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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 04:42 AM
I'm so glad you agree with me rivergoddess!

I have learned that you just can't convince someone who goes lucid and thinks it is OOBE that they are not really OOBE

For the last 2 years I've been developing my OOBE skills by waking mid-dream and ensuring I stayed with it, or waking up particularly early so i could go back to sleep and OOBE, but this ISNT the same. Lucid dreaming is great but that is all it is, lucid dreaming, and the 'lucid' part is not always there either and instead you just hold onto a vivid shadow memory that FEELS like an OOBE experience. It is definately a good spring board as you said but doesn't come close to really triggering a full on OOBE. Now that I have worked out that i should stick with the strange feeling on my forehead, meditation is getting MUCH easier.

two things that are still frustrating though:

1. I wish I could meditate while commuting!!! (although this wouldn't be very productive and i'd probably miss my trainstation!)

2. Sometimes my thighs feel like they need to get some movement, its like they are itching to stand up or walk around while I meditate, it doesn't happen that often but it is really really frustrating, anyone else experienced this and got around it?

its friday!!!


posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by Taiog

thnaks for your information
I find it really interesting

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

wow that one made me smile, thank you so much for that. i have hard that before i guess i was too young at the time for it to stick...he wouldnt give us these WOUNDERFULL and completly rejuvinating abilities if we wernt supposed to...

i know its typ. for people to come on and share their first time...but its interesting to compare yours to others soo ill share mine

i was a freshmen in high school and i had just finshed tennis home..fell on my bed, and within seconds i was asleep. it couldnt have been more than 5 min and i started hearing what i like to call that famous "astral wind" and i was awake....or i thought i was awake...coldnt move though. having had a couple of close calls prior to that i knew what was going on. no doubt in my mind im about to take off! well it was pretty hard getting up...couldnt seem to even lift a finger. then got frustrated and actully pretty tired and just tried to roll over and go back to sleep...rolling over seemed to do it for me...i was out. the color, the feel, the sounds....everything, the most beautiful iv ever seen life seem.

so i decided to i would know for sure this was real. the very first thing that popped into my mind was my mother who lived about 2 hours from me, and within seconds i was next to her. i looked at what she was wearing, what she was cooking, what she was saying to my little brother, and since i didnt know what time it was when i went to bed i looked at the clock...that was enough for me, i had to verify this all, and instantly shot out of bed. of course to the first thing i did was look at the clock....right on the dot 5:45. Then right away got on the phone with my mom..

"hi mom.."

"hey baby, whats up?"

without telling her what i was doing...
"your wearing black tights and a bably blue hoody with your hair in a pony tail, standing at the stove making spaghetti, and you just told my little brother to 'go wash his hands, dinner is almost ready'"

"......are messing with me? are you outside or somthing??"

"no mom...ill have to call you later..."

i was almost in tears after was real, and it was therivergoddess first post i wanted EVERYone to know what happened..but yall are the first to hear...sorry for the long post

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:08 PM
The acronym OBE (Out [of] Body Experience) was derived from OOBE (Out Of Body Experience) which was coined by Dr. Charles Tart I believe in the earliest 1970s. Charles has some white papers on research done on OBE for those of you interested, at his website here:
go to 'Articles' section for his library.

'Astral Traveling' is the traditional term used for the same experience. One reason this term was not used and OOBE was invoked was because the term A~T~ actually makes an 'assumption': that we have a 'separate body on the astral plane' and that it is 'traveling'. At the time scientists began looking into this, all they could say objectively was that an individual had the *experience* of being 'outside' their body. This could have been a perceptual issue only; and of course they couldn't put "the astral body" into a test tube.

Anyway I was just explaining for the record why the two separate terms actually mean the same thing.


posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:19 PM

Originally posted by TheGreensGoblin
Lucid dreaming is great but that is all it is, lucid dreaming, and the 'lucid' part is not always there either and instead you just hold onto a vivid shadow memory that FEELS like an OOBE experience. It is definately a good spring board as you said but doesn't come close to really triggering a full on OOBE.

At this point in my life, OBEs are spontaneous with me. But I had them constantly, and could lucid dream at will, from about the age of 4 to 18. I read books on both subjects around age 18 and it seemed to kick in my left-brain-logical self at that point and they suddenly became much more rare. I had thought, until that time, that this was normal for everybody.

Many people can get partial obe. In meditating, visualizing, they can get their hands or arms 'out' but not the rest of their body. I used to hear about this and wondered, thinking, the 'astral' arm would surely be solid to the 'astral' body, so why can't they use the arm to pry themselves out? I actually had occasion to try this during a program at the Monroe Institute back in 2000 and it worked perfectly. My arms were out and I reached behind my neck and pulled forward to 'pry myself out' and there I was. However that particular OBE was very different than most of them have tended to be.

