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Those With ADHD Are the new race "Aquarian Children"?

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 01:41 AM
I can usually blame my behavior on ADHD but now I have self-diagnosed Asberger's to claim.

Also get bored very easily and am not people-oriented, have to force myself to look people in the eyes.

Understanding the conditions makes life easier and allows one to adapt.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 02:16 AM
Hmm... Ok, I won't say some children are or not the next evolution phase of humanity. Also remember that mutation can work in any form, not just evolution, they are just that, different, only if someone can outlive you and get your girl we should call it evolution, if anything it could be a devolution since this kind of person has a harder time living, I wonder how many die of drug abuse alone, not even talking about suicide or anything. And just for the record, I was also diagnosed with it ages ago.

But, evolution or not and the whole going off topic with life stories... ARYAN? Really? With thousands of words to use, thousands of mythological figures to base it on, people go and call it ARYAN? I mean, not only they died ages ago and their culture got assimilated by other cultures (nothing fancy, normal stuff)... And NAZIS used it. Nobody else sees the problem with calling the aryan "race" a part of the evolution of the human being? If the answer is negative I'll go to my bunker and wait for the next genocide to pass, thank you. (the same with any other "name" race too, aquarian, neptunial, plutonian, whatever)

And I think, the correct term wouldn't even be race anyway, maybe subrace or something... You know biology, and stuff.

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 05:35 AM

Im 31 of age now

i heard about the ADHD just today,i would like to know if i might have it...

Short points about me :

Since childhood my playtime involved in opening things and see how they work without the effort of assembling them back..i opened everything..TV, Radios, Dolls, Cars

When i was 10 yrs old i was playing with my spectrum 128 when a game broke into its source code...i copied it and started changing values and understand what is going the age of 11 i programed my first game

I was very bad in school because 1) I always thought and beleived i was ignorant 2) always found myself day dreaming

I started many projects all of which amaze people and they couldnt beleive I learnt everything by myself. When I program with a computer its like the outside world just dont exists , I'm totally involved and type like a machine..i create create create until i loose interest or change project..this for example is a project i never finish as usual :

At the age of 15 I left school and had a very bad drug abuse started from clubbing drugs like xtc and ended with heoine abuse (7yrs) its 5 yrs im clean

My skills :

I always know when a person is lying..i always right
I learn things i like immediately even if they seems too difficult for others.
Im very creative and quick thinker.
Problem solving is my most accurate asset
Many people rely on me for what to do

Im feeling lost like something is going to happen for which my skills are to be used, do I have a purpose? i have this condition? will my time come that i feel complete and useful?

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 05:41 AM
I call it Jack of all trades but, master of none.

I was diagnosed as ADHD at the age of 33. It was when my brother pulled strings and got me a job in a factory. I had come from an office position that was hectic and every day the job was different to a job that paid extremely well but, was repetitive.

The job was taken because frankly there were not many jobs at that time in this area. I was put on several medications in an attempt to make the job bearable. The medications were horrible and left me in a zombie like emotionless state. I could concentrate but, it was as if life had no purpose on these meds (Adderall, Prozac, others). Just a weird sensation. Sitting in a room and staring at the ceiling one night I decided that if this was what "normal" feels like I want no part of it. Thank goodness I have a job now that varies again.

I can take you into the forest behind my home and tell you what every plant is. This by common name and official name. That interested me for a year. I composed music, hacked mp3 player firmware because it interested me. Heavy partier for a few years. I read 10 web pages at a time. If there is a very interesting book I will read it in a day, two at most.

Coming from someone that took meds to be "normal" for a year it was like going from a banquet of food where everything had to be tasted to sitting at the table craving stale bread and thinking it is ok.

Music: Classical, Death Metal, Neoclassical, Progressive Rock
Detest music that is repetitive or slow

In school subjects that were interesting to me I would read the whole textbook in a few days. Subjects (sometimes stained by boring teachers) I tried to avoid the work in real time if it was not interesting. I had to teach myself subjects in ways that made school interesting. The instructors way of teaching just wasn't hitting it for the most part. Learning was the reverse from other students or it seemed that way.

