have their own protectors the same as they have their imaginary friends -which by the way they are real and they will protect the children ,so if they are talking to their friends don't tell them that they are not real -children are unique it is as if they are caught between 2 worlds ours of rationality and the spiritual realm that they just came from and we do our best to tell them that we and our world are right -wrong .
why is it that if grandma or anyone they know passes away they will sometimes say that grandpa is here even though we cant see them they can.they speak to them openly ,this is what we all put to sleep as we were growing up .as it is not real [hate that line].the children are always safe so just tell them that it is okay to sleep and dream but scary things happen at times but let them know that they are safe if they say no something is going to hurt any of you listen to the children as there is a new breed of children being born now -they are being called the indigo children they are the oldest of souls and spirit coming back as they are here to help and act as the new leaders of the world and all the other houses of what we as adults call the power of the world it is a revolution but with no weapons they have come to help us to return to the way of spirit .
militaries to be destroyed but not by WAR.
we need their manpower and equipment ,we don't need another war .they will be used to enforce the law`s help with re greening the world getting aid anywhere that it is needed as fast as possible and so much more .
churches are to be destroyed ,not by fire death war it will come about by their own lies when all the people catch them at it.they are not to be harmed they will be retaught everything that there is to know about spirit and the different realms as they will be the new teachers once they are retaught the ways and means . the holy scriptures will not be destroyed as there is still a lot there that is needed in all faiths or languages .but all the books and teachings need to be put back for all to learn [VATICAN].
the governments will also fall as they have made the same mistakes through out history by repeating them over and over -there will be a new form of government and it will encompass all nations united as 1 and yet each country will have its own form of government for their people no other nation will make or enforce they style of government or life unto anther nation.this new form of government will no longer be allowed to do things behind closed doors they will no longer make any choices for the people of their nation the people will be the ones who control the governments not the way it is now . IT IS A FREE DEMOCRACY.not the police state we all live in now,the people will start their own party and fund it and elect their own representatives to office ,in every nation we the people own 80 % of the vote world wide right now.
MONEY will be going the way of the t-rex ,extinct. no money no crime ,no black market .paper gold silver and the rest must be made worthless ,think of the debit card how do you steal from it and use it any where when the laws are so that only a business can use them or have them no one else.
the floating of the arms was the beginning of getting out but you still have doubts about it that is what is holding you back ,the one that came through your light was a little upset you asked for help then said go they don't like wasting their time so don't be afraid of them.
you come from either japan or the east somewhere i can tell by the tv. i once served in the imperial army during the towagowa shogunate,the swords that were mine were made by hatamasuma[4th century] they are known as the singing blades as the air and the metal used to vibrate and sing as if they were alive ,when they were in motion.such a cultured civilization and the west still does not want to see past our material ways .one of the beautiful things that i can do is past life regression and i don't need any help to do it- the dream time is my best time .it is amassing we used to settle our differences on the battle field now we are starting to learn that there is another way -and yet the killer mentality still rules supreme . duty ,honor not just words it is a way of life .
WAR & KILLING are not a part of these 2 they dishonor all that we are taught to value so why do we all follow like sheep ,
because we were told to by them so they can live the life of rily while we the people perish for what men who seem to have a god complex and all of their children in their ivory towers .GOT A ROCK FOR THEIR GLASS HOUSE ,IF SO -LET ME BE THE ONE TO THROW THE FIRST STONE.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 01:49 PM
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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 07:49 PM
great this is still alive! hope you all do well...

posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by picrat

note to all .
see the movie paranormal activity please ,pay attention to what they are told and what the man does after being told not to use the board . do not play with it at all it is not a game ,when you open the door way god help you .2 died in the movie but that thing is still there .this thing is real it walks in both the physical world and spiritual world ,do not sluff it off as the man in the movie did ,you cannot fight it-- call for help .--
what we do is usually quite save there is not much resistance to us nor danger ,if you find something that scares you out there think -HOME-meaning back to the body and end it .or HELP- someone will be there instantly to answer the call .so enjoy the freedom.

