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Mysterious Thai Tourists deaths

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 09:35 PM
Two people who have been tourists in Thailand have died- one of whom is from Seattle. Her autopsy shows "100% lung congestion".

The Thai authorities are trying to pass it off as food poisoning, but the pulmonary failure is a hallmark of a 1918-like H1N1 infection at high virulence.

this may be the reason the Aussies are shutting borders- and why the WHO is asking companies to make both an H1N1 AND an H5N1 vaccine by the end of the summer.

As well, John M Barry's, "The Great Influenza" about the 1918 epidemic is an incredible resource. The rates of infection, death and spread are matching the patternns we're seeing now- with the exception that fewer deaths are being reported. Under Wilson the press was censored to prevent hysteria- who thinks the same thing is occurring now?

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