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Left-Wing, Right-Wing, This Turkey, Knows How To Soar Like An Eagle

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 04:46 AM
After having been on ATS for collectively almost four years now, this website has offered us this medium of a political platform of a sort, and I fully intend to use it as I can within the grounds of the terms and conditions of this conspiracy theory website. I have seen political bickering as well as partisan taunting, and political trolls as well as political baiting, and plain outright agitators. None of what I have to say here will be done in such a manner so as to gain negative attention in order to cause a scene or fight, and rabble rouse in order to gain more flags, stars, or people posting in order to get more and more pages worth of useless drivel where people will thrash one side over another, as I see that as senseless and banal.

You see, I am neither left-wing, nor right-wing, neither Republican, nor Democrat. I am in fact a registered Independent. Do not blame me for Bush in the former Administration, and do not blame me for Obama in the current Administration, I voted for neither them, nor their political opponents. In fact, I have stated many times within threads, posts, and all throughout ATS that I voted for the thieving orange cartoon kitty who loves to steal lasagna, kick Odie, and irritate John Arbuckle.

To me, being sorted into a category of left, right, or right or wrong, is in fact a fallacy. If you get slotted into one of those, or willingly jump into one side or the other, are you not just making yourself easier to control by your selections of loyalties, and not free-will? I was raised in a mixed household, starting with Jehovahs Witness, my parents decided to leave there and we switched to Baptist, then they changed to "Southern Baptist", and then on to Lutheran, finally settling in "Christian Non-Denominational" which is the last church I attended. Now, you will notice I only mentioned those names, as labels, not my beliefs in them each, nor my own thoughts on them.


No need for me to do that.

I never settled into one form of belief or another as being "better" than the other.

I did as well seek my own independent knowledge, learning various other religions of my own volition. Taoism and the principles of Yin and Yang is one of the many I read on, as well as my nearly unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all things history, war, warfare, history of war, tactics, and all things business. I sought out and became the well-rounded individual I am today, not because of the labels people applied to me, but in spite of them. I chose not to take one, or another from religion, history, war, but instead a mixture of all of them in order to enlighten myself in all the things I loved to learn about.

You see, in my opinion, a truly enlightened individual, can learn not only from their own journeys in life, but of others as well, where you reach out and help your fellow human by communication with someone and openly acknowledging your differences and come to an agreement to disagree if put to an impasse. One of my most favorite topics of interest that goes in line with everything else I've already stated here, is learning of all things Government, both the United States and any and every foreign Government I explored within books to come to having what others have stated is a knowledge of World Government as a whole.

I am currently thirty-five years young, and next month I step towards becoming thirty-six years young, and I have done my best to help my fellow humans, both here in ATS as well as outside the bounds of this website. My journey has been long, difficult, enjoyable, hated, nigh on impossible at times, but always and forever I remembered what both my parents taught me through all of those journeys.

With a step-father who was a Marine, it was adapt, improvise, and overcome, no matter what may step in my path. I learned to go over, under, around, or through any and all obstacles, no matter the consequence, only to make myself someone who is sought out for advice, attacked because of my insight because people who are lying or corrupt do not stand up under the pressure I place upon them.

With a mother who was from a small town who divorced my father when I was six years old because he was an alcoholic, womanizer, and reckless idiot, I was taught to never trust any individual, ever. Some call that paranoia, I call it basic common-sense, and welcome it as it has saved my life so many times I have stopped counting.

My step-father taught me to utilize that gift, what people call "paranoia" in order to survive to the age I am today, and he succeeded, and so did I.

Here's where the twist in my story of my own life goes into the meat-grinder a bit.

It starts back when I was six years old, where I got my first stalker.

Yes, you heard correctly, I had a stalker at six years old.

My father was not a nice man, being an alcoholic, as well as the courts not giving him custody because of the evidence of alcohol abuse, wrecking four of my mother’s cars, and threatening to kill the judge in a court of law when he was denied custody. He was ordered by the judge to leave the courtroom, and never come back to Florida, or the judge would lock him up. This did not however deter the man from continually attempting to kidnap me from age six on up into my early teens. My parents moved continually because of this man, he sought out our location through various means, and always found it. His best source of the location though was my grandparents, who thought highly of him, blind as it was, and thought my step-father was the demon seed of Satan.

My next stalker came at age nine, where the local rich kid on the block, did not like that I was in tattered clothing and was not impressed with his brand new clothing and the fact that his parents were the richest people in the entire county. As kids we ended up fighting many times, and he always sought out his revenge in the typical "rich-kid" mentality of him being right because money was the answer to everything, just like mommy and daddy.

My next stalkers, and yes, I said stalkers in the plural, came with fifteen teenagers who did not like that I was "the Christian" kid who refused their cigarettes, condoms, alcohol, and drugs. To make things worse, I had a big mouth, and still do to this day, I was taught to verbalize my disagreement if it came down to it. This of course did not sit well with these hooligans, and they sought out how to take me down. This crystallized into an event in which its catalyst was their getting suspended from school because I chose to do the right thing. This was six months prior to my eight-grade year ending, and for six months I continually tried to talk to the teachers, Principal, Vice-Principal, Dean, you name it, and every time they beat me to those individuals, and proceeded to plant their collective lips on those people's backsides. For six months, they taunted me, telling me they were getting off the school bus the last day of school, to kill me.

A few words of warning, never ever warn someone of your intentions, it only gives that person time to plan and plot, finalizing in action you may not like. Remember, I learned tactics, war, history and everything in order to deal with life. My parents taught me to deal with my home issues on my own, so going to them was not encouraged not because of any sense of them being heartless, but because I learned fast how to deal with situations as they came. You see, the morning of the last day before school I walked out of the house, determined to even the odds, and survive. I grabbed a four-foot long, one inch diameter chain, and wrapped it around my waist and put my shirt over it and went to school with schoolbooks in hand. To shorten the story some, I will post replies if asked, I ended up getting that chain all through the Junior High School the entire day, without being caught, sneaking it from locker to locker, and back onto the school bus and off again, not to utilize it in an act of violence, but as a measure of last resort in self-defense, and as an intimidation factor. To end this story I will just state that Law Enforcement got involved, they all got taken home, and I was never charged because I never used the chain to hit one of them.

