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What has happened to A.T.S?

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 09:33 PM
Im not sure I should be starting a thread like this for fear of being flamed or even banned!

But here goes...

Ive been away from A.T.S for about four to five months now and I have noticed on my return that everything has changed. Im not talking about the user interface or the addition of A.T.S media, Im talking about the quaility of the posts and the amount of disinfo in most of the threads. Its seems that the majority of the new and some of the old members are trying to make A.T.S a laughing stock with silly tinfoil hat topics that are ludicrous. For instants take the first thread I read when I came back to A.T.S... "THIS PLANET NEEDS DEPOPULATION" I mean come on! The OP comes across as a nice guy and all but the underlying tone is a seriously disturbed view point as are some of the replies on the same thread one reading "we need to start with the prisons. If they have a life sentence change it to death. The prisons are full. We are to weak when it comes to punishment. Kill them dont feed them." By this threads reckoning we should all be sterilized and or killed off! It may upset the OP but it does sound a little N.W.O'ish to me.

Another thread that caught my eye was a thread by the same OP as above entitled "Many of you are actually Aliens". How can he post this crap when just a couple of hours before he was telling everyone that the world needs to be sterilized. I dont understand.. really.. I dont. I know it seems like Im singling this guy out but Ive read a great deal of the other threads this week and they all have the same under lying non A.T.S'ness about them. I dont know. Maybe Im looking to much into things... or am I. Has A.T.S been infiltrated by Spooks! I think I'll ask SPOOK..y Fox Mulder.

Please let me know what you think.


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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 09:35 PM
Please ask your queston here : ATS Issues Thread


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