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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by Itachimaru
This subject has been a huge interest of mine since I was about 13, i've come close but never have been able to pull it off. I don't have a problem with meditating as I do that a lot in MA's, but for some reason, meh I don't know, probably has something to do with the fact that my brain wont just shut the hell up.

Any tips would be super helpful, or you know I wouldn't mind be yanked out once just to see what it was like :p

( that is in complete honesty and seriousness I just tend to be a rambunctious)

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by Itachimaru

Best thing is to learn how to relax. While 'commercial' meditation would have you sit in some complex yoga pose, the lotus isn't comfortable for everyone, so lie down with your arms by your side and breath deep, mirroring the in brreath to the out breath (maybe to the count of four seconds? If that's not comfortable try another number - the only right way is what feels best for you), go over each part of your body and 'tell' it to relax. Once you get to your head, you may find yourself, after practising every day for a week or so, getting closer. Hope this helps.

An ability to relax the body is the prerequisite for most successful OBE's IMHO and MHE (most humble experience)

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by Deane

My last post seems very hard and cold in comparison to some of the others posted here (but the link is excellent hands on stuff for the real hardliners!).

I primarily joined ATS to comment and counter-comment on esoterics, my specialist field. Many minds seem to spout merely opionion so it is refreshing to find a thread with some tangible experience to flow with, always the best thing!

I'll reiterate:

Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation! The foundation of the vast majority of the very best anomalous experiences! The more wound up we are, the further we become from them.

How many here (reading this thread at least) have had OOBEs consciously induced or otherwise... please share!!!

I'll share my own experience, but in doing so acknowledge the huge sensitivity of my base asumptions - I'll just remind all readers that my 'assumptions' are conclusions derived from a combination from my own experience and corroborating evidence - IMHO the best way to form a solid picture of a liquid world.

None of the following is a prerequisite for having an OBE!

As an initiate of a healing system similar to reiki, at the time of my OBE I had some extra chanells open. While giving myself treatment, a very similar process to channeling extra-dimensional energy into the body, I began to feel overwhelming waves of tingling energy from my crown to my feet, they became so strong that I slipped into a half-consciousness, my mind not quite willing to embrace the fullness of the experience just as my body was unwilling to embrace the fullness of the experience. The subsequent resistence between body and mind caused a half awake half asleep mind, crucial to lucid dreaming but which I still tried to ignore, I only wanted to sleep.

Only to have the universe scream in my ear so loud that I had to remain at least semi awake while my body began to feel more and more uncomfortable and my mind more and more at odds with what it was aware of. The waves of energy began to increase in their intensity, and the thing that I remember most, the noise (why I posted the link before, it references this- a rare thing in my research) - a loud crackling all around, like somebody was shaking sheets of steel around my head. The noise, coupled with the growing sensation of an uncontainable energy in my body, forced me awake for the half-sleep.

I sat up in my bed, feeling so weird - light, energised, very alive and relaxed all at once - I instantly felt so light I moved my arms to try and re-assess my notion of gravity.

When I raised my arm, it was light blue.

Because of my relaxed state (which thinking back doesn't make much sense but I was doing much more yoga then) I just accepted it and stood, instantly thinking I should turn on my bedroom light. With all of the crackling and shooshing about me I moved towards my light switch and kept pressing it, only to find it would not switch on. I surmised in a kind of anti-logic dream state that all of this terrible noise about me must be contributing to some electrical failure so ignored it, and then thought, "Wow, I'm blue and luminous, I should show my house mates" but a distinct instinct/inner voice forbade me from opening my bedroom door...

After this little stumbling block I decided to float about my bedroom, still with all of the crackling and rushing noises roaring about me, and successfully flew to the ceiling, where I stayed, amazed and ecstatic at my defience of gravity, until I looked in the mirror which was at just the right angle from my bed to reflect me lying down there, seemingly fast asleep...

At which point, as per a waking dream, I instinctively tried to scream but couldn't due to sleep paralysis, and eventually came round with my mouth wide open in a silent wail.