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 06:23 AM
reply to post by picrat

I'm not Asian, my wife is Japanese and my children are part Scottish, Spanish and Japanese. I feel it's a good mix.

They will learn the martial arts of their mother's home land among many other things.

Swords hold such powerful metaphors don't they. My dreams have often featured swords in different contexts and I've always felt I should be learning something from that. I just haven't put my mind to it. We're all changing now though and I think about my dreams more than I used to.

My doubts are holding me back. I'm breaking free of my doubts and will find out who I am.

In the future, if I feel something in my space that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will be less judgemental, more reasonable and attempt to communicate the way I feel about their presence in a more respectful way. That night in my room I was startled by a new experience that I wasn't expecting, I've never had such a feeling of something else there. And its assertion was frightening. I think it had a very strong will. I was rude because I was frightened.
Also, that night I didn't ask for help, I just decided to make an attempt to have an OOBE on my own and then something was already in my room when I walked in there, like it was waiting for me.

I think it's just something to get used to, I'm not afraid anymore when I feel like someone is there, which is something that is happening more and more often.

Picrat, do we become more interesting to beings in the Astral realms as we try to break loose from our various indoctrinations? Or were we always of interest to them and we start to notice them around us as we awaken those parts of ourselves we've learned to deny?

I wonder what I'm going to face next. I hope it will be a view of myself lying asleep in bed as I experience being non-corporeal.

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by picrat

I watched it on you suggestion. It was a mockumentary, similar to the Blair Witch Project.
It was made purely to scare the viewer. It was quite good actually... my skin is still crawling.

So if I'm OOB and something starts bullying me around, I'll just return to body or call for help. But first I have to get out of body.

But what are the chances of meeting something really nasty?
I've read this entire thread and from the information shared, it seems like badies are either projected aspects of yourself that you've come face to face with, or if they are really some nasty native to the Astral, they're pretty much all bark and no bite (though I'll admit, getting barked at from some Astral beasty sure would shake me up a bit).

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by Recouper

interesting question !!
do we change for the better as we shed the indoctorines of life?
the answer is yes .

but as we shed them we become very cold and skeptical of our kind[humanity].
as we delve deeper into the dream time or obe time we tap into a conscientiousness which is intelligent beyond [belief ] not just spiritual ,physical or mental it is a combination of all of these things . it is an awaking of something which is buried deeply within us all ,we all seem to have lost touch with it .
think of the words from an old song [the mother and child reunion is only a moment away] but what is the mother .what is the child . what is the reunion .and what is the moment .how long is a moment. why only a moment?
so many questions from 1 little statement so what is the true answer to them all .
we are all the mother the guardians and protectors of this our mother the she is our mother as she provides all that we need.
we are her children as our children are ours ,we all have a responsibility to them to teach and train them to be the best that we can be .as we were once all children as were our parents and their parents and so on.
is this when we die and give back to the mother [earth ] OURSELVES as the body is dead not the spiritual self .is it a family reunion . is it going back to the earth as living off of the land or back to basics.or is it the reconnecting to spirituality and the inner wisdom.or is it the connection that all women have with their children ,the physic joining that lets them know if their children are injured or killed in an accident long before they are told that such a thing has happened.
is the moment the moment we give up our trust in our indoctrinated dogmas and beliefs is it the moment we stop following them is it the moment we take to reflect on our lives, our past .or is it the moment we all wake up to the simple truths that we as a species are so hell bent on our own destruction that we cant see past the sandstorm and hurricane that we have created around us that there is nothing left to see or do as we know it all ,or so we think. someone else can do it for us.
why only a moment ,why not a life time of dedication to straightening out this mess we made here for ourselves [our hell].why not working together at it as a species -not just a chosen few.
expand upon this list and see for yourselves how in depth this one set of words can be -profound is the knowledge and wisdom that comes from within us all .