My next multiple stalker set, came when I was fresh out of the military, at the job I just finished working fifteen years for, when two employees did not like that they could not intimidate me into quitting, one of them being fired shortly before this, because I was the only one to "see" him swing at a manager when the employee accused the manager of stealing his money, so both of these individuals decided to stalk me, as well as my family. Needless to say, I outsmarted, out-thought, and outmaneuvered every one of these people, utilizing not physical force, but the God-given pink and grey brain matter between my ears.

Why am I telling you all of this and how does it fit into the political theme of the "Bully-Pulpit"?

Well, quite simply, because at age fourteen, with the first set of enemies of mine group-stalking me, that event crystallized me into action in becoming a bully-buster, someone who looks out for others, someone who kicks the bully's butt when necessary, not physically but mentally by teaching their victims how to fight back through the use of their brain. I was taken out of public school after that, because my parents rightfully feared that either someone would kill me, or worse yet that I would kill someone defending my life. I was enrolled in a Christian non-denominational home school from ninth grade until graduation at twelfth grade.

This fits into the political scheme of the Bully-Pulpit, because I am a man intending on someday entering politics.

Game on.

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Wow, great post SKL! I hope you get an applause for sharing this with us all.

In keeping with the point of your thread, the personality you exhibit is what makes all free countries so great (sometimes,lol). The ability to stand out above the rest and take into accord you own life, non-concerned about what others think of you. Another thing is the ideology that a lot of us have to stand up and try and help people in need if we are in power to do so. What a great thread to read for my first one in this forum. The many ways ATS members and people throughout the world have and are overcoming advercity is truly amazing and goes beyond "Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative" like you always eloquently put SKL. It is about being human and trying to better your own and others existence if at all possible. Sadly not enough are like that, but soon enough I feel they will be as we as a species continue to evolve past race, religion, sex, and political affiliation. It is the ultimate goal of humans, like it says in the thread title; "To soar like an Eagle" and become the best we can be and help others do the same. Again excellent thread and thanks for sharing my friend.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

I am also more independent than some of my threads lead me on to be. I am one who gets tired of the one side calling the other socialist, when both sides are neither. Both the Democrats and Republicans in power need the people from Wall Street to win their elections, and that fact seems to get lost. Even Ron Paul wants to let Wall Street continue to run the status quo, even though he wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve (let the private banks gamble it away).

Our country is the richest in the world, but we have areas that still are in extreme poverty. Good health care is available only to those who can afford it, while the county hospitals are begging for the smallest of funds. Insurance and Medical Corporations will make sure it stays that way. Meanwhile people who have sick children have to have fund raisers just to get money for treatment to keep the child alive. The only time it matters is when someone wants to have a dignified death, then some groups rage war against that idea.

The Unions are getting their share of blame and some of it is well deserved. It is interesting that the mid level management at the banks were never asked about how much they made or their benefits. The money they received was with no strings attached while the blue collar companies had all kinds of bells and whistles attached to it.

People need to label others, and that is what the Powers That Be want. If people stop and actually start questioning some of the shenanigans going on, the corporations would be in trouble.

While I am personally against teaching young children to be paranoid, I understand the reasons why some people do. They must be taught how to read between the lines and find out what is really being said.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and how you achieved it. I think many people need to know where the others are coming from before they blindly comment and spew the party line.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

Well said, and to further that I want to say this; In reality there is no "party lines", the "elite" of this country and world are all one group. The party line is nothing more than minor difference of opinions on how to rule efficiently. If it wasn't for the original Constitution of The United States of America we would already be in a fascist-like rule I believe. The Constitution is the biggest thorn in the side of the PTB, as any drastic and sudden changes would be noticed and likely result in another civil war. So they must gradually change it, over time. When you give any minority power it will almost always (at least from our species history) end up being abused and merged for one single purpose: Not to lose that power. Back to my point of no true political parties now, if you look at every single President and ruling class (ie;Majority of the Senate, Congress, Cabinet, etc) they all have ties with each other. People are born Presidents and politicians, not elected.

To further your point about the corporate system and how it blocks everything; In my opinion the way Capitalism was set up was destined to collapse and thus fail. It allows money to become to powerful and thus the corporations that have the money control the government, which in turn controls the people. Why don't we have cures for diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Asthma, MS, etc? But yet we can spend trillions upon trillions on the most advanced weapons, most elaborate cars and buildings. We don't have cures for these diseases because it is not profitable to create them. It is also not profitable to have universal health care equivalent to the best private insurance. So there in lies just a couple problems with Capitalism, the need for profit above wellness. Because no one is willing to do anything for any purpose other than money for their own well being we will never have a unification nessicary for Capitalism and Democracy to truly work. The truth is this: The banks control the world, not the elected officials. The elected officials are merely a branch of the banks and corporations, and any that aren't are quickly assassinated or put down by other means. Power = money and money = power. When you lose one, you lose both, period. Can you blame them really? I mean if you had molded the world to your own selfish and narcissistic means would you want to give it all up? After all the cut throat dealings you did to achieve it? No you wouldn't, and sadly the majority of the human race has not evolved past selfish "I oriented" directives.

Of course this is all "In my humble opinion". And who am I?

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 05:19 AM
reply to post by jkrog08

I am hoping that posting music, especially inspirational music is okay in the Bully Pulpit Forum, as I see this type of thing as both setting the mood, and inspiring others in the political sense like a real life politician who is seeking office will often have certain songs played that represent them and their entire political platform. I chose this song, not only for the motivational song it is, but as well as the video it is synced with here as an inspirational story in and of itself. Please, don't let the name of the band fool you, the song and video will move you, because when I first heard it, I played it repeatedly over one-hundred times and I was swaying from side to side as I let the music speak to my soul.

