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a reminder

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 08:15 AM
A reminder to the rich and powerful, the elite if you will.

1. America is a sovereign nation of freedom/liberty loving actual humans who do what for them is peaceful and normalcy in context of rationality. We are not slaves of money and the attempts for our country are in the end futile.

2. The world will not accept for long a singular body of men and women who give gifts just to take away the infrastructures of nations. They see through and your continuance is your own idiotic greed.

3. Money does not make you a god, godhead or powerful, it merely makes you greedy and selfishly lame.

4. Theres no reason to live, be, think, act the way you dom you do it out of a jaded mentality and spite because of a reaction, contrived or not, to something you dont like.
Hey i dont like a lot of things, though i dont secretly plot anything, i merely choose to be the example of life and living it, silently, humbly.

5. The signs of your transformative frauds are failure and war. You contrive lies, spark reactionaries, only to gain power in the world through distraction and fear mongering.

6. Your hopes to see 80% of the world gone are a joke. YOu may be serious. Yet the living universe is even fighting you. TIME ITSELF IS FIGHTING YOU. YOu murdering elitists are not gods, godhead, murderers are typicaly dellusional, as you and your big houses and money have made you. Cruel, alienated, and ignorant of real life.

7. Mind control, human control, and using populaces for expirementation is treasonous and irresponsible behavior. Excersized again by people in a power dellusion.

8. Money is a tool. Not a hypnosis device, not a coeercion device. not for decadent irresponsible insanity. Money is for everyone, not just for the elite and wealthy, we all should be wealthy, ALL. meaning KNOWLEDGE RICH

9. Please wake up to your own folly and change. Its not hard. Just do it.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 08:31 AM

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