all of our lives we have been taught that 1 man is coming to save us ,from [satans power] it is described as he is going to destroy the churches ,he is going to destroy the military's ,he will destroy the great governments of the world [if that's my savior i`d hate to see who satan really is] talk about fear and terror mongering so that you can corral and buffalo all the sheep to believe in your nightmare ,that you are preaching to us all.
think on it 1 man is going to do what to the great mititary`s of the world stand alone and call them all out for a final battle him against them , and his chosen weapon is what -THE FINGER-the last great act of defiance. please wake me up when this tall tale ends.
if this is true then this would make the church ,millitary`s,and governments of the world satans minions ,or his legions of doom.
but then to we are now poised on the eve of destruction by the a fore mentioned groups -weapons of mass destruction and they will use them out of fear -THEIR OWN - AND WE ALL PAID FOR OUR OWN DEMISE , while they all run into their little rat warrens underground.
we as a species have so much potential to become better then what we are and all wee do is sit back and close our eyes to what we have done thinking some little man PRIEST can save us from our sins -our own selves ,how stupid can we all be .
THE GREATEST SIN WOULD BE DESTROYING OUR SELVES AND OUR MOTHER-take no prisoners as there will be none to be had ,there will be NO-THING ,NOTHING.
THE WISDOM AND INTELLIGENCE IS EXTRAORDINARY, as can can see and we all can tap in and partake of it ,it is his house within us .

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by Recouper

you called it a mockumentary the only thing is that most people i know that have used the board have opened a portal into this world . i hate having to go in and clean up this mess as their lives usually become a living hell after wards ,it is not a game it is ancient beyond your understanding of this word. i really hate having to fight for others as it takes a lot out of me sometimes it ends quickly other times it takes hours and it is draining ,usually it is not a nasty native bad choice of words but acceptable for now.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by picrat

I'm not sure, but I think you may have misunderstood me.
The movie "Paranormal Activity" is a mockumentary. That's not a word I just made up to be rude or anything, it's just a label used in the same way as Thriller, Comedy or Sci-fi.
I wasn't meaning to be rude at all, I just stated it is a mockumentary so that anyone reading here would know and get the context of the conversation. It was just a piece of information that I thought should be added.

I assumed using Ouija boards are entirely different from going OOB..? I really don't know much about Ouija boards and don't plan on playing with one any time soon. Almost everyone who has spent some real time learning about these things say stay away from Ouija boards, so I feel that's a good indication that it would be best to stay away.
If, once I get out of body, I meet something that lives in the Astral and is malevolent I will ere on the side of caution and just leave, going straight back to my body I think.

I have found in the last couple of days that when I get that paralysis feeling and hear that roaring sound I vibrate. It's a real fast vibration, the term "high frequency" comes to mind.
Now I don't want to just throw terms like that around without really giving them meaning and avoiding pre-conditioned impressions. I'm trying hard to be honest with myself and anyone reading here about what is happening as I work towards leaving my body. So when I say "high frequency" vibrations, imagine an old (12 to 13 years) diesel SUV/4X4 (say a 2.8L inline 4) that's just idling and then imagine someone in the driver's seat revving that old smelly diesel engine up to 3 and half to 4 thousand revs. Now imagine you're sitting on the bonnet (hood for Americans) and what that would feel like. That's what I mean by high frequency vibrations. Maybe it would feel a little different because it's you that's vibrating, not something that's making you vibrate... I hope that's clear.

Also, even more exciting.... when this is happening, the darkness behind my eyelids is starting to kind of clear, like a fog. That's really not accurate in the sense that the experience is like looking into fog that's clearing, but there's no analogy that really fits. It's like light starts to fade in like my eyelids are slowly dissolving and I can see an environment, I can't quite make out what it is, but I think I can almost see my room through my eyelids. I'm not straining to do this, it's just happening. Talking about this and OOB in general, it's almost like intent drives the experience. I know I strained hard when I first tried to have an OOBE, but a part of me that I'm not really sure about is somehow learning what it's doing through intent and I'm not straining at all now.

