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MYSTERY BABYLON: William Cooper, The Hour of the Time

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 06:28 PM
Many of you will be familiar with William Cooper, who gained noterity some decades ago for his work related to UFOs, conspiracies, the Kennedy assination, and other topics.

Among his many shortwave radio programs was one series of 40 episodes titled "Mystery Babylon." In this series, Cooper takes a sweeping look at human history and religion, seeking to decode what he sees as an ancient and still operative meta-conspiracy working behind the scenes in global religion and politics. He terms this over-arching meta-conspiracy The Mystery School, sometimes calling it the "Mystery Religion," "The Mysteries," "Mystery Babylon," and so forth.

The entire 40-part audio series can be found on the Hour of the Time website, and also variously prtesented on Youtube and probably elsewhere.

I have acquired this series and am now listening to it. It will take me a while. I do not necessarily agree with everything Cooper says, but the broad sweep and ambitious nature of this project is impressive, and his dedication to the topic and erudition are obvious.

What I propose to do in this thread is to present short summaries of the various programs as I go through them. This will be a way for me to organize what is emerging as a very complex theory that ties together many strands. It may also be of interest to others who don't have time to plough through 40 hours of audio material but would like short summaries. WARNING: THE INFORMATION I WILL INCLUDE AFTER THE WORD "SUMMARY" IN THIS THREAd MAY CONTAIN "SPOILERS" OF THE INFORMATION IN THE AUDIO CLIPS, so you may want to skip the parts I've labeled "SUMMARY" if you haven't listened to a given episode yet, etc.

Hopefully this thread will serve as a way to organize this information and also provide a forum for people to debate and/or comment on Cooper's worldview. Again, please be advised that I do not necessarily agree with his theories, but I am interested in learning about the way he thinks. Please feel free to comment at any point, and I'll try to answer questions or elaborate on themes as I go along, insofar as I am able to. Again, this will take me some time to listen to all of them, and I'm notorious for starting ambitious projects and not following through (I'm a triple Aries, what can I say....), so your patience and understanding is kindly requested.

I would also like to add a tip of the hat to the ATS poster named DocGonzo who turned me on to Cooper and advised me to look into this series back in February. Thanks, Doc!

OK, on to the thread...

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 06:43 PM
SUMMARY: Cooper begins by listing a number of secret societies, from the Templars to the Skull and Bones to the Thule Society and so on, and to declare that they are all ultimately one and the same. He ties them in with global socalism/communism believes the ultimate goal is to create a one-word government.

He begins his exposition of the Mystery School view of human history. He starts with a basic outline of evolution, identifying fear of darkness as a primary human motivator. Human brains gradually allowed for the use of tools and then weapons. Human intellect and courage also grew over time.

The opposite of darkness was light, symbolized by the sun. "God's Sun" was not necessarily worshiped in and of itself, but became a symbol of goodness, righteousness, wisdom, and truth. Darkness, in contrast, became the symbol of ignorance, fear, and evil.

The importance of the sun as the source of light led to an awareness of its movements over time and the movements of other heavenly bodies. The system of the Zodiac, the progression of the constellations due to the earth's wobbling. the division of the year into 12 months and 4 seasons, etc. are all examined. The zodiacal constellation in front of which the sun rises on the longest day of the year (summer solstice) took on enormous importance. This constellation changes over time, and defines "aeons" or "ages." We are currently in the Age of Pisces and will soon (around 2010 according to Cooper, although orthodox astrologers place the change much later) enter the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius thus takes on importance for the so-called "New Age" movement and for the Mystery Schools in general. The "New Age" will be associated with the emergence of a special man (like the symbol of Aquarius, a man bearing water)...

Cooper goes on to examine some biblical passages and imagery in light of these ideas. He again stresses that they are not his own ideas, but rather those underpinning the mystery religion in all its various forms and manifestations down through the ages.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 07:45 PM
Sounds like his on about the free masons, were the nights templers are speculated to of gone after the massacure (the remaing ones that is)

Also, what does he mention about the 12 months? There was 10 orginaly and for quite sometime (for example, December = 10 (Dec), and October was the 8th (hence Oct)

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 08:11 PM
Good idea silent thunder, and I really appreciate it. I had heard of his Mystery Babylon series a few months back but was put off by how long it was. As it stands I already watch hours of documentaries on the various subjects, I don't think I could start listening to this series and be able to continue and piece it together day in and day out. I'll be watching this thread for updates.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 10:08 PM
Episode 2: Egyptian Magic
Summary: More paralells between Christianity, solar/astrological phenomena, and the Mystery Religion are discussed. For example, Christ is said to have begun his ministry at age 30 and was crucified at age 33. The sun ("God's Sun"/"God's Son") enters each house of the Zodiac at the 30th degree and leaves at the 33rd degree. Masonry's highest degree is the 33rd degree. The sun shimmering on water = "God's Sun/Son walking on water." A number of similar parallels along these lines are given.