Things haven't been the same since, a very different quality from dreams, too much physicality and awareness.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by Deane

Your very WELCOME to this thread Deane. All of us here are sharing and growing and learning.
Yes Deane someone from this site. They remain anonymous by emailing me what they want to share and remain invisible on the board.
I am the only one who knows who they really are.
For the sake of easiness I call them The Yanker and they are cool with that haha.
I KNOW the entire idea sounds amazing but it all really happened, and my life is very different now. Call it crazy but I have journaled every esoteric OOBE I have had here, and many others share the experiences they are having as well.
Your OOBE description reminds me alot of a scene out of the movie WAKING LIFE......

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posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 10:08 AM
Yanker here:

I will keep saying this over and over and over. I really FEEL that it is important to start moving ones conscious awareness from the inside out to Spirit, to the soul, but to start looking at this (human)experience from the soul to the mind/ego. To have a conscious awareness of the voice of the soul.


I would be the one who yanked RG out. I suggest you try Pircat way. Much gentler. The only test? I agree when it comes to the mind/ego, unless you have that conscious awareness of the soul how do you know about the test? How might this test effect the soul? What the mind/ego learns from the experience may not be the same for the soul. As Pircat says in a latter post, weather it be relaxation or awareness or awareness and relaxation it's all about letting go. If one wants OOBE or anything dealing with the soul one has to learn to let go. Maybe Pircat and I can or will share what letting go means to us and how we might define letting go so we are all talking the same thing.


What a load of BS about your personal life standing in your way. There is only one time and that is now. Just learn to let go, weather by relaxation as Diane suggest or through awareness, which ever. Focus man, focus your attention to this very moment and go for it.


I do so love your posts. I speak from experience. I don't know how to read a book and follow directions. Can't do that. I would so enjoy sitting down with you and exchange ideas, thoughts, whatever and see what happens. But maybe this is the way it's suppose to be. Right here at ATS so others can listen, read what we are talking about. The puppy thing, it's all about vulnerability. The one we sense is the most vulnerable is the one that get's chosen and that is true about people. The people, animals, babies whatever that is the most vulnerable are the ones of us who have an once of compassion is the one we are drawn to. Weather or not our compassion is miss directed or not, it is what it is.

posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 04:37 PM
To all who have posted here in the past 5 pages:
I have finally caught up with this thread, and all I can say is WOW. I have learned so much from you guys. Thank you for sharing you experiences, I have learned and have grown spiritually and mentally because you have decided to share them with fellow members such as I. I wish I could meet all of you and would just be able to shake your hand. I find so much wisdom in your words. I could only hope to find people out there in real life who care so much about others such as yourselves. Anyways, I'm starting to ramble, so I'll share my very few experiences.

My first OOBE, or what seemed like it, was when I was about 16 or 17. I was laying in bed at night and listening to slightly loud music on my mp3 player. The music had a lot of energy in it, and I could feel the energy of the music move throughout my body. Soon after, I closed my eyes, and saw these bright, rapid flashes of light ( like a camera flash), for a second or two. Well, it scared me, and I jolted up to see what was going on. When I found out that it was all in my head, I became intrigued and tried to make it happen again. Well, it did soon enough, and I instantly felt like I was falling (through the Earth). The feeling surprised and shocked me so much, I moved my physical body, and was instantly back in it again.

The only other time I could have been out of my body is when I was in a trance state just relaxing, thinking of becoming lighter and lighter with each breath I took. As I breathed in, I imagined floating a little higher. As I breathed out, I stayed at the same elevation. The whole time, I couldn't "open" my eyes, but I was certain that I was pretty high in the sky. I can't explain to this day how I knew that I was up in the sky, I just felt it somehow. The whole event only lasted about (what seemed like) 10 or 20 minutes. I had a really bad itch (the WORST when you are trying to project) that I couldn't ignore, so I went back into my body.

I have one more paranormal experience that is related to OOBEs that you might be interested in. About 2 to 3 weeks ago, I was practicing projection, and I asked for assistance from my spirit guide, or any other being that has good intentions (basically not evil). Well, I felt a presence in my room about 15-20 minutes later, and it was stronger than usual, so I opened my eyes. big mistake. It turned out that my feeling was not misguided, as I saw an outline at the foot of my bed, moving slowly to the left. I was certainly not ready for this. I freaked out, and ran out of the room. I asked for it to leave, and it did. I was literally shaking after that. I couldn't fall asleep for another 2 hours, and I am still to this day afraid of what I might see.

