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We are the krikkit: A literary analogy of humanity

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:47 PM
It occured to me yesterday, while driving along with no concern for the sky (not that you should be looking at the sky wile driving, but... you know. keep your eyes to the skies lol) that we as humans are conditioned to be completely aware of everything in our surroundings except the sky. because... what does the sky have except for weather, planes and falling anvils? well, it dawned on me that, being kept in the dark about what is really in the skies (assuming aliens/other unkowns) can be likened to a certain civilization that im sure many of you, like myself, have been farmiliar with since childhood. I am, of course, refering to "the Krikkit" from Douglas adams "life, the universe and everything." allow me to take an exerpt from the book for your indulgence:
*note: this telling is from wikipedia, and is not nearly as awe-inspiring and thought-provoking as the origional story. I reccomend everyone in the world read all 4 of douglas adams novels.

The Story of The Krikkit, as told by wikipedia

The planet Krikkit is (at the beginning of the novel Life, the Universe and Everything) located in a dust cloud composed chiefly of the disintegrated remains of the enormous spaceborne computer Hactar. Hactar was originally created by the Silastic Armorfiends of Striterax to design the Ultimate Weapon. Hactar produced a very, very small bomb that, when activated, would connect every star to every other star, cause them to all go supernova simultaneously and, thus, destroy the universe. The bomb proved dysfunctional because Hactar had designed it with a tiny flaw, reasoning that no consequence could be worse than that of setting the bomb off. The Silastic Armorfiends disagreed and destroyed Hactar.

Due to the dust cloud, the sky above Krikkit was completely black, and thus the people of Krikkit led insular lives and never realised the existence of the Universe. With the population thus prepared, Hactar, disintegrated but still functional, built and crashed a model spaceship onto Krikkit in order to introduce its inhabitants to the concept of the Universe. Secretly guided by Hactar, the Krikkiters built their first spaceship, Krikkit One, penetrated the dust cloud, and surveyed the Universe before them. Unbeknownst to the Krikkiters, Hactar had been subliminally conditioning their minds to the point where they could not accept a Universe into their world view with the intention of putting them into a similar mindset to that of the Silastic Armorfiends. Sooner or later, they would require an Ultimate Weapon, and this would allow Hactar to finally complete his purpose, something he had felt considerably guilty about not doing before. Upon first witnessing the glory and splendor of the Universe, they casually, whimsically, decided to destroy it, remarking, "It'll have to go." Aided again by the mind of Hactar, the Krikkiters built an incredible battlefleet and waged a massive war against the entire Universe. The Galaxy, then in an era of relative peace, was unprepared, and spent the next 2,000 years fighting the Krikkiters in war that resulted in about two "grillion" casualties.


posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:55 PM
Now, for my personal analysis.

I was taught as early as i could remember that their was probably about 3 intelligent civilizations in the universe at any given point. this, plus the probability of any one civilization making it past the point where we find ourselves right now(on the brink of interstellar revolution) made it infinitely improbable that any "galactic civilization" with a solid foundation to form. Now, i never believed a word of this as my dad has the most impressive collection of scientific, UFO and other literature disputing the ideals that are mainstream in america concerning us humans being seemingly "special." I have always known that this is mearly a result of of the truely evil people in our history establishing religion as the only true solution and carving a foundation of fake science that is "undisputible" by any person who puts no effort into even thinking logically about things standards. let me get this strait: we are not SPECIAL. anyway...

the act of our governments and institutions pushing this view down our throtes that our position in the world is unique and that there is nothing alive beyond our ozone can be exactly likened to the supercomputer hectar conditioning the people of Krikkit to know nothing of the universe outside. if the fight against this reality continutes... and we are alowed to maintain our clouded state of mind, the space that remains in our worldview for extraterrestrial phenomenon will be widdled down to nothing. and, much like krikkit, when a society is incapable of accepting a reality that is put in front of them... theres is no alternative other then to destroy any trace of its existance from our universe.

i am at work so i had to make all this in a rush, but... we, as humanity, are being lead down a path that has historically been shown to warp and destroy the human mind. I beleive we are just like krikkit, and that we are beyond the point of return where we can, as a whole, come to accept any viewpoint other then our own.

obviously, people will disagree. i would love to hear all opions, especially those of the people who are farmiliar with the story. and also, sorry about the spelling/grammer, ill come back for an edit.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:56 PM
AHHG such a mess... my thoughts were much more clear when not rushed.


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