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The worst mistake

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:52 AM
It's officially been ten days since we drove back the invasion. I hope to God we made the right decision. Right or wrong it is what we will have to live with from now on. I didn't think things would turn out so badly. When we opted to secede it seemed like the right thing to do. I mean all through my high school years I had seen the patriot graffiti in our schools and when Mayor Douglas Officially condemned the official version of 911 calling on all of Texas to recognize the truth and demand trials.... I really thought we would see some trials...Gov. Perry should have joined us and not and him incarcerated. Jerry Douglas would still be alive if he had not been jailed.... maybe things would not of ever reached this point.

I was there when it started.

I was at the sit in protest at the capitol building on day three. I was chanting "Free Douglas Free Douglas" right along with everyone else. When they told us he had been killed in a prison fight everything just went nuclear. We screamed Murder. We insisted on justice. We trampled over the police and jumped the fence surrounding the capitol building. I didn't actually have to. By the time I made it up there a bus had already knocked down the fence. I remember charging up the lawn as the ninja turtles (Armored police) shot tear gas at us..I thought I was gonna die when a canister hit me in the head.

The next ten minutes are kinda hazy... Someone helped me to my feet and sat me behind a tree. Saved my life when they started shooting bullets. My savior was one of the first to go. That was the first time I has ever seen a person die in front of me. I'm thankful I couldn't see much but I remember the warm liquid in my lap. The calm of the woman as she stopped moving. The absolute feeling of helplessness...

By the time I could sorta see again the shooting had stopped and the fires had begun. The mob surrounding the capitol building stopping every suit that tried to leave waiting for Perry to come out. Maybe he choose to stay inside. Maybe he had already been killed. No one will ever know. But that was the last anyone ever saw of him.

I tried to make my way to Guadalupe street to get to my car and get the hell out of there but I saw how useless that was in I saw the over turned fire trucks. I heard they had begun to run people over to try and get to the fire. The people so enraged beat the fire fighters to death and over turned their truck. I had walked all they way to I-35 when I saw the national guard. Not even they could stop the madness. The Revolution had begun.

The next day acting governor Dewhurst had declared Texas in a state of emergency from an undisclosed location, asking for the assistance federal government to quell the riots. Ordering 24 hour curfew. Asking all police and EMS to report for duty... He condemned the actions of the mob calling it the most shameful day in Texas history. That did not lend him any support from the citizens of Texas.

In my own city of New Braunfels Mayor Adams publicly addressed the people of his city as soon as Dewhurst had finished with his speech. He told us the curfew would not be obeyed. He asked every able Man and Woman to report to the National Guard Station for the defense of Texas. That the Texas was now in a state of martial law and that the army had been called in to restore order. That this order of restoring order meant the round up of dissidents and dissenters. That we the free people of Texas could no longer stand by idle to the injustices of a corrupt government hell bent on the destruction of liberty and justice.

When I got to the National guard building it was surrounded by police and citizen alike. I gave them all of my information and in return was given a gun and ordered to report to New Braunfels Municipal Airport. Our job was to stop any Army planes from landing. They never came by air though instead the came by ground from San Antonio.

I wanted to go to the front line but we had been ordered to hold the Airport. In the end I learned it would of made no difference. New Braunfels fell that day. When it became obvious that the day was lost the Airport guard was evacuated to Uvalde. Those who were not killed in the engagement were NOT rounded up for camps instead anyone that survived was summarily executed as enemy combatants even after our surrender. People that tried to record what happened on cell phones or cam corders were shot on site. Those that did not take part in the fighting were rounded up and processed in temporary detention centers. New Braunfels itself was razed. That part did not make the news. Instead it was reported that we chose to burn our own homes rather then submit to local law enforcements lawful orders but the stories of those who had escaped could not be silenced.

The Massacre of New Braunfels will Never be forgot.

In Uvalde we mourned. It had been my home most of my life. My friends gone. My family.. I thought about those New Yorkers of 911 and felt a kinship with them and their loss. But it did not ease the pain and the anger.

The Uvaldians put us up at in the dorms of the Local college. Publicly they were complying. Privately they were taking in every refugee they could handle and gathering information for the other cities that had chosen to resist.

We hid there in those dorms for five days as US soldiers engaged US citizens.

On the fifth day the soldiers had begun infighting over the orders the US army had been carrying out. Many were defecting to the Republic of Texas. Others were simply walking away. The orders to kill US civilians was taking its toll and no amount of training or propaganda was able to strip some men of their humanity.

In the end Austin was never taken.

Texas State Representative Ron Paul had assumed Presidency of the Republic of Texas and as it turned out Dewhurst had fled from Texas and never returned on the day the capitol building was destroyed. The states of Montana and Idaho had also seceded from the union in protest of the atrocities that occurred here in Texas and other states are expected to follow.

But I still have no more family...And I can't say its worth it.... None of this has been worth it. THIS HAS ALL BEEN THE WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!

I am left asking why? Why did the Federal Empire go insane? What so went wrong?
Why did we storm the capitol building? Why did Perry think Douglas needed to be arrested? Why why why!!!

I bang my head against this question.

Civil war is now a reality. I have no idea how it will end but I know in my heart of hearts nobody will win. This war only has losers and when it is over it will only of ended.


Authors note.

This time I wanted to try something different that I did not do in MIPP(My imortal pen pal). Originally I wasn't gonna give a name to the lead character. I know I did because I had some dialog issues but in this story I just went with no name...and then I noticed My guy or gal had no one to talk too. LOL So go fig... I'm no Chuck Palahniuk not yet anyways.

For my next writing attempt I am thinking of doing a fantasy thing with dragons...maybe comedy.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:00 PM
The hubby wrote this

First time I read both of his short stories and they are pretty good! I had no idea while couch potatoing and him sitting at the pc, typing furiously that they would come out... I was left enthralled.

He genuinely seemed disappointed that no one as of yet, left a comment on his second story. This is when I told him, let me fix myself a cup of joe and read those two stories of yours.

This story somehow left me perplexed is so many ways that I had to tell him, In my opinion as to maybe why no one has left no comment. It is a cold slap on the face as of things that have yet to come, too much realistic for my own taste and to maybe a lot of you. Truly felt me uneasy.

Scared the bejesus out of me for that is probably what would happen if such things comes to pass.

These are my own inflated 2¢ on what he last wrote.

Didn't know that the hubby had such a talented pen, I truly hope that he will consider furthering his first story and send it to small publications and further his talent by writing more short stories.

Titorite's ever loving wify

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 01:41 AM
Enjoyed the chilling tale very much.
Imagine if a texan got their hands on a stray nuke or four.
Courtesy of the Brits.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 03:23 AM
Actually I am relatively sure Texas already has some nukes. Well, the army has them but houses them in Texas. I mean Texas has ALOT of military bases.

NOW if The republic of Texas had gotten hold of a few nukes and launchers in my story I am sure the Federal Army would of backed off entirely. Any given president I should hope would understand the blast radius that surrounds him so that his choices not only affected him or herself but everyone around them too....

Then again with some of the leaders we have had....

I think Carter under such threat would of just hid underground until his term ended if he had faced such a threat...

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 10:24 PM
Yes but Carter appeared at least a decent man.

Whenever as a Brit I read a texan Novel or historical analysis I feel at home, strange in a way but true, and that is from someone who believes in racial equality.

Texas reads beautiful.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 08:43 PM
I really enjoyed this story. I am a big fan of the Texas+Post Apocalyptic stories....this one was right up my alley. To be honest, I felt like i was there and could sympathize with what was happening, and I can relate to the real cities. excellent job!

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