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Dragons in the Sky

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 09:38 AM
Last night I had a lucid dream. It was so real that I feel I should tell someone about it. The topic is a dream, but it has to do with UFO's in a way.

Let me first preface that most of my dreams are epic and dark. I usually wake up mentally and physically exhausted. This one was different than usual... almost prophetic. I don't know what it was about it...

It starts out, I'm vacationing in Jamaica. Visiting some family and friends. As we're finally settling into our rented house on a hill the sky on the horizon becomes very dark and stormy. I noticed an unusual billowing white cloud from the north, but paid no attention to it, and continued unpacking. It seemed like it was going to pass by us. Suddenly, it felt like a great earthquake hit, knocking me off my feet. I rushed to the front of the house to ask my family what was going on, and they replied that it was the storm.

I looked outside to find it hailing ferociously. Huge chunks of strange slush falling to the ground. This happened for only a few minutes... finally it let up, and the slush melted in a matter of seconds. I needed to get a good look at the cloud that just passed, so I ran outside to see it. It just looked like a normal, low hanging cloud. But, upon further inspection, a dark serpent-like figure would peak in and out of the white. It seemed nobody else standing with me noticed the figure right away. Eventually it slipped out of the cloud and undulated across the sky. It was a horrific beast, with several mouths, and long whiskers. It was many colors, but mostly a dark green/black. Behind it was a fighter jet keeping pace.

The dream went on for what seemed like hours. Just as a summary, the local government knew who had seen the creature, and were rounding them up for a 'debrief'.

I felt like this was the appropriate place to put this, because it made me think about several things. With all of the recordings of NASA and the sightings from various sources, I'm quite convinced that there are 'creatures' all around our planet. I don't think they're intelligent life, but rather simple organic creatures that swim around space/our upper atmosphere. My thought was that, these creatures could be tied to ancient mythology. Fairies, dragons, air elementals, etc. As far fetched as it sounds, similar to the deeps of our ocean, we have not explored our upper atmosphere.

Well, if anything, I hope my dream was entertaining to some readers.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 01:47 PM
Thats very interesting. It has some similarities to a very vivid dream I experienced also. Mine involved a redish/pink, etheral-like fire bird the size of a football field cruising across the sky above me. Like yours, mine was also preceded by the most nasty STORM that I have ever seen. After this giant creature cruised by, out of the clouds appeared an entire fleet of shinny silver disks that were following it in a close pursuit. Each ship had its own symbol on the bottom of it, which looked like a (coat of arms) type design that you would see on a medieval shield or something.

Anyway.. your dream triggered a memory of mine that had slight similarities, and thought I would share. Hope I didn't bore anyone. :-)

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