I know that my fear was (and probably still is) irrational, since I could feel that the spirit meant me no harm. But since that experience, I tend to keep my eyes closed. I can handle knowing that there are others in my room, because it happens a lot to me, but seeing spirits was something that I guess I wasn't ready for. After reading one of the posts about waiting to help someone out when they are ready, I have come to realize that I will not ask for help from another until I know that I am ready to experience someone's presence ready to exchange thoughts with others. (does that make sense?)

I only wish that it would've said something to let me know that it was there. If I had heard (or received) a calming message, I probably would have been OK with it helping me. If by any small, minute chance that the helper that I scared away is reading this, I am truly sorry, and I will do my best not to react in such an immature manner again. I will not ask for help again until I know, without the shadow of a doubt, that I am ready.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 03:09 PM
Dear readers.

The Yanker has sent me a couple more things to post, but alas I can not do so.
It is CLEARLY stated in the T&C of this site that no one may post on behalf of another....people MUST speak for themselves......I can understand how posting for another can so easily lead to SOCK PUPPET type postings.
SOOOOO the fact I have BEEN posting for the Yanker was a huge NO NO...and I was contacted by administration to cease & desist right now to avoid consequence & punishment.
This is so sad, as it was super cool to have The Yanker speaking on this thread after all this time......I had asked admin to let Yanker HAVE the ATS nick of THE YANKER and let them post from that ID......but the T&C is clear that NOBODY can have 2 identities........if we can figure out SOME WAY to allow The Yanker to keep his identity secret and continue posting we will, because for some reason we think this is VERY important that The Yanker have a voice.
If anybody has any ideas on how we CAN do this whilst allowing for Yanker to remain anonymous please let us know.....

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posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 03:15 AM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
Dear readers.

The Yanker has sent me a couple more things to post, but alas I can not do so.
It is CLEARLY stated in the T&C of this site that no one may post on behalf of another....people MUST speak for themselves......I can understand how posting for another can so easily lead to SOCK PUPPET type postings.
SOOOOO the fact I have BEEN posting for the Yanker was a huge NO NO...and I was contacted by administration to cease & desist right now to avoid consequence & punishment.
This is so sad, as it was super cool to have The Yanker speaking on this thread after all this time......I had asked admin to let Yanker HAVE the ATS nick of THE YANKER and let them post from that ID......but the T&C is clear that NOBODY can have 2 identities........if we can figure out SOME WAY to allow The Yanker to keep his identity secret and continue posting we will, because for some reason we think this is VERY important that The Yanker have a voice.
If anybody has any ideas on how we CAN do this whilst allowing for Yanker to remain anonymous please let us know.....

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All I can think of is form a petition? Maybe of the admin sees that most of the members actually want to keep the ID of the "yanker" hidden (as do I), he/she will make an exception?

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 04:40 AM
Maybe The Yanker can start a new blog?

Only way to continue would be to do it offsite.

Making a new forum is easy, or we could even talk on googlegroups.

I could make a new forum/googlegroups in a jiffy if I get the go from you.


posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 10:39 PM
I'm trying also to produce an OBE.It seems when i'm in the spot of getting out, i just get scared and abracadabra, i lose the concentration.
When i was a little boy (6/7/8 years old), in a cold night , i've produce an OBE, but since then, until 1 year or so ago, i didn't seem to understand what really happened that night.

Now i do, and i'm happy i didn't forget!

In that cold night, when i was being kept in the arms of my grandmother so she can keep me warm, i remember when the OBE started to ocurr, i've began lifting up, and i got so scared that i started yelling to my GM so she can help me, but she couldn't hear me, cause i didn't seem to have a voice (!).I've tried to grab her so that i could not ''fly away'', but nothing worked.After a couple of seconds, i don't know what happened, but i got right back to my body, waked up, gone back to sleep, waked up in the mornig and of to school.
Ahhh, good old days!

Never seemd to think about that night so much until a couple of years ago.

I'm trying all my best to do it again.I'm using now some binaural beats so that i can keep my calm.

I do have a question!

When you are out of your body, can you go anywere, or just to the places you have been in your real body?
Can you go to the places you've imagined in your real body?

I mean, if i produce an OBE, i want to go to the moon, or to some great quiet and peacefull place.

And has anyone tryed to meditate while being in the dream land?

I don't meditate alot, but just asking, maybe you can go beyond an OBE!

