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Repeating Girl(s)? Different Dreams

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:09 PM
I just had two amazing dreams last night, and dangnabit, Why Couldn't They Be Real??

But before I share with you those, let me share with you these two previous dreams, I have had.


1. Me and this girl, where sitting outside on those folding lawn chairs I think, like we were at some small ceremony or something, anyways,
ahh... this is so weird,
So I'm with this girl, and you know how your senses are "magnified" when in a dream state...
The emotions that ran through me and her were overwhelming, we were just sitting there close to each other, leaning our heads on each others shoulders, etc...and it was as if, we could litterally FEEL each others emotions, including our owns.
I didn't want to, you know, "do it" with her, I didn't want to leave.
Just being close to her.......was heaven, I loved it, I wish I could just stay with her, IN THAT MOMENT, for all of eternity...

Here is a description of her:
She had black? hair
Her hair, ahh...just smelled beautiful, but it was like I was smelling HER, just her fragerance, smelt so wonderful, could even say, heavenly.

Its kinda hard for me to describe her face, but I could probably pick her out of a lineup.


2. So I'm at my astronomy class.
Now this astronomy class, I alread took a few years ago.
It was my AST111 class, same class room, same school, same same same, etc...
So...I was walking to class, and pass this heavenly beautiful girl, ahhh, I pray I can have this dream again!!, anyway, she was wearing this beautiful skirt, probably went down to her knees, and was purplish/red/white, just simpy pretty in every which way.
Now she, I think had long black hair, its hard for me to picture her face, but believe, me, If I saw her now, I'd recognize her immediately, in fact, any of these girls in my dreams.
So anyways,...I walk pass her, and get to the door first, and hold it open for her, she says "thank you"
Then she sits in the second row, on the far side of the room, I'm right above her in the third row, right above/behind her.
So...I was working/studying or something, and out of the blue, she turns around and asks;
"Do you mind if I put my purse on your desk?"
I said "Alright or Ok" one of those.

Then I wake up for crying out loud!!!, ahhggg!! why why why!!


So now my two dreams I had last night


3. I was at some store.
Looking at this book I think, but when I looked at it, I would hear a song.
Its like when you look at the grass, the grass is green, well when I looked at this book, or whatever it was, I would hear music, a song.
Then I walk away, cause my family was ready to go.
I pass this girl as I'm walking with my family to the door...
I thought...
Then I turned around quickly, and she was where I was, looking at that book or something, but she was singing the song!!!
Then I turn down the aisle and I begin to sing the song!!!
Then we lock eyes, just share a moment of bliss together.

Then I wake up, dangit!!!

Her description is the hardest for me to describe, she was tall, wearing something I foreget though, and I think...she had a brownish type hair, kind of long.


4. I was in a class room, we were watching some movie.
There was two girls in this one.
The first, was right next to me on the right,
I think she was into me, loved me that is, had feelings, etc...

During the movie, I was right things on a paper, like philisophical quotes or something, and the girl to my right, right next to me, she loved them/me.

BUT, There was another girl.

This second girl, was to my right, but behind me a little.
And I instead, "choose her" I guess.
The first girl, got up and walked away/disappeard sorta, like she was out of the picture.
I waved for the second girl to sit in the first girls seat, but the second girl, waved for me to JOIN HER!! for some reason.
So sat next to her on the right, and she adored/loved me, and liked my quotes I wrote down.

Then I wake up, arghh!!

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:16 PM
Are we allowed to double post if we don't have enough room??

So anyways,
This girls description, the second girl in my 4th dream,
I could picture her face now, simply perfect in every way, god, I pray I can meet her, or any of these girls, or if they are the same girl, then this girl.

So...she had blonde hair, I think she was wearing jeans, or jean shorts/skirt maybe, and some sort of shirt, I think whitish.

God, I can picture her right now...whywhywhy...

I pray that I can meet one of these girls.


I dream alot, so I'll be posting more of my dreams, ok

Thank You

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