Most day to day problems between people seem mundane and childish. Problems are mostly smaller than they are made out to be through misunderstaing each other.

Oddities:Caffeine, Sugar and other stimulants make me extremely sleepy. Most everything including this it seems that I've typed this out before and it is stale just as most conversations with people are stale like it has been said 1000's of times already. I try to avoid speaking with many people. It is not shyness either.

That is unless they have knowledge in what is interesting at the time. In that case I'll speak to them all day. Do not like television because commercials break my concentration on the few things I do watch. I am very empathetic to people though. Listen more to people than speak sometimes memorizing conversations.

I found this site pertains a little to the OP:
Evolution, Creativity and ADD

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 08:17 AM
reply to post by king Pop!p

These children are simply victims of Subliminal Distraction exposure.

How do I know that? I have a six year research project on the subject.

Victims of SD exposure begin with behaviors like ADD and ADHD and with increased exposure will begin to hear voices and hallucinate.

Other groups have claimed these victims as Indigo Children.


posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:44 AM

Originally posted by Spooky Fox Mulder
reply to post by king Pop!p

Please see this thread, it might give your some good infromation.

My answer is Yes to all 6 questions.

Now what?

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:45 AM
I was abducted by other races of humans as a child and I also fall into the same mold as most of you people.I didnt exibit any of these traits until I was given a nasal implant that changed me.Most of us have the ability to communicate about TEN TIMES FASTER THAN AVERAGE ,our thoughts are processed so fast that we are literally SIX steps to TEN STEPS or thoughts ahead of you,we actually extrapolate---not guess---what your next six thoughts will be just as you are finishing your first.

Of course we dont enjoy school by and large,but neither would you when school ACTUALLY ENDED WHEN YOU LEARNED HOW TO READ THE WRITTEN WORD,after that there was no teacher available that could possibly dream of keeping up to you.

Drugs are a common theme because when you are constantly having to backtrack your thoughts by about seven or eight thoughts to GENTLY BRING YOUR COMPATRIOTS ALONG ,it can be a tab frustrating ,simply because you know how smart your peers are but you just cant wait until they are 95 yrs old so they can learn to think like you.Not to mention how difficult it is to balance your emotions which coincidentally dont get the same huge boost your learning aptitude gets,you must constantly remember to be empathetic and to forgive people for not listening to your advice,especially because it is hard not to get bitter when you are batting 95%on your advice to them and they refuse to listen ,no matter what.

This is why we wonder why people dont get things and we have a hard time understanding their points of view.

You could look at it this way,you really want to have these characteristics because they are the way of the future for some reason.

We are able to process and accept ten times as many perspectives or possible realities as the average person,so we can adapt to the processing of new information ten times faster.We can understand and empathise with ten times as many people because of this ability,we can accomplish anything we choose to do if we CHOOSE TO MANIPULATE PEOPLE ,many of us could be very rich if we surrendered our moral compass and went for the dollar,but you see its like a built in safeguard--the more perspectives you have the more empathetic you become which leads you to care about other people so much you cant stand the thought of manipulating people for money or personal gain.

This is what we are and if you think its only ADHD or some condition you are absolutely wrong,read Canadians abducted by humans in blue uniforms sound off,in the gray area.

And please try to keep up I tend to jump around a bit.I apologise for not being able to help any stragglers develope ADHD traits,anyone who cant keep up with the fast thought transitions will have to just hang in there .

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:51 AM
It has occured to me in the past that we have been given the ability to outlearn the people who have enslaved us through the denial of knowledge,we are supremely confidant in our own ability to learn enough to make our own informed decisions, as a result it is really hard to hoodwink us and I believe that this speed-thought advantage makes us bull#-proof,so the current generation of humanity whose strength lies in deception and lies will not influence us in the future,we have been given the ability to whitewash these people from our lives using simply knowledge.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 12:08 PM
Wow, glad I stumbled onto this one! Im in my 40's, diagnosed as "gifted", and a high IQ. barely made it thru school. My mind is very active, like the commercial of changing channels. It is odd, some days I can barely get out of bed, But when the interest is there, I can do a lot. I eventually went back to school and became a pilot. Ive flown many types of aircraft, including my airline job. (now out of business) I notice that I"m sensitive to stimulation, especially sound and touch. Anyone else like that? I love what someone said about you know it if you have it. I also tend to drink too much(not at work!) My mind will want to do so much that I usually default to doing nothing. I do 40mg of ritalin, seems to help a bit, but not much. Thanks for posting folks, this is great!