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by hardstyleaz

when you ask for help whether it be in the dream time or that of obe there is always someone there to help ,even if you run into trouble with something all any of you need to do is scream for HELP and one of us will answer it immediately especially in the dream time as there is always one of us asleep at all times in the world.i would be most interested in what it was that you saw that scared you so much ,note when you asked it to leave and it did then there is nothing to fear from it as this is the way and it has to be followed .
i find that i have a hard time meditating as the world around us seems to want to intrude when it is wanted the least . to all if this is also your problem find someplace near running water such as a stream or brook ,and as far away from the rat race as possible . then just lie down and let the rhythm of your surroundings take you to a special place within where there is nothing but peace and the solace of silence -from there just move out and enjoy ,good luck.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

to the yanker and the goddess i have noticed that you seem to refer to the year 2012 quite often .so i have something for you- do not fear that which you do not understand as all that needs to be done is being done in the shadows ,it is not the end my friends but it is point of great change which is about to take place that year and it has nothing to do with the end of the world or the species it is going to be a very rude awaking for the worlds people . when everything fails as it is destined to because of our insane leaders and the mismanagement of the banks this time there will be help like never before and it is a wild card which answers to no man nor is it a lackey to anyone .
hint ; no borders ,no wars ,no more lies and everyone working together and getting along .and the wars between the churches end forever or else.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 07:44 PM
Picrat I do not refer to 2012.....thats Yanker.
I am unclear as to what Yanker is trying to say about 2012. I wish they would be more clear on their beliefs concerning that date, since they refer to it.

My thoughts on that date vary, and I am open to hearing what others think is up....I don't have any 2012 dreams....nor any 2012 advise......but I feel a serious PULL in my gut to relocate before that year.
Not tooooo sure why...........but it's there.

I hope the things you say about it are in fact whats going to take place.....I truly do.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

sorry for the reference as to 2012 my mistake ,but what would happen if the help that we all need is already here and it has been for quite some time.over 50 years. so how do we calm their fears and prepare them [humanity ] for a brave new world where mindless little morons and their minions no longer rule through tyranny and fear and terror,how do we bring peace to the world .
how do we open the human races eyes up to the simple fact that if we destroy this world we have nothing left-meaning no being reborn ,no salvation ,no 72 virgins and so on as to the lies that are being PREACHED to the world ,for the actual teachings are hidden within the great libraries of the Vatican and they have denied us all the truth and the they propose that they are doing GODS work -correction reread the first page -and GOD created and so on for about 3 passages.
Christs actual teachings are no where to be found in the so called good book as to how he actually performed his great feats [ i believe the church claims that all who posses this the [forbidden knowledge are WITHES AND SORCERERS].
rivergoddess there is a fictional book out that i read many years ago it is called -weaveworld by Clive barker if you ever find it read it as there is something in there as to how we can begin to fix this mess of our`s.basically if you pull the right string you can unravel the weave of this world in so doing we should be able to rebuild it and undo the damage that we have all contributed to .it is quite an amazing book as it will really open up your mind to a very different way of looking at things and how you perceive the world ,i read it over 3 times before i could put it down- it was that much of an eye opener .
as to us here we are trying to teach others about the higher spiritual aspects of humanity -it is within everything and it is everywhere ,we are so much a part of it that it is we our selves that create that which is our reality [not biblical]but our greatest foe is the centuries of false doctrine that we all have had shoved down our throats -you ,myself and yanker and so many others are trying our best to get the word out and a part of the missing teachings is what we are discussing here .yanker remember the place of light were the question was asked do you recall the huge gem off to right in the distance-it is a DREAM CATCHER -and the peace and the beauty of that place can not be fully described by words alone it has to be experienced.and please to all others do not try for a nde we whom were sent back here are here to help all of you so please be patient and wait for us we will help all that we can.
something of interest for you -put your hand in the hand of the man that stilled the waters ,put your hand in the hand of the man from galalie .funny because Moses stilled the water so why was the other mentioned -was it god or was it Jesus which by the way was not his true name-in the pre 1939 editions you will find that there are 9 letters sitting above his head not the 4 that the church changed it to -pity they never listened or learned not to change anything .
yanker try psudo name and dispossable emils something new for fire fox.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by picrat

Hi. I accidentally deleted "my ats", and consequently, my way back here for a while also. I've enjoyed catching up on the posts. Since I've never had an experience I tend not to post here much anyway, as I really can't contribute anything worthwhile to the conversation, but I do like to read everyone else's experiences.