"Sick Puppies : All The Same"

Thanks so much, jkrog08, for the kinds words about what I had to say in this, the first of many to come threads of mine, as I see this only as my introduction thread, within the "Bully Pulpit". As far as applause goes, my highest ambition for these threads here in this particular ATS forum area are not so much about gaining points, flags, stars, or even the applauses of moderators, but about talking about anything and everything politics in a well informed manner so as to allow anyone reading, writing a reply, or passing it by to stop and think about the world and how it as a whole is affected by their own actions, and whether they are truly being a human being showing kindness and compassion, or whether they are on a dark path that many dare not tread.

As far as my personality, I have my parents, teachers, historical figures, and life experiences to thank for that. I can not take credit for that wholly as I am the sum of the whole of my experiences. I was taught to never, ever, follow "the crowd" like a blind man lost in the crowd of huddled masses clinging to the railing of the sinking RMS Titanic, but to be the person who instead turns back the panicking masses who are about to jump in blind panic into the sub-zero temperature waters only to drown quickly, spitting and sputtering, ending up drowning, because of a lack of intelligence in knowing how to be prepared for any situation. I am the man I am today because of the man my step-father was to me as the hero I saw in him then, even with the rebellious issues I had with him, that was only me seeking out my own individuality from who he was in my right as a human being to assert myself towards becoming the individual man I am today.

"To Soar Like An Eagle" to me is a fitting tribute to both the American Bald Eagle, our national bird, as much as it is something I see we as humans on this planet need to aspire to in everything we do. As well as this, the reference to the turkey, and the eagle there to me is both a part of a humorous joke, as well as our own national history. The joke is one often laughed at, and I first heard it when I was a teenager.

"It's Hard To Soar Like An Eagle, When I'm Surrounded By Turkeys" was one of the funniest sayings I had heard at the time, and as a rather silly teenager, in spite of the types of events I outline in my original post, I went around for three days, quoting that joke, and flapping my arms up and down with my thumbs tucked under my armpits, to some of the funniest and strangest looks. As well as this, the national bird was voted upon, and decided finally after quite some bickering with Benjamin Franklin to be the Bald Eagle, instead of his choice of the turkey.

I will stop this post here, and say these final words as I prepare to reply to kidflash2008 next, that jkrog08, and my fellow members of not only ATS, but as well as the human race, we as cooperating members of humanity need to strive to better the world itself, in not only our actions, but as well as our lack of actions.

By our actions I am of course speaking about something so menial yet thoughtful as helping a little old lady cross the street, like the Boy Scouts of America, and by lack of actions I am speaking about by not taking action, as in the partisan bickering, and meaningless fighting among ourselves like this forum forbids so real topics can be spoken on, debated on, and sometimes mildly argued about, instead of throwing gasoline on the fire, let the ember smolder into the beauty, and slowly add more pieces of dead wood in order to build that "political fire" back into a crescendo.

Now, where are my crayons, I have coloring in to do to the picture below.

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

It is interesting that we discuss the politics as usual and I have just watched a news show about the Roland Burris fiasco. Here is an intelligent man who gets caught up in a scandal and naturally lies to cover his @ss. He does it so well he believes the lie himself. He has been caught in a telephone call with the brother of Gov F Word talking about what kind of money he can raise to be made US Senator. He at first denied he ever talked with the Gov F Word's family or staff, and when it came out he did had to reverse himself on that one. It also turns out the Sen Burris' son was offered employment or a contract with Gov F Word or his staff.

It is sad, but to some politicians, the truth just cannot be told. It is like a major sin, and they must avoid the truth at all costs. It also is impossible to get things done without the "What's in it for me" factor. Everyone needs to get a cut of the pie, and no one is doing it for the actual common guy.

The sad thing is, Sen Burris is still mulling a run for a full term. He has raised less than $1000 in the first quarter of 2009, a pathetic sum for a Senate candidate.

SpartanKingLeonidas, I can see why you are so upset. It makes me want to cry, because things will never change. I grew up when Watergate was making news, and I did not understand it as I was 11 when Nixon resigned. I have read up on the subject, and it seems that the politicians have not learned the lessons from lying to the public. President Clinton and his sex life, President Bush and his private little war (I can do that twice, as the first one had his Contras he was supporting in South America). President Obama wavering on what to do about torture. (Even Chicago DJ Mancow states it is torture after being water boarded for six seconds.)

Still, I will protest and go to all the meetings I can and make sure my voice is heard. It may not matter to them, but it matters to me.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 09:48 AM
To me, there is no "lesser of two evils" when it comes to politics, it's who's closest to actually telling the truth.

Can you guess who I voted for this last election?

I will give you a few clues.

He's orange, cartoon, feline, loves lasagna, kicks Odie, tortures Nermal, irritates Jon Arbuckle just because it's fun, and rarely gets out of the recliner.

You see, to me, if a politician is not going to do anything for anyone else, is going to abuse and torture the people watching him, as well as the people he or she is responsible for, and does it all for cheap laughs, well, I want that to be someone who at least is more real than 99% of the politicians on Capitol Hill.

Originally posted by kidflash2008
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

I am also more independent than some of my threads lead me on to be. I am one who gets tired of the one side calling the other socialist, when both sides are neither. Both the Democrats and Republicans in power need the people from Wall Street to win their elections, and that fact seems to get lost. Even Ron Paul wants to let Wall Street continue to run the status quo, even though he wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve (let the private banks gamble it away).

Right now, this is one of my favorite books, as it details out the entire process of how the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal, nor a reserve, was formed by the robber baron's in Capitol Hill as well as Wall Street conspired in secrecy (the book states this, and I concur) in order not to assist the nation, but as a means to kill legitimate competition in the banking industry.

