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War as a population culling by TPTB

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 02:07 AM
Why is there always a war or armed conflict going on in the world at all times?
Why is it that when the countries of the world reach a pinnacle, there is a massive conflict that takes them, and so many others on the planet, down?

Perhaps its just human nature. Perhaps its a plan.

Listening to George Nory tonight, I couldnt help but think that this might be how humanity is programmed.

Thinking about this, I wonder if we are not headed for another global war just to thin the population on this planet. I have seen all of the posts about how TPTB do not want to cut the populace because it takes away from what they may gain. However, there are 6.5 billion people now and that number is growing exponentially. The rate of growth is currently so out of control that the planet herself cannot sustain herself and her virus.
The powers know that the more people there are, the more resources are consumed. Since there is a finite amount of resource left in this world, it is coming to a head. As well, the more people there are, the harder they are to control. Say what you will about programming people to serve, but there will always be a very large percentage of people that will resist and others will join, because they have been programmed to be "joiners".

A three pronged change could be in our near future.
1. massive outbreak that begins the culling of the herd
2. innoculations designed to stagnate the population growth through sterilization of the lesser humans (poor, uneducated, lazy, etc)
3. global war to remove a massive amount of individuals in such a manner as to leave little abiity for quick social restructuring and resumed population growth.

Lets dissect these.
It is no secret that governments keep and create weaponized biologics. Ebola was hailed as one of those very diseases. Anthrax is another. Speculation lists SARS and H1N1 as well. Whose to say these were not specifically engineered to be used on societies to thin their numbers and divide their trusts. Once you do that, taking over as the dominating force is easy.

It is far to easy to slip appropriate chemicals into the innoculations that children are required to get prior to enrolling in schools. Why not do this world wide? It would be a not too difficult task for those in power to get this passed. Simple flu vaccinations could be combined with sterility drugs and most people would never even know it was happening. Reductions in reproduction abilities would then be blamed on "whats in the water" or bad genetics and the less educated would just buy right into it.

Once that is done, lets get rid of a massive chunk of the world populace now with a war. No matter the state of technology, there will never be a greater force in war than the soldier on the ground armed with a fully automatic weapon. When the SHTF, just do what they did in Japan and drop the bomb. The devastation would be immediate, the fall out would be substantial and we have all seen how long it takes to recover. Chernobyl also shows that just wreaking havoc on a nuclear reactor station will have long term effects for generations.

All of these things have some prominance in modern society. The planet is bulging with humanity, soaking up every last natural resource. This leaves nothing for the power elite, so its time for a few billion to cross on over the rainbow bridge. Pandemic is becoming a more common phrase than ever before in history. Every few years, there is a pandemic scare now. Not since AIDs has it been so bad. With so many countries on the globe wanting nukes, its not hard to see the possibility of this as a final blow to devastate the populace and leave it so for 2 generations.

Its a crazy time. So, why not consider crazy measures.


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