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Mercury Fillings, My Spirit, and my intuition

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 09:50 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am a very contreversial person and a lot of people dont like my comments but thats ok, i like to present an angle that others can argue with because collectively we bring about the truth.


Recently i've been trying everything to figure out why my body is so out of balance with my mind, it all started when I was little but i just figured most of it was from you know, bad parenting or a rough background. NOT entirely TRUE. Since i've been taking ZOLOFT (A Depression Medicine that helps with serotonin levels) i've been feeling great with the occasional relapse. The relapse caused me to ask the question... what is strong enough to cause my neurochemicals to alter so quickly without reason... SO i altered diet, sleeping, made everything consistent... I noticed though the days that I have these problems i have a horrible pain in my mouth, it feels like a mild pain of when you touch metal to the Mercury in the amalgam fillings. Then i started to do some research

Here is a link that does well in categorizing what I already knew and felt. Granted its not a professional site but there are many like it.

After thinking a lot about this when i was little i had bad cavities because after one halloween i ate candy everyday and didnt brush my teeth often enough (never had them anymore after that lolol) but i had dreams, and they never added up until TONIGHT. The dream I had were of my teeth falling out, and in my dreams i always had a sense of feeling like without my teeth i had lots of power but i felt great sadness in seeing them fall out. I had this dream SEVERAL SEVERAL times. Never understanding it i just felt i was afraid to lose my teeth. When adding the sense of feeling empowered it clarifies... the Mercury in my teeth are poisoning my body and i need them out, whatever the sacrifice. (Granted im not gonna get my teeth pulled but I am going to have the mercury taken out and suffer with going to the dentist every 7 years to get the new ones replaced

This is just a portion of what is listed on the site but I recommend ANYONE WITH FILLINGS

Risks at Low Levels Depression
Impulsive aggression
Sexual deviance
Explosive rage

Risks At High Levels
Obsessive compulsion
Lack of self confidence
Unduly dampened aggression

If any of you feel this way and you have fillings I recommend you to get your fillings changed out (mercury fillings last an average of 12 years anyways), ALSO PLEASE AVOID GIVING THEM TO YOUR KIDS! for any of you scientists... please fine a substitute.

I have seen on the news dentists talking about oh how safe it is... oh its very safe... but research shows otherwise and I am living proof. When i got 7 cavities filled within 3 months time that is when my life went to hell. Please, raise attention to this topic, dont let it idle by and sink to the bottom.

Thank you



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