The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

Wikipedia - Created in 1913 by the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act (signed by Woodrow Wilson), it is a quasi-public and quasi-private (government entity with private components) banking system

That is something I find very enlightening to say the least. The author G.Edward Griffin references, and cross references history, newspaper articles, and as well utilizes God given common-sense.

I will let you form your own opinion of the man as well as his books.

Below, is one of his many websites, and he outlines exactly how the Federal Reserve as well as "Bailout" process in it's entirety is a scam on America, forcing American citizens to pay out the nose and any other orifice we can be vacuumed from, our entire life savings along with our taxes.

Big Eye - G. Edward Griffin

People need to label others, and that is what the Powers That Be want. If people stop and actually start questioning some of the shenanigans going on, the corporations would be in trouble.

This is exactly, dead-on correct, it is divide and conquer methodology, believe me, I know that inside and out. I did not pick out this avatar, nor ATS name lightly, it is not just some video game to me, nor is the name Leonidas just a man in the history books, to me. I was told, by a friend, who claims to be a psychic, that I was in fact Leonidas in a past life.

Originally posted by kidflash2008
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

It is sad, but to some politicians, the truth just cannot be told. It is like a major sin, and they must avoid the truth at all costs. It also is impossible to get things done without the "What's in it for me" factor. Everyone needs to get a cut of the pie, and no one is doing it for the actual common guy.

I could not agree more with your thoughts on this, as to politicians motives, it is quite simply to me, to get elected, no matter the cost to the citizenry.

I have issues with Government, mainly in their propaganda uses, as well as commissions and cover-ups of crimes against it's citizens, as well as the in-fighting between the three branches of Government, that spills over into the daily lives of citizens because of this, and it gets blamed on the nation, because some Politician somewhere, or Judge, or Law Enforcement Officer had or has an agenda, and then someone else with an agenda fights it, whether right or wrong to me is irrelevant.

See, I'm in the know, I was raised and trained to spot things, specifically, everything Government does, I know about it before the public fully comprehends, because I speak legalese, know how to listen, speak, and interpret double-speak and triple-speak.

I will leave you with this :

I was once told, by the same person, as a compliment, I would make a fine and intimidating serial killer interrogator, as well as the D.E.A. would be terrified of hiring me, because quite simply, they could never control me.

This was by a psychic I hold in high regards, and as well, she told me I was Leonidas, the legendary King of the Spartan's in a past life. I had issues with her telling me I have psychic abilities, but not for the reasons you might think.

Peace and be well, my friends


I Am Not An Anarchist, Nor A Traitor To My Country...

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 04:21 PM
It is interesting there are stories from some cable networks that MSNBC is being to harsh on Barack Obama. While FOX is on the other side because of the Republican/conservative bend, it seems that MSNBC shows like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann bring President Obama to task for not having inquiries into war crimes and keeping the prison we have in Afghanistan open. (The prison is where non US residents are kept without charge or representation.) They are also upset that military tribunals will move forward and also that there will still be a process in place to keep people in prison without being charged. I guess FOX does not like that as they would have to agree with the basic individual rights and liberties being trashed for these policies.

As Mancow Muller (of WLS radio in Chicago) stated, the pundits have to tow the party line whether it is the left or the right. Some of them do not do that, and they get flak from both sides.

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

The Emperor’s of Rome devised blood-sport through Circuses, gladiatorial contests, and public executions of the Christians by wild beasts for the purposeful means to appease the populace. Humanity has a morbid fascination with violence which has always distracted the well-meaning individuals from political debate or stepping onto their own soapbox for more than fifteen minutes of fame because people are more attuned to the World Series or Superbowl because it gives them a mind-numbing event of a spectator sport, and this is more for men than women, as comparative to women seeking chocolate as a mean to release endorphins that are a surrogate for sexual fulfillment, men seek out the blood-sport as a means to release their endorphins for the primitive “Neanderthal” within.

They can vegetate for two to three hours and root for the “hometeam” through tribal loyalty that surpasses obsession for some, and turning into a quasi-religious experience for others. For whatever reason other than my previously defined version, most people watch this gear-grinding, sweat-soaked, adrenaline filled tie of controlled chaos, they seem to be able to float to oblivion about which Congressional member failed to keep their campaign promises, or what “Police Action” their military is embroiled within this week, or even that Charles Manson still sits behind bars fattening himself up on three square meals daily supplied by their hard-earned tax dollars at work for over forty years after he was caught, convicted, and sentenced.

Red verses Blue, White verses Black, Football verses Baseball, it always seems a false dichotomy is almost pre-formed and forced into an alliance of convenience based on their precocious and preconceived notions that “they must pick a side” and “their team must win” or they themselves lost the game by default of wearing their favorite teams high-priced yet “well worth it” jersey emblazoned with the all-time best sports hero of the decade. Hero worshipping by proxy does not just stop there, but those sports enthusiasts breed it into the young heathen offspring as possibly a means of avoidance of the political arena because those things are best left to politicians who can be bought by the logos and dollars of “corporate America” so instead of breaking the negative cycle they create a self-perpetuating political dead-end, because it becomes much easier to pick up the television remote and Sports Illustrated instead of Thomas Paine’s book “Common Sense” to read to their children, thereby bypassing teaching political intelligence and instead teaching the lowbrow Neanderthal man must fight man mindset.

“What sport did Thomas Paine play, daddy?” I can hear the dumbfounded youth who asks his bewildered father who should be the young child’s mentor, instead becomes a big brother of sorts, ushering in the control of the actual Big Brother of Government through the destruction of the male father-figure hero through leading their children into the slaughterhouse of political ignorance like sheep and cattle waiting for the bullet of the executioner to extinguish their intelligence and later their lives.