It appears to be a spectrum of frequency and you are closer or farther away from the one we call 'consensus reality'. So in some OBEs everything is just like you might see it normally. Then the changes start coming in as you move farther away from the 'home' frequency. Your cat (that died years ago) may be sleeping at the foot of your bed. The chair your coat is hanging on may be pulled out instead of where it really is. The tree outside your bedroom window is sentient. It gets different ('weirder' might be the technical term here ;-)) as you get farther from the frequency we call physical reality to the point of whole different dimensions and experiences.

I feel this is why the experience can be quite different for different people; and why some OBEs feel more 'physical' than others -- because the closer you are to the physical band of frequency the more you "feel" things quite tangibly. You 'feel' going through a wall at that point, but you may barely feel it or only be aware of it at a different point; I believe this is a whole spectrum and that if you go far enough you cease awareness of a body and when you think of something you are simply 'there', much more on the 'mental' than 'astral' plane, and this feels pretty much like a dream of sorts. Some people perceive things during OBE and then compare them to ordinary-perception and the differences make them think they must have imagined it all. But it's one word for a whole spectrum of experience.


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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 07:49 PM
most excellent addition to this thread RedCairo Im so glad your here!
What your sharing might help all kinds of folks attempting to understand whats going on in this thread.....

I got out & about last night. No sound came to me at all though.....I just suddenly had my arms out waving around......when this happens I will violently wave them around trying to loosen the rest of me out.....only to remember to relax and roll out.
So I was out......and blind. I was dialing up the vision volume & it wasn't I demanded sight, to no I thought to get farther away from my body and hope vision would kick in. I blundered my way through the wall between me and my son's room and was sending thoughts and energy toward him to see if he wanted to try and get out with me.....I get a BIG energy/information 'pop' sent to me letting me know something along the lines of..."ya ya mom I GET IT and I am NOT interested so please leave me alone" I was floating off in another direction focusing on SEEING.......I could feel my motion of moving, but I never was able to light up the darkness, so I went back into my body to try and start over.
I started over, hoping/planning this next time I WOULD see.......I got out easier, but was still blind.............I am using techniques that folks here have suggested in the past that have worked for me before to SEE but they just were not working last night. I am looking for the lesson in this and missing it by a million miles and IM SO FRUSTRATED! It sucks so bad to actually GET OUT, and then have it be for nothing as I'm just floating around blind. I don't hear anything either so I must be deaf to....I don't get MUCH out of this experience of what it is like to be a piece of lint floating in the air......

I have stuff I want to do and see so BAD! like watching an active volcano, going to stone henge, getting to visit friends as described above how DoWhatYouFear got to go see their mom...I read about folks doing this and hear about it but so far I have not been able to facilitate this type of thing for myself...Im lost as to what IS REALLY going on with me having these blocks. Please feel free to make suggestions or tell me what comes to your mind concerning these problems I am having for I think someone outside may SEE what I am missing in having this happen to me repeatedly.

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 10:24 PM
You know, in remote viewing, the information is very very seldom visual. It is almost all "sensual" (the only word for it), which "translates" internally to what I understand-to-be visual. The direct visuals are, on %, rare.

I theorize this is because information is inherently just 'energy'. It is we who basically absorb that energy and translate it.

Although generally men are more visual (this does vary of course); most my best data is in words, not drawings, contrary to many viewers I know mostly men. So it's possible some neural wiring is part of that.

I think your intense attempts to 'see' may actually be causing a problem. It focuses your brainwaves and your focus in a very specific bandwidth.

Why don't you try imagining that your whole body is like receiving sonar. And everything puts off energy at least a little. And your astral-body gets all that energy, and puts together an "understanding of what it looks like" instead you.

Not a VISUAL clearly but simply a knowing. It's possible this route might work a little better for you. Worth a try anyway! I suspect it might actually work like that anyway. It's just that this process is a whole lot more automatic for most people.


posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 06:55 AM
I just had a wannage oobe

I was going through another sleep paralysis episode where I can barely move. I sensed a being at the foot of my bed watching me. I heard the windy sounds flooding my ears. After fighting it for a minute I finally just stood up and ran around my apartment.

I turned on the tv, threw the phone off the desk and tore off the fridge magents. I was really hoping when I finally woke back up it would all be moved. Then I warped back into my body but knew I was still in the groove so I got back up ran around a second time and confirmed everything I changed the first time was still changed.

Finally I woke up and ran out like kid on xmas morning and BLAH nothing had changed

I was so sad. I really thought I was running around the apartment moving crap around.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Different frequency bandwidth. You did move it... but there, not here. Exasperating isn't it?!