Picrat, you commented on 2012, and I noticed therivergoddess indicated she would like to hear other's thoughts on this as well. If you have some "inside" information about the events of that date, I would love to hear it. Will there be cataclysmic events, and will many perish? You indicate the prospect of a "brave new world", but does that mean only for a few who remain? Also, if our planet is to be in peril, from what means?
If you have come to know these things, please share.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by ladyinwaiting

just because you have not experienced anything yet does not mean that you are not learning ,by what you read and begin to understand starts to open the doors up with in time it will begin for you as it will for all others who are not experienced ,the best way is to ask questions until you can begin to fully understand the concepts that we are putting out for you also reading helps ex-casstenada,Florinda Donner,Monroe, Lynn v. Andrews and the adventures of Johnathon Livingston seagull the list is endless. each one deals with a different aspect of what we call spirituality as it is not just 1 thing or one way as there are many ways to reach that which we are all looking to attain. is it perfection of self or is it to lose all that we are so that we can become so much more ,interesting last thought.
is the planet in peril -YES- but it is not from something outside of this our world and realm ,we are our own worst nightmare and enemy we don`t need to point that finger at any other nation nor anyone but our own selves [human race] for as a species we are hellbent on our own destruction and we all turn a set of blind eyes to it.
our churches keep screaming that we are all sinners and that on the day of JUDGMENT we are all to die to be god as we broke everything that we were told not to do -which we all have done -so how do we fix it.
HELLSFIRE and BRIMStONE -nuclear holocaust,bio war ,germ war,nuclear, energy,atomic war or any combination of these things will bring the end to come to be and come to pass-why because we lost control of our leaders-militarys ,scientists and their brain dead, paranoid, psychotic followers [the human species ] forgot its place in things.
does it have to be this way or can we change things so that this does not happen -we can and better if we want to survive as a species .we have already begun to annihilate ourselves as a species by our daily deeds and actions . poisoning the land air and sea, poisons us all ,our food supply and even our water which we all need to survive,so does everything else need water,and all those toxins are now percolating down into the water table -and what is being done to stop and correct this NOTHING.we are still polluting like drunken sailors on leave and waiting for a miracle to save us from our own mindlessness and stupidity.
one man cannot save us from our own selves ,as we the masses have been brainwashed and lied to for so long by so many that we seem to believe whatever lie they tell us ,as this is their truths[LIES]
FINALLY IT STATES -that the nothing destroyed this the fathers gem , his world not ours. and yet this the greatest of evils had a name like 1 unto no other that which is of 2 parts yet it can be spoken as 1 name .
1 name NOTHING
2 part NO-THING
2-human species or race

so when do we grow up and quit following like sheep and begin to stand together as a species which consists of only 4 races of men -red ,white ,yellow ,brown-there is no difference as we are all human

and yes the man from the high is here and he has been here for over 50 years -watching -listening and learning,and he can prove who he is to the world . the question is will he help as of this point he will not answer it for me .and yes i do know who he is.his name you will never have until he is ready to tell you the people of the world .

next he will destroy them and make them his own -what a lie as you can`t destroy something to make it yours look up the meaning of DESTROY then it says see ANNIHILATE read it to and you will understand that you have all been had.
just answering your questions and doing what he asked of me .
have a great day people.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 09:01 PM
Have a great day after that? pfft! Picrat, I believe most people, myself included, do want things to change and want to make a difference, but it so difficult nowdays. I mean, we can all plant gardens, recycle, and reduce our "carbon footprints", but on a larger scale you know as well as I that we have no true influence. We can't order industry to stop polluting our waters and atmosphere. I know it could all have been so different. We've had the means and savvy to invent so many wonderful things to enrich our planet, and not scar it the way we have. And yes, we've been stupid, stupid, and greedy greedy. (she says preaching to the choir).


I don't like feeling helpless. I like knowing I have some amount of control over my own life. But if all these things are happening in the next few years, then I honestly don't see any way to reverse them. Too much damage has been done. The effort couldn't possibly be great enough in this short period of time we have until the big event, whatever the hades it turns out to be.

You know. Everytime I have come to this thread and read anything, I mean anything you wrote, I have always felt so uplifted.

