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Their Order Our Chaos

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 10:51 AM
So here is what I am thinking. And forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this.
Could it be that everything that is happening really needs to happen?

I am right there with the rest of you on most of TPTB theories. I watch it now coming on faster and stronger than ever. Whoever (whatever) is in control of the snowballing toward a one-world fascist regime is up for debate. I just know what I see and research daily is happening and "they" are going for broke now. History is an indicator of the numerous acts governments have perpetrated against their own people especially during the twentieth century forward.
This is not news I know.

It just seems to me it is different this time around. It seems to me that by doing the things they continue to do, they are not only pushing their agenda, they are pushing OURS to. Take for instance 9/11. Horrific as that ritualistic act was. It went so far beyond that for millions of others. The initial fear has been overcome and it has been replaced by many other emotions "they" may not have intended. It inspired an awakening and thirst for knowledge unprecedented in our lifetime. And with the help of the internet, an explosion of information unavailable otherwise.

So what I'm saying is this. They continue to move forward. Eventually there will be an economic collapse as this situation is just not sustainable anymore. They will most likely try to take some sort of militaristic hold on the citizens of the U.S. They may try to chip us. They may get so far as to try to wipe us all out as a last resort.
Who knows what is going to happen for sure? But I believe that hope lies in the events unfolding before us. If you know a little about the illuminati. You know that they have a motto "Order Out of Chaos". Well, for us, the redemption for humanity could be "Chaos Out of Order". I believe every time they take that step forward toward their NWO, there is a balance shifted toward humanity via awakening and knowledge. I believe this is getting way beyond their control. And I believe their order will create chaos that will enable the power shift back to US.


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