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 10:29 AM
Dear River Goddess wow. I have a quesiton for you in this post
Wow, this is thread is amazing. 4 years 10 months long. I am up to page 20 so far, and will finish the rest. This is my first post on ATS (apart from an anonymous one explaining that stainless steel is NOT made of 70% H)

This thread on OOBE/astral projection/astral travel appears to have attracted much interest from various people. The curiosity and positivity are fantastic to see, however there are issues which need addressing:

1. The issue of Belief
2. The issue of scientific validity
3. The issue of potential harm
4. The issue of easy projection

1- Whilst being truthful, I am aware all my statements are my beliefs. The chances that EVERYTHING I say is correct are minimal. Beliefs change, Truth does not. How then can one determine what is true, especially when contradictions arise? - By using your heart/intuition, being aware, and being receptive.

2- I have seen the question posed "Can you PROVE to me scientifically that astral projection does in fact happen? / Can you show me scientific evidence?" I cannot scientifically prove to you that people astral project, however, you cannot scientifically prove to me that people dream. Let me pose a question to you though; 200 years ago, could ANYONE have shown scientific evidence that dreams occurred? Yet without any scientific evidence whatsoever, everyone believed they happened. Why? because they happened to them. People believe in astral projecting/OBE 1.because it has happened to them or 2. they know the alternative(SO many people lying with NO BENEFIT to themselves) is ridiculous. Devices have since been made that measure the EFFECTS of dreaming eg. increased electrical current in certain parts of the brain. Within another 200 years, devices may be made that measure the effects of OBE or can even record the event.

3- There have been posts by people wondering if Astral Projecting will do them harm, or if it can kill them. From what I have read the ACT of astral projecting will not cause any harm. Train, and do it. Once you have achieved one, come back to your body, STOP Astral Projecting and start reading (If you haven't already) and getting as big a knowledge base about the astral realm and the entities that you can. Dear River Goddess, could you please ask your Yanker about this book: Techniques of Astral Combat, G. Travels. Is he still reading this thread? This book will provide an explanation for some of the things that have happened to you and other people. Reading it was like receiving some hard truth that makes you squirm. If indeed it IS true. I would like to know what the Yanker thinks?
... The question is can the entities encountered in the astral do you harm? IMO yes. Should this stop you? No. Should you find out as much as you can after (or before) you do you first projection? YES.

4- Would you like to have an easy projection, with very little effort involved? The best things in life are free... free of a price tag, but not free of hard work. This 4th issue I have is to clarify one thing. If you are lazy about projecting it is not going to happen. Have you REALLY put in 100% effort over many years? Stop asking for an easy way("can I be yanked out too?") to astrally project. So far I have put in 33% effort, a distinct lack of dedication, and have been duly rewarded; I have got to the vibrating state, gotten exited by it, and woken myself right up.

In any case this thread has rekindled my interest, inflamed it in fact, the last few days I have been saturating myself with information on it. I am going to work hard this time. I am going to talk about my experiences with you. I am going to astral project. - Ink

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by Inkrinhuminge

Right Intent. Excellent. Follow-up.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:47 PM
I thought I would share my strange dream, which was also my first attempt to project out of a dream. In the dream I opened my eyes and looked around to see what looked to be the real world. I was outside, looking at the familiar front yard. It was very clear, except for some violet coloring around the edges of my vision. While in the dream, I suddenly thought for a moment that it was an OBE because it looked so normal but then I thought it was probably a dream so I started to chant I will leave my body and visualized rising out of my body.

I felt a slight sensation of rising, but then woke feeling as if I had fallen ten feet down onto my bed with a sense of some pressure in my forehead. I'm sure it was just a dream but it was exciting to me that I remembered to try to project.

reply to post by Inkrinhuminge

In reply to your second point about scientific evidence, I thought you might find it interesting to read research done on OBE's by Charles Tart. He found interesting evidence that might suggest the subject in his experiment on out of body experiences obtained information while out of body.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 03:52 PM
Just curious- have any of the people here who posted along the lines of "I would like help having a OBE" received it?

Is simply being willing (but not knowing much) enough to spark an OBE? Any recommended readings, etc?

I am wanting to experience an OBE... to travel around the 'verse, etc. Is that possible? And... how do you return to your body? lol getting lost in space would SUCK.


posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by Cariaddi

everything your asking has already been answered back within this thread.....much info is inside the thread, and the truly curious will read it.

Inkrinhuminge..........Im going to get back to you once I get the a hold of them.
Im going to ask my library to get that book in for me.....thanks for that title suggestion.