Allegiance often requires a cause, a cause often requires an enemy. This much is obvious; the critical point is that the enemy that defines the cause often become the family unit via surrogate means of abandonment by proxy of working hard to provide food for their family, and working paycheck to paycheck, instead of teaching their youth ideals, business sense, and tax write-offs, the father and mother figures of today’s parenthood only instead perpetuate a constant negative cycle of work, work, work, pay bills, pay bills, pay bills, instead of teaching savings, investment, and political know-how those parents often hamstring their own children in falsely seeking out college as the only means to get ahead, when instead they could send their children scampering to the library and giving them a real homework assignment in looking into business manuals, non-profit incorporation, and starting their first Roth IRA by the time they are eighteen.

So, in a sense, the family unit can become that formidable enemy instead by those children desperately seeking to leave their domicile, and getting to their first job to get the Hell out of Dodge, so instead of the world at large being their playing field and oyster bed, instead it becomes a battlefield of sorts filled with landmines, boogeymen and the big bad wolf instead of an opportunity and means to make a better life they seem to continue that same pattern via a different means then their parents had planned, not by avoidance, but by avoiding their parents intelligence through rebellion they end up just like their parents if not taught correctly.
So the pattern yet begins again.

I find it interesting indeed, just how ignorant mankind can be, let alone the citizens of "free nations".

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Actually, the Neanderthals were quite peaceful and very spiritual peoples. They were not the knuckle draggers they are made out to be nowadays. That brings up another problem is that we are very arrogant about ourselves.

That is another discussion altogether. I do agree more people know about Jon and Kate than they know who is Vice President or who their Commander in Chief is. People will sit down in front of the boob tube and watch reality shows non stop, but will not get involved with the reality we call life.

The corporate media makes sure to put the perspective in left-right categories. That way people can take sides and not really question anything.

This kind of reminds me of the great movie "Network" in which Howard Beale tells people to get out of their seats and go to the window and shout: "I'm mad as hell, and not taking it anymore!" We need to start doing that, and taking all of the politicians to task for not doing their jobs.

I also have noticed every time there is a story on the auto bailout, there are many comments about how it is the blue collar workers' fault. The blame the union is used, but the union consists of hard working people trying to make a living in today's world. Nobody complained in the 1950s when the union got the deal for lifetime health care (just like our Congressmen get). Now, everyone believes the myth that the factory workers do not work and get $100 an hour to sit around.

It is interesting as steel workers used to get paid really well, but now the starting pay is $10 an hour. Good luck finding a union job at a steel mill. Every factory job is a "temp" job, with the promise of getting a full time position with benefits. I worked at this one place that offered such promises. I found out the majority of workers were still temps after five years working at the place. So much for promises.

Basically, we have to start getting involved with what is going on. We have to start at the lowest levels such as school boards and town halls. We then have to create grass roots levels and get our voices heard. We have to get others to join us to make the voices louder. A couple of ants are a nuisance, but a colony really disrupts the picnic. We need a colony of people.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

My reference to Neaderthal's was more or less an analogy or metaphor, if you will, in that they were club-toting cavemen, while they may have been passive, in your opinion, they are quick with their clubs to beat anything different down, without comprehension of the consquences of their actions. Meaning there that they lack the finer mental motor skills of people who actually learn about the politics of the day, and instead would rather lift their clubs and grunt, instead of actually doing something intelligent, like change the political situation by entering the arena, and step into the Bully Pulpit, or to step up to the real life podium to seek political office.

To myself, it was the proper metaphor for what I speaking on, low-brow intelligence and simple minded citizens, who would rather just complain, and hope their vote changes to a different flavor of the year politician, instead of actually running for office themselves.

Mr John Q Couch-Potato, would be another euphamism for what I was expressing.

The reason I can say this, without hypocrisy, is I just launched an international civil rights non-profit organization, towards changing politics as they stand today, I have created several surveys, to be sent out with mailers towards seeking donations for the non-profit, as well as will be including petitions for the initiatives I am utilizing to seek that change, with the assistance of American citizens, as well our international brothers and sisters throughout the world, to get these lazy, lying, and self-obsessed politicans off their fat posterior regions, and make the changes we as citizens demand, now.

Not every four years when they are up for re-election, not when their public image needs a political booster shot because of "Swine Flu", nor when some scandal breaks out, but as the statistical analysis comes in, with donations, letters of pissed off citizens, and petitions to get these Washington Wasters to do their elected position, which is a job, to protect and serve us, not the financial instituitions who assisted them to get into office to commit fraud through the "Bailout Package", because as I see it, when you give more money to banks, to loan to citizens, who cannot afford their current mortgages, who cannot afford their car payments, and who cannot afford to put food on their table, you as a politician, no matter the office, are committing fraud against America itself, and the citizens you are supposed to protect from predatory lending practices to begin with are left holding empty wallets, scratching their heads collectively wondering why they are about to get kicked to the curb by eviction notices because no one is hiring and all the jobs have been shipped off overseas thanks to political idiocy like N.A.F.T.A., more colloquiolly known as the North America Free Trade Agreement.

It's about time, that we as a nation, and as a world, evict every single politician, simultaneously from office, take charge ourselves, and move into their plush offices, and institute the changes we as citizens of the cooperative community of Earth have been begging for and not getting.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 04:34 PM
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The Congress is now set to try and pass comprehensive health care reform and financial reforms. Let's see how that gets done with the Just Say No Republicans, the powerful lobbyist groups for both Wall Street and health care corporations. Let's see how the powerful AMA union reacts to it.

If the powerful gun lobby can attach an amendment allowing concealed weapons at federal parks on the credit bill, I do not have any hope about the above two legislative acts actually helping.

The lobbies run the country, plain and simple.

On another note, read "Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals" by Colin Wilson. It is an excellent book that has much knew information learned about the Neanderthals that lived before us. I think it will surprise you on what the Neanderthals actually knew about the earth and their environment. I also love the title of the book.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 01:32 PM
I am using this post as a way to point to a potential solution for America.