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 01:19 PM
If we cant help we shut down,if we cant be involved we shut down,if we cant be part of the solution we dont want to hear about the problem,but if we are on task,focused ,and feel passionate we CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.

If we are cornered into a repetetive non-learning environment we will find a way to escape or we will medicate with drugs or alcohol.

It sounds a lot like we are being prepared to be hunter gatherers again.

We are extreme team players and we all are extreme natural leaders.

We do not accept unjust ideals that take any type of toll on humanity.

We do not like rules that are created to protect wealth or money.

All in all I would say its about time the world had a round or tequila ,dont you think?Thats what we are ,like a round of tequila.We are definately going to change the atmosphere at the party,you can count on it,in fact by the time we are done you wont even recognise the party anymore.

I have always believed that a fresh perspective can solve any problem and judging by the size of the problems we face on the planet today I would say that a million hyper-active minds creating ten million fresh perspectives approximately every thirty seconds each should help us out a little,god knows the prior generations werent thinking fast enough.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by toochaos4u

I found your post very interesting. Especially the jack of all trades and the master of known. If I have a gift I guess it would be that I seem to have an affinity for things, especially gadgets. Give me a couple of minutes with almost any machine and I can figure out how to make it go.

I love musical instruments and I have taught myself to play the Cello, the violin, the flute, the guitar and the piano. Problem is once I can play the instrument I am not interested in mastering it. I am now interested in learning how to play another.

I seem to be drawn to the learning process not the mastering of a process. I can just about do anything if you show me how it is done. Give me a manual and I am lost. Make the mistake of letting me see you do it and the game is over.

I also have a bizarre response to stimulants. My doctor tried me on Ritalin and I couldn't get out of bed for more then a couple of hours. I slept like the dead. He thought this was too strange but the moment I stopped taking the Ritalin I was fine. The moment I took it I was back off into dream land. Same problem with narcotics. Where they make other people sleepy, you have to scrape me off the ceiling. My doctor found after a surgical procedure I had done, that the use narcotic antagonist worked the way you would expect the narcotic to work. So our chemistry may be a little unusual as well.

I think that some of the oddities that we are noticing with the sharing in this post may not be as odd as some would have us believe.

Maybe we seem odd because they are still trying to practice medicine from knowledge obtained hundreds of years ago on a group of people that have changed slowly over the years as they adapt to their environment.

Maybe medicine just can't keep up.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by one4all

We sure are Bullshyt proof I agree. You have quit a good understanding of what were about. I also believe that we are going back to hunters again. I find my self wanting modern society to fail so I can I can actually go out and hunt, and steal from Home Depot and get generators and make my own fortress for my family an I so hate authority I wish everyman was for themselves sometimes and form militias and crews to protect their area. Sounds crazy but I find self curiously wanting the world to get knocked out to the Stone Age.. Just too see how it would be with out all this technology and corrupt government...
727ENG I too am very senitive to touch. I hate playing with the hands with my wife, when shes smacks me lightly it gets me furious. I don't like people to touch me. Sound I can hear from afar, and my smelling is something out of a comic book super hero no

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:30 PM

Originally posted by king Pop!p
reply to post by one4all

We sure are Bullshyt proof I agree. You have quit a good understanding of what were about. I also believe that we are going back to hunters again. I find my self wanting modern society to fail so I can I can actually go out and hunt, and steal from Home Depot and get generators and make my own fortress for my family an I so hate authority I wish everyman was for themselves sometimes and form militias and crews to protect their area. Sounds crazy but I find self curiously wanting the world to get knocked out to the Stone Age.. Just too see how it would be with out all this technology and corrupt government...
727ENG I too am very senitive to touch. I hate playing with the hands with my wife, when shes smacks me lightly it gets me furious. I don't like people to touch me. Sound I can hear from afar, and my smelling is something out of a comic book super hero no

See. The more I read these post the more I am sure that there is nothing wrong with us.

