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Brave soul am i to sacrifice for love, and country

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 08:17 PM

I like trees, flowers, woods. Im an outdoors guy and love to rough it. Lately i feel like a slave with twenty million eyes peering like demonic figurines of dancing moronic mockers. Who live in some tweeked world of their own fears and conjurings of complete absolute insanity. They in their hypocrisy, publicly at least, as exampled on many local news casts, their anti this or anti that status, whilst like the rest of the cattle, become that they accused because they put themselves out there to be called on it. While we the people-WE THE PEOPLE..YEAH!!, the real non dumbed down, interested in reality and seeking truths types, are standing up, and now it gets rough i see someone doesnt like smart people. We have intellectual oppression due to fascism and greed spinning harmoniously ignored by what seem to be sane people at first, but inside themselves burn with pure and simple intellectual/natural sin, evil, badness, wickedness, betrayal, hypocrisy mockeries and its time is running dryer than the dry for people who have been called retards and I and others like me have been right all along. I have seen both sides in life of so many of your..aspects enough to well judge a proper mental state for myself, people-all walks and fashions, europe, england, scottland nice places back in 93, in france if you wear an american flag, the busses comicly speed up towards was wierd. Its crazy, but you all are lost in a similar design as i was growing up and im just trying to lend a small gesture because I seek love and truths, not fights and quibbles. Just stop being angry at whatever your angry at and look deeper in yourself. Seek inside yourself not your "feeling" of truth, but actual painful realities to face truth (i do to) and see that deep down, the accusations of liars and defamers of real humans who walk the earth who are the coolest fun people youve ever known, will envelope your hateful ignorance and force you to see the real self via good time not regiment, not totally. Not in war, but bliss is the kiss. Not material either. Just take early and modern forest tribal cultures who still practice what modern culture considers taboo, in thinking they know best. THey impose upon so many with so little using desperation and coercion. Its terrible and sad that humans who have so much need so much more, and dont mind taking from anyone or thing to achieve whatever they think is good or bad for them..anything im be rational, one must admit reality in this line of thinking only leads to an end of selfishness, lonliness or happiness in a lie. False peace and prosperity, the signs of the time. I see them. I desire others to awaken and see life spring forth endless love, a river of truth. Unending. Reality for all perceptual distance. Real family, real affection, actual transfiguring of a heart inside a dying body of pains and aches and lonely hearts. I cant harbor more than that, and all im saying is look at whats its doing to us as a species. Through my life as metaphore of artistic expression of my disdain, and illness I get from it, and is why I resist so many things. Because I smell no good timeline for myself other than this eye in my head and its guidance of my positive reality I make in the world. Or at least try to.

I guess God gave me a harder task than I thought by throwing me into this whole worldly mess i could have only identified my intellect with at a certain time..strange. When I grew up, it was from church to church and friend to friend and confusing and lonely. And everyone has since I was young treated me like I was different, an outcast if you will. Im not crazy, pschizoidal or trapazoidal. I am however saddened by the sick decay permiating from the stenchy bog of this mobius of a time line were in.

We have people who want to keep everything 1950s style and controlled. And we have people who say they do but desire only theft or destructions. Then we have stupid a## violent downtrodden over reactors to everything. Its way confusing when you try to look at it all. But certain key markers tie it all together. Actions speak louder than words. Im all about words in action for truth and love to evolve into a state of overcoming of the inner minds laziness and despairing feeling if you lack an object. Let go of objects. And be self , there's only you. No magic or ego lasts forever without a higher intellect. And your own process sadly will not save your actuall existing inner soulyou may occlude with a misperceived feeling. I care, and I dont care. Being gemini I have that right i think.

Life is not about self. This is the base programming everyone who works in the world has. Then in action, it gets slowly hacked at. And you let go. Its a, to my eyes deliberate process and attempt to shift temporal (mental cognitive time distance focus process') perspectives to here and now and focus away from then or what could be and diminish intellect slowly.

Ive been frustrated, ill give you that. At the world and chose to publicise in what seemed at first a rational and like minded forum, not knwing I was a pebble in a lake of stones and odd looking fish. Idiot am i i guess. So I digress sometimes and react others. To a world which freaks me out and makes me shout. And I wanted to understand it better earlier but even the famous public schools let me down quite often, it was like I was manipulated by a group of people remotely all my life. And I have good guesses at who it was and heres my take and understanding of whats been going on and what I plan to do.

I plan to leave earth through a wormhole or dimensional rift that God will open to another heavenly world, this earth instance, the "war-craft" spinning helplessly is trivial and menacing insanity at best. If you all dont understand by now how the accuser you all hate has infected the populace with miniscule events in your lives, wake up and review your brain. YOu might find yourself fully controlled and slightly drunk feeling. A tad happy are we today..

There are No secrets under the sun...hey it wasnt my decision to make it that way..but i dont object..unfortunately, the super intelligent monkies that evolved long ago, are hiding in space from us, because were so primitive for so long due to wars and unneeded disagreement or malintent from any side.




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