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Let's write a movie script

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Well, I don't have everything in order haha. I was gonna post a little more and the rest will be filled in by myself and the other members. I kinda wanted to finish both films before anything. That way, there are no gaps or holes in the story. There's nothing worse than watching a movie series that has holes in the story. You know, unanswered questions. Also, there too much room for silly mistakes. When an observer notices these little discrepancies, they get distracted and it deducts from the professionalism of the film. Kill Bill was very artistic in the way they told their story visually but it was also well done because all the questions were answered. Truly amazing story. An example of a bad film ,in my opinion, are the types that make a part 2 just to make a part 2. I wanted to keep these back to back to keep the flow of the story going. I'm not sure the general idea of the story can be told in just 1 film. I know if I was on the outside looking in, I would wanna see more of this flick. The movie The Abyss...should have made a 2nd film. They left it up to me to visualize how the alien race influenced the human race and how they went about their disclosure. I don't want that to happen to us.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by donutviper

I hear you on the Kill Bill I thought they lost the story too early and then told it too early which sort of confused me.. Anyway, Let me know when you get more done and we will look at it.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:40 PM
I came back

I do apologize for not tending to this thread. I went and started a business which does quite well in our not so healthy economy. So...I still wanna see this on the big screen. Even a book would be nice. I understand it says that I'm a writer but I just never focused on that and as a result, I lack the necassary skills. Now...I've made some changes to the story that we discussed on the earlier pages of this thread. Kinda answered some questions for our audience. It would be nice if one of you could take this idea and run with it. Since this is a public forum, I do understand and I hope you understand that I seek zero credit for this. I just wanna get this out there for the people because it's a great story that would be quite entertaining. OK!!! Let's get down to business!

Catalyst: Our hero is what our society would label as a nerdy kinda guy. We will use a bit of foreshadowing with permission from movies currently in existance. Gotta get permission for that. This guy is a fan of everything we love in regards to movies and heroes. Everything he has seen and took in is engrained in him and we must show that in the beginning of this movie. Its foreshadowing, ya know? Maybe a poster in the back ground of his apartment of Superman or The Matrix movies spread out over his coffee table. Remember...I am not a writer. These are just ideas for you to build off of. If you have a better idea...go with it. It's yours

Big Event: Nerdy soon to be hero makes his way to the movies with his peculiar girlfriend. Well...not gf...his female friend who may or may not become his love interest of choice. They watch a movie called 'The Solipsist'. It's about a guy that believes he's the only one that exists. During the movie...that character discovers that he is indeed the only one that exists. This does something to our hero. The very idea of the film he watches seems to communicate to him and he has an internal struggle at this time. He has a concern that he may be ill in his mind. During this time of internal stuggle...his peculiar lady pal comforts him and assures him that he is not ill. His unloving Mother has him committed.

Pinch: Now that he's locked up in a mental institution, he is convinced that he is ill. One night, his lady pal appears out of nowhere in his room. She proceeds to tell her man pal and soon to be bad a$$, that he is the only one. By her presence alone, he is convinced that he was never ill but still has questions. Who is everyone else then? figments of his imagination? She says no. He lived all of their lives. Every single human being from the beginning was him. He is a being that's requries conditioning for growth. He must live the paths of good and evil. Rich and poor. Young and old. Man and woman. He asks what he's being conditioned for. She lets him know that must destroy the world first before he can advance. She tells him that she will put him to sleep and that when he wakes, he will have unlimited power. He wakes the next morning and with his new powers, departs the mental institution. He goes to find his lady pal. He wants to tell her that he refuses to destroy the world.

Crisis: After tracking down his lady pal and informing her of his refusal, she tells him that if he does not do it, that she will do it. She tells him that the world is corrupt and that he has completed the billions of lives he had to live. She informs him that she will destroy the world with a wrath it's never seen before. He still refuses.

Showdown: This scene will involve all the myths we've ever heard of. There will be attacks from other worldly beings. There will be Mother Nature to contend with. Great famine. Great pestilance. Wars between countries. He will fight and attempt to organize against these troubles. His efforts prove no good, in the end.

Realization: Our hero is awoke by his lady pal. She is pleased with his efforts and his disobedience. He has demonstrated great love. He will now go on to create and maintain his own universe and other worlds. Him and his lady pal will govern it together forever and ever.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:56 PM
OK!!! Hope you guys and gals can do something with that. I know out of the 255,000 subscribers to abovetopsecret, there must be atleast one writer out there. You can do it! hahahaha! You have no idea what my name is so there's no way I can come forward claiming that I had anything to do with this. If any of you wanna give input or advice...feel free! Ask questions if you want. Let's pick this idea apart and all or one of us can create a great story. Hope to hear from some of you very soon! I forgot about the abovetopsecret emoticons cuz it's been so long so I will say good luck with one of mine. Good luck! =0)

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