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2nd Amendment Works Tell Sotomyer to watch these videos

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 09:34 PM
This post is to demonstrate clearly that your God given right to self defense should not ever be infringed period. These videos in this thread are the clearest proof that the founding fathers (old white men) were wise and knew a lot better than this Latino lady Sotomyer.

Listening to Sotomyer this statist windbag on various youtube videos caused me to do some searching of my own for video that showed that the second amendment most certainly works and saves countless more innocent lives than the police will ever do.

Please take a few minutes to review these videos and by all means tell us what you think about what it would mean to these people if they had no right to own a gun. Drugs are illegal but you do not see criminals having a hard time finding drugs. What makes this lady Sotomyer think that criminals would have any trouble finding guns while the law abiding people would have no protection but their prayers.

Armed Citizen - Santa Paula, California

Armed Citizen - East Price Hill, Ohio

Armed Citizen - Tampa, Florida

Armed Citizen - Dallas, Texas

Armed Citizen - Canton, Michigan

Armed Citizen - Dadeville, Missouri

Armed Citizen - Hickory Hill, Tennessee

Armed Citizen - Topeka, Kansas

Armed Citizen - Memphis, Tennessee

Armed Citizen - Houston, Texas

Armed Citizen - Pensacola, Florida

Armed Citizen - West Valley, Utah

Armed School Teacher Shoots Armed Invader in Self-Defense (FL)

Pizza Shop Owner Shoots Armed Robber (OH)

There are many more videos like this but I was getting tired of copying them all but these were my favorites out of the bunch.

I hope everyone tells there representatives in congress they had better remember the elections of 1994. If they vote for this freedom hating racist gun grabbing judge there will be hell to pay come election day.


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