I don't have any idea how long it will take for me to have an OOBE, but I'm absolutely experiencing progress.

I have vertigo right now because of what I'm about to type about... What are we truly capable of? The feeling is hard to explain, but the experience of reality and self through life is limited to something incredibly small. I don't know if that's going to make sense, but I'm not sure I can really find the words to explain this new feeling.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 01:30 AM
reply to post by Recouper

you are almost there recouper ,try not to see it as a man sees through his eyes ,try to feel and sense it with all of your senses even the ones most people scoff at ,it will become clearer in time .

instead of just trying to get out set a target say your friend `s house or someplace that you know ,if and when you get out remember everything that you see and write it down then contact your friend and find out whether what you saw was true . look at his clock an see what he was doing and the time . if he can confirm what you know then you did it .

i agree with you we are so much more than what we have been taught is us that it boggles the mind. we can travel out side of our self's- we can see through time and space and distance as if there was only a veil between us and other realms and places in this our world . the word is GIFTED not psychic.

the sight takes place in the mind it is in real time : example -
a friend`s daughter lost her keys ,her mother phoned me for help ,i described the front of her daughters new home ,i told her 6 feet out from the front of the last step out front look for the hole in the snow your keys are underneath the snow , she went right out and checked all she could say was how did he know when she came in with here keys in hand ,i have never seen this house before and yet i described it to a t.the pictures formed in my mind instantly so i gave them what they needed help. i live 4 hour drive from where they live .
time space distance do not exist in this time of sight beyond sight ,the beauty is that we all have these GIFTS locked up within us but no one is teaching us how to unlock them .
so we all will try here .

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:18 AM

A few years ago I began trying to "get out" with Hemi-Sync CDs, etc. but I was just too young to focus and relax. Now, suddenly, I find myself with a deep desire to try again. Over the past few days & nights I've been meditating, and have gotten deep enough to start to "see" through my eyelids, but my body can feel anything from almost-physical to a sort of "fuzzy energy" sensation on my hands and arms (sometimes spread a bit wider), to what I think was the start of the "lead blanket" but I'm not sure.

As it stands, I seem to be stuck at this point - seeing vague colourful swirls or outlines of my room, perhaps with a bit more left-right than usual, and the beginnings of a sleeping body, although not very numb...

Any tips?

EDIT: Also, I find it very difficult to relax my left leg. For some reason, there's this one muscle that runs from my hip down into my foot, and its default action is to tighten, and it's very hard to let go. Has anyone overcome something like this?

