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None of you are Human or Aliens

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 05:55 PM
I propose a third option for pondering.

"This planet" we are on is a lockdown zone, a jail. We as a "people" were taken as prisoners of war or just plain hijacked and we have been locked in at this level, the level of mass and 3 dimensions for a while now. There are actually only a handful of us, say around 50 or so and we have been captured and split into multiple "personalities" aka human beings/animals/plants. When we look at ourselves what we see are actually "spacesuits" or perhaps 3D suits (something I'm sure we only used to "check/repair the engines" of the solar system/ship) that we have become a prisoner of. We could traverse many realms, not just this one, one of which is our "real home" or hang out. We are victims of something and I’m sure escape is just round the corner!

Another option
We are actually one person who has "its" face in a pool of metallic looking substance experiencing a VR simulation that lasts for only a short time and cost only "$5", we pull our face out and go "wow! lemme do that again!" as our mate slaps us on the back laughing saying "I told ya so".

Option 5
The Terra Papers are correct, meaning we are human made from a royal alien DNA stuff and are currently being ruled by some sneaky Greys who love their mental manipulation of us.

Option 23
Buddha is laughing for a reason!*

*Dae does not have any affiliates with the Buddhism meme or any of its derivatives

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 05:57 PM
Please make your argument in the existing thread




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