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Our Constitution, the Declaration, and why they are precious documents to me.

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 01:32 AM
The founding fathers took direction from the principles of Natural Law, or the Law of God, as it were. These principles were consolidated and worded into the Constitution's first 10 Amendments, and into the Declaration of Independence. The influence came from Cicero, Plato, the Qu'ran, the Holy Bible, and the knowledge of free men of the day. There was conspiracy, a conspiracy of free men to break the chains of the Crown, to turn man from subject to sovereign. That experiment has been sidetracked since the Civil War. And with every great American tragedy, comes the further erosion of what we hold dear as Americans. Any conspiracy to prop up the Constitution is one I'd be proud to support.

There have been many attacks on the Constitution. These attacks are facilitated by political parties who rely on the idea that so long as the public remains loyal only to their ideology, that the Constitution can be subverted in the manner in which they deem fit. It is a trick that has been played on us over and over again. Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld held positions in the Nixon White House, Rumsfeld helped give Iraq weapons of mass destruction in the 70s and 80s, we see the consequences of their subversive actions today. But Carter ceded power, with small policy changes, to further the power of the Federal Reserve by allowing the institution itself more independence from Congressional review, thus sealing the final nail in the power of the purse that Congress is constitutionally bound to regulate. Bill Clinton signed so many contracts with China that now they have infiltrated our entire infrastructure leaving our nation economically, and militarily vulnerable to Chinese influence. This includes the purchase of our debt at ridiculous levels. Bush Jr. Sent us to war without any legal rationale. It was all monetarily driven and sustained by the corporations contracted to "rebuild" Iraq, and the Chinese financing that shot our nation debt through the roof is how the idiot payed for it while he told the nation to go out and shop. These choices have consequences, and today we will make another mistake by having allowed Obama to fool us into continuing this reckless policy. A policy that allows the American people to be robbed blind by the special interests that insert their operatives within the halls of the People's Government. They spy on you, they arrest you without warrants, Obama is now talking about preventive detention, and under the USA PATRIOT Act, this applies to US citizens. They are merging National Security with law enforcement, eventually you can be arrested, tortured for shoplifting, or for disagreeing with the police, or because they THINK you will do something sometime in the future:

The time to wake up is now.

The Constitution is more that just a document, it is the declaration of freedom that NO GOVERNMENT CAN POSSIBLY GIVE YOU. It is a map by which we plot the course around the treacherous waters threatening the very freedoms we say we uphold. Yet we ignore it when it happens. We allow it. We can't even find time in our day to pick up our cell phones and call a senator. To expand the power of the People through the Constitution, that is meant to limit government power, and maximize yours. So long as freedom of the individual is threatened no part of the Constitution will ever be outdated. Tyranny has no expiration date. It is important to remember that history has shown powerful nation-empires like ours are destroyed FROM WITHIN, by the very corruption we are allowing to permeate today. From Rome to the Soviet Union, history always proves to mean business in it's warnings.

Please, if you don't pay attention now, if you think this stuff can't affect you, take a look around. It is beginning to fall on your lap. This isn't about the USA, or meaningless political diatribe. It is about being able to live your life without dictation. There is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH. The government doesn't give money out without strings attached. At least not to you, the People. There will be consequences to this. Small sacrifices ALWAYS lead to bigger and bigger sacrifices, until one winds up in a prison made of their own complacency.

If you don't care now, when will you care? When you are forced from your bed at night to be drafted into the military to fight a war started by rich elitists? What will it take for you to appreciate freedom, and what that freedom really means? People think nothing like this could ever happen in America, as if America has no negative history, or as though it exists on a planet where everything always goes according to stated intentions. America is on Earth, ladies and gentlemen, populated with Humans, only a few of which are in any real position of power. Do you really believe that it can't happen here? What makes us so special?

In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin, the founding fathers gave us a Republic, if we can keep it!


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