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 03:06 AM
reply to post by RedCairo

The acronym OBE (Out [of] Body Experience) was derived from OOBE (Out Of Body Experience) which was coined by Dr. Charles Tart I believe in the earliest 1970s

I think you'll find it was good ol' Robert Monroe that was first to use the OOBE term, not that it's particularly important!!! I think you should read some of his books or go through the pages of this thread, I agree with what you're saying about the 'frequency' shift, but it has been described really well previously in this thread, People gotta READ before they WRITE when it's such a big thread!!! Most of the stuff spoken about has been written already.

Remote viewing shouldn't be discussed here. it is similar but it ISN'T the same and deserves it's own thread. I am really into RV and would love to chat about it, but not here!

Lets stick to which technique do people use to raise their kinesthesic touch/energy/theta/orgone's ?

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 12:30 PM

Originally posted by TheGreensGoblin
I think you'll find it was good ol' Robert Monroe that was first to use the OOBE term, not that it's particularly important!!! I think you should read some of his books or go through the pages of this thread

Possibly Charley got it from Bob, but Tart was the first to publish it. If you looked at Tart's papers I linked a few pages back, you would see that two of them are about an OBE subject who was Bob Monroe himself.

Of course I've read everything Monroe ever published (and Tart as well). I've been familiar with OBEs my entire life. I even did a couple programs at the Monroe Institute eight years ago -- that was fun, I really recommend it.

(I knew about Tart's papers because I'm his webmaster, I might add, so I had a bit of an edu advantage there.)

Remote viewing shouldn't be discussed here. it is similar but it ISN'T the same and deserves it's own thread. I am really into RV and would love to chat about it, but not here!

It was a mention because there was a correspondence point, not an attempt to derail a thread. If you aren't derailed I'm sure others won't be either.

(It was also a specific response to someone asking for specific input, which makes it more than fair. Relax already.)


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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by RedCairo

Cool RedCairo, I was worried we were gonna go wandering off track but thats what the mods are for !

The monroe institute must have been rather amazing, I've heard monroe went a bit far out with the institute so i'd be really keen to read your thoughts on the experience. What do you think of Robert Bruce's work? have you tried the NEW approach etc.? thanks buddy


posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 02:10 PM

Originally posted by TheGreensGoblin
The monroe institute must have been rather amazing, I've heard monroe went a bit far out with the institute so i'd be really keen to read your thoughts on the experience.

I did have one OBE while there but it was quite different than the norm (although 'the norm' has a spectrum too, with me). More spiritual and symbolic. Oh yeah, and the room I was sitting in was perfectly normal--except right next to me the other half of the room had vanished into an entirely different world, and some of my elementals-of-soul were there with me. Never had that happen before or since. Must have been something to do with the hemi-sync(tm) frequencies, I figure.

What do you think of Robert Bruce's work? have you tried the NEW approach etc.?

I don't know what the NEW is. I'm familiar with Bruce's work but not extensively -- by the time he was really getting his stride on I was neck deep in RV and not much focused on astral projection or OBE stuff anymore.

It's still not really a focus for me; it was natural my whole life, though it's only occasional for now, so I think while it's very cool, I lack the level of excitement most people trying to bring it on seem to have. I still find it very interesting, I just don't actively pursue it at the moment. Maybe a little later in life that will cycle around again.


posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by RedCairo

I too am really interested in RV, i've only tried the Ed Dames introduction which was to say the least...(third? lol) eye opening!!! I would love to converse with you on the subject if there's a particular thread you frequent or prefer?

So monroe's institute sounds like the environment created a very powerful experience, I can imagine being in such a setting with likeminded others must have been really great.

It leads me to wonder what our individual experiences would be if the collective on this thread group meditated, would be tough with time zones, I wonder if distance is irrelevant in such situations? (is time?) ....far too deep for my breakfast coffee!!!

About the NEW system:

New Energy System

Essentially, NEW is a tactile system (based on the sense of touch and 'feel') that utilizes focused body awareness actions to move energy through your body

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:31 PM
Hey can anyone help me?

i've been trying to astral project for a while now. Last night i started the usual routine to ap and i was imagining myself floating out of my body and later my body started to feel all weird. I felt these what i think were vibrations. I've read a lot about astral projection so i need vibrations equal AP. But thing is i dont really know if they were vibrations or not. Like how do i know i wasnt making it up. Also after a while it felt like somone was shaking my bed. And i tried to increase this and hang onto this but it just faded. Same thing with the vibrations.

I was wondering if the shaking was actually just my heart beat because i felt my heart was beating pretty fast. I guess i was excited but i know not to let the excitement get to me so i just continued. And like i said the vibrations and everything just disappeared and i was kind of disappointed. I cant seem to be able to hold the feeling. And it was very hard for me to actually feel what i think were vibrations and then when i did they were gone so easily. This is the first time i've ever come so far and i just wanna know if what i was feeling was really vibrations and how close i was to astral projection and some techniques to hold the vibrations and to increase them so i can get out. Thanks.

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