I have been posting over on the thread below for a few days now.

"Damn The Country, Obama Must Fail"

I have pointed out the solution to the problem with the way Bill, or SkepticOverlord, whichever way you know him, when he went to Washington D.C.

I have in essence laid some guidelines in how to make the change of "business as usual" in Washington D.C., yet people on that thread do not seem to be too receptive of the thoughts of actually going into politics and making the change happen.

Sure, I have received a few stars here or there, but what of actually implementing a change, or at least having a discourse of conversation on the topic itself.

Why is it that this seems to fall flat like a dead fish?

Is it that American's themselves are far to lazy?

Is it that it's just too hard?

Or is it that they would rather just whine, complain, and cry about the change, but want someone else to make that change happen for them instead of growing up and stepping into the arena itself?

I often wonder what it is that makes people not take the legal route to make that change.

Sure, gunpowder, C-4, and bloody overthrow might be fun, but it gives the Government a reason to lock down the nation in Martial Law, so why not go about the legal way, and "overthrow" the Government by using the tools and templates already being used to actually do something legally about affecting that change and doing it in such a manner that is guaranteed to win, because you as a citizen decided to do it, with fellow American's and actually defeat the ignorant mentality of "business as usual" on Capitol Hill.

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 03:28 PM
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We have to find a way to get rid of lobbies in Washington DC. That may sound easy, but it is a very tough thing to do. The lobbyists are very powerful and can get whatever they want passed as they just hand over cash contributions to Congress and other politicians.

The most powerful ones right now are the Big Pharmaceutical, Health Insurance and others who are organizing and helping spread the kill grandma type rumors. They do not want their billions of dollars a year profits messed with, so you better believe they will use any means to keep them.

The usually powerful AARP has found they are up against a very powerful foe in the Insurance and Pharma lobbies. The AARP is trying to dispel the rumors of Medicare (government run) being cut or taken away.

I know many of you are in favor of gun rights, and rest assured the almighty powerful NRA will make sure you keep them. People here tend to forget how deep the NRA's pockets are as they are also beholden to the big arms and ammo makers also. Not only do you get to keep your guns, but you cannot sue the makers if you buy a firearm that is defective. The NRA made sure to put an end to gun manufacturers liability, stating it was about the big city lawsuits only.

There are many other powerful lobbies out there who have a strong hold on the politicians, especially those from the smaller states. $500,000 contributions can go very far on smaller TV markets.

There have been many instances where the lobbyists have cozied to Congress to get their agenda passed. Remember in the late 1990s when some Senators were complaining about the sex and violence content on TV? The corporate media lobbyists started the ratings system and got the ownership rules relaxed at the same time. You want me to change, but you love my money. What is in it for me? That question is asked by both the lobby and the politician.

If one is angry about the system, it is not just the politicians but the extremely powerful lobbies out there. The problem is there is a lobby for almost every person on this site. Would I give up the veterans' lobbies to give up the Big Pharma lobbies? That is a tough question we must all ask ourselves. We want our cake and to eat it too.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 03:41 PM
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I could not agree more with you, lobbying is something that has to be stopped.

I was just pointing out that in fact, there is nothing stopping the people from doing just that theirselves, except in fact the people just not knowing that they can do it.

In other words, use the tools and templates that are there, just do it in a fashion which guarantees that the people are actually repesented, instead of big business.

It could be fashioned towards only representing small businesses.

My overall point of course being that if you want a change, make it happen.

Standing around griping about it will do no good whatsoever.

Good reply and thanks for adding to the thread.

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 02:55 PM
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I think many people would want to stop lobbying, until it is something they agree with. Do you think I would want to give up the lobbyists for veterans' benefits? Do you think some of the members here would be willing to give up their NRA?

It would have to be all or none to make the system fair. I know that most lobbyists are there for the gain of the corporation. There are others that do throw us a bone every now and then.

Rachel Maddow is the only journalist out there who has been following the links to the "grass roots" shouting matches taking place today. The lobbyists involved are using fear (it always works) to make the elderly opposed to any sort of health care reform. The grandma death panels and end of Medicare (which is ironically a government run healthcare program) are just some of their tactics to scare people. All so they can keep their profits sky high while many millions of people get dropped from their insurance rosters for having a pre existing condition.

I would state that our Founding Fathers would be very upset about this, but they had their own interests in mind when they started this nation. Most (if not all) were wealthy property owners who had a lot to gain by independence. It has always been a world with the haves and the have nots.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 08:19 AM
I am someone who is able to see both sides of the coin, so to speak, I think inside the box, outside the box, and that sometimes the box needs to be destroyed and start all over rebuilding a brand new box, so to me, both sides are a little screwy and need to stop their incessant and ignorant bickering about which side is right and which side is wrong, that there may after all be a line right down the middle where both sides can walk along a similar path towards unity of mind, action, and goals. You see, to me, all of this nonsense about “The Republican’s just want their kickbacks from the men who put them into office…” or the ”The Democratic party is just a bunch of self-serving hypocrites who want to steal the money from the public…” is just that, nonsense. To me, an educated man, who knows how to read and cogitate, I can look at both sides and wonder what the Hell is up with these people and why they are so enamored with this “Us verses Them” mentality, to me, it is simple divide and conquer, the people have been divided and conquered, unknowingly, or even perhaps sometimes knowingly, into that sandbox mentality from the playground where you sit with a certain of set of other children because you fit into that particular clique or group.

Really, didn’t this nonsense stop on the playground, or perhaps in Junior High School, or even High School where one group is better than the other, that one has to fit in order not to be excluded because we as citizens do not want to fall into that lonely and secluded lot of castaways who are seen as the loner? Is the herd mentality so ingrained into us as a populace, that we must fit into the sheeple, lemmings, cattle, or, wolves slots that are almost pre-selected from before birth because of our parent’s beliefs and desires? Is it really that hard to be alone in a thought, that you have to reach out and find someone to be like-minded and kindred of spirit, or is it just that we do not want to be outcasts among the detritus and rubbish of society because someone may point and say look, there goes a lost soul?

