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US, Becomes Broke By june 25th.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 01:33 PM
Considering we owe more in a day than we can bring in, in a day I would call that broke a long time ago.

I always called myself broke when I owed more money than I made. Now that I got out of that little death spiral I don't consider myself broke.

Most people consider themselves broke by that analogy. Anything more than that they consider themselves screwed.

I'm guessing the govt. is the latter of those statements but just like we were not in a recession up until a few months ago they say we are not broke right now even though we have been for years.

The only way to fix it assuming that's even possible by this point is to clean out Washington and replace them all with middle and lower income individuals. They'll be so happy to make that kind of money they won't even think about bribes in the beginning because they'll feel like they are already rich and chances are do what's right for the economy.

Of course the rest of us would feel the pinch when some low income class individual states, "Medicare?! Pay your own !@#$ hospital bill you got sick not the govt!" lol but right now that's just the type we need, "What you got 5 kids and had 2 more and want more money from the govt?! You play you pay the govt. didn't impregnate your sorry ^&*"

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 09:34 PM

Originally posted by johnny2127

Originally posted by computerwiz32
I have a friend that called me yesterday. He works at the new york federal reserve bank as a accountant.

What I was told was that the U.S gov will become 100% broke by june 25th.

What the means is that we will be getting loans from different countries 100% which means we can't pay back. Before we did borrow money from other countries but were able to pay back some of it over some time. Now we will not be able to pay back any of it.

If this actually did occur and your friend said this, they are wrong. Yes our dollar is screwed, but to be completely broke and working 100% on loans one of two things would need to happen:

1) The govt would have to not take in an tax revenue
2) The tax revenue they take in just covers interest payments on debt.

Neither of those will happen. Again, the US govt is insolvent long term, but not broke and not running a ponzi scheme. Pretty sure you just made that story up actually.

In all fairness, you are living in "DENIAL" run the numbers for yourself.

Social security has been raped for years there is NO MORE LEFT.
States are crying about not enough taxes to cover current service requirements. (damn those illegals we kicked out of the country .... could have used all that tax money they weren't going to get back anyway)
Banks who have been stealing for years from the till, running a ponzi scheme on loans at what 25 to 1 ratio or more I think??
Fededal goverment borrowing money from the fed reserve at INTEREST (I think the only country that borrowrs its own money) not even being able to pay down the interest on the money it already owes.
the financial bubbles yet to implode ..... the average person who has no savings to speak of, literally a paycheck away from complete poverty.

They can't pay bills they owe Canada let alone other countries ......

Just a matter of time when the UASS arrogance is rewarded with some down home humility.

Ohhhhh yeh the states in in GREAT SHAPE ....... not broke at all. put a company / Corporation in this financial situation and tell me there not broke...... Ohhh wait there already there and have been bailed out to the tune of what 700+ Billion ...... and still need more money.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 01:51 AM
When the illusion dissolves, reality will set in!!

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