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Feds spike voter citizenship checks in Georgia

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by mythatsabigprobe

I was referring to your comment that

In other words, the Georgia State Government (strongly republican) have been using the voter verification system to deny minorities (not illegals) their right to vote. This crap's been going on for years in Georgia.

The reason the panel of judges (in October of last year) made Georgia ask the DOJ was because of a requirement that was imposed on Georgia (in 1965) because they (along with 42 out of the 48 states) had Jim Crow laws from 1876 and 1965 - 50 years ago next year. It was NOT because “this crap’s been going on for years in Georgia”. Read it again. The Jim Crow laws were blatantly discriminatory and, I’ll repeat, were used by 42 out of the 48 states - not just 1 or 2. Do you really believe that Georgia’s been following Jim Crow practices since 1965? I can guarantee you the ACLU would have been involved before now if they had.

If they’ve been doing this “crap” ever since then why would the U.S. Supreme Court be considering whether to release Georgia from the 1965 requirement to get approval from the DOJ when they want to change election law?

Separately, the U.S., Supreme Court is considering a challenge to the portion of the Voting Rights Act requiring Georgia and select other states to seek approval before tinkering with election law.

So, again, I ask.. . Please provide proof of the "crap" that's been going on for years in Georgia.

You think this has anything to do with the black community (which would have been the community that one would traditionally have thought Georgia would discriminate against)? Why then was it that the Mexican American defense fund was the one who brought suit? It has everything to do with illegals. Don’t believe it doesn’t.

But the ACLU and the Mexican American defense fund sued, saying the efforts amounted to a "systematic purging" of rolls just weeks before the election.

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 07:22 AM
I saw someone asking about just how discrimination against certain groups takes place, here is one that I know of.

Voter caging is a method of challenging the registration status of voters to potentially prevent them from voting in an election.

On the subject of how do you best determine these things, I'm not sure. The system we have here is called the Electoral Roll

I'm not sure if you guys in the USA would like that much though, it's just another big list of citizens, I know a lot of people don't like that kind of thing and would rather there be as few lists as possible, but we don't hear about the kind of fraud you get there of illegals voting, when we have election fraud it tends to be by dodgy counting or that kind of thing.

I just went and voted today, and didn't have to show any ID at all, I just handed over the card I was sent in the post because I am on the roll, and voted. They took down the number of my card, so they can make sure no more than 1 person votes per card. It probably isn't a perfect system, but as I said, we don't have as many problems with this as you.

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