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Hotels evict swine flu victims

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 05:00 PM

SWINE flu victims are being kicked out of their Sydney hotels by nervous proprietors who fear bad publicity might drive other customers away.
The Daily Telegraph understands that two hotels are evicting 14 people who were on the swine flu-contaminated cruise ship Pacific Dawn.

It is understood 12 people will be evicted from Meriton Serviced Apartments in Parramatta and two from a Holiday Inn, either in Darling Harbour or Kings Cross, The Daily Telegraph reports.

A manager at Meriton Serviced Apartments in Parramatta, who identified himself as "Moe" denied any rooms had been booked by NSW Health or knowledge of the 12 Pacific Dawn passengers believed to be staying at the hotel. He then referred inquiries to Meriton's head office, where calls went unanswered.

Health authorities will have to move the victims, their friends and families from their rooms this morning for alternative accommodation.

It is understood the authorities are frustrated and unhappy with the hotels' decision but are unable to prevent them from carrying out the eviction because a state of emergency is not in place.

All the victims are supposed to be in quarantine until Monday.

and also......

The spread of swine flu is accelerating in Victoria, with the toll rising from 53 to 96 since yesterday afternoon, while in Sydney hotels nervous of bad publicity are reportedly evicting swine flu victims.

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, two hotels are evicting people who were on the swine flu-contaminated cruise ship Pacific Dawn.

The Meriton Serviced apartments in Parramatta is understood to be evicting 12 people,
while the Holiday Inn in either Darling Harbour or Kings Cross has ordered two people to leave.

I am really seething about this as the Meriton Serviced Apartments in Parramatta are a hop skip and jump not only from my own place but also a minutes walk from the biggest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere...namely Westfield Shopping Town Parramatta.

How stupid is this? Why aren't these people being put in Hotels that are a bit more out of the way and not right near a very busy shopping Mall where thousands of people go everyday?

Are the authorities totally stupid? And why weren't we advised that these people were here?
If this isn't done to purposefully spread this Flu as far and wide as possible, I don't know what is.

I cannot begin to tell you how extremely angry I am about this.
I kid you not, I've been feeling unwell since yesterday.
There also is person who is very sick in the block of units next to me who has been wretching at all hours the last couple of days.

I just rang Meriton Apartments but their line has been engaged.
I'll try and get more information if I can of if these people left the Apartments to go to the shopping mall, how they are getting food to eat and if there is any security around to make sure they don't leave their rooms etc.
Will let you know if I find out anything.

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 05:19 PM
I doubt seriously that people sick with the flu are going to be walking around the mall. The hotels obviously think that the flu is bad for business.

What I found interesting in the article you linked is that they are predicting 1 in 5 Australians will come down with the swine flu. 20% is a way higher number than what happened in the rest of the world. I wonder why?

Good luck... keep your immune system up!

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by Iamonlyhuman

It hit North America outside flu season, but it's hitting Australia in flu season. It will likely infect a larger proportion of the North American population when it returns in flu season, and sadly, may be more dangerous then.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 06:39 PM
All it takes is for one person to be low on milk, smokes or something to sneak out if they think no one is watching. Like I said these apartments are directly across the street from the mall. Two minutes walk.
If it was at least a couple of blocks of away, then it mightn't be such an issue.

I've just heard on the radio that 3 of the crew of the Pacific Dawn that berthed in Sydney are now confirmed with Swine Flu.

They wanted to berth the ship in Northern NSW but they were refused permission and now have to go onto Queensland.
A victim from the ship was on the radio saying that they should have quarantined the whole ship in Sydney rather than have people leave to go to hotels. As it was done in such a haphazaard way. And that they will have the same problems in Queensland as were experienced in Sydney.

It seems they have no idea what they are doing.
Not that is surprising.

Thanks for the advice. I'll do my best to keep my immunity up.

Still trying to get through to the Apartments. Might even ring the local paper to see if they have any info about the safety proceedures, if any, regarding the 12 people.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 07:44 PM
Just spoke to the Editor of the local paper The Parramatta Advertiser.

They have a reporter up at the Apartments at the moment trying to get as much information as possible about quarantine measures.
It appears the flow of information isn't too forthcoming but I was assured if they can't get answers from the Meriton Apartments staff or owners that they will go further up.

They've had a lot of enquiries since the information of the 12 people being here hit the major Sydney paper this morning.

So, I'm still none the wiser. And it appears I'll have to wait to read the story in next Wednesdays Advertiser for their information.

This is adequate..NOT.

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