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by ayeyen

the leaden feeling is normal in the beginning ,this is the point where you are trying to awake the spiritual side of yourself ,remember we locked it away since we were children.and it takes a long time to reawaken it.the more you try to use it the easy it becomes and the faster it becomes and it seems to lighten immensely.
the fuzziness is when the spiritual self starts to separate itself from the physical self,it is the veils of the perceptions being lifted or [the awaking] it is like a giant load is being lifted off of you for the first time -and it is heavy.
another way of understanding this is the[ doppelganger effect] we have 3 bodies 1]physical 2] dreaming 3] oobe body.and they are all attached to each of us ,and the doppelganger in this instance is not evil so please don`t go there.
1] physical is just that physical self.
2] dreaming body is an exact reproduction of the physical self in the dream time but there may be slight differences between them . if you meet someone or thing in the dream-time it may portray itself as someone you may know ,even though they are not what they portray them selves to be . if something inside you becomes very agitated at this meeting tell it to leave and not to return ,your inner self just gave you the heads up or warning -listen to in your self as it knows what you don`t know or see.
3]oob body is basically a non being as it seems to be pure thought and conscientiousness there seems to be no part of us as we know or perceive of ourselves, is a part of it and yet it is moves with a power and will of itself -[it is called the will] . biblically speaking;-thy- will -,will be done here in this earth as it is in my fathers heaven].it is just not wanting to use the oob body or needing to it is an actual force which is generated from with in us .it is located about 2 to 3 inches below the navel,it is like unlocking a door way within you ,within that door there is a force that most of us never get to use ,it is powerful and dangerous and it moves within us all as it is a part of us all . this is why we are all taught that every thing has do be done by the way of the world -horse hockey-if it is in the good book then it is PROPER and it is to be utilized by us all . so why are we not all being taught to use it -the battle of tiamet took place here in this world and the man is a liar as is the churches -another story later.
the will is a force that is not harmful to us but it is a force and power that when you unleash it the first time it will scare the crap out of you .it feels like a giant octopuses arms moving around inside of you,and it freaked the # out of me the first time ,just ask my laughing hyena teachers if you ever run into 1 of them ,hope they read this dig sometime ,because they had way too much fun rolling around the floor and laughing them selves silly at the predicament i was in that night ,HYENA`S. it took me 20 to 25 minutes to shut it down and believe me if god was listening that night i`m in so much caw caw , but learning how to unlock it was just a simple little reading done in the bible over and over a few times and then it opened up .
recouper ; the higher vibrations that you all are experiencing are normal,go back to the onion lesson .7 above and we`re in the middle and seven below ,most people are below middle point as this is where they are happy ,they think-slaves and they don`t even know it.
to do what you are trying to do we all need to reach into the higher levels or realms of SPIRITUALITY ,these are the heightened vibrations that you are experiencing -it is like a rocket ship you need to boost your speed up, to be able to break the bonds of gravity ,the same applies to dreaming or oob experiences. the higher and faster the vibrations become the easier it is to achieve the lift off ,the sound is basically your SPIRITUAL engine staining to put out that extra little bit of power that we all need to lift off and leave.the power by the way comes from within -Castaneda-the will or the bible same thing.
the little train said i think i can ,i think i can- and he did ,just keep trying and don`t give up as you are so close .

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 06:30 PM
Picrat, this will you are talking about, what good can it do? What is the point of "unlocking" it? Is it worth "unlocking" it, as in would you recommend it? I have never heard anything like this before, almost sounds like someone trying to possess you...

