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A Flying Caduceus?

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 01:45 PM
First I would like to say, I'm a bit nervous posting this. Normally I wouldn't really put myself out there and tell anyone about this, because its just so odd. But I'm really confused by what I saw and my husband suggested that I post it here for a possible explanation.

A few weeks ago I was outside with my daughter near the end of my property, we own about an acre or more that's on a ridge with nothing but farms in the valley below. Its was a mostly clear day, only a few clouds. I happened to have a pair of binoculars with me because there seemed be an unusual number of black hawks and other helicopters flying pretty low near my house at the time. Which hadn't happened in previous years.

Anyway I notice something in the sky, it kinda looked like a plane on its side, one wing pointed at the ground, but missing the top wing, smoothly gliding through the air. It looked strange and I kinda thought it was a hanger glider or something at first. It was a silvery iridescent color and just didn't look right at all. I immediately picked up my binoculars, what is saw was truly one of the oddest just plain weird things I have ever seen in my life.

It was basically a caduceus flying through the sky, but more in the shape of a strange winged, twisted tentacle being, there was no snakes or staff. As strange as it sounds, it had an almost angelic look to it. That may have just been due to the weird iridescent metallic glow/shine it had though. I could see very clearly: A globe circular shape in the center, wings coming off both sides, and definitely a twisted structure protruding and hanging down from the center. With what looked like a few tiny specks, balls or something floating near the bottom of the intertwined pieces. It stayed going the same direction and speed, heading from east to west. Oddly enough the perspective of it to me never changed, the whole time I saw a full frontal view of a caduceus like shape. It did not turn or change shape at all, except that the globe at the top started more as an oval on its side for the first few seconds which then expanded to a bigger more rounded shape.

These 2 pictures closely resemble what I saw:

Very similar in shape except the ball was more in the center and matched the height of the wings.

It was close to this in appearance, just more of a silvery grayish then white. No idea what this is or what it was from originally, but I grabbed the still from the end of the Moon Rising HD trailer.
I also made a few sketches of it as well. I just haven't gotten around to scanning them, but would be willing to if requested.

No idea how high or big it was, I'm terrible at estimating distance and such. If I was really put on the spot, I would have to say it was probably flying a little lower then normal jet flight, slightly smaller but close to size of an airliner in length. The height was probably 2 maybe 2.5xs of plane comparison. Again though I'm horrible at guessing, so it could have been much lower and smaller.

Watched it for approximately 30 seconds, crossed more then half of the sky. I eventually lost sight of it because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wanted to view it again unaided, so I looked away from the binoculars for a second. At that point I couldn't see it with my naked eye, nor could I locate it in the binoculars anymore. I'm not sure if it was just to far away and I was unable to see it/missed it, or what exactly happened to it.

Its really bothered me, not something I ever expect to see in the sky. Why would I see something like that? It was just so random.

Has anyone heard anything remotely similar to this...? Any suggestions on what it could have been, meaning behind it, or any sort of explanations are welcome, because I am at a total loss.

The experience has just left me feeling very confused...
Thanks for listening.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 02:47 PM
What can i say?
I've seen this before,maybe on youtube.
Others will tell that those are balloons or birds,but i happen to have seen and shoot something similar the past march.
The diference was the colors,in my footage the thing was black maybe because it was almost dark.
Take a look and tell if it is similar.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:32 PM
I know what it was:

A globe circular shape in the center, wings coming off both sides, and a twisted structure protruding and hanging down from the center. With a few tiny specks, balls or something floating near the bottom of the intertwined pieces.

My God, you seem to know about it more than anyone else


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