Pharaonic symbolism is discussed: The rod and the staff in the crossed arms of the mummies. Christian sheep symbolism, and the concept of "sheeple" (perhaps the earliest use of this expression in the "alternative" world) is expounded upon. Cooper notes that some people working with him have infiltrated the Freemasons and other Mystery groups.

More on the early Egyptian Pharaonic systems and rulership; the role of the pharaoh as a representative of the sun. The Egyptians are identified as the inheritors of an even more ancient Babylonian tradition: Mystery Babylon. The "secrets of the ages" are still guarded by the Mystery Schools to this day.

Cooper finishes this episode by discussing a spate of unusual "coincidental" deaths of early Egyptologists and others who penetrated the pyramids in the early days. The advanced powers and knowledge attributed to early Egyptians are discussed, such as their still-unequaled, still-mysterious ability to preserve bodies through mummification.

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 10:43 PM
Episode 3: Isis and Osiris Part 1
SUMMARY: This episode begins to examine what Cooper calls "the passion play of ancient Egypt:" the stories surrounding Isis, Osiris, and Hourus. It is noted that various versions of this tale exist, and that the details and relationships change throughout history. The story can be understood on an "exoteric" (surface) level meant for ordinary people, and an "esoteric" (hidden or secret) level that only special priests and initiates would grasp.

To put the basic story briefly, Nuit, a very ancient sky Goddess, gives birth to five children with the help of Thoth. Among the children, the most significant for our purposes are Isis, Osiris, and Typhon (or Set). Isis and Osiris end up married, and Osiris takes on the role as a kind of universal king/main god. He is aslo identified as the first Pharaoh of the Egyptians, the creator of laws, agriculture, basic civilization, etc.

A jealous Typhon tricks Osiris into a kind of beautiful magic coffin, whereby he dies. A sorrowful Isis searches for him, finds him, and manages to resurrect Osiris for a short period of time. With the resurrected Osiris, she conceives her son Horus, who becomes the successor of Osiris as leader of the Gods. The line between Osiris and Horus is some writings the latter is seen as a kind of reincarnation of the former, while in other versions a more solid father/son relationship exists. Osiris continues after his death as a kind of shadowy underworld king as well, and a dispenser of divine justice.

In a further episode, Isis conceives a second son with the ghostly Osiris, who becomes the "silent child" Harpocrates. The somewhat ambiguous relationship among Osiris, Horus, and Harpocrates (sometimes father/son, sometimes incarnations of the same being) is compared/contrasted with the Christian trinitarian ideas.

Many famous Greeks came to Egypt to study the "Egyptian Mysteries," related closely to above myths. Democratus, Plato, Pythagoras, etc. put in years of study of these concepts before returning to their own lands to spark revolutionary new theories and forms of learning.

The "Egyptian Mysteries" and tales of Isis, Typhon, and Osiris have both a hidden (esoteric) side and a more open interpretation. The esoteric theories are what preoccupied the famous Greek philosophers and formed the core of later Mystery Schools. While the general public would worship these figures as gods or ritual figures, the inner core of priests and initiates had a more esoteric view of their significance.

In these core esoteric ideas, Isis was equated with human knowledge: the posession of such knowledge, it was believed, would allow man to transform himself spiritually to become a God himself, or perhaps fuse with the divine (I'm a bit unclear on which is meant here). Her mate Osiris is the personification of a secret order of learning, identified by Plutarch with the "holy doctrine" or Mystery Tradition. Thoth personifies the whole sphere of human knowledge. (Remember that it was through his assistance that Osiris came into being in the first place), Typhon, the adversary, is seen as representing ignorance, pride, fear, superstition, and other negative or evil qualities.

So on a hidden level, Osiris represents the "primordial knowing," beyond mere intellect...the divine "at-one-ment" through which the initiate gains contact/fusion (?) with the Absolute. The story of Osiris's life, death, and resurrection illustrates the means by which mortal consciousness can attain this ultimate contact with the divine. A composite order of initiates will go on to perpetuate this secret doctrine, spreading it through many lands, under many names and guises. Some of Osiris's physical, representational characteristics and symbolism are examined and the episode ends.

posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 06:56 AM
Well, as you can see I've been neglectful of late in this topic. But have no fear...somebody has already done something very similar to my original idea, posting synopses and also links to the MP3 files for each show.

So, why re-invent the wheel? I give you instead the fine work here on this topic from an outfit that calls themselves Remnant Radio:

The top page and general Cooper archive, with links:

Mystery Babylon Parts 1-10:

Mystery Babylon Parts 11-22:

Mystery Babylon Parts 33-42:

I'll still keep an eye on this thread and engage in any discussion when and if appropriate.

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