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My nuclear dream

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 06:06 PM
For the last seven years, when I arrived in Tours ( Loire Valley, France ) for studying and stuff, I kept having this dream, every year or so. I was at the entrance of a bridge, sitting on a wall, having a cigarette, something i can do every day if I want to, cause it's just 500meters away from my home.
Then all of a sudden , some ear-damaging noise comes from the north and everything turns silent. Then a white, cloudy mushroom shows up and I remember I feel very calm and cool , still having my cigarette while everybody is running like hell. Like I saw it coming. Then I wake up, and I usually have a pretty normal day.

That's pretty much the same dream, and nothing specific happens before or after in my life, just the usual average crap.
What do you ATSers think about that ? Am I having some Freudian-related dream, or is it the amount of movies and stuff I watched that created this?

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 06:20 PM
What you should try is to concentrate on what your not seeing, a usual method is to draw your dream, you will find many new things which your not remembering.

Anything insignificant has its significance.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 08:44 PM
My first instinct is that you are repeatedly experiencing a calm approach to a rather traumatic thing. Maybe you are preparing yourself emotionally to do just that.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 08:52 PM
Both Seagrass and Tristar have offered very insightful possibilities. I continue to be impressed by the minds of both.

Do you have control in this dream? I've found that "serial" dreams I've had seem to contain a message -- presumably from my subconscious to my conscious mind -- and the dream repeats like a do-loop until I "get it".

I would think about keeping a pen/paper or microrecorder by your place of sleeping. Write down everything upon waking and recognition of your surroundings. Try to discover if you hear the sound before you feel the percussion and/or see the flash. Reading your recounting, there may be some clues in there, if you hear it first. I don't know what that might mean, but it wouldn't be consistent with known Newtonian physics.

I'm very interested in this dream sequence. I kinda know what you mean -- I've had dreams that have seemed apart from the rest -- important somehow. Serial dreams definately fit in that category.

Listen, threads have a habit of being lost after a time. If a long time goes by before you post, I'd be honored if you'd shoot me a U2U, just in case your thread has dropped off "my ATS".

looking forward to more info

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 04:51 AM
I had a nuclear dream last night. I remember seeing my daughter at the door of some commercial building and I waved at her, told her to stay there and that I would be right back.

I ran across a busy street to get to a gas station when all of a sudden, ka-boom... a nuclear bomb hit and I was suddenly covered in a dust storm and then dead I assume.

I have had lots of nuclear dreams in my life, doesn't surprise me as we live in a world with nuclear bombs. Sad that it must haunt our dreams, that realization.

More so if it haunts our reality with them actually killing us at some undefined future point.

Saddest human invention ever.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 07:40 AM
I've always wondered at dreams such as those.
I've had my share of strange ones, and of ones which were so real I claimed them as memories the next day. It caused a bit of confusion on those occasions, as you can imagine; I once thought I'd been to work and had entire conversations which had never occured.
Dreams are strange things, aren't they? Sometimes they're so off the wall you even realize that you're dreaming, and then you get to have some fun. Other times you can feel your bones break, and if you're really unlucky, you can experience the worst aspects of your existence over and over again. Some times you do things you'd never do, things which make you sick. Now and then you're forced to re-live the most agonizing heartbreak nightly. So why, is what I've asked myself? What could it possibly be?

There are too many theories for me to browse, so I'll just pick the interesting ones, ok?
You see, I've had three distinct types of dreams. I call them by various names in attempt to better organize them in my memory; the first I call Shallow dreams. These are the zany, unpredictable, and over-all wierd dreams which are unmistakably the unconscious mind's inner workings during sleep. They're essential to the REM cycle, but not very interesting, all things considered. The second type I call the Shadow lands; these are where my mind organizes each of the places I've ever been into a vast multi-dimensional complex which simulates waking life, often impossible to determine from the real deal. In these dreams I meet people from forgotten pasts and unknown futures, walk strange corridors into familiar rooms, and read books which were never written, yet I know from childhood. I call them the shadowland dreams because everything, for some reason, just seems a little bit darker than in reality.
The last type I call Outsiders; these are the Grey Dreams which don't seem to really have anything to do with life, but are far, far too real. In these I've seen nightmares and legends, and they've helped plot the course of my life. The potency of a Grey dream is such that upon awakening, you remember every single detail and feel as though the experience has changed you; within the dream itself, when you are in danger, you percieve the threat to be utterly real. I'm talking about fear for your soul here; Grey dreams are often pretty nasty, and in my experiences regarding myself and others, they tend to have more meaning than we'd like to give them.

Sometimes (and you'll hate me for being the one to say it) a Grey dream predicts events which may come to pass. Alternate futures, presents, and realities; often they're just ghost-creatures, but every now and then they're something which is possible, or even probable. The irritating thing about it is, you can't know if its a ghost dream or a future until its too late. Grey dreams are tricky like that; they'll be off on the details which could have helped you know the difference, but the outcome will be the same. Or, alternately, everything could happen exactly like in your dream but with a different outcome. The worst, as I've found out only weeks ago, is that every great now and then, a Grey dream will show you what could have happened if you'd only done something different.

And this, my friend, is why when I have a Grey dream, I write it down and forget about it. They're a fool's pursuit on the path to madness, and thats something I wouldn't have you learn the hard way.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 07:47 AM

Originally posted by seagrass
My first instinct is that you are repeatedly experiencing a calm approach to a rather traumatic thing. Maybe you are preparing yourself emotionally to do just that.

Try doing something different in the dream.

I had a reaccuring dream of drowning I was like great I'm gonna drown again every time.

I decided one time ah screw it instead of waiting for it to come to me I might as well go to it. So I jumped in the water and let myself drown right of the bat never had the dream again after that.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 07:52 AM
Thanks for your answers guys/girls !

I'd like this thing to end, yeah, but somehow, i think that something hasn't been revealed to me yet.
However, I'll let you know as soon as I will have new info. Gotta wait 6 months or so but I can't control it.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 07:57 AM
The thing about all my nuclear dream's is the crystal clarity of them. I myself felt no fear as these WMD's were going off.

The detail was amazing.

Take care.


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