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Government Propaganda: Consumers gain clout in Washington

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 05:05 AM

WASHINGTON ( -- Meet Washington's new power brokers on the economy: Consumer advocates.

They are rubbing shoulders with the president at bill-signing ceremonies and getting face time with economic chief Larry Summers. A few are even returning calls from lawmakers whose offices they used to hound.

After eight years of getting the cold shoulder, consumer groups are relishing their new role in the policy-shaping spotlight. Consumer advocates celebrated their biggest legislative victory in years when President Obama signed the credit card bill.

This article is a huge spin on the anti-lobby campaign that our current administration said it would take on. All that I can tell by this article is that the administration is once again showing that there will be no change.

By trying to put lobbying in a good light and making it supposedly advantageous to the every day consumer, they are trying to cover the fact that they really were never against lobbying in the first place.

Lobbying is probably one of the most dirty and corrupt part of our political system and should be stopped. All lobbying consists of is throwing money in the right places so as to get a favorable result. So gone are the days when the congressional members vote on what the people want instead of what the money wants.

The Obama administration has lied to everyone and continues to lie to us. I hope those of you who voted for him are real proud of your mistake, that is if our votes even matter. There will be no "Change".

Link to Source CNN Money.

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 12:12 PM
As the lobbyist gain clout the rights of the people are slowly diminished. How come when we are lied to by our administration we just lay down and take it? They told us there would be lobbying reform but they have only reformed is how much tax payers money they take.

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