Myself, I rather prefer looking back and pointing my finger back at those types and saying what a waste of time to try to fit in and become a part of a system where one side bickers with the other, and casts aspersions on the other, and where the other side goes nanny, nanny, boo-boo back at them. This kind of childishness never sat right in my mind as to why must we struggle to fit in, because I was taught by intelligent parents that to be a leader, and in order to get there you have to never just go with the flow, but had to sometimes run against the very nature of the herd mentality because of its sheer stupidity in order to get to the very top of the heap by fighting tooth and nail, playing King of the Mountain pushing the weaker off of mountain, setting your foot, and feinting a push of the next unsuspecting person and instead of pushing like they suspect you to, instead grasping them and pull them towards you and twist at the hip using the very weight of their motion against them, guaranteeing that you get to the top of that mountain in order to be King.

Remember my first post on here, not surviving because of labels, but in spite of them, that to me was quite an accomplishment of not falling into the trap of being seen as a Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, because what I see is a manipulation via the dichotomy that there are only two choices, and that you have to either make choice A or choice B, that tab A must fit into slot B, which is falling into a template of preconceived notions and predetermined outcome, which if you ask me means that you have to think according to the plans of others and are simply not allowed to become a part of the bigger picture unless you fit like a cog within a clockwork orange, acting one way or another, and that your choices are limited to only these few in front of you. Do you know what I say to that?

Nonsense, sheer and utter nonsense, what drivel is being spoon fed to me like a simple cretin that I must swallow this tripe and believe one way or another, and that in order to fit in, I have to either wear blue or red upon my lapel and support the causes of one side or another, and that I have to care about one side over another. If you stop and think about it for a moment, why are there only two sides to the election process, the Republicans or the Democrats, good verses evil, the perspective of which is which is of course left up to you. How very droll indeed, how wonderful that the choice is left up to me, thank you old man for all that rots and whatnot. This is almost like we as a society are being funneled into the choices of a false dichotomy that there are only two choices, God and the Devil, Republicans and the Democrats, Conservatives and the Liberals, Good and the Evil.

But what of the person, like myself, that sees through the game of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and sees the puppet strings behind the scenes and wants nothing to do with it whatsoever because of the idiocy of both sides of the battle of wits with the witless in control of the half-wits? Well the only thing I can think of here is that maybe I see through the flaws in the system as it’s set up because I know how to spot disingenuous people, imperfect plans, and holes in the picket fences that are being sold to the populace at large through the promises of no new taxes, of change, of this party is more right and the other. You know the old joke, about politicians, don’t you? Well, I will share it here if you don’t.

”How do you know a politician is lying? His lips are moving.”

What about the lawyer joke? Don’t know it? Well, I’ll share it with you here as well.

”What do you call 300 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.”

Why do we find those jokes so funny and laughable, when that is exactly how we feel as a society for the most part? Who hasn’t seen through the lies and sheer audacity of a politician when they get caught, or who hasn’t hated the lawyer who wear a $3000 Armani suit and is slicker than the Exxon Valdez of the coast of Alaska getting a criminal off that we both know is guiltier than sin of committing a heinous activity like murder? Is it that we know we are being lied to and that we want to be lied to or possibly that we’re okay with it because it’s only a little white lie because the guy has a really nice smile and was doing the right thing for so long that we will let this one lie slip by, or this one political scandal go away because as we all know that man said the right words with :

”Read my lips, no new taxes.”

“Ah did nawt have sexual ralations with Ms Lewinsky.”

”According to intelligence data, Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.”

Come now, did you really buy into any of those lies when they were first told to you as a citizen, did you really think the politician was telling the truth, or somehow seemed more honest and truthful because they said it with a straight face? A politician can no more guarantee an outcome as a bookie at the race track can guarantee that Guantanamo Bay, Phony Baloney, or Truth and Consequences will come across the line a nose ahead in the fifth race. I know I never bought the lies, but then again I never contributed to those politicians campaigns either, because I support neither the left nor the right, never have and never will. I am a straight down the middle kind of guy and always will be as far as I am concerned; you try to walk a fine line in my opinion, because I am not someone who neither leans right nor left, I watch both sides and laugh at the idiocy of the picking of sides when it comes to politics.

A good friend of mine asked me recently what side I would pick in a conflict as we were talking politics as she and I often do, and my answer was plain and simple, I’m going to pick neither the left nor the right, I’m going to pick my side. In other words, I am going to pick the side that I want to win, mine, because picking sides in a futile battle is like throwing my money out the window, just something I do not do, both because of the fact that it is littering and the more important factor that I don’t throw away good money on a stupid investment, like a President.

I remember a fight at work not too long back where two co-workers were fighting stupidly about petty and useless nonsense, but it escalated into an actual screaming match where they were getting violent and were up in each others faces pounding their chests like baboons howling over territory, and I was standing about four foot from the impending battle of stupidity as these cretins were mouthing off, with my head bouncing back and forth like a crowd watching a tennis match, and another co-worker comes around behind me screaming how they should let me out of the middle of their fight because it was their fight between them, and I just looked at him as he walked by me thinking what a moron he was as he walked into the middle of it and my boss grabbed him, yanking him out of the middle of the stupidity of these two buffoon baboons.

Now, why on Earth, would I as a sensible human being jump into the middle of a physical fist fight where those two idiots were about to tear each other apart? I would not and that is just ignorant to think I would, it to me is the same as getting caught up in the middle of two fighting dogs that you know you will get bitten and you just do not do that. Knowing that these cretins were about to come to blows, I stood back and watched the escalation, because neither of them were listening to the boss who told them to calm down, and they were beyond listening to reason because you could see blood in their eyes because of their own beliefs on who was right and wrong in this particular situation, so there was no way I was going to jump in to stop them. One of these men, ended up spitting across at the other guy, hitting me in the face in the process and I just wiped it off my face staying right where I was because I knew it was directed at the other guy and not me.