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 06:00 AM
They are not just words . each one is a different source of power [energy ] which is inside every man ,woman or child in this world.
dad was the first one to show me what is described in the bible as the power of the man . i`m am the first born in my family so i was taught how to use it .it is the way of my people.only the eldest is taught the rest are forbidden the knowledge.
when we as men unleash this power of the man we usually use only 1 word ,that word is ENOUGH,along with the tonal quality and the look that we use ,this energy or force is actually felt across the room it is terrifying to behold the first time you experience it [have it used on you ] your insides feel like they are turned to jelly and all you want to do is get out of there as you know that the point of no return has been reached ,stop what you are doing if you know what is good for you -this power that is within can be used at anytime or place that it is needed .most others who stand against men like myself do not want any part of me as i can instill a form of fear and terror unlike anything you have probably ever felt before ,most people i meet in this our world are afraid of me even though they have never met me before,i have this effect to 80 to 95 % of the people even in a bar others stay away from me. they can actually feel the energy and power that i emit [give off] and it scares them . yet i don`t harm them ,fight with them scream at them or interact with them at all .
example ; one of the people who is now one of my best friends will tell anyone that the first day that she ever saw me she thought that she was dead,[this is the effect i had on her] she worked in a coffee shop and i came in one night ,she said she heard the buzzer so she looked out through the little hole to see who came in and no one was there ,then she came around the corner as she knew someone was there [she is physic]but she was not ready for what she say sitting there as i had on my bike jacket with my long hair with my head down so she couldn`t see my face she asked if she could get me something,i raised my head and asked for a coffee she thought she was dead as she thought that Charles Manson had escaped an he was sitting right there.and she was dead. she got me the coffee then she almost ran back into the back room.i had to call her out to get another coffee about a half hour later she got it for me and said no charge sir and booted it into the back room .she came in 2 days later with 1 of her friends who said not to worry about me as she has known me for many years don`t be afraid- she was ,it took her almost 9 months to get over the first time shock and it took her 5 year old son coming up to me and talking before she even began to accept me . it was still another 6 month`s before she even came up and said hello .to this day she will still tell this story to anyone who questions why she is near me-the fear factor as i call it
this is the beauty of all the 4 powers combined.
WILL -dwells in the abdomen area it is an actual force which can be used to extradite us from difficult situations ,it is a launching pad for the gifts we all have , it gives us ability's that if described here you would all think i`m nuts -example climbing a sheer rock face without using your hands feet or rope only the will ,strong willed or power of the will- this is what it means and it is capable of doing and so much more.if you can climb ,you can fall ,so use the will to stop yourself`s from falling.
is not how we think or solve problems nor is it a reason for what we are trying to learn here . even though all of this is a part of it . reason is a quest or journey into our own physic or self's ,it is reconnecting with what i call the UNIVERSAL CONSCIENTIOUSNESS- or the ultimate knowledge which is contained within us all .and yet there are other places that we are allowed to go to for help example; the white room, is what we call it ,here reside all of the greatest minds that our world has ever known-Plato and all the rest are there to help and- TEACH- key word.THE is about becoming the best that we can become -THE NEW TEACHERS! it is not 1 teacher or savior it is many that are here now ,but the vast majority of them are children [-indigo children]. and yet there is 1 who will begin to teach all the basics that are needed to be learned.he is the 1 that the churches ,military ,governments and the corporations fear the most,we call him CHRIST,not his mane nor was it Jesus! these groups of people have lied for so many centuries and hid behind their lies that we the people follow like blind mindless sheep -we need to unmask them so that we can open every ones eyes up to the truth about them -TRUTH - harms nothing it is the beginning of the corrections that need to take place here so we as a species will have a FUTURE.and the above groups are not to be harmed nor are they to be destroyed ,they are to be used as a ways and means to stop this our insanity and as the guiding force behind the changes .TRUE who has been PREACHING about the DESTRUCTION OF THEM ,fear and terror mongering is their greatest weapon along with peoples belief that they are their way to salvation . HERETICS.
intent ;
Is not what we want ,need ,wish or desire as to the outcome of things .it is that we need to be responsible for our words,deeds, actions,we can no longer sit back and allow what is happening we need to stand together as a species our future depends on this simple fact.

INTENT has to do with POWER -POWER is KNOWLEDGE-not the power that is used against us or to subdue us unto their way or will - RULES and LAWS.-FREETHINKERS are not their slaves who are bound by lies.the FREETHINKERS will in time become the new leaders ,hopefully before they the military`s destroy us and our world out of their fear or on the orders of 1 madman.let us hope that they as military leaders will say no this day and end it peacefully for us for once in their life's- do it RIGHT.war has never resolved anything it only causes more fear and anger and hate.
intent has to deal with how we use this new found knowledge not as a power over things or people .but as a way to the end of a way of thinking that nearly destroyed us all .
our words are spoken the same and spelled the same but our meanings differ -the problem with books!

intent deals with how and why we use this new found knowledge

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 01:41 PM
I'm not sure what to do next. I can now consistently reach a state where I'm quite relaxed, with some tingles in places on my body (although I'm always so conscious of my lungs & chest) and maybe some nice colours behind my closed eyes. But then nothing comes of this - I lay there for a while, nothing at all happening, maybe following the colours or trying to get my body to sleep more.. sometimes the tingles go away a bit (and it feels like nothing's asleep at all) and maybe they come back..

EDIT: This goes on until I either get too sleepy or too bored, and then I either get up and do other things, or drop off to sleep.

What do I do next? Come back to this state when I'm much more tired, maybe?

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