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The Evil Eye-"Occular rays"

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 04:37 AM
Italian "Jettatura, Mal Occhio".
The Evil Eye has been written about many times, and viewed as mere superstition by many.
It is widely accepted as fact, especially in Italy. Scholars have rationized this by explaining it as the negative effect of the whole personality; an electroscopic tool made in England, is said to have been deflected by rays emitted by the eyes.So the rays from a Jettatore (one possessing the power of the evil eye), are at least detectable, if not measurable.
Dr. Walter Voeller (1893-1954)claims to have demonstrated this with his Organoelectrometer. Continual neural-eletrical discharges are measurable from the eyes.
german Hypnotists have taken great pains to demostrate this fact by the simple means of "emission p'esante or ponderable emission, from the human eye.
Charles Lafontaine, a notable hypnotist of a century age; is reported as killing small animals with his gaze within 15 or so minutes. each time the researcher aiding in these experiments was reported to suffer from headaches, weakness, and sore eyes.

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