When it comes to a physical fight like that, when I see two pissing lions marking their territory, I just stand out of the direct conflict and watch, because I’m going to let them beat the ever loving crap out of each other and pick them both up by the scruff of their neck and toss them out on their collective butts. It did not end up going quite that way, fortunately for them, my boss distracted one, while I watched the other and I almost made a fatal mistake in suggesting he go outside, which would have lead the other idiot to thinking he should go outside to so they could finish this fight. Instead of that, I did what any smart man would do, I suggested he go to the back of the store, while my boss ushered the other guy out the front door because she had fired him after he began punching the counter-tops of the store shortly after spitting at the other guy, accidently hitting me in the process. I escorted the guy to the back of the store and talked to him, trying to calm him down, which for the most part succeeded because he calmed down to a degree or two, even though he was still commenting about how the guy might try to do something to his truck.

You see, that particular incident, is just like the political battle of two Presidential nominees going at it back and forth debating on the stage, or speaking at a convention, or even trashing each other on television commercials. I know there is something a little more important than the actual battle in which I am not directly within the conflict with where I am trying to guarantee my victory, it is the outcome and who is the victor and what exactly they will do now that the battle is over. If it was my political race and I was trying to fight for office, you can guarantee I will get involved, and that I will win. Therein lies the problem over all, I do not cheer on and root for the victor of a battle, I have never been a cheerleader who will sit by and watch the game, who will buy the popcorn, and buy into the merchandising of t-shirts and foam fingers with “We’re Number 1” plastered all over them.

I was raised by a stepfather, who would rather actually play the game instead of watching it and he was always too busy working his butt off to bother with playing it, so why bother torturing yourself by watching a game, especially when you know it’s a rigged game and the only true loser is the American people who just want their politicians to do the right thing, be honest for once.

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 01:27 PM
The raucous summer is over, and the health care bill is moving forward. It was interesting to see the Democrats voting against the government option. Rachel Maddow was the only one in the media to point out the over $8,000,000 Sen Baucus received from big pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies. The other Democrats weren't far behind in taking money from those powerful lobbies.

The government (or public) option is not dead yet, but at least we know who is in whose pockets.

The pundits may say right or left, but the voting shows it is about the corporations and the elites who run them. It was never about the lower middle class struggling to survive.

One side may decry the Tea Parties, and the other may decry the nastiness of the other movement. While they are complaining and crying, the lobbyists are getting what they want. Keep the status quo, and I will give you money to keep your powerful little job. That is what the politicians want and will never really change.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

Personally, to me the Healthcare Reform Bill is yet another political distraction.

My opinion, of course, but more smoke and mirrors for the masses.

I have yet to have seen a single politician not take from lobbyists or special interest groups.

I am beginning to so hate the politically two-faced people who swear they are doing what's best for America but are double-dipping by taking money and voting against their constituencies wishes.

Originally posted by kidflash2008
The government (or public) option is not dead yet, but at least we know who is in whose pockets.

The pundits may say right or left, but the voting shows it is about the corporations and the elites who run them. It was never about the lower middle class struggling to survive.

One side may decry the Tea Parties, and the other may decry the nastiness of the other movement. While they are complaining and crying, the lobbyists are getting what they want. Keep the status quo, and I will give you money to keep your powerful little job. That is what the politicians want and will never really change.

This part of your reply pretty much summed up for me what I see in Washington D.C.

Hell, even SkepticOverlord saw that when he went to D.C. and was basically told the politicians do not care about American citizens, that it used to be about playing the game, but not anymore.

It is a sad state of character on the Washington bureaucrats when they stop the fakery, and instead boldy commit criminal action in the name of them earning a paycheck.

Why is it so hard to keep people straight in Washington D.C.?

Is it the corruption in them when they go there to run for office, or is instead that the people who hold power want the corruption to continue and when someone tries to upset the applecart they want people to just go along with the status quo?

It infuriates me to no end that we as citizens just cannnot seem to get a fair deal.

It was suggested to me by a friend that because I did not become a financial assassin for the hospital, by metaphorically cutting someone's throat to save the Administration money, that I would not be a good politician because I made the ethical choice and did not lie on Goverment documents.

It is as well as sad, sad state of affairs that making an ethical choice, is seen as the wrong choice, and that a lack of ethics, lack of morals, and lack of backbone to stand up for what you believe is what would be the most desired for people to enter in Washington D.C. politics.

I am sorry, but I do not sell out, just to get ahead.

That's not the way to keep yourself, but as a way of selling out, and commiting heinous actions will only follow, because once you have lost your ethics, morals, and character, you are nothing more than a conniving thief with all the fortitude of a troll who seeks wealth and greed through selling out to the Devil.

My ethics, morals, and character are not for sale.

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posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 03:41 PM
There has been a lot going on about the Democrats losing big this November, yet not many pundits are talking about the problems people have with Republicans also. This seems like a good time to start up or revitalize some third parties such as the Libertarian, Green and Reform.

It is interesting that there is much focus on the Tea Party movement and the Republicans trying to make it their own. While it is true the vast majority of this movement is conservative and will vote Republican, does that mean they will?

It is also interesting to note how all politicians are in it to be reelected. They use the same slogans and state they will oppose everything the currant administration is doing. The problem is, what are their solutions to these massive problems?

In Illinois, we have a Democratic candidate for governor who is stating raising taxes is on the table, along with opening up video poker and other gaming. The Republican is opposed to both the ideas, and says he will cut spending to put the state back in the black. I give the Democrat points for being honest even though it will cost him many votes. But I also wonder what cuts will be made in what programs that will not upset people such as senior citizens, veterans and disabled peoples?

The next few months will be interesting indeed.

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