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Gary Spivey, right now on C2C.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 12:45 AM
George is speaking with Gary Spivey right now on C2C, I'm not much into psychic's but this man's just captivating me. He's speaking about demon's causing bad things to people, and in fact saying that demons are the cause for all bad things that happen to mankind.

He also speaks of 10 demensions between us, (man) and god. I'll tell you if nothing else he's interesting, feel free to add to this if you're so inclined I'd also like to hear comments on him as well,I would love to hear if anybody has had any readings done by him and how they turned out.

Wow check out this guy's hair unreal!

Here's some of Gary's alledged predictione, if these are real thn WOW!

Renee Zellweger Wins an OscarGary predicted on Portland Oregon's AM Northwest that Renee Zellweger would take home Oscar gold for her performance in Cold Mountain. On Sunday, February 29, 2004, Renee won the Oscar for Best Actress in a supporting role for her performance as Ruby Thewes in the movie Cold Mountain.

Rush Limbaugh Scandel
Early in 2003 Gary appeared on the ManCow radio show and predicted that Rush Limbaugh would go through an embarrassing scandal. Later in the year Rush Limbaugh left his show to attend a 30 day stay at a rehabilitation center to battle his addiction to pain pills which was uncovered when a former housekeeper of Limbaugh's told the media she used to get pills for him.

Laci Peterson's Body Found
On March 5th, while helping Dennis Rocha (the father of Laci Peterson) in a channeling session to try to find the bodies of Laci and her baby, Gary had a vision that "both bodies will be found around the edge…in a bay…near a park where they park boat trailers…with a city across the water". On April 14th, the bodies of Laci Peterson and her baby were found around the edge of the San Francisco Bay. The bodies had washed ashore near the town marina park in Richmond, a town directly across the bay from San Francisco.

Sept 11th Terrorist Attacks
In November of 1999 Gary started having visions of New York being engulfed in black smoke from a downward-like explosion, caused by terrorists,leaving thousands of people dead. Gary said it would happen in the third quarter of 2001.He stated this on numerous radio shows most notably "The Morning Zoo"in Las Vegas.
September 11, 2001 Terrorists flew two commercial airliners into the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, bringing both buildings to the ground, and killing thousands of people.

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