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(ATSMC1) Rebello Humanus

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 12:13 AM

I was somewhat inspired to create this tune after watching the movie Stargate several years ago. Also credit the movie Mars Attacks and the story of Joshua from Jericho.
If you allow the music to tell the story, try to imagine something that goes like this:

- It starts off with a double thumping of drums, which is meant to represent the sound made during the sealing and closing of a secret chamber located deep inside a great Egyptian pyramid.
- The crescendo that immediately follows represents the passing of time in this cold, dark chamber. (0:03)
- This leads up to the main score which begins with a force and is meant to represent the rediscovery (0:13) of the secret chamber as the contents are unearthed and its secret once again revealed to the world.
- Apart from the relics of ancient primitive weapons, the secret, in this case, are several man-made, wood wind musical instruments and the contents tells the story of an ancient human civilization enslaved and controlled by a dark and much greater alien force.
- For generations the situation remains unchanged until, eventually, it is accidentally discovered the aliens cannot tolerate the sounds that come from the instruments made by man (1:30).
- The human slaves quietly begin to prepare for a slave rebellion and an uprising against the alien oppressors (2:01).
- Prepared for battle with their weapons ands instruments by their side, the human slaves wait for their signal to attack (2:25) knowing their own survival may be at stake.
- The final battle begins (2:49) and the alien forces are eventually defeated and driven off (3:40), due in large part to the sounds of these instruments.
- The song ends after the climactic battle is over. Only a few survivors remain standing and the humans emerge victorious, the music then tapers off to that of the last few instruments (4:17).
- As the music finally fades away, the slightest hint of a sequel is revealed when the aliens can be seen building new underground dwellings to protect them from the music of the humans.(4:20)

The End

[edit on 6/6/2009 by kosmicjack]

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 02:53 PM
The embedded object appears to be for Windows Media Player.
Won't play on non-Windows platform.

Here is the link to the actual tune

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