My sense of smell is so keen that it has become the object of humor among my friends and family. The only problem is that it is not a joke.

I also have a problem with reverse viewing. After years of diagnostic studies and test they were able to find a small lesion on my optic nerve which they think may be the culprit, but I often see things the way an artist sees things when they draw. I see the negative image and have to concentrate to see the image that most people see.

Tiny quirks that you learn to adapt to; but it seems we are not as unique as some would claim.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by NightSkyeB4Dawn

You've just burst all of our bubble bro. We are unique!lol.

I see all us like the Mutants from X-man the new generation.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 04:12 PM
Another thing I notice about myself (If I may), is that I am better at learning things backwards or when it has to do with putting something together, I need to work backwards.
I could remember myself at 7 years old taking apart anything I could get my hands. I remember I got creamed for taking apart our living-room TV once!

I definetly have the learning disability, though. It is so hard to learn something that I am not interested in.
And what is it with me always trying to tweak things??! (my state of mind, tweaking Windows XP all the time, always having to have to touch things). It's crazy.
And I also consider myself a Jack of all trades, master of none. I mean, like I said - I have my talents, but I just can't find my exact niché with things.
I do love recording and mixing music. All the knobs and possibilites, oh my! Tweak central! Hey, maybe THAT'S my niché!!

Edit to add: And Heineken, you sound to me like you fit the bill. I also had the same problems with drugs (it evolved to the same thing as what you did - and I also have alot of time clean - yes!).
Also some problems with the law over stupid stuff. But I see other posters here who have never gone there. Very good for them.
Also, in school, man... I just never went starting in 8th grade. I would miss literally half of the school-days, and would always have truant officers knocking on the door. This went on for 4 years (Freshman 3x, skipped to Junior then dropped out).
But I am smart, people always tell me I am a genius with alot of things. BUT, it seems like a trade off. These people who tell me how smart I am also can balance a checkbook, hold a job, be more socially accepted, and just be more responsible and organized. Sometimes I wonder what I would rather be. ADDless or what I am now.
So many mistakes, and that's where the depression kicks in. But I'll be ok.

Nice to meet all of you, by the way. There definetly is something about us. But do the pros really outweigh the cons? I'm not talking about me anymore. What about you folks?

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 05:49 PM
Yea I answer yes to all those questions too, but I don't believe that I am an alien, nor some silly other thing. I'm simply unique, just as everyone is.

When we go to those worlds and find nothing but gas giants, and maybe a few rocky places, then what? Because the fact is that if they were that close, you would be able to detect significant noise from their planet. At this range you would only get scrambled stretch out out stuff, but you should have mountains of activity in electromagnetism.

If you want me to go based off how I feel, like those questions, then I say we are in a region where the galaxy is in a medieval era. We're where an older nation long ago fell and just happen to be going into space during the power vacuum. Lucky us.

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 07:40 PM
Have any of you tried high dose B Vitamins?
Maybe you should.
You have to do something to help yourself.
Those drugs will do much more harm than good.

Likely you should have a good doctor do a brain scan that will show whether one side of the brain is running faster than the other.
THis is where the brainwave entrainment machines can help.
They can speed up the slow half and slow down the too fast half.

Here is something else you need to look into.
Do the research; become informed.

Audio Brainwave Entrainment for ADHD entrainment

Here are some that discuss NLP and Adhd.

more nlp

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 07:49 PM
Could I Be one of these aquarian Races you speak off even though i never was diagnosed with add? but i to am Psychic, and i too know of the trobules of slowing info down to comprehend it until i found out to let it flow, and see what its telling us not what we have been trained to tell "it"...... ReHaB

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:32 PM
hey there! so i was diagnosed with ADHD about 3 years ago. and i always felt something was different with me in your opnion do you think that people with ADHD should be treated or untreated

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