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hit and run

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 07:25 PM
Today I was witness to a hit and run on my street. Yes a hit and run. Luckily no one was hurt though. I am just so ticked off about this I wanted to come and write it down. Here is essentially what happened.

I was actually on my computer typing a response for another thread when I heard a crash, I looked out the window when I heard a car speeding off. it was a black SUV. It appeared to be a Ford Explorer but I could not get a very good look at it, and could not see who was in the car, or get a license plate number.

I went outside to see if anyone was hurt. As I said above, everyone was ok. The car that was hit was a marone suzuki mini van. The black SUV had run the stop sign at the corner and hit the minivan spinning it completly aroudn where it ended up on the side walk.

A man who was jogging saw the actual wreck and confirmed that. He told me that a person in another car saw it and he tried to get the guy to follow the SUV in hopes of getting a license plate number but the guy apparently did not speak english and he has not come back either.

Before the cops showed up I saw a ford emblem that had fallen off of the SUV as he sped off. So at the very least the cops know the car that fled was a black ford SUV ( I am 80% sure it was an explorer)

After the cops showed up and took all of our statements I realized that no one had actually seen who was in the car and therefore there was no description of the guy. I asked one of the cops about that and they told that in cases such as this where we have no description of who was driving, usually there are no charges made. She said that probably what will happen is the insurance of the lady that got hit will take a loss and pay for the repairs etc...

I hope they do find this guy though. Our street connects between to major streets and I bet he was just cutting through. I hope this guy is stupid enough to cut through again. I will be looking for Black ford SUV's with damage to them and marone paint on them. If I do I WILL get the License plate number.

Fortunatly the wreck LOOKED alot worse than it actually was. Like I said earlier, the ladies car was spun completly around. I mean 360 degrees and it landed on the sidewalk. For all this guy knows he just killed some one!

I figure they ran because the had a warrant or had illegal substances in the car or perhaps was DUI. I don't know. All I know is this coward hit someone else, fled the scene and is probably off somewhere laughing about it and what really ticks me off is that this (enter explative of choice here) just may get away with it.

I hope the saying that they always return to the scene of the crim is true. I really do.

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 06:19 PM
That is good no one was seriously hurt, but unfortunately, many hit and runs do go unpunished. This person probably didn't have insurance, or didn't want to have his insurance raised, to he made a run for it. If he does have damage to his car, then the cops could have an easier time finding him. I remember several years ago, this lady ended up behind me and before she came behind me, I saw in the rear view mirror that she was driving like she was auditioning for the Fast and the Furious. We stopped at a red light, and before it even turned green, I guess she saw the other light change to run and assumed our red would turn green right away, so she floored it and hit me from behind.

We were in sort of a busy intersection, so I said, let's pull over there, she said ok, so when I turned, she floored it and went away. I tried to chase her to get her number because I foolishly didn't write down her number, but she ran traffic lights and everything just to get away. Luckily, the car I was driving was nearly a decade old and was kind of beat up anyway, and their was just a little scratch on my bumper, but since it was just that, I might have just let her go anyway. Ever since then, when I'm involved in an accident, I get license numbers down, description of the car, and will refuse to move until the police show up as I'm on the phone calling the cops and then with the insurance company.

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