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exotic shotgun ammo

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 06:39 PM
I reacently found out about some pretty sweet shotgun ammo
I copied this from the website

"Because a shotgun shell is really just a shaped charge behind a payload, shotgun shells can be filled with a wide variety of loads, many of which are legal. A California-based company sells many different shells, and has had many different names. Originally known as the Blammo Ammo company, they're currently called Fun Ammo. While most of these shells are legal, they may require an extra hazardous materials charge to ship. • Avenger: Hollow steel balls with a low gunpowder load. Short range and low recoil, with low penetration. Could be useful in a situation requiring low penetration, such as home defense. Semi-nonlethal. • Bird Bombs: An explosive payload, which (in theory) detonates on impact. Roughly equivalent to an m80 firecracker. • Bolo: Two heavy slugs connected by piano wire. Was once known as the garrote slug. While impossible to aim, the wire becomes a very hazardous blade at muzzle velocity. • Bouncer: Two zytel (nylon) balls. High muzzle velocity, very low penetration. Semi-nonlethal, like rubber bullets. • Chain reaction: A 6-inch length of chain. Impacts in a rather random pattern. • Comet: A regular shotgun slug with a red tracer. • Detonator: Essentially, a hollow lead slug with an explosive tip. It's made with for the purpose of filling with your own explosive or other payload, which then detonates on impact. • Door buster: Tiny lead pellets, approaching lead dust. Impacts with full force, but over a larger area, with very little penetration. • Dragon's Breath: Yes, these really do exist, and yes, you can order them for $16.98 each. White phosphorous that ignites upon being shot. Creates a 100-yard flamethrower that burns for about three seconds. Contrary to popular belief, this does not damage a smooth-bore shotgun. • Fire siren: A small weighted whistle. Incredibly loud at muzzle velocity. Wear ear protection. • Flash bomb: Like the bird bomb, above, but using a flash-powder incendiary instead of an explosive one. • Flechette: A whole bunch of needles. High penetration. • Hammer: A bean-bag round; a nylon bag filled with tiny shot. High impact, but theoretically nonlethal. • Mini Missile: A solid lead slug with a steel core. The lead slug peels away on impact, driving the core through hard targets (like armor.) • Napalm: Like the Bird Bomb, above, but filled with white phosphorous, which burns very hot upon impact. • Pit Bull: Six big lead pelletes, and one big slug. Not that exotic, really. • Shredder: A lot of sharp tacks. Short range, but high trauma to flesh. • Smoke bomb: Essentially, the Dragon's Breath Round, only using a smoke powder instead. • Stinger: 16 zytel (nylon) balls. Essentially, the rubber bullet for shotguns. Semi-nonlethal. • Super flare: A shotgun-launched flare. While all of these sound like they should be violating a lot of laws, remember that you can just buy your own shell loader and put whatever you want into your cartridges. I suggest that you don't do this, though. I also suggest you don't buy any of this ammo or fire it. Hell, I'm a pacifist, but I'm a geek, too. "

So for everyone waiting for sitx. U better stock up on some of these. I np I am. I'm goin to the next gunshow and gunna see if anyone has aome"under the counter" maybe ill get my hands on a few ill let you no how it goes

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 07:07 PM
I have fired many of these and they are cool.

Most are not very practical though.

I just keep:
00 Buck
7 1/2 bird shot
breaching rounds

I keep my Mossberg 590 loaded with six 7 1/2 and two slugs and load them so I fire three birdshot, then one slug and then repeat.

If a few blasts of the less lethal bird shot doesn't stop them, a slug sure will and they won't be moving as much so it will be easier to aim when that slug comes out.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 07:21 PM
When i reloaded i made rounds like 3 buck shot and the rest of the load fine bird shot.
Stun rounds using a large rubber eraser from a stationary shop. good to bugger bears that came into town or camp.

Another round was 1/8 inch lead wire folded into the shell. makes a long nasty gash in the body.

Melted sealing wax and BBs come out like a slug hits like a slug then comes apart making a nasty wound. Will go through a wood frame house wall and spray the next room with BBs.

Magnesium dust and black powder blanks.
brilliant flash at night will blind a attacker (and you if you don't close your eyes)

410 rounds with 3 .40 round lead balls good for 410 derringers or other pistols also good for shotguns.

#22 birdshot loads the shot is the size of salt grains very short range but at 10 foot or less a 12 gage load if it will blow a very large shallow hole in anything. sometime called rat shot.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 07:28 PM
Yeah but they will still be much fun to shoot lol I just wanna get ahold of a few rounds of the pepperspray,bird bombs and flairs. But a dragons breath would be so badass to shoot over a lake into the night sky

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by agent0range

I'm going to buy a mossberg 500 12 gauge tactical shotgun. Will cost me 400 bucks and I will have more than enough ammo for it.

If I REALLY need to, I can load my own explosive rounds. But I doubt I will ever need to do such a thing. It can be a quick way to destroy your weapons. I've know people who have tried doing it with small nails and other objects which destroyed the bore and it is very costly at time to fix or replace a barrel for a shotgun. If you love your weapons, buy ammo that is meant for them and leave the geek crap to the geeks.

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