But this. This is depressing.

Take it back.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by SpaceSilence

I do have a question!

When you are out of your body, can you go anywere, or just to the places you have been in your real body?
Can you go to the places you've imagined in your real body?

I mean, if i produce an OBE, i want to go to the moon, or to some great quiet and peacefull place.

And has anyone tryed to meditate while being in the dream land?

I don't meditate alot, but just asking, maybe you can go beyond an OBE!

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I think this is an awesome post and nobody really payed attention to it, I also think that there might be something beyond an OOBE, but what!

Just your mind and your thoughts are incredibly powerful....I mean, how can we start thinking about everything that we think, death, feelings, imagine everything we can do with this......

Our mind is a powerful thing and we have to learn how to use it, I personally never had an OOBE, nor ever seen anything "unusual", but im still working on an OOBE, but well, I just don't know what to do.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by Deep Thoughts

Your right that really IS an insightful bunch of questions, and I can tell you why it's been ignored so far. Those first questions are covered again, again AND again inside this thread......this thread is SO LONG because we just keep having to repeat things over and over for those who don't bother to read whats already in it. Pages of this thread could be shaved off if people could be bothered to read whats already in it.

The idea of meditation whilst inside of an OOBE is a new one in this thread though.....and it IS a seriously RICH question, that I can't begin to answer......I think we need the Masters to speak up on that, so that leaves me out.
I am still just trying to absorb the learning that my TRYING to MAKE anything 'happen' shuts it down. To truly EXPERIENCE the possibilities of the OOBE state, I have to let it come to me and take me where it wants me to go......the experience itself has things to teach me that I can only learn by sitting back and allowing whatever soon as I try and force my will upon the experience the entire thing stops.
I MUST say that, that is just how it is working out for me, and I know it is different for others. I am thinking it is like that for me because I was so brazen to get this happening for me by asking for the yank out in the first place, and I did NOT arrive at the OOBE gate through patience, learning and meditation.
Yessss I had been doing those things for years & YEARS, but I gave up my hope of it coming naturally and made this thread, asking for the easy way out. I am SERIOUS when I am saying that getting the Yank out has made much of the learning more difficult, for I did NOT learn the proper path 'out'.............YES it comes to me now and again, but I have no power to direct it.
I am now at a point where I am believing ALL dreams are nothing more than our experiences in parallel universes, and ALL the universes are connected like an onion, and we ALL exist in every single one them.
Maybe being aware of all this going on at once would make us insane and that is WHY in each existence, we are blissfully unaware of how many REAL existences we have going on, to keep us focused on the tasks laid before us on this plane.
I BELIEVE at the VERY the CENTER of all of this there is no you and me, them or us, and it is just ONE being, expressing itself in every way possible, and the veil of darkness it has created only HELPS the many aspects of this great being to experience this great being is all powerful and all encompassing it HAD to bring the dark veil over its many aspects of itself in order to know itself AS separate.

When people make the claim that we are ALL one, I wonder if they actually realize just how very LITERAL this truly is?

I want to add here that Robert Bruce is going to be holding an online class for OOBE...........WOOHOO!!
I am raising my kid on such a pittance that I can't afford the class, or I would be taking it. I am much better at classroom learning than online learning, because in my own living room I am so easily distracted by real life.
MAYBE some of you can afford it and if you take the class, & if so I am hoping you will share some things that you learn.

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 03:30 AM
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you should have been uplifted if you read a part of his message -but like they said in -a knight`s tale- change your stars then follow your feet back home .it means that in 2012 there is to be a huge shift in the human consciousness ,the greatest teacher of all time is back,and he is waiting for all of you to begin to follow your own feet back home or to return to the spiritual path .it is a point of change and correction as it is when the people of the world revolt against the overlords and their minions-but nothing says anyone will be hurt as where there is a way there is a will and the worlds populace is truly fed up with their mindless self-serving ways.
so how do we stop them -age 65 and under owns 85% of the worlds vote in any nation say why vote for them why not vote for ourselves or our own party that we create and run -cash is no option we have all that we need to overthrow them at anytime we so choose -think of it as the second flood as when we do it ,it will be a tidal wave that they could not stop.
do we follow the path we have prepared for ourselves and destroy ourselves or do we change the hands of change -